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Square Enix Presents Type-0 & XV Stream

October 1st, 2014 by Tony Garsow

(Final Fantasy XV combat footage begins at 48:00)

Square Enix will be broadcasting a live presentation of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD early tomorrow morning. Director Hajime Tabata will be on hand to discuss details, and a look at Final Fantasy Agito and Final Fantasy XV are expected to be shared as well. Due to time constraints at Tokyo Game Show, it looks like Square Enix wanted to show a bit more on these titles — it remains to be seen what they’ll share!

You can watch the presentation above, which will begin at 7:00am Eastern US time. An English version will be provided at a later date. We’ll be covering the details as they develop in this post!

— Director Tabata showed off a gameplay segment of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD featuring English voice acting and text. King, Deuce, and Sice fight various monsters including a Behemoth.
Final Fantasy Agito+ (PlayStation Vita) will include male/female variations of a Shiva and Gilgamesh costume, as well as businesswear.

— Onto Final Fantasy XV, Tabata says that the in-game demo at Tokyo Game Show is in Luminous, and the E3 trailer from last year was in a previous “Ebony” engine. The final game will be in Luminous.
— You can’t hold the guard/evade button to avoid attacks continously, as it will consume MP. There are also actions related to guarding you can execute with certain timing.
— The battle system is named “Active Cross Battle” (AXB).
— You will not be able to switch characters. The decision regarding this was made last year around E3.

— There’s a dedicated jump button, footage thusfar has highlighted the free-running that’s also possible.
— Warping about couldn’t be done in combat in the Ebony engine; looks like Luminous has changed that!
— You can change weapons in and out of a customizable deck. Weapons have different actions tied to them you can use.
— Tabata likens the battle system to Final Fantasy Type-0 more than Kingdom Hearts, but feels it’s a unique system.

— Will the game be too easy? Tabata says not necessarily — there is challenging content like dungeons that they want to make hard.
— The team will be scrutinizing the feedback they receive from Episode Duscae demo for the final version.
— Combat footage is shown, featuring warping during battle and other effects. (Combat footage begins at 48:00)
— Tabata says not everything from Versus XIII will be in Final Fantasy XV, but he wants to use the best ideas from it. He doesn’t want to brush off criticism and will be listening; Tabata’s team briefs him daily on comments from fans.

— Tabata thinks the recent exploitable meme (Noctis & company in the car) that’s been circulating around the internet lately is funny; the producer doesn’t like it though!
— They’re going to do another broadcast similar to this one in November. Please look forward to it!
— That’s a wrap! We’ll have the video posted (and subsequent English subtitled version) when it becomes available later.

What are your thoughts on today’s developments? Leave us your thoughts in a comment below!

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  • Jesus Christ

    How is summoning going to be implemented in the battle system?

    No character switching whatsoever? Boo! FFXII had that. They say it’s too complicated to do this in XV…then un-complicate it then, shoooo.

    I don’t know. I feel WOW and meh at the same time.

  • I still feel like I need to see more of this battle system to concretely make up my mind about it but that’s not a deciding factor for me. I want to play this game for the tragic story it has, not the battle system

  • Tanu

    Many good news in this interview, inability to switching characters worries me the most but if combat will be challenging and almost a bit tactical I’m still fine with that.

  • Hiroyuki_Ito_XVI

    Yep, major downgrade from the FFXII battle system confirmed.

  • Daniel Masterson

    Bwahaha. you are hilarious and wrong.

  • Hiroyuki_Ito_XVI

    Eww. You reek of FFXV fanboysim. I need to reach for my Ivalice perfume.

  • Jesus Christ

    You got twitter?

  • Tony Garsow

    Noctis as the only playable character is definitely the most controversial reveal/confirmation out of today’s news. I’m still not enitrely sure on how I feel about it, but it definitely seems like a notable concession from the game’s original vision. That just may be a hard reality of trying to get the game out in a reasonable time, perhaps.

    Aside from that, the combat footage itself looked pretty good. Definitely getting a FFXIV Live Letter vibe from today’s presentation, which I feel is a nice step towards communicating directly with fans after so long — especially when they have little obligation other than dispensing things through PR.

    I’m really interested to see how these gameplay developments are received over time as we move towards the demo’s release in March and beyond.

  • Felipe Medeiros

    Disappointed, and this is the FF that will feel like playing the old games? Nope.

  • MrSensei915

    I must have missed the promise of being able to switch characters in the last 7 yrs this has been in development. I very rarely switch characters in games like FF12 or Dragon Age, so it’s not a major loss to me. I don’t really understand why it’s difficult to implement… what exactly have they been working on all these years?