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FFXV PC Undecided, Off-Screen Features Likely

June 19th, 2013 by Tony Garsow

Final Fantasy Versus XIII was re-revealed as Final Fantasy XV just over a week ago, and the fallout from the brand-new series number is just beginning to settle. Originally, the game was intended to be on PlayStation 3 alone, but now slated for next-generation consoles, the game will be coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The team cites “several reasons” for the generational leap in this week’s Famitsu. Director Tetsuya Nomura was available, as well as Visual Field Director Takeshi Nozue and co-director Hajime Tabata (Final Fantasy Type-0, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII).

During his on-air E3 Square Enix Presents interview, director Tetsuya Nomura commented that the game was being developed in a PC environment, and that platforms that best support DirectX 11 will be likely candidates for the game’s appearance. While this may rule out a WiiU debut, it has led some PC fans to wonder if Square Enix will throw a bone their way.

Yoshihisa Hashimoto, Square Enix’s Chief Technology Officer, has lead the charge into the next-generation for the company with the Luminous Engine that will host games such as Final Fantasy XV. A PC version is currently undecided, but “collaborations” with Luminous Studio are planned for the future. The game, as per the team, will require a top of the line (expensive) machine to run. It’s because of this point that they want to see what the “demand” will be from the PC audience (which is your cue to let them know that you want it).

Previously, Final Fantasy games were developed on a “lead console” and ported to other systems such as Final Fantasy XIII. Final Fantasy XI was originally designed to fit within the capabilities of the PlayStation 2 and its hard disk drive, though support outside Japan was dropped when the console’s production eventually ceased. Such is the case with a Final Fantasy XV Xbox One version.

While Sony has touted PlayStation Vita will support Cross-Platform Play with PlayStation 4, Square Enix is considering the handheld for use with Final Fantasy XV. In addition to Vita, tablets and smartphones are on the table for various features.

Combat in Final Fantasy XV is taking a turn for more action as the above gameplay video illustrates. The team has taken a directional shift away from turn-based or time-based (ATB) combat for an entirely new direction. The team commented that one feature being added to the game is the ability to climb onto monsters in battle. A concept similar to this could be seen in the Final Fantasy Versus XIII 2011 trailer when Noctis was able to use combat vehicles (tanks, magitek). Noctis uses a behemoth’s horns to launch himself in the air in the newest gameplay trailer above.

You’ll also be able to switch between the three characters in your party at any time. Noctis, Gladiolus, and Prompto have been featured in footage thusfar, but we have yet to see the return of Ignis in combat or the newly-revealed Cor.

Final Fantasy executive producer Shinji Hashimoto hopes that traditional Final Fantasy fans won’t be disappointed and will embrace the shift away from Active Time Battle (a 22-year old convention) and Square Enix is looking forward to hearing feedback about the action-oriented combat. He also assures us that we will be hearing more about the game soon, and that the “dishonest” days of withholding information about games in development for months is at an end.

Via: Famitsu
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  • Just going to sit here and cheer because Tabata! He’s working on XV! (Type-0 <3)

    I love that we can switch leader anytime.

  • Golbez

    I really hope this will come to PC. PC gaming is far more affordable these days, and it’d be nice to run this on great hardware. I figured that FF would eventually go to more of an action battle system (thought it might happen shortly after FF9, but it took a lot longer than expected). Now, I actually welcome turn-based games seeing how rare they are, but I’ve also always looked forward to seeing what changes are made in each new entry. Here’s hoping that Square will deliver with this and the FF14 reboot.

  • Tony Garsow

    Yes, quite a welcome surprise!

  • ModSquad

    Please bring FF15 Versus to the pc! I have a high end rig that can run pretty much anything that I throw at it.

    Keep the price reasonable and put it on steam, guaranteed success by the pc community.

    And by reasonable price I mean 45-55 bucks. If Square pulls a 70-90 tag, it’s going to be heavily pirated.

    Remember! More people will buy a lower priced game over a few people who buy a high priced game.

  • AnimaMagna

    Please, please, please let to come to PC. That platform has been too long without great RPGs, and way, way too long without Final Fantasy.

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  • Matthias Hutter

    ☑ Develop PC version
    ☒ Digital distribute it(Own website, Steam …)
    ☒ Free money

  • mutantmagnet

    When the gameplay demo came out on the 2nd day of E3 FFXV instantly became the reason I had to get a console. If you port this to the PC I would just get an updated rig instead.

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  • TheJCBand

    As a huge Final Fantasy fan, I demand this game be released on PC! Do you hear that Square-Enix? I DEMAND it! No one is going to buy the Xbox One with its ridiculous DRM and spy hardware. The PS4 requires you to pay to play online which no reasonable person will go for in 2013. Thus, your best course of action is to release this on the superior platform, PC! Hope you give in to the immense demand there is!

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  • Rickard

    As a long time fan of Final Fantasy, I would be delighted if it comes to PC. Definitely a day 1 purchase for me.

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  • @TheJCBand
    PS4 requires you to play online? You seem to be confusing consoles here. Double-check that info.

    Personally, I spend enough time on a computer as it is and thus have little interest for such an apparently high-caliber FF to be available on it. Nevertheless, if SE can include a broader range of gamers with a move like this, I wouldn’t see anything against. Although if there are “arguments” for the not, I’d like to hear them, since I know little about what releasing games in multiple platforms might imply to said game.
    As for that middle-info there, about smartphones and tablets… well, is SE making a full fledged FF or not? I say this because I’m heavily biased, I care very little for such equipment. The Vita, less so. I imagine that console will get it’s own title as time goes along.
    SE, don’t get excited and trample yourself.

    And there’s a character named Cor? Ahah, my, the people who can’t stand SE’s liking for Latin probably get headaches with these characters’ names.

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  • Jared

    This would be great! The only downside to pc gong is the distinct lack of jrpgs. I loved playing ff 7 on pc when I was younger and would loveeeeeeeee to play XV on the pc also. The only reason why I would buy a next gen machine would be this game.

  • Vik13

    Really excited about ff15. i just want square to move along, be quick and effective with this amazing game, been waiting since may 2006..one of the reasons i stuck with sony, because of the ff franchise on it, will play and have fun on ps4!

    I would also like to see maybe for ff16, a medieval final fantasy like 9. with the very classic battle system from 7-9, and obviously the span, graphics, and quality of ff15. i dont like the ff13 saga because of the battle system, i honestly wish they stuck with just one 13, it would have been a perfect attempt.

    I would love a very nostalgic ff with black mages, thiefs, classic system, world map, castle like steampunk setting.. but just the graphics on par with 15. maybe even no voice acting, to make it nostalgic, just text. that would be sick.

    then after 15, and a game like this, maybe 16.. an ff7 remake or even ff7-9 upscaled somehow to ps2/ps3 standards would be great and effective.

  • Odine

    I hope they will not release XV never in pc.
    The point is, if you want to play FF, buy a console. I hope Microsoft and Sony offer Square a great sum of yens to throw that idea out of they mind and make FF (at least the ones that are not MMOs) console exclusive games.

    If they want to fulfill what fans want, what about starting with VII remake? Or a Type-0 port to EU/US?

    After promising an exclusive game for ps3 that never would be launched, I’m not going to believe Square Enix anymore till there is an official confirmation. That kind of “maybe” news are not important and not believable anymore for me.

    Also, shooters an action games like this, with mouse+keyboard are “easy mode” compared with console gamepad.

  • Animax

    I actually love the idea of changing the game play style every Final Fantasy game. I welcome it all the time. This one looks just as exceptional.

  • LEO

    @Odine +1

  • TheBadass

    Man, Tabata is quickly rising through the ranks! Soon he’ll be directing a mainline FF game! Actually, I think he’ll be directing the FFXV sequels. :)

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  • Eli Parker

    Let SE know that the fanbase wants Final Fantasy XV on the PC, along with their future Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy games.

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  • AntagonistGB

    Why? What’s wrong with offering options on how to play the game? PC games tend to be cheaper, more likely to go on sale, and control better. Plus, most support gamepads like PS3 or Xbox 360 controllers if that’s your bag, not to mention you can change graphical options to beyond what the PS4 will likely be able to handle if you have a high-end computer.

    Plus, I’d much rather play games on a PC I already have than putting down $400 for a hunk of plastic I’d only get for two or three games.

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  • Odine

    “Pc tends to be cheaper”

    Yes, pc games are cheaper than console games, but the money that you save, must be invested in future to update the hardware if you want to keep playing the present games. You can buy a 400$ pc (ps4 price) and XIV will run with the minimum recomended spec. In 2 years, new games won’t run and you will need to pay more, while you still can run them on your ps4/xbone without any further payments on hardware.

    About the gamepad, I kow you can plug it to a pc, but why would I complicate my gaming difficulty if the default way for pc gaming with keyb+mouse is easier and cheaper?

    I usually defend that more options is always better, but for XV petition on pc I think that you will need a pc a lot more expensive than a ps4, maybe round 800-1000+ $. Also, after complain a lot about the cancelation of the ps3 exclusive game (versus 13) it would be hypocrital for my part to now defend more options for a game that SHOULD have been a ps3 exclusivity.

    I think your problem is that if you pay for a console, you normaly won’t pay 400$ to get only 2-3 games in the whole generation… That makes the console very expensive, whatever the price is, and whatever console it is for what it has to offer you (2-3 games). Normal people would not only get 2-3 games in 6-7 years a generation lasts.

    I understand people that want XV on pc, but it’s not my opinion and that’s all.

  • Reborn

    @Odine good points you made but still id prefer square enix to test the market and have a go with Final Fantasy XV being released on PC. besides, I’m a pc player myself and if that option were open that i’d be more than welcome to buy it on pc rather than waste another ps4 console over 1 game. the computer i have is already pretty decent and updated well with nearly the latest hardware and i reckon that the game will work well with it. why not let square enix try it out before we can conclude that it was a bad choice to release it on pc? might as well have the chance to expand the franchise over other platforms for more profit. that’s just my opinion though and you have the right to disagree if you wish. I’m just willing to state what i think seems more optimal to me.

  • It seems Odine hit an actual valid point in terms of marketing and money-making. Console providers have very little interest in a such a game being released on PC, especially with people admitting they’d buy the console more or less for that game.
    Despite what that sounds like, when was this -not- about money, right?

    You reckon an unreleased game, possibly hitting a 2015 release date, will work on your current hardware? That’s a bit naïve if you don’t mind me saying so, particularly when they said it would “require a top of the line (expensive) machine”.

  • Ohhya


    Don’t waste your time. Make MS and Sony give you bonuses to keep it console exclusive.

    To be honest I want it to be a PS4 game only. Spend all your time optimizing for your hardware and then cash in on making it an exclusive system seller with Sony.

    That way the fans win – getting the best possible game and you win getting extra cash from Sony for keeping the brand with them.

    At least sign a 1 year contract or something then release on PC and 360 later.
    I’d just rather see the focus on optimizing for the PS4 and PS vita functionality.

    I just like with FFXIII. Spend the time making the game better not porting and trying to make it friendly for all consoles/PC.

  • @Ohhya
    FF13 was ported to 360, but was optimized for PS3. The same is being done with FF15. PS4 will be the lead console and optimized for it, the other platforms will get ports.

  • AntagonistGB

    But there’s no reason why porting it to PC would be a bad thing. It’s not like the game itself would have to be held back, since even current high-end PCs can handle more than the PS4 or Xbone supposedly can. And it isn’t like you’d HAVE to get it on a PC, if a console is your thing, you can still get it there. Really, at this point Square can’t cater to the kind of people that think Final Fantasy should be a PS4 exclusive. They need the money, as evidenced by their shameless iOS moneygrabs. Expanding the market, especially since PC gaming’s bigger than it ever has been, is just a good idea business-wise.

  • Dalmascanadian

    Ok. If this is what you want…
    Port FFXV to pc. Piracy awaits you, Noctis.

  • lokio type0

    looks like type 0 :) but graphically awesome! will love it with world map (old stye battle system and random encounters )but main story like this with new combat system type zero style

    compromise is way better than alternative ! “please listen square-enix and bring back world map, good mini games, and the exploration feel, mega tough bosses, no cap on characters (maybe the childish theme too :) )….thats all we ever wanted from u ….LISTEN SQUARE ENIX
    i would pay loads for a game like that

  • Lilay

    im pretty sure it will. id rather assume it and then try it out rather than just say “nope it won’t work”. yes it may sound naiive but idc i trust my computer that’ll handle the top-line hardware. i pref not to buy another console. not gonna pick a fight or argument but im sure my computer would do good on an unreleased game like FFXV. dont ask me about the specs of the computer cuz i dont like going down into the nitty gritty details 😉

  • Reborn

    sorry about earlier comment that was me “reborn”.

  • You could always say “I don’t know if it’ll work” rather than pretending there’s some powerful dichotomy here, “It works for sure!”/”It totally doesn’t”. As it is common on the internet, just sayin’.
    And exposing specs wouldn’t do much, I’m poorly versed in what informational specifics actually imply, my “argument” came from the obvious assertion that -future game = hardware not currently available for must people-, which by the looks of it seems to be rather incorrect, at least from a PC gamer’s perspective. Making me the ignorant one. Regardless, there would be no “fight or argument” because the game would either run or it wouldn’t, someone’s opinion is irrelevant when discussing “facts”.

  • anony

    I was hoping for a game for ps3, but this seem to be nomura awesome ambition that I hope it become a huge hit.
    Yay tabata is involved for sure, hope this grab the final fantasy magic that 13 didn’t dissolve.

    Would be kool if vita is second controller with it own screen to assist the main character with the ps4 controller. good luck on hoping ported to wii U.

  • Scale

    I’m not getting a PS4/Xbox One so a FFXV PC port would be absolutely awesome! Screw you selfish bastards that want the game only on consoles!!!
    Final Fantasy should be ported to PC way more often.

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