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Final Fantasy XV’s Advanced Technology and Graphics Demonstrated At CEDEC 2016

August 26th, 2016 by Chelsi


Square Enix placed Final Fantasy XV on stage for CEDEC 2016 to demonstrate the game’s advanced use of technology and graphics. Streamed over NicoNico Live, DualShockers has thankfully recorded slides and trailers shown during the event.

The trailer below displays general models used for the different objects and characters in the XV universe.

In the following screens, the use of hair and skin shaders is demonstrated using Cindy and Noctis. The adjustment of the hair shader can be seen in action in the video right after.

Hair effects:

The design process of Luna’s hair and more:

Character models, featuring more new glimpses of Aranea, Gentiana, and Ravus:

The following screens and videos demonstrates the use of the tool Bonamik, which can manipulate effects involving velocity, material deformations, and more.

This last batch of screenshots cover the work incorporated in making XV‘s environment more lively and natural-looking, inspired by our real world.

Final Fantasy XV will be released worldwide on November 29th later this year.

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