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Final Fantasy XV Gameplay Trailer and Interview

June 11th, 2013 by Tony Garsow

Final Fantasy XV director Tetsuya Nomura appeared on today’s Square Enix Presents E3 stream to talk about the upcoming PlayStation 4 and Xbox One game. When asked what it means for the former “Versus XIII” title to now have the Final Fantasy XV name, Nomura said that one to two years after Versus XIII was in development the team weighed the option of making the game FFXV and in 2011, they finally did. It was at that time they decided on next-generation platforms.

On the subject of the game’s new action-based combat, Nomura reiterated that it is an action RPG but includes the commands that are present in Final Fantasy games before it. He asks Final Fantasy fans to imagine what it would be like if a Final Fantasy game was an action game.

About the main character Noctis, Nomura describes him as uncool and “quirky” on the inside. He also feels that party members are necessary in a Final Fantasy game — although Noctis can fight by himself. The party will act cooperatively, but in a different fashion that previous titles. “Party battling is essential” in a Final Fantasy. Noctis has the ability to teleport himself to the location of his weapons. The team is trying to balance a very realistic look without becoming to unnatural with fantasy elements.

Nomura closed off his thoughts but saying that up until a year ago the team had targeted the current generation, but has switched to the next generation when they saw how the quality changed. The game is being developed in a different way where one lead console is ported to the rest. They are still targeting a very high quality for Final Fantasy XV, and DirectX 11 compatible consoles and platforms are capable of a port. PC version? Possibly!

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  • alexsam

    Why are they so shying away from announcing a release date window? I can see this stuck in development hell again! It better show up at the Tokyo Game Show!

  • schen

    Visually, the game looks great. But the gameplay doesn’t seem smooth at all. I hope the final product is a lot better when it comes out.

  • Necromunkey

    While I’m extremely excited for XV, as I assume most of us here are,I can see this game becoming hugely divisive:

    It’ll upset the conservatives/traditionalists due in part to its heavy action oriented, almost KH, nature, and lack of turn based or atb battles.

    It’ll upset the old fans due to its modern-esque setting and generous use of warping.

    It’ll upset the newly minted fans who may have previously only played XIII and Western RPG’s for the game seeming over the top and extremely flashy in terms of gameplay and scenario design (this may also upset the previous two groups above).

    I really want XV to be critically awesome (and therefore overall successful?), but there is WAY to much hype behind this game and I fear everyone is going to be disappointed by something and in some fashion or another because of overhype.

  • AgitoXIII

    Graphics look immpressive but if it turns into a hack n slash fest it’s not going to be received well by critics.

  • gmoyajp

    Really excited to see FFXV see alot Final Fantasy elements like tetsuya promised. like the overworld map, leviathan being gangup on and so forth really Love all of those aspects,as for the actions seem’s like it’s going more of a KH and Return of lightning. was hoping a more traditional FF gaming system but seem’s like this will work will see.

  • alexsam

    @Necromunkey I’ve been saying for a while that people are expecting way too much from this game and -inevitably- some are going to be left disappointed. This is in no way a traditional FF, and many are going to get annoyed by that. I can even see it getting a lot of negative reviews in the beginning. But in it’s defense, it has an awesome story, a huge, explorable world and the return of airships apparently (or at least that’s what we were told back in it’s first trailer). Plus the characters look pretty good. So, if all that’s wrong with it is it’s battle system, it’ll survive. I just hope that in XVI Sq-En goes back to it’s roots with some good old turn-based.

  • gmoyajp

    battle system, and not smashing battons fest.

    sorry had to correct myself.

  • Lilay

    This footage really aimed at impressing in both scale and delivery. It’s now well pressed that the game will more or less roll in a very cinematic way, even though actual gameplay mechanics remain unrevealed. With that, it’s just a question of how many RPG elements will be preserved and how.
    Seeing Leviathan in such a large scale makes me wonder just how will they incorporate summons. Perhaps it’ll be something á la Type-0, it’s hard to imagine something of that size summoned or controlled in a free-moving environment. But hey, maybe they’ll go all out and really present something big.

  • anony

    @agitoXIII, this suppose to spin off (would of been better as spin off), taking element from kingdom hearts, there are interview that versus and kh3d will influenced on the next kh which is kh3

  • masterlobo

    Fellow FF fans.

    Who gives a damn about the critics? About it being divisive? BLEH!

    Let’s enjoy the HELL OUT OF THIS GAME. And with pride!

    It’s finally time 😀

  • @masterlobo: Hell yes! I’ve been an FF fanboy since the original NES days and love how the game is constantly evolving, battle systems and all. I’m in it for the story, and from the looks of things, XIV is going to give us one hell of a story.

  • Necromunkey

    @alexsam Yeah, I agree with you quite a bit. It seems the story, from the little tidbits fed to us as well as what can be implied from trailers, is going to be awesome, or at the very least positively interesting. The character design is solid (hope this also applies to their personalities as well!) , and the environments are gorgeous, stylistically and graphically, (that scene with the water road bridge gives me goosebumps! and when that map appears, Hell Yes)

    However, if the battle system isn’t good (or doesn’t appeal to a large particular audience), it could very well break the game. While I’m one to play a RPG primarily for story, I have a hard time finishing it if a) the story is bad, or b) the gameplay is bad. Other people, and especially professional critics, may be far harsher in what they consider a bad story or gameplay.

    In fact, a bad battle system could easily bring XV to a similar situation as XIII where a vocal minority poo-poo’s all over the web proclaiming the game is bad. It didn’t seem to heavily effect the sales of XIII, but whose to say that won’t effect sales of XV?

    I sincerely hope this game rocks my socks off (and I’ll probably get collector’s edition even if I don’t have a next-gen console =P). But the Hype Train seriously needs to SLOW DOWN, and maybe refuel.

  • TheBadass

    Meh, the game still looks current gen to me.

  • MrSensei

    Necromunkey said it best… I know I’ll love it thats for sure. Isn’t final fantasy about change though? About always trying new things? That’s a true FF game. And a true FF fan is always ready to try something new!

  • AnimaMagna

    I think this will be the largest amount of influence Nomura has had on a mainline Final Fantasy. All the characters are things he dreamed up himself, not things Sakaguchi, Kisate, Toriyama and Ito asked him to visualize for them. This will definitely become a noted game in the franchise, even if an Action-RPG is never put into the main series again.

  • Upset

    An interview and no one asked about the upset fans that expected the game for ps3? I would like to hear an official anwer about that question, what they have to say about broken hearts.

  • Hazuki_Ryo

    Some People are never happy! This looks awesome, ff 13 was criticised that it plays itself and is too easy, but now there still not happy, real time combat worked in crisis core and type-0 and it looks awesome here!
    Can’t wait!

  • alexsam

    @Necromunkey Well, I think it’s the critics’ job to always find something wrong with games. In fact, I would be shocked if everyone came out and said this was a great game. People have been slamming Sq-En just for the sake of slamming them all this time, and now that the game that everyone (supposedly) wanted is getting somewhat close to release, they find things wrong with it. So, at the end of the day, I say it’s just up to each individual to enjoy the games that he likes. To this day, I still play both XIII and XIII-2, and I enjoy them. It’ll be the same (but in a much higher degree) with XV. I’m ready for it, no matter how it plays. I’m happy that Square-Enix likes to make experiments with the rpg-genre and further it’s limits. And though it may be true that we haven’t had a true FF rpg since X (or XII perhaps), I don’t see the problem with that. Hashimoto himself said yesterday that they could always go back with XVI.

  • Lilay

    Folks, sometimes I wonder how realistic are these backlashes on the web. At the time of, say, FFX’s release, was the game broadly welcomed with tender love hugs? And a more recent one, FFXII? Was it -the stuff-? Yet, as years pass, many move on to call upon these games the ones to hold a golden crown over. I’d go out on a limb and say this backlash might be proportional to every set of games that precede more recent ones, and this in relation to how much the fuss has increased. No other time before has anyone anywhere been able to vocalize their taste or distaste over a game (or anything else) like they do today, and it’s only increasing.

    If we imagine the older games being created as originals now, say the release of FFIII, IV and then V, SE would be labeled a recycling factory of myth, mechanics, setting etc. by anyone with access to a keyboard. This speaks irony when they actually bring an all out rushed, lush, beating fantasy which some people feel quite at will to express “this is not FF”. What is FF? Repetition?

    In two trailers, we’ve seen Iron Giants, Behemoths, Leviathan, and either Firaga or Flare being battled/cast. Would having those three characters in a fixed battle set of I-attack-you-attack doing all of that elevate this game from “this is not FF” to “yup, ultra cool true FF”? This gets pedantic pretty easily.

    SE is supposed to create memory-filled nostalgia for changing generations of gamers, not simply cradle it for the ones who already have it from previous installments.

    Personally, I’m visually hooked by it and that pompous Shimomura music that fits like a glove now even more than before, I think I’m somewhat freshed up by not hearing any distorted guitaring or poppy electro, or whatever else. But all the while, I’m skeptical of this game. But that’s all the more juicy if I happen to be completely blown away when playing it.

  • hutch

    First of all, no, Final Fantasy is NOT about change or trying something new. There’s a foundation which grounded the first ten and kept a familiarity and consistency that allowed tweaks to story, art direction and battle systems while retaining the core of what Final Fantasy should be. Then X-2 happened, and since then each one has strayed and strained so far off course I can’t recognize any cohesive Final Fantasy element in any of the post X Final Fantasies, aside from this approaching, monotonous trend of moody, too-cool-for-school emo characters.
    In addition, XV as mentioned above, should’ve stayed a non-numbered FF. That cushions the blowback from major changes to the formula. The art direction looks a cross between 7 & 13. Unfortunately for me I’ve been waiting for a breath of fresh air from 13. Something COMPLETELY different, because I AM SO SICK of 13 and its influence.
    Having said all that, I’m still hoping for the best. A pleasant surprise. Anything to get the franchise back on track to greatness and excitement. But even with that optimism, Square has long since lost the benefit of the doubt and these days I’m always suspicious of their intentions. I don’t think they have fans in mind at all anymore. Having 13 stuffed down our throats for three iterations, while ignoring fans pleas for KH3, FF7-9 remakes, another Chrono game, and localization of other games. It’s just beyond ridiculous. I’m hopeful but they’re gonna have to EARN their top spot again and work to maintain it.

  • hutch

    I hate to say it, but with FF 13, 14, & 15 I can only see the egos of the guys helming the projects on screen, rather than a love for FF, storytelling and the enjoyment of fans.

  • Fans are never happy there is always going to be pissy whinny babies who can’t be pleased. This same disgust and unhappiness for FF15 is going to be shown for KH3 as well the closer its release gets. SE could do remakes of the horridly over rated FF7 or bring chrono back at the end of the day it would be the same whinny fans complaining more and more the closer the games get to release.

  • alexsam

    @Defrit It would be this exact situation all over again. Everyone’s complaining about wanting a remake of VII but if it happens, everyone will complain that Square-Enix ruined it. Everyone’s been complaining that since Squaresoft became Square-Enix everything took a turn for the worst, but if Enix were to leave, everyone would complain that they want the high-quality games that Enix delivered… People are always gonna complain and there’s no stopping that. Like I said, it’s up to each individual if they enjoy the games or not.

  • Necromunkey

    @alexsam I’m of the belief that each Final Fantasy game should be developed with a mind towards not just its fan base but also towards some modern gaming trends, but at the same time not be limited or hindered by traditions and fans, as well as said trends. Such experimentation is necessary for the Final Fantasy series to evolve.

    In fact, my previous posts are primarily aimed at those unwilling to deviate from their conception of “what Final Fantasy should be,” as, frankly, no single person (not even Sakaguchi-san himself!) has an accurate idea of what Final Fantasy SHOULD be, only what THEIR IDEAL Final Fantasy is.

  • Necromunkey

    @hutch Final Fantasy has always had many changes, even in the “pre-X era” some of which I recount below:

    Final Fantasy II threw out the normal leveling system for a skill leveling system (before Skyrim utilized a similar leveling system), and started the trend towards heavy story elements to define the games.

    Final Fantasy IV removed job freedom, added a rudimentary ATB system (ATB meter was added in V), and expanded story development in a more linear fashion than previous games.

    Final Fantasy VI furthered story development, significantly altered the setting (to a semi-steam punk-ish world) and added a crap ton of characters.

    Final Fantasy VII furthered the changes in setting to semi-modern day. the “monotonous trend of moody, too-cool-for-school emo characters” arguably started from this game. Reduction in amount of characters on-screen for battles.

    Final Fantasy IX bucked the trend of change and revived older stylistic designs of setting, characters, while maintaining a “modern flare” at the time.

    The only way your initial statement could be correct is if we only considered the battle system (which itself has only been consistent for a span of six out of fifteen games, if you include IV, XI, XIV and XV). Even the battle designer of the first several Final Fantasies admitted that he hoped the battles would become more fast paced in the future (in an interview with 1-Up.com a long while back). If you mean some other factor, you’ll have to specifically define what YOUR conception of “the core of what Final Fantasy should be” is.

    @MrSensei is absolutely right, Final Fantasy has always been about change, and always should be (maintaining some traditional themeatic elements of course) if we want the series to not only survive but succeed!

  • hutch

    Whiney. Whinny is the sound horses make.
    Anyway, I just realized you guys are correct. You’ve shown me the light. Nothing I said was valid. I’m just whining for the sake of whining and could never be pleased. I don’t remember the era wen Square could do no wrong and there were no complaints because their product was well polished, complete and bad ass. But I’m changing my tune and I’ll just love whatever they throw my way, like you guys. I suppose you’re also buying XboxOnes and are happy with whatever $soft shoves because you don’t want be seen as, ya know, whining. It’s “fans” like you that keep SE on top of their game. Thanks, guys.

  • hutch


  • hutch

    (karma is a bitch)

  • Ejus

    I don’t care what anyone says I like this game I have want this from final fantasy for a long time granted I wish it was an exclusive but oh well

  • Reborn

    well if it were on other consoles that’ll be nice but keeping it ps4 exclusive just feels like im missing out on something. i guess SE needs to make profit by expanding it to other consoles.