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Final Fantasy XV’s Luna is not Stella… We Think

September 24th, 2014 by Tony Garsow


This week’s issue of Dengeki has a spread on Final Fantasy XV, where we learn a bit more about the cast — specifically the newly revealed Luna. You’d be forgiven for mistaking her as Stella Nox Fleuret, the young woman seen in previous Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy XV trailers as her design has changed quite a few times since the project began.

In the most recent trailer, we learn that Luna is in a place called Altissia and that she and Noctis have been communicating, perhaps hinting that they’ve met before that point in the story. It’s unknown if Luna is, for all intents and purposes, Stella’s replacement in the story, or if she has yet to be re-revealed. Given her different character design seen in the E3 trailer, it could very well be.

It also appears that former director Tetsuya Nomura had a comment about his recent departure from the project. Rather than what we’ve been told, that Nomura left to focus on other projects that “only he could work on”, it seems that it was a decision made by the company and not himself.

In his place, Final Fantasy Type-0 director Hajime Tabata has said he’s worked with Nomura since then to preserve his vision — but has taken measures himself by first imposing a release date as something of a goal. What’s new with Nomura now? He’s currently working on Kingdom Hearts III, but it seems there are some troubles on that front too.

Final Fantasy XV is currently announced for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Via: Dengeki
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  • Kara

    I was wondering allredy who that Luna might be. Hope she is a new character. Oh and I realized just now Stella’s necklace: a moon and a star -looks rather sailor moonish to me, if they call her Luna now….thats all a bit weired. But more important is that they keep peace with Nomuro, because without him Final Fantasy will lose a lot of it’s magic!

  • Tony Garsow

    Is it weird that I also thought of Sailor Moon? I didn’t even watch that show much!

  • Guest

    You’re right. I haven’t seen Stella at all! Their names and hair are similar, but their faces aren’t *exactly* the same…maybe relatives? IDK.

    Speaking of characters, I’ve been wondering where the fifth male character that was supposed to be playable has been, (the one with the short brown hair) that was in the key art with the other four.

    I assume he comes in later in the game, and that’s why he’s not in these early game screens/trailers? He hasn’t shown up since the characters names were revealed last year, unless I missed something. Or maybe he’s been dropped altogether. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  • Radox

    She’s the new Stella. I don’t really see why people find this hard to believe. They even changed the jewelry to match. There’s no evidence whatsoever to suggest that Stella is in FFXV now and given how much has been redesigned in the transition there’s no reason to believe Luna isn’t just a redesigned Stella.


    Well, when i saw her full name was Nox Fleuret, i thought they were sisters, but even thoi dont want it, i think she’s the new Stella, i dont like her tho, Stella looked much more imposing, she had more presence, she was cuter and she seemed cheery but fierce and determined, dont know how to explain it

    This ”Luna” aside from having a less cute or interesting name, seems like pendeja, srry im dominican, she has a less presence, she seems innocent, naive, shy, but a word more specific: SECONDARY, she may be determined, such as the Yuna type, which worked out real good, but Stella stood out much more and another Yuna would just not make it since it would be a rip-off

    I still have a little hope for Stella since in the trailers, the cast seems to have known her, as they know who she is when Noctis mentions her at pretty much the start of the game, while Stella and Noctis meet at a formal event sometime in the game, Stella resides in Altissia and is mentioned with less importance, but this is a little doubt of mine, so she could quite as well BE Stella after all, hope her personality changes, since Nomura promised us that she would ”stand out” (Stella seemed to prove so)

    God, how small changes can make big differences, am i the only one who liked Stella much much more?


    Cor Leonis will be a guest character, he will appear at a point in the story or two, but the only playable character will be Noctis in the game. Would have been better if all of them were playable tho

  • ZephyrLight

    I agree in the versus trailers I really really liked Stella. The points you brought up, I saw those qualities in her tooo. She seem like a very strong female role. A real contrast to the calm, reserved Noctis.

    While this Luna chick just is kinda ehh… She looks like a fake AyanBrey from Parasite Eve.
    I’ll wait and see if what the news is for Stella vs Luna thing. I do believe she may just be the replacement.
    If she is then I have some good comic fodder to make.


    Wow duude, didnt remember this post until u replied haha, but i’ve been thinking about a theory of Stella’s change, at least in design.

    Look, remember that epic, intense 2013’s E3 trailer, where at the end the main cast was unveiled? Back then, Stella still existed, there were more of Versus 13’s remnants in the story(if by now they’re reduced) and Stella’s design looked definitely improved from Versus’s version.

    However, she seemed a little, childish, her design was graphically better due to the recent technology, but, not quite as mature and realistic as Versus’s

    I wont lie, I love Luna’s design, if only her dumbass face was changed to appear more fierce and self-confident, she would kill it.

    Im kinda pissed at Tabata since I feel he’s brightening the beautiful, dark, night-themed story Nomura created, all for his own profit and benefit, I mean, Nomura’s work was perfection, at least the story, Tabata’s gameplay and graphics are stunning, but its only Nomura’s story that’s the VERY last hope for Square Enix and Final Fantasy. EVER. DONT FCK IT UP.


    They toned the game down so that the game becomes mainstream and produces more money, since its a Numbered Title now, they want to make it appealing for a bigger audience.

    And while it doesnt sound that bad that way, its still irritating