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Hazmer Shares Episode Duscae Update

January 10th, 2015 by Tony Garsow

Final Fantasy XV lead game designer Wan Hazmer had and update regarding the Episode Duscae demo. Development has entered the last “crucial” 20%, where debugging, polishing and optimization remain — tasks Hazmer stresses are no small chore.

He goes on to say that the team considers the feedback they’ll receive on Episode Duscae to be instrumental to the success of the final product. Director Hajime Tabata also wants fans to share their feedback without reservation for the same reason.

So what’s in Episode Duscae anyway?

Duscae itself a large region in the game’s world, previously seen in trailers as a vast plain that includes forests and caves. This is the region you’ll be able to explore on foot or in your car, if you so choose.

One of three major gameplay aspects the team wants you to experience in the demo is a typical “gameplay cycle”, loosely defined as series of tasks over a certain period of time. This will include gathering information from NPCs on the location of a weapon and heading out into the world to find it.

Factors like the passage of time will play a role in this, as the game has a day/night cycle of an hour of real world time. What makes night something to dread is the emergence of strong monsters that will likely be difficult encounters, which may prod the player to employ some risk assessment in their goal to collect upgrades.

You may opt to set up camp instead, which will allow you to apply the experience points you’ve collected in your travels towards gaining levels — in fact, resting is the only way in which you can level up. Ignis, the group’s chef, will be able to prepare meals that provide buffs based on the quality of ingredients.

The weapons and equipment system is the second major point the team desires to express to players in Episode Duscae. It seems to play a large part in gameplay mechanics, and we speculate that seeking out powerful upgrades will offer something of a horizontal growth path aside from collecting experince points to level up. Some weapons will have strong status modifiers attached but will have no “abilities”, while others may have strong abilities but negligible status upgrades.

The third, least-known point that will be shared in Episode Duscae is the summoning system. In previous trailers we’ve seen two classic Final Fantasy series summons: Leviathan and Titan.

Since summons in Final Fantasy XV represent the power of the stars (likely a heavy tie to story elements), only Noctis will have the ability to summon. Summons can be obtained in different ways, and the team shared that to be able to summon Titan, you must first defeat him. While he won’t be available to summon in Episode Duscae (for story reasons), another summon will take his place.

A voucher to download the Episode Duscae demo will be available with pre-order of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD will release on March 17th (North America), March 19th (Japan), and March 20th (Europe) for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Details on a Collector’s Edition can be found here.

Final Fantasy XV is currently announced for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Via: OneHazBlog


  • Tony Garsow

    Small editor’s note: moved “Ignis, the group’s chef, will be able to prepare meals that provide buffs based on the quality of ingredients.” into the paragraph that talks about camping, rather than the day/night cycle.

  • AgitoXIII

    Do we know if the demo can be downloaded to your PS3 or can you jus stream it? And is it only availible for a short time. I know the vouchers are limited….

  • Franggio Hogland

    Sorry but you mean PS4 right? Since this is a PS4 game tied to your purchase of Type-0…

  • AgitoXIII

    Ya meant PS4. Sorry

  • The Bandsaw Vigilante

    This game is sounding more and more like an Elder Scrolls game (leveling up only while camping, ingredient-dependent cooking buffs), but in a very good way. Still haven’t decided yet whether I’m playing “Episode Duscae” or waiting for the full, finished game, but I will admit to my willpower cracking just a little bit more with each passing day.

  • Josh Asher

    How is this an update? All of this is same old info they’ve already gone over

  • Viktor Kateliev

    its downloaded to your ps4 to keep forever, but its only available within the first orders of type-0 HD. the code itself may have like 3-12 months before expiration. i imagine everyone will download the demo at least first, myself included. no streaming this demo in any way to play it unless youve downloaded it to your system harddrive and streaming it online with a service, but the demo itself is not streamed like playstation now

  • Viktor Kateliev

    i wonder which summon will be included and if summons are (controllable, ridable, or companion AI for a temporary time). and i just hope the world is huge, “this is the region youll be able to rexplore on foot or in your car, if you choose” , is the overworld just one region with the car that connects the seamless towns together or is the overworld a huge map with multiple regions that could be driven in between

  • EliParker

    So why isn’t there a PC version announced for XV/Type-0 and Agito+? I know people are asking for it, so why can’t they respond.

  • Viktor Kateliev

    because they as a company are trying to re-kindle the home console entertainment with japanese RPGs, like it was in PS1 and PS2. they are gonna be doing a lot on PS4 specifically to get people back into that high budget AAA final fantasy experience (xbox one when multiplat). and there is a chance 15 will be on PC, it would be after they have shown how far theyve gone with the consoles.

  • EliParker

    Releasing a game on the PC doesn’t hinder gamers from re-kindling with consoles. Yes there are alot of people with PCs, but gamers that game will not go out and buy a PC for a game. So that means gamers that mainly play on the PC would likely buy FF on the PC. And releasing on the PC, it will allow SE-Japan to see that they can make money in the PC market.

  • Viktor Kateliev

    square enix said they want to re-kindle the home console market, also saying they lost their focus

  • EliParker

    That ‘lost their focus’ was based off of Bravely Default. Meaning that if they make a JRPG, it will be a JRPG and in effect they will focus on the game itself and not the market.

    Also SE’s CEO stated that 1/3 of revenue in NA/EU is from digital and that includes Steam/Amazon. Releasing a game on the PC will not hurt the console market, as people that play only on the console will get the console when Nintendo/Sony/MS relases their AAA big hit. I’m saying this as it is up to them to release that 1st party game that is a system seller.

    Sony = Uncharted 4
    Nintendo = The Legend of Zelda Wii U
    MS = This is a good question, as they rely heavily on 3rd party support. And that started to hurt them since the mid-to-tail end of gen 7.

    MS should release all their games on the PC, but that is a different topic.

  • Viktor Kateliev

    i have a read a few interviews where tabata says they want to re-kindle the japanese home console market, thats all i said

  • Erren Van Duine

    Because not every game is going to be on PC? If you want JRPGs you need a console.

  • EliParker

    Square Enix’s games outside of Japan are on the PC. After buying Eidos their presence of the PC increased and so did their profits. So their ‘Japanese’ games should come out on the PC.

    Also releasing their JRPGs on the PC doesn’t hurt their console sales.