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Final Fantasy Network » News » The Fifteenth Coming: Final Fantasy XV Revealed
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The Fifteenth Coming: Final Fantasy XV Revealed

June 10th, 2013 by Tony Garsow

At the E3 2013 Sony Press Conference, Square Enix has announced FINAL FANTASY XV for PlayStation 4. Formerly Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Final Fantasy XV becomes the fifteenth iteration of the Final Fantasy franchise. Check out the trailer above, and leave us a comment with your thoughts.

The PlayStation 4 will release this holiday season for $399 US dollars.

Final Fantasy XV is exclusive to the PlayStation 4.

Final Fantasy XV will be available on PS4 and Xbox One.


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  • Bekas

    Disappointed that they threw PS3 out of the window. I really wanted to add it to my PS3 collection as it was first announced 7 years ago, not have to buy a new console for it.

  • Stevenm281

    I’m ecstatic!!!! OMFG!!

  • alexsam

    As soon as Nomura said “Please wait for more announcements” I almost broke my pc screen! Then… it happened!!!

  • anony

    @Bekas I agree. Super excited.

    Wonder if lightsan and agitoxii recation would be.

  • TheBadass

    It looks amazing! It’s the gameplay evolution of FFXII that I’ve been waiting for.

  • Lilay

    Everyone expecting to be mind-blown with a fresh title would appear as having been thrown back with a sense of uncaringness and high disappointment, on the other hand, FFXV might be a great and compelling entry. At the very least the score, hinted since the beginning, would seem to be of a memorable scale.
    Trailer exhibits some very unpolished surfaces though. Much of the work that seemed undone still seems so, with an actual cutscene appearing incredibly less clean than in the last trailer (old man in robes, possible primary antagonist, confronting Noctis’ father, apparently called Regis).
    SE raised the “excitement bar”, but definitely nowhere near as much as some desired. And a pumped trailer is still only a pumped trailer.

    Let’s see what follows.

  • Elverin

    At last! I waited for this for VE-E-ERY long time, as all of us I suppose. Really happy and exited for this game! And I don’t mind it switching from PS3 to PS4. Looking forward for release date in EU/US.

  • AntagonistGB

    I don’t normally get this way, but I can’t hold all my hype. Square hit this E3 out of the park. Super excited.

  • Omedon


    If this game can deliver fast moving visuals at a methodical FF gameplay pace, I’ll be ecstatic.

    If it plays like an assassin’s creed, I’ll cry blood.

    Gorgeous game though!

  • Evelyn

    I guess I can’t help being disappointed. Not at the renaming (though I’ve been calling it for too long Versus to be able to call it any other way now). And I guess the visual execution “looks” promising enough to justify this much waiting. But giving the illusion that this game would be released for the PS3 (and so early on its life cycle) encouraged me to buy the PS3. And though information about this title had always been scarce and even after the release of its “sister” game and its sequel, I still had hopes Versus would eventually be released and make good on its promise: of being THE GAME for the PS3.(Personal opinion, others might think differently)

    And now after 7 years of being asked to be patient, of anxiously waiting for any bit of news, the game is moved to the PS4. I can’t help feeling just… a bit annoyed and betrayed… (by my expectations, of course…)

    So I guess I can’t help but to wonder what SE “actually” had on the table when they promised this game would be released “exclusively on the PS3″…

  • Bekas

    Exactly my feelings on the matter.

  • meep

    On the other hand, kid Noctis.

  • AnimaMagna

    What the heck! That trailer looked incredible. And it sounds like it’s staying within the FNC mythos. This is beyond anything I thought could be true. And that they showed Kingdom Hearts 3 for the PS4 as well! This must be beyond many a fan’s wildest dreams.

  • AnimaMagna

    Okay, thought about it properly and one thing disappointed me. NO FEMALE CHARACTERS! Come on, Square Enix. It’s 2013!

  • Lilay

    So the creation of a videogame, an entirely fictional universe, should tend to a pushed over “status quo”, that is absurd within fantasy/fiction, because of contemporary notions?
    The creators seem to have imagined a nearly literal “boys club”, as it appears only two female characters exist so far, none of them confirmed to be playable, why would someone make an argument for something otherwise? The gender of the characters, really? What’s next? “Where’s the black guy?”?
    It seems to speak of utter irrelevance.

  • AnimaMagna

    Sorry, didn’t see the two faces there. But you can’t really without pausing the video, and I didn’t. Okay, so there are two, but one’s seems to be an unwilling villainess and the other could well just be an NPC. It still seems rather off-putting for me.

  • TheBadass

    The game looks like it could easily run on a current gen platform. There’s no reason for it to be only on PS4. I’d like it to also come to PS3.

  • Alucard

    Wah wah Wah… I have to buy, or rather my mom and dad have to buy me a new console to play this game. Come on guys, you knew this would happen when they announced the ps4 was going to come out, and if you look back no more than 3 FF titles, besides remakes, have been on each system, (ok 4 on the ps2) so counting lightning returns, that would make 3 FFgames for the ps3. This game has evolved amazingly from what we saw years ago, and with the power the ps4 can pump out, it will blow other games out of the water. Lets just hope the story is just as good as the visuals, cause the gameplay looks sick.

  • Alucard

    Correction: *im not counting the online games either so that would make 3 on the ps2, 10, 10-2, 12

  • Odine


    If it finally gets released I don’t care in which name it is, but preferred Versus XIII since it is still part of the Fabula nova Crystallis (or so it seems). It will be very weird to have a FF-subsaga broken on 2+ separated titles of the numbered FFs. I can understand the sub saga of FFX|X-2, I can understand the subsaga of compilation of FFVII, also the Ivalice Alliance subsaga, because all of them have their paralel own games outside the main numbered FFs, but I can’t understand to have a subsaga of XIII, XIII-2, LR and XV, and broke it with a fully online FF as is the XIV. I can’t swallow it, as it is completely nonesense, sorry.

    I’m also VERY DISSAPOINTED that they promised Versus for ps3, they asked us to wait for several years, some people BOUGHT a PS3 to play this game and now they spit in our face, and kick our asses by saying, that it no more belongs to ps3. I think it wouldn’t hurt to have a dual ps3/ps4 launch to have all the fans happy, especially the old ones who believe in you, who trust in your PROMISES, who bought the ps3 and was waiting for this game for their promised console.

    Another slap in the face to the fans, thanks.

    Also, about FFXIV, if PS4 multiplayer/online gaming is only via the obligatory PSPlus, which costs 5$/month, will this mean that if I want to play FFXIV on ps3, I will need to pay 5$/month to sony and 10-13$/month to SQEX + the internet service? No way man, no way!

    Are we gonna have a cheaper ps3 version free of the PSPlus obligatoryness and a ps4 wich will cost more due to the psplus+XIVsuscription? That has no logical at all, but it is what they are “telling us”.

    Was hoping for a great SQEX E3, but now i’m very very very dissapointed. :(

  • LEO

    Love it!

  • MrSensei

    There’s nothing complicated about breaking the mythology into 2 main series titles. I like the renaming, that way this game can stand aside from that thing called FF13. Anyway, what bothers me is tha I will have to fork out the money to buy a ps4 soon. And no, my parents won’t buy it for me, I will. Honestly though, there was so little gameplay during the trailer… Is this gonna be another “movie driven” game like 13? Wen I put a disc in my ps, it’s to play a game, not watch a movie… Just saying. SE, great job so far, but don’t go breaking my heart!! (Yes, I’m quoting the song).

  • h00aoj

    Cant understand ppl who are pissed of for versus/ XV to be a PS4 title. SE did what they had to do, think about it. FF13 was delayed, FFXIV crashed big time, they put most resources on A Realm Reborn – developing that game extreamly quick to save the XIV installment. Since they had ambitius plans for versus and time was running out of this generation – they took the decision to aim for an early next gen release, and develop on the Luminos engine instead ( easier to develop on ).

    The reasons for prioritize Lightning Saga titles must have been financial ( short dev. times).

  • alexsam

    @Odine Well, if they did release it for the PS3 with dumbed-down graphics and in half of it’s true potential would that satisfy you? Would you have rather seen a FF Versus XIII with less powerful capabilities just so that “Sq-En could keep their promise to you”? The PS4 offers great possibilities to both devs and gamers anyway and should be a gamers first choice, so the fact that they’ve moved XV to it only makes things better! As for XIVm just play it on PS3…

  • gmoyajp

    Knew it! lol Ps4 FFXV – Versus noting new to me. I knew this was coming.

  • Odine

    Hey, i’m not against that XVersus comes to ps4, i’m against they don’t launch it in ps3, where they promised it would appear. Games like CoD:Ghosts, AC4:Black Flag, Fifa, nba, etc will have a dual launch. I can’t understand why sqex can’t deliver us a dual launch after promisind it (yes i think promises are a serious thing, if you don’t/can’t know what you are doing, then do not ptomise it) and companies that didn’t promise it are at this moment doing it.
    I will for sure buy the ps3 version, mainly because it’s a console i have, and realistically, i think i wouldn’t be buying a ps4 in the next upcoming 2 years. And when the industry has achieved a decent-good level of hd graphics, the topnotch graphics doesn’t stand as the top priority for what is considered a good game.

    I know about the difficulties of sqex ater xiv launch, but i think a promise is a promise, and breaking it that way, with people who bought this console only for this exclusivity (i know some), after allthis years of delays the least they can do is to fullfill their promise.

    Otherwise, don’t do promises to upset and deceive the fans.

  • Reborn

    ^ probably what I’m gonna try and say in defence of alexsam is that SE probably didn’t think that the game would be held back till the ps4 when they promised it being on ps3 back when it was first announced, which was then! however, due to many unexpected issues with the company, things had to be changed and they rather spend more time on XV as they want to make it the best FF title created. the promises they’re after may be something that deceived fans but think of it as for the better as we can expect new things for this game and that it’ll be better and different from any other FF title ever created.

  • Lilay

    There’s no need for that. It’s your prerogative to feel the character placement as underwhelming or incomplete or whatever adjective, that’s not in question at all. What I shortly addressed there was the “hidden excuse” you hinted at for the wanting of gender variation. In my humble opinion, you’re better off straight out saying you’d like more girls in the game, as opposed to implying they should have them in the first place due to social paradigms.

    Back to the stuff… Hey Tony, have you felt up a date for XV? By the trailer, any talk of it being released before the end of 2014 seems unlikely, particularly considering the obvious assumption it won’t come out before LR is well cleared away.
    Would you say it could even extend to 2015?

  • AnimaMagna

    Alright, yes. I would have liked more female characters. It’s just (and I am speaking truthfully now) that’s that opinion got intertwined with my strong views on women’s current place in modern society and how that should be realistically reflected in fiction. But as to everything else in the trailer, that’s quite cool. The new logo looks ultra dark, and that piece with Leviathan took my breath away. As to a release date, I’m thinking late 2014 to sometime in 2015.

  • Lilay

    I figured as much. I at times “struggle” myself to “enjoy” media that in some ways wounds my sensibilities or inclinations, as do other people feel so as well.

    Don’t know if they intend something with that darkened art now, it could be that they just changed it as to point out a bit of a chromatic distinction. As for Leviathan, it’s also, even if but a little, nostalgic to have the classic summon(s) appear in a large eventful scale, and this game seems rather clear on that aim. How will then summons work with the gameplay, one can only speculate. Hopefully SE won’t sacrifice the RPG element of summoning for GodOfWaresque cinematics, regardless of how good they can come to be.
    Yes, 2015. Plenty of time to acquire the console then.

  • AgitoXIII

    I agree with some here that it’s VERY dissapointing they renamed it XV however I get “why” the did it. I wonder if Agni’s Philosophy is FFXVI?? And what about Type – 0???

    I think SE should address the whole series as a whole at this point to give the fans some clarity on where were going with this franchise.

  • Are you serious?

    We promise that ps3 will get one exclusive FF title! Wooohooo!
    FF fans -> happily bought ps3 rather than x360 to get this exclusivity.

    We cancelled the ps3 FF exclusivity launch, and will probably be a ps4 game, multiplatform.
    FF fans -> WTF? O_o?

  • AgitoXIII

    That trailer looks to effing emo with tacky looking drama. It’s a little embarrassing…

  • alexsam

    So, up until today everyone’s been looking for that “awesome game we saw back 2011, but got lost in development because Square-Enix don’t know how to deliver”. Now that it’s finally been revealed, and it’s even better, it seems everyone’s looking for something to find in it to make it look bad. Whether it’s the name (seriously?), the fact that it wasn’t delivered on PS3 (better quality on PS4), or the absence of female characters (I’d say we’ve had enough of females with Lightning till at least FF XVII!). And still, Nomura hasn’t even answered any questions about it (which he will in a couple of hours)! I have to ask myself… can’t you people appreciate anything???

  • Lilay

    Come again?
    Can’t -you- appreciate it yourself? Do you thus need ongoing massive support to like what you already like?
    Usually, skepticism in general, and towards many subjects, has been put up as a bit of virtue, not a defect. Bundle the reactions so far all you want, there has been much talk on various sides, and it’s only increasing. Don’t assume the position of the part of the fandom (fandom for an unreleased game is almost silly) that seems to like a game that most don’t. Not only is it unreal, it doesn’t favour you as someone who apparently appreciates something. You could have easily joined the happily served, no one’s holding you back.
    We’re all more or less seeing how this goes.

  • vegname

    omg shut up you all!!!!!!! it’s final fantasy and kingdom hearts, they are back!! oh the joy of being a fanboy

  • alexsam

    @Lilay Yeah, it’s so obvious how unappreciative I am of this. In fact, I secretly dislike all FF titles and only enter these sites to dismiss anything that might bring joy to other FF fanboys. XV? Man, that sucks! It’s got action oriented gameplay, something to be expected from a company like Square-Enix that can’t even deliver one decent rpg title anymore. And it’s gonna have sequels. Of course, they’re gonna try to milk this like they did with Lightning. I say why even release it? It’s only gonna bomb anyway? And now it’s on Xbone as well, a complete betrayal to all PS fanboys! (in case you didn’t realize, this is what you sound like. find whatever you want to complain about and do us all a favor and not buy the game and not tell us how awesome it is when it finally comes out!)

  • Matrix

    From a technical standpoint, the combat system looks extremely unpolished. The animation doesn’t look fluid at all, the particle effects and lighting aren’t very impressive, and overall, this looks like an extremely unfinished version. I don’t really like what I’m seeing so far.

  • Lilay

    You have a rather self expressed problem in dealing with anything other than your own mindset. Your sarcasm backfires to you in a way I’m not even sure you comprehend.
    In case you didn’t notice, you’ve made a series of gross assumptions that simply make no proper sense outside the “US vs THEM!” duality you keep maintaining here. Did you get that right? -You- keep maintaining.

    Even though I addressed you first, I ask you not to drag me into petty little things.

    The newer trailer fashion some visual improvement. But I got the same sense as well, the game appears to be in for a lot of work.

  • Matrix

    Yeah, you’re absolutely right about that. I just can’t quite understand why Square Enix decided to show off this footage considering how rough and unpolished it looks. I’m guessing they just wanted to show off something just to say it’s in development.

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