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A World of the VERSUS Epic…™

August 6th, 2013 by Tony Garsow

Our title’s words accompany the newest trailer for Final Fantasy XV following the bombastic re-reveal of “Final Fantasy Versus XIII” as the fifteenth numbered entry into the Final Fantasy series. Today, Square Enix filed a trademark (as seen here) likely to protect the phrase for use in promoting the game. The importance lies more in the company’s ambition and obligation to fulfill these words — like the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII and Fabula Nova Crystallis (to which this game still belongs) before it.

Director Tetsuya Nomura hasn’t been shy about the possibility of sequels to Final Fantasy XV, but assures fans that the original story and scope of the project will remain as they develop the game for the next generation of consoles. The likelihood of Final Fantasy XV becoming a trilogy of its own isn’t so far-fetched now, and it seems that we’ll definitely become acquainted with this world for a longer time than originally expected. Thus, it’s important for Square Enix to get across to fans that this the world of the Versus epic is worth three games of its own, whether this was the plan or not.

While the “Fabula Nova Crystallis” series may not have reached the lofty ambitions illustrated in a post-E3 announcement in 2006, Square Enix has a unique opportunity to attempt a more cohesive universe through the various games it will release under this new banner.

Final Fantasy XV is currently announced for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

How would you like Square Enix to proceed with a possible series of Final Fantasy XV games? What important things do you feel a series of Final Fantasy games set in one universe must establish over its entirety to keep you coming back for more? Do you think that this game’s action-RPG elements help or hinder this goal? Leave us your thoughts by posting a comment below!

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  • masterlobo

    Honestly…I don’t mind…just release FFXV already @.@

    It’s the PINNACLE of human progress.

  • TerrorOfZanarkand

    Lets actually get XV out, and then we’ll see,
    shall we? I wouldnt mind a second one, but a third?
    When will that be released? 12 years from now?

  • Atomic Heart

    More than anything, I think when it comes to Final Fantasy games, we have to ask ourselves… why do we play and love the particular Final Fantasy’s which we do? Instead of trying to figure out why Final Fantasy fans come back for more, think about all the Final Fantasy fans that demand a FF7, 8, 9 etc remake; or who love the MMO worlds or those who prefer the snes and earlier games. For me, as with most others, have a different passion with Final Fantasy games than other games, and with certain FF games than other FF games. Fabula Nova Crystallis is the story I fell I love with because it was a much more dynamic, expansive and in-depth Universe spanning across 5 games. Other Final Fantasy titles do not have the same expanding Lore that Fabula Nova Crystallis does.

    So there, in itself, is the reason I come back for more and am patient with the release of games as part of this Universe… it’s because I am watching a world unfold in front of me, a story being told through the eyes of those who lived it, and the connection between vastly different worlds, goals and dreams which exist in the same Universe, but are drawn together through the reaches of time to form the most engaging experiences that could stand next to the greats of poetry, art and writing through our own universe.

    Therefore, when it comes to asking about Final Fantasy XV and what would bring me back for more? Well, with everything mentioned, if FFXV became its own spanning Universe in Fabula Nova Crystallis like XIII, let those games become part of the very same universe and maintain the integrity and detail which encompassed the released and soon to be release games of the Fabula Nova Crystallis story.

  • How is FNC still being taken seriously as if it was not the obvious over-pretentious move it most clearly drove itself to be? How valid is any talk of it when they haven’t even delivered Type-0 to the West?
    Even if such things are set aside, I find it odd that anyone would even mention “expanding” universes of a game they haven’t played, on the players perspective, and thus on games they haven’t released, the company’s perspective.

    When I first saw that “A world of the VERSUS epic” ‘slogan’ I quite thought and felt it to be a way of the creators of saying there’s a whole, potent, incredible grand world inside this one game while making an obvious reference to its original title. But no, the announcement had days and things like “XV-2″ were already a near-topic.

    The only way this can work (a good lot of emphasis on that) is if SE actually delivers. And that’s no guarantee either way.
    As anyone could easily remark (and does), start with the release of this actual one game.

  • stevenm281

    Personally, I love that they make sequels, one game per universe is a waste I find, they craft each world so beautifully and makes you care about the characters, of course I want to see more of them.

    For the action part of the game, I’m all for it, Final Fantasy is my favorite series and Action-RPG in general are more to my liking after FF, so to finally see a true ARPG Final Fantasy, it’s a dream come true, and I have been more than impressed since the first gameplay trailer we saw at TGS in 2010 which was minimal.

    What I’m also loving about this, is the return of the overworld with airships to control, chocobos to ride, moogles, classic FF monsters, big vast zones as seen in the latest trailer, the characters, the setting, the story. I also cannot wait to hear the first FF music composed by Yoko Shimomura. The whole team is pretty badass.

  • alexsam

    Ok, so we’ve been expecting this one game for, what, 7 years now?? And now instead of just one game, we’ll get 2 or 3 of them, which is like getting three times what we asked for! Three times that one game! If you ask me, it’s well, worth the wait! I remember back even before FF XIII had released one of the heads at Square was asked what their plans were for FNC, and he responded that they wanted to create something big with it. A lot of different universes, all connected to the same myth. He said that they planned for it to span over a decade and for it be “Star Wars”-like. After all these years I can sort of see what he meant. I just can’t wait to dive in to this new world, but I feel it would be more appropriate to do it after Lightning’s story has been told. As for ARPG or JRPG, I don’t care, just as long as it’s Final Fantasy. I’ve tried most of them and frankly, I can’t say that there was ever a game in the series which had a boring battle system. Every time it was new and intriguing to master. I’m sure it’ll be the same with this one, along with the schemata in Lightning Returns which looks so awesome and I can’t wait to get my hands on!

  • AnimaMagna

    It’s just a trademark, folks. Protecting their interests. Which company worth its salt hasn’t done that before? Everything else is speculation.

  • @stevenm281
    We’ve taken for granted (for long now) that there will be a spaceship-navigated world in the styles of, well, everything up to IX; however, since Nomura’s last interview which hinted at no airship whatsoever, but things like a car, and more immediate ones regarding particular scenes or events, like a mecha and an armored vehicle, I’m really not at all sure. A vast-looking world and an explorable one are very, very different things. This might be one of those aspects of the game that might not live up to the hype that unavoidably garnered itself over time.

    Pretty much, yeah.

  • hutch

    I wish they would just rebrand these games and stop piggyback off of the ‘Final Fantasy’ name. They have almost zilch to do with anything Final Fantasy-esque. If they’re so sure about their new projects then they don’t need to hide behind the brand.

  • AnimaMagna

    That would be like Nintendo rebranding “The Legend of Zelda”, but keeping the protagonist, core mythos and multiple timelines: it wouldn’t work. If they want to explore other avenues further away from the FF series, they can either create spin-offs (Bravely Default) or whole new games. By the way, XV seems to have a very strong connection to the series as it was (stronger than VIII at any rate).

    Square Enix may well choose a more fantasy-esque setting for XVI.

  • Necromunkey

    I am absolutely fine with more than one game per numbered title so long as it follows three things:

    1) Each game is a FULL game in and of itself. No separately sold main story “Parts”. This means XV, XV-2, and Noctis Returns XV-3, have and finish their own story arcs to completion, but still may lead into the next game.

    2)DLC is okay, but they should NOT bear the burden of finishing a story. Instead, the DLC should be something of a side story. E.g. Sazh’s DLC rather than Lightning’s DLC in XIII-2

    3) Do not push XVI and XVII onto PS5! I want to be alive when FF XXX comes out =P