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Final Fantasy Network » News » Final Fantasy XV:Character Information from Key Development Staff
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Final Fantasy XV:Character Information from Key Development Staff

December 8th, 2016 by Joey

ardyn 1

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains information about Final Fantasy XV and should be viewed after completing the game!

In the extra’s section of the Final Fantasy XV Collector’s Edition Guidebook, Piggyback conducted several short interviews with key members of the development staff. In it, they discusses several characters, including backstory and design choices.

On Noctis:

“Noctis experiences isolation in his youth, and has a fear of losing those close to him. His words and actions often stem from a fear of being unable to meet the expectations of those around him. Counterbalancing his fear of disappointing others is a deep desire to please them. He wants to make everyone happy

“We carefully considered the path of Noct’s life, and sought a design that would convey his humanity with the passage of time. I asked Naora-san to look at him as a real person and to depict his aging with realism rather than symbolism.”

– Hajime Tabata

“While Noct dreads becoming the future king, he’s never walked away from his calling. Then again, he was born into that life, so there’s never been anywhere to run. We required an appearance that would look regal and kingly to those who didn’t know him, yet at the same time appear familiar to those who knew him well”

– Saori Itamuro

“I’ve drawn many portraits of the characters from various times in their lives for the FFXV Universe. From their hairstyles and clothing as children to the expressions and posture they develop as adults, their individual traits and the way they change over the years all inform the looks we created.

We didn’t just add typical aging details, but also referenced images of war veterans and actors to find the ‘sublime’ characteristics, from single wrinkles to hair tips, that could express the magnitude of Noct’s fate and life experiences. Also, in keeping with the father-and-son theme, we made it so you can see Regis in Noct’s face, with features such as the beard bearing his essence.”

– Yusuke Naora

On Gladiolus:

“Gladio’s concept was pretty much cemented from the start. As the King’s Shiled, he was more than a member of the entourage – he has the duty to train the future king, and chew him out when necessary. So we started with someone unafraid to speak his mind to fill those shoes, and then mapped out his social graces, his hobbies, and his hang-ups.

Gladio earned his scar protecting the prince from a drunken stranger some two years before the trip. Of course, he could have prevented it by counterattacking the offender, but Gladio would rather take the hit than harm a citizen of the Crown City. He earns another scar during his trip, but that’s a story we’re saving for DLC.”

– Saori Itamuro

“As the King’s Shield, Gladio needed to have the physical fortitude of a bodyguard, so that was the first concept. We gave him practical-purpose musculature, the kind developed from practicing a martial art such as Sambo, and balanced it with some showy muscle for the visible areas.”

– Yusuke Naora

On Ignis:

“Ignis’s personality is expressed in more than just his looks; it’s in his gestures, the delivery of his lines, his facial expressions, and other living aspects.

Since the story is set out on the road, cooking and camping play key parts, and Ignis felt the most likely of the group to step up and take on cooking duties. Ignis isn’t particularly keen on cooking, but as a duty to perform, he takes it seriously.”

– Hajime Tabata

“As the one who devises plans on the fly, Ignis also needs to carry them out, and so Ignis began working on his physique at 16.He was also called upon to attend more important councils at that time, for which he had to look respectable – glasses, watch, and all.”

– Yusuke Naora

“Ignis takes it upon himself to appear prim, proper, and clean, so when the group had been camping outdoors for many nights in a row, Ignis will recommend spending a night in town.

As chamberlain, Ignis needed to be capable of performing household chores such as cooking or mending. When Noct suffered his injury as a boy, Ignis tried his hand at making Noct’s favourite dessert to cheer him up, and that experience set him off down the road.

– Saori Itamuro

On Prompto:

“As opposed to Gladio and Ignis, who are servants of the crown, Prompto is an average citizen with no training in how to serve a king. His simple roots shine through in the things he says, the things he does, and the way he fights.”

– Saori Itamuro

“Prompto is different from the others in that he is a friend of Noct’s first and foremost, not one of his sworn protectors, and so he does everything he can to prove his worth. Visually, we redesigned him with some personal touches to help flesh out his characters.

The circumstances of Prompto’s youth form the base of his strength and kindness. His positive drive to do all he can results in him becoming the cheerful character we see. His camera is less of a symbol and more the actual manifestation of his will to record the journey for Noct and Luna.”

– Hajime Tabata

On Lunafreya:

“Luna is Noct’s guiding light. Her existence is vita to his, and much of hid development he owes to her. Luna’s appearance was designed to be pure and heroic, and her strength is apparent in her expressions and deeds.”

– Hajime Tabata

“Luna’s ascention to the role of Oracle early on gives her time to come to terms with her fate, unlike Noct who hasn’t yet made his peace. That relationship called for Luna to be older than Noct, and affected many design decisions.”

– Saori Itamuro

“To depict a strong-willed female, we focused on the form of the eyes ands mouth, but also explored the expression beyond the shape, and ultimately incorporated the essence of her Kingsglaive incarnation, which all conspired to give her an air of grace and strength she could project by simply standing”

– Yusuke Naora

“Luna’s expressions had to depict several complex elements, such as her concern for the future of the planet, and her will to overcome this concern and move resolutely toward the future. She will not let any personal fear stand in her way once she is fully committed to do everything she can to help Noctis. All of these features combined make Luna’s facial expressions serious and somewhat sad.”

– Yuuki Matsuzawa

On Ardyn:

“Ardyn is an unusual antagonist in that he often helps the player during the adventure. his ‘assistance’ is meant to convey that he is not your typical villain. While other big bosses may be bent on world domination or conquering a country, Ardyn is uninterested in material conquest. Ardyn harbors a deep-seated hatred for the royal line of Lucis, and assists Noct only to inflict more torment per the machinations of his twisted mind.”

– Hajime Tabata

“Ardyn’s rise to power in Niflheim is for no other reason than to bring him closer to the line of Lucis, and Noct in particular, as he has no interest in imperial rule. Ardyn is also bent on destroying Noctis as king, and does not want him dead until then. As a result, he leads Noct forward while gradually tormenting him, entangling Noct in a web of contradictions.”

– Saori Itamuro

On the Regalia and Regalia Type-F:

“To create the Regalia, we gathered a large amount of pictures and videos from various car manufacturers. We also researched luxury cars extensively: we sat down in such cards and took pictures to familiarise ourselves with their shapes and the feeling of materials and fabric used inside. Based on our experiences and the reference materials we gathered, we tried, together with our modelling team, to design a realistic, manufacturable car – not just a concept car. To finalise various car pieces, we asked specialists questions such as how many millimetres they needed to be, or how many edges they needed to have to correspond to a real product. We iterated and adjusted everything until we deemed our final result convincing.”

– Yuusaku Nakaaki

“When designing the flying version of the Regalia – the TYPE-F – we had two principal objectives: a simple glance should be enough for anyone to understand that the car can fly, and it had to look suitably impressive when in the air. This led us to make the car’s body as aerodynamic as possible, with wings spreading like those of a living creature. We enhanced the similarity with an aircraft by making the roof transparent, enabling the player to actually see the party members inside. As for the transformation parts, they were made using sketches and rough samples based on the finalised 3D Regalia model. We then had to refine the result through many iterations until the transformation process corresponded to what we had pictured in our minds.”

– Yuusaku Nakaaki

On Chocobos:

“When designing chocobos, our goal was to make them so cute that they could be liked by anyone, while simultaneously depicting them as realistic creatures. When traveling the vast expanses of Lucis, you can ride chocobos to get to places that are not reachable by car; you can pet them and take care of them while resting at camps; they will even join you in battles to fight alongside your party members. We want your chocobos to become actual companions that travel with you during your journey in the FFXV world.”

– Chihiro Hashi

On Cactuars and Moogles:

“Compared with former instalments, FFXV is more realistic. We therefore had to think carefully about how to deal with our comical or cute characters. For example, we paid special attention to details such as the Cactuar’s physical texture, or the depiction of the inside of its mouth, in order to make it more realistic as a wild creature. as for Moogles, we wanted to make them new and impressive at the same time, so we decided to make them appear as plushies. Of course they were not mere plushies: they can play an active role in battles and as such are significant items.”

– Yuuki Matsuzawa

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