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Tabata on Episode Duscae’s Release Timing

January 19th, 2015 by Tony Garsow


The Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae demo may not release in perfect concert with Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, but according to a new interview with Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata, fans should expect it within a reasonable amount of time. Interviewed by Kotaku at a recent media event in New York City, Tabata was also asked about the ongoing development of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD heading towards release, wherein he shared ongoing feedback on the camera and combat system were steadily being implemented.

Regarding Episode Duscae‘s release date:

In terms of when consumers will be able to play the demo, it hasn’t been officially announced but we’ve mentioned in Japan that we’re working very hard towards making it available around the timing of when Type-0 HD releases. So that’s our current goal.

Just to give you additional insight to that, the volume is exceeding a little bit more than what we had originally expected—it’s a little bit more than what we were originally planning. So in that sense we needed a little more time to implement that, and we’re working towards really trying to meet that goal right now.

When asked about Episode Duscae‘s scale:

Ah. I’m sure that’s a point that everyone’s wondering about, but unfortunately with this particular demo, we’re avoiding having players play through the main story. That said, it’s not gonna be as simple as we’re dropping you into this open world and you can do whatever you’d like to do. We are designing the demo around kind of a good balance in terms of ensuring that there’s this playability to it, but it’s enjoyable on its own, and we’ve considered all these factors. You don’t need to worry too much about it—it’s gonna have some concreteness to it.

That said, we are kinda taking a part of the game that’s related to the main story to a certain extent. It may feel a little bit unnatural, but we did kind of include portions that players would easily be able to provide feedback on. So for people who have high expectations for this particular title, it would be easy for them to provide their feedback on the contents of this demo.

Tabata feels that feedback from fans is highly important to the development of Final Fantasy XV, telling Kotaku he uses Google Translate to read comments on various sites to presumably gauge the temperature on new elements being added into the game. He feels Final Fantasy XV is a distinct evolution of the franchise and Episode Duscae is just one part of it, so any negative feedback they can address within that scope will likely be of higher consideration.

When asked to give us a feel about how big the world of Final Fantasy XV truly is, Tabata shared that it’s still in flux. At one point, the team’s projections led them to say the world was potentially twenty times bigger than the whole of the Duscae region. Tabata feels that based on the Duscae region now, that would take a perhaps unjustifiably long time to play. However, if you spend four hours on the Episode Duscae demo, it doesn’t mean a simple “four times twenty equals eighty hours of gameplay”.

You can read the entirety of the interview at Kotaku here.

What do you feel Final Fantasy XV must do to feel like the next step in the franchise? What do you expect out of a large scale open world Final Fantasy game? Leave us your thoughts in a comment below.


  • JB

    I cannot wait for this iteration of Final Fantasy! FFVII has always been my favorite, due to its intricate balance of story, characterization, and music. Playing through it as an adult, it is possible to see the underlying connections between many aspects of the story and its relevance to real world history and issues; deep connections that I am still trying to wrap by head around. This is evident in all final Fantasy games. The fact that this is the first to openly state that it is fantasy based on reality, combined with the sheer scale and effort being put into its crafting, has me at the edge of my seat with every release of information. I have exceptionally high hopes for this piece of storytelling and art, so much so that it feels silly to call it a game.

    Wether it feels like the next step in the series, is totally dependant on depth of story, and the traditional reincarnation of certain character-types and beloved Final Fantasy gameplay aspects (chocobos, airships, mini-games, etc.), those aspects that allow you to really become and relate to the characters, good and bad, and feel the emotions of living in his/her world. As far as the open world aspect, it already looks like it is well on its way to becoming the Dark Souls of Final Fantasy, give or take a difficulty curve. I am nothing if not eager to see what this game has to offer. If it turns out to be anything like the earlier story/character driven entries in the series, I’m sure it will have replay value for years to come!

  • AgitoXIII

    Wth?,i thought we JUST had a news update stating the demo WAS launching with Type-0!??!? Like wtf is it?? How hard can it be to release a damn demo!! And i think google translate thing was funny.
    To answer that last question tho, i (and i know im not alone) dont believe XV will be.da.next big step in da franchise. Its too different from other FFs except with the vehicle transportation. Thats about it. XVI will be, not XV

  • Hiroyuki_Ito_XVI

    The final game is definitely a 2016 release. No way they’ll release it 2 years after the demo.

  • Guest

    I told you in the other article that the demo had no release date. The demo is being offered in the Type-0 HD Day One Edition. All first print copies of the game come with a download code and have a special cover.

  • Noctis Caelum

    Look here ill tell you guys the truthz.XV is gonna be great , yes i do come from future.I hope when they remake VII theyll use the Luminous engine and real time action and a open world just like theyre doing with XV.That would make the”fans” jaws drop, that would be funny. Plus if you keep praising the old turn based FF , you can just go play them , sounds like you can live without the graphics. To end this , i hope Stella is the final boss if she isnt ill be sad.but ill call it here.

  • Viktor Kateliev

    i say within 1 year of the demo

  • Hiroyuki_Ito_XVI

    It’s definitely a 2016 release. That much is certain.

  • Viktor Kateliev

    maybe it will be in final stages around december or january

  • Hiroyuki_Ito_XVI

    I doubt that. Tabata said that when he took over as director in July 2012, it was at 0% with him directing. It’s now at 50% complete as of September 2014. Therefore, I see FFXV releasing in late 2016.