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Wada: Final Fantasy Versus XIII not cancelled

July 24th, 2012 by Tony Garsow

For the last several days rumors had been swirling about a possible cancellation of Final Fantasy Versus XIII that stemmed from a Kotaku report. For several days fans were left wondering about the status of the project as new information has been sparse this year. Today, president and CEO of Square Enix — Yoichi Wada — casually and succinctly commented on the situation through his personal Twitter:


“It seems someone is spreading a false rumor about Versus being canceled. Heh, just a few moments ago a regularly scheduled meeting for Versus ended. If you were to see the city etc. presented today, you’d wouldn’t be able to stand from surprise, lol.”

For now, it seems we’ll have to take Tetsuya Nomura’s endearing advice to “please continue to look forward to it.”


  • Cody

    Hmm. Versus13 is one of my “lights at the end of the hallway” games for SE. I really do hope it delivers on a note that is worth it’s six+ year wait.

  • Aika

    SE couldn’t possibly just throw away their six years old work, they could just be kidding. Still I hope, like Cody is saying, all this waiting is worth off. I have great expectations for this game and I’m looking forward to have it in my hands. Of course I hope they release Type-0 meanwhile too. :)

  • Steven


    I doubt we’ll see Type-0 before Versus XIII.

    I think it’s because while Versus XIII was developed all along for PS3, Type-0 was for PSP, and I think the reason it’s taking so much time for it to come in the West, is because they aren’t just localizing it, they are probably remastering it for either Vita, PS3, or even cross-platform for both, which take some time.

    I’m hoping for a December 2012 – March 2013 release for Versus, same release window than FF 14 2.0, because one wont affect the sales of the other, one is single-player while the other is a monthly fee MMORPG.

    We could get Type-0 by the end of the year 2013.

    Then, there is 13-3 and X HD to take into account, but knowing nothing of their development, its hard to predict anything.

  • Azuardo

    Interesting. If I would have to guess, I’d say anywhere from July to December 2013 for Versus – so, any time during second half 2013. Can’t see it being released this year myself.

    Agree on Steven’s thoughts for Type-0. It’s likely being reworked for Vita/PS3 for the West, since it just isn’t gonna make the money it deserves released on PSP over here.

    It should be a good year or two for fans, though, with XIV 2.0, XIII-3 and X HD coming in due course, on top of the obvious Versus and Type-0 eventually.

  • anony

    Yay, Square enix won, kotaku lost, very unprofession kotaku, that journalist made the rumour up, is now dropping it.

    I agree with everyone. So Everyone, and I will get cookie since Versus is coming. Since this is 25th anniversary, threatrythm already released, so there more to come, this anniversary will better than ff20th and maybe other anniversary.

    By the way it was mentioned in ultimania the western release of type 0 will have new content, which is planned to be missions. For, Localization I hope it is for ps3/psv.

    X HD and Versus are from the same team, so Versus has a chance to come first, while ffx Hd will get graphical update will better textures. ff1303 and ff14 2.0 will arrive as well.

    Heck there another rumour a good one that’s ito’s team is working on ff15 source from gamemaster with also states cities similar to assassin’s creed with content of skyrim. I hope this one true since square enix didn’t respond to this. Best bet is to wait check out if this rumour is true.

  • Azuardo

    That FF15 rumour is fake.

    It was just a bunch of old news and facts reworded to look like something new.

  • anony

    @Azuardo: I might have exaggrated a bit and It might be fake but it is still possible, but who knows if FF15 is in development or not. They might annouce it for 25th anniversary party or tgs. They gotta to atleast something special related to 25th anniversary. Special could be expected or surprising. It could be an annoucement or new info on upcoming game.

    However Ito missing in action (not including small social games) and in one of the old interview with someone else (can’t remember who, might be kitase) doing unnanounced big scale project. If ff15 isn’t from ff12 team AND if it is not annouced i’ll admit your right, if one of the condition fail you’ll admit i’m admit. Lets Deal? Let see who wins.

  • Azuardo

    Ahh, well I won’t rule out completely that a FF15 won’t have the FF12 team – that could definitely happen. But it was stated years ago that someone at Square (Ito?) said something like they really liked the way the Assassin’s Creed world looks, with the vast numbers of people in the cities, and that it could work in a FF world.

    But the recent rumours took that and some other old news and made up that this is what FF15 will be like for definite, and that it would appear on Wii U etc. Nothing like that has been said, so that’s what I was saying was fake. Like I say, it’s possible FF15 will have the FF12 team and be on Wii U etc, but this rumour is just a bunch of old news brought back and reworded to sound like something new.

    Hopefully that makes sense.

  • Steven


    Who said FFX HD would be made by the same team than Versus ?

    We know its the 1st Production Department, that is taking care of it, but that includes many teams like the one behind Versus, the one behind 13, the one behind Type-0, and the one behind Dissidia.

    Since FFX was originally made by Motomu Toriyama (FF13) it would make more sense that his team takes care of the remaster, unless they’re too busy with 13-3, then maybe the Dissidia team are on it to learn how to build for consoles and release their next Dissidia on consoles.

    Who knows ?

  • @Steven anony is right. Two things
    1) FFX hd is being handled by the versus team by shiji hashimoto (like anony said porting producer lol). Click on my name to see proof.

    2) Motomu Toriyama wasn’t entirely responsible for ffx, altough he has an important role and did contribute alot to it. Toriyama may have alot of ideas in ffx but he was mainly handling the event like cutscenes, plus there were two more directors. FFX-2 (which he got promoted), FF13 and ff13-2 was entirely toriyama’s vision.

    @anony: Nice see you again but I have to agree with Azurado on ff15, however I think u might refer to (even some fansite fall for that as well) ff15 rumour been spurred up by gfaqs/ gamespot user. It is fake, and this guy known to constantly fantasize on ff12 all the time. Like Azurado said is true.

  • Steven

    So… are they giving the priority to FFX or Versus XIII… I wonder…

  • fonzyboi

    Good things come to those who wait :)