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Square Enix on the Latest Series Rumors…

April 8th, 2014 by Tony Garsow


The newest issue of Famitsu tackles some of the biggest rumors in Japanese game development, several of which pertain to the Final Fantasy series. Reaching out to Square Enix, Famitsu has a few tidbits to share:

Final Fantasy X-3 is not in development per Yoshinori Kitase, echoing earlier remarks after rumors following the release of the Final Fantasy X-2.5 novella and -Will- audio drama. The additional stories were not created with the intention of leading into a third title. Dissidia: Final Fantasy director Mutsunori Takahashi has expressed interest in doing another Dissidia title; so has Theathrythm: Final Fantasy producer Ichirou Hazama. In the past, he has cited that they resonate with the younger audience in the Final Fantasy fandom.

As for an update on Final Fantasy XV, Square Enix divulged no details but reported that development is going “well”. In an earlier report with Nikkei Trendy, President and CEO Yosuke Matsuda stated that the company felt “very confident” that both Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III will please fans.

In light of all the rumors, is Final Fantasy X-3 a title you would like to see come to fruition? How about a new Dissidia title? If so, what would you like to see out of these potential projects? What do you expect out of the next Final Fantasy XV update? Leave us your thoughts in a comment below!

Via: Famitsu
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  • Nick Greeley

    What BS about X-3. The audio drama had sequel written all over it. At this point, every time that Square says “no”, I just take it as denial, because they never stick to their word.

  • surakian

    Always want a new Dissidia. Please SE, PS4/Vita (and I guess XB1) with 50+ characters and more of that awesome Takeharu Ishimoto music.

    Never X-3. I’d appreciate another audio drama or novel to tie up the story they created but never a game. Even with their denial, I still don’t believe them.

    I expect nothing from FFXV. Right now, I’m pretending it doesn’t exist so when they do reveal something new, I can actually be happy about it. No expectations!

  • Krijn van Alten

    I hope they are telling the truth here, cause I really have no interest in fiasco like LR. They beter put all there effort in XV, or start with XVI. And a new Dissidia is Always welcome of course.

  • Shinta

    How about Final Fantasy Type-O HD for Vita
    and released here in North America?

    Dissidia for PlayStation 4 would be

  • I don’t want FF to turn into another Smash Bros or Storm Revolution type of series. I never did enjoy Dissidia anyway. What I would like is a X-3! A continuation to a nice saga like X. If XIII had two sequels, then X should have the same treatment! X-2 didn’t have as good a story as X, but it was still solid. I would like to see some characters like Gippal as mains.

    It’s good to hear from time to time about XV. It reminds us that it still exists…

  • Animaxx

    Yes! Yes! Another Dissidia will be nice. Love the series. And FFX-3 is welcomed if they do decided to make it. And FFXV can’t get here any faster. Hurry I finally got a PS4 and there’s no good JRPG games to play on it.

  • Allison Senk

    I’d like honestly curtain call in english, FF15, KH 2.5, and KH3, that’s it, then move on to FF16, and so on. No more Dissidia. No more 7. No more previous titles being used.

  • 1Truth

    I love the way Famitsu won’t ever ask them about if Hiroyuki Ito secretly working on FFXVI. It’s as if Famitsu knows the answer to the question and have a NDA with Square Enix on the issue.

    Honestly, the FF fanbase in Japan have been rumoring about Ito for years now. The fact Famitsu still will not ask Square Enix about what he’s working on makes it obvious they know he’s on FFXVI. They simply can’t break their NDA with Square Enix by asking about him for their readers.

  • Viktor Kateliev

    i hope this game is so far along that they are waiting to reveal more when its ready for release date announcement..i hope at e3 this year they have an info and vid blowout and then announce the release for like october and november, and have it playable/more info at tgs leading to its launch a few months later.. part of me thinks its possible that the development is underestimated

  • AnimaMagna

    Ha-ha. So many of us want that to be true. Maybe it is. Ito is a good designer. Personally, I would like to see a new Ivalice title from him or Matsuno, and I would like XVI not to be connected to Ivalice or Fabula Nova Crystallis. I like both subseries, but still… As to Dissidia, I’m neither here nor there with it. I play games for the story, and the story was… I won’t say. With all the news and whispers flying around, XV at E3 is virtually guaranteed. And if it isn’t… Square Enix needs its head examining, urgently.

  • “What would you expect out of the next FFXV update?” How about a trailer, or maybe THE GAME ITSELF? I swear, this game is giving me a headache. At least I am getting some time off to chill at the front row with Mr. Uematsu at the DW show in Berlin *excited*

    FFX-3 is not welcome if everything goes according to -Will-… it wrecked everything. Sorry, SE.

  • I really hope, and believe, that XV is up for E3 this year. If not, I will send them to get the examination myself. People have finished high school and uni in the time it spent in development.

  • Krijn van Alten

    No more 7, I agree. But a new Dissidia game could be fun. They could give it a story complete of its own, with its own characters and map, alongside the already existing FF crew.

  • Krijn van Alten

    X-3 is not welcomed at all. The should focus on something new rather that returning back to old material. I agree with you on the Dissidia part though.

  • Krijn van Alten

    How is it possible something to judge you know hardly anything about?

  • Krijn van Alten

    This is XV you are talking about?

  • AnimaMagna

    You’re right there. It started production back in… 2006! If they don’t get it out in a couple of years, it will have been in development for ten years. Mind you, not as bad as Duke Nukem Forever. That went on for fifteen years. And was rubbish. Let us all hope XV will be the franchise’s new true star.

  • stevenm281

    I don’t know what you mean by fiasco, personally, LR is my favorite PS3 game, favorite title of the 13 saga, and is my favorite FF after FF7-8-9.

  • Krijn van Alten

    Everyone may have his own opinion of course, and it is fine to hear that you enjoyed the game. But for me personally is was a waist of time and money. The job system is definitely a plus, but the quest are boring, random and sometimes very frustrating. Also it lacks a good story if I compare it to XIII (a story I liked a lot).

  • Viktor Kateliev

    yeah, they werent wasting time on it, pre 2006 was pre development, 2006-2011 was research, building tech, figuring out how everything will work, and 2011 to now 2014 is 100% development, it will not take too long for it to come out, i expect .. following the trend of 1.5 years release after announcement (of their recent games for the last 4 years). this one will come 1.5-2 years after e3 2013 which was last year

  • Haha, that game was so bad! Not worth the time in development. I hope they get better usage of the time FFXV has spent in dev. than DNF. And Doom 4 XD

  • surakian

    Who is judging anything?

  • Caius Ballad

    Really like LR, and i will also want a FFX-3 and a new Dissidia =)

  • Krijn van Alten

    Did you read Final Fantasy X-2.5 and heard ‘Will’? Tell me, how can those stories (and especially the crazy events in 2.5) form a worthy sequel to X? X had a finished story which was great. It didn’t need a sequel. The compilations of VII, X-2, XII RW, XIII-2 and LR, SE proofs time and again that the are not capable of making sequels who are as good as the originals. They can see the sales, they can read the reactions. Why then do they always come up with yet another sequel? It keeps surprising me.

  • Just because they don’t make AS much as the originals, doesn’t mean they aren’t profitable for them at all! Sequels are easy to make because, for the most of them, they pretty much use the same materials and are cost-efficient. So, even if they sell half of the originals, it’s all still good!

    After hearing that audio drama last night, I’m convinced there’s absolutely positively no chance that S-E aren’t bringing X-3. That wasn’t a “closing” of any sorts, that was a reintroduction!

  • Julieanne Fowler

    Unfortunately if they do a Dissidia title it will probably be for the PS Vita. I’d sooner play it on a 3DS, but I’d rather they threwback to the PSP. I know it won’t happen, but hey I can dream.

    FFX does NOT need a third title in the first place. It really didn’t need X-2 for that matter. The only good that came from X-2 was the special ending where they brought Tidus back to Spira.

    The only successful sequels have all come from the VII storyline. I would rather see VII get a full-blown remake than see another FFXIII title in my life. XIII wasn’t that great in my opinion.

    Fun Fact: FFXV was originally entitled FFXIII-Versus.