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All the latest information about A King’s Tale: Final Fantasy XV

November 24th, 2016 by Joey

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Square Enix, partnering with Twitch and Gamestop, hosted a live stream which features various Square Enix employees playing A King’s Tale. We’ve compiled the information shared from the stream for your convenience.


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A King’s Tale: Final Fantasy XV begins with Prince Noctis requesting his father, King Regis, to tell him a new bed time story. The story is set 30 years prior to Final Fantasy XV and as such the main playable character is a young King Regis. He is joined by his three companions Cid Sophiar, Clarus Amicitia, and Weskham Armaugh. Cid and Weskham are in Final Fantasy XV, whereas Clarus can be seen in Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV.

The story mode is estimated to being around 2 hours in length, however the additional Dream Battles that become available upon finishing story mode will require a lot of time. There are three locations to go through in story mode: Insomnia, Duscae, and the Cave of Nostal (Nostal might not be the name, it was a bit tough to hear, but it was said to be nostalgic to fans) . Each location comprises of a chapter of the game, totalling three chapters before the games end. Each chapter contains multiple sections to battle your way through.

All of the developers of A King’s Tale grew up playing Square Enix games and are extremely excited for Final Fantasy XV and were honoured to be given the chance to work on this game. The soundtrack was designed by Bill Kiley and is available as a free download (more information here).


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There are currently two known difficulty modes. Casual is “play through and enjoy the story, with limited chance of peril” whereas normal is “a rewarding challenge as you progress through the stories of Regis”. Inspiration for the gameplay came from action games such as the Caped Crusader, while maintaining a retro feel to the graphics.

The gameplay features strategic move sets that will help Regis gain the advantage in battle e.g. Using Shield Bash to throw Bombs into groups of enemies where they explode and cause damage. Enemies can come in multiple colours, e.g. There are Red and Blue versions of the Ronin. This signifies that some enemies are tougher than their counterparts. When a lightning bolt flashes above an enemies head it indicates that an attack is incoming. Remember to block and parry!

There are levels to magic, with level three being the highest (much like Blizzara -> Blizzaga). A King’s Tale uses environmental magic, inspiration for which came from Final Fantasy XV. Casting Blizzard over a pool of water will freeze it and enemies will move slower, whereas fire will leave grass burning which can hurt enemies if they pass through it.

Flan’s are a common enemy in A King’s Tale and provide a unqiue challenge. Attacking Flan’s using regular attacks only does 1 HP of damage. Hitting a Flan 6 times will cause it to split in two Mini Flans which can be easier to deal with. Flan’s have elemental resistances and weaknesses, much like many other enemies in the Final Fantasy series. Use Blizzard on red Flan’s and Fire on blue Flan’s to cause major damage (or just throw a Bomb into them)! There are also enemies that shoot projectiles at Regis, such as the Killer Bee. Parry these projectiles to send them back to their maker, or strategically send them into other enemies to cause a lot of damage!

Screen Shot 2016-11-24 at 4.06.59 pm

Status effects can do some serious damage to Regis, such as causing his direction to be reverse or the graphics to become messed up and hard to decipher. Regis also encounters Tonberry’s which can cause an instant Game Over so be wary. Defeated enemies drop chickens and apples which will restore Regis’ health.

Over the course of the game Regis will be finding his companions, who can be called upon in battle. When the combo count reaches a factor of 8 Regis can call upon his companions to aid him in battle. Reaching a combo factor of 24 allows him to use the “Armiger”. Calling the companions before unleashing armiger can strengthen the attack to do even more damage!

During Story Mode, Regis will come across Crystals. This will initiate a crystal battle, where enemies need to be defeated in order to charge the crystal. Once enough enemies have been defeated the crystal is fully charged, Regis can summon an Astral to slay the remaining monsters.


Screen Shot 2016-11-24 at 3.42.50 pm

After completing the story part of A King’s Tale, Dream Battles are unlocked. Dream Battles are challenge events to test the players skills. They provide hours of endless entertainment, thanks to the letter grade system involved. There are 20 Dream Battles to play, and getting A+ in them all provides ultimate bragging rights. The letter grade is determined by a number of factors, such as time limit, HP lost, and damage dealt.

Below are sixteen of the Dream Battles in the game, including the mini-challenge that is tied to trophies / achievements!

  • Warriors of the Night: Beware the daemons that dare to stalk you in the night.
    *Complete the battle without the use of magic.
  • Beasts of the Duscae Wilds: This brawl is the furthest thing from a relaxing nature walk.
    *Activate Cid in battle three or more times.
  • Royal Octopus Army: Back to thee cave for some classic brawling fun!
    *Defeat three or more enemies using a single Armiger.
  • Urban Brawl: Insomnia plays host to a wild mix of hostile combatants.
    *Complete the battle without the use of companions.
  • Melee by Moonlight: Everyone’s invited to this intense midnight skirmish.
    *Use every magic type and every companion at least once during battle.
  • Justicar’s Judgment: Survive long enough to summon the destructive power of Ramuh.
    *Survive the battle without taking any damage.
  • Onslaught: A veritable army of enemies will help you prove your speed in battle.
    *Activate each companion’s attack three times during battle.
  • Slow Night: Avoiding the light proves a high-pressure task in this illuminating battle.
    *Extinguish 5 or more lamps during battle.
  • Slithering Surprise: The ground is infested with unpredictable snakes. Exterminate them quickly — or else!
    *Shield Stun 5 ore more midgardsormrs during battle.
  • Two by two; Red and Blue: Speed is of the essence as these relentless foes work together to prevent your victory.
    *Complete the battle without the use of companions or magic.
  • Big Game Hunting: Beware the wildlife who roam through the plains. You’re not dealing with domesticated pets.
    *Dispatch 3 or more Garulas.
  • Deflection Year: Master the art of deflection.
    *Complete the battle without the use of magic or companions.
  • Global Warming: Don’t let yourself become overwhelmed before help shows up.
    *Perform 10 Aerial Bashes during battle.
  • Gaia’s Gigas: Only you can unleash the earth-shattering power of Titan.
    *Perform 10 Aerial Smashes during battle.
  • Steel, Born of Fire: Swords are no match for explosive precision. Be careful not to get caught in the blast.
    *Dispatch 15 or more ronins with bomb detonations.
  • Flantastic: So many flans!!!
    *Complete the battle without the use of magic.


Screen Shot 2016-11-24 at 3.56.35 pm

There are many trophies and achievements included in the game. Apart from what will be gained through story mode, there are also trophies assigned to each Dream Battle. To unlock a trophy in a Dream Battle you will need to complete the mini-challenge which can include not using magic or surviving without taking damage.

Since each Dream Battle challenge has a trophy attached to it, there are 20 confirmed trophies. This leaves plenty more for story mode and other additional challenges!


As of November 29th 2016, the only way to own a copy of A King’s Tale is to purchase Final Fantasy XV. The game is available with preorders world wide, so check with your participating retailers to see if your copy comes with the game. There are, however, no current plans to make it available post launch through the PSN or Xbox Store. Unlike Justice Monsters Five, A King’s Tale is not available to play within Final Fantasy XV itself.