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Final Fantasy XV A Potential to Become Series

June 12th, 2013 by Tony Garsow

Final Fantasy XV was announced at this year’s Sony Press Conference at E3, and director Tetsuya Nomura has been at the show all week interviewing with various media outlets. Recently, he spoke to Famitsu, in which we were able to glean some valuable details about the future of Final Fantasy and what may be a series of Final Fantasy XV games.

Famitsu inquired that since “Final Fantasy Versus XIII” was now Final Fantasy XV and on next-generation platforms if the story had changed because of this development. Nomura replied that it had not, and that the story is largely the same from when they began the project over seven years ago.

Since large-scale Final Fantasy projects are very expensive since each new numbered title starts from scratch, it may be possible to extend to a series as Final Fantasy XIII did. It was this reason Nomura included the “A World of the VERSUS Epic” slogan at the end of the E3 trailer, hinting that a Final Fantasy XV-2 is quite plausible. A Final Fantasy XV title or spinoff could potentially come to PSVita or smartphones and mobile devices as Nomura said he was interested in those platforms for expanding the world.

Another way of retaining player interest would be to incorporate multiplayer elements that could extend the game’s “lifespan” as the team works on a new title. Square Enix is currently considering what sort of elements these could be.

If you’re worried about an E3 announcement and then a media blackout for months on end — rest assured: Square Enix will be delivering timely updates about the game over the summer and will attend events to show FFXV such as Tokyo Game Show. This hearkens back to the recent Square Enix earnings results report in which incoming CEO Yosuke Matsuda said that going for long periods of time without updating fans on game development was “dishonest”.

Final Fantasy XV will be coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and a release date announcement is still pending.

Based on the E3 trailer and the recent gameplay trailer, would you like Final Fantasy XV to become a series of games that span multiple platforms? If you do, what platforms would you like to see it on and in what context? If you don’t, please articulate your thoughts in a comment below.

Via: Famitsu


  • Lilay

    In a time when the outcry regarding pseudosequels is so apparent, information like this can do little more than produce a sigh on my personal behalf. Didn’t anyone learn a damn thing from the FFVII Compilation? Not even going to mention FFXII’s siblings. But I guess I just did.
    So making original universes is expensive. I think I just spotted a hint of useless honesty.

    Also, Tony, typo on scratch.

  • Lilay

    And I meant, most obviously, XIII*

  • Tony Garsow

    Thank ya, Lilay!

  • with big changes no problem

  • Wyvern

    Eh they mentioned sequels about the TYPE- series and nothing has come out of it since. I’m pretty certain we’ll get XVI before if its considered.

    I don’t mind though if it is a separate story in the universe.

  • AntagonistGB

    I really have to facepalm at this. The game isn’t even finished yet, from reports, not even close, and they’re already thinking of cheap ways to cash-in. I really miss the days when a numbered Final Fantasy was expected to stand on its own feet, without slapping on a bunch of half-thought-out sequels to squeeze money out of its loyal fanbase.

  • Atomic Heart

    Long time viewer and first time poster =D

    Seeing FFXV as a series would not be much of an interest based on the premise of it being in the works for seven years. Square Enix makes very high market goals with all of their products and rather than making FFXV into a series, even though it is possible due to FFXV’s placement within the Fabula Nova Crystallis lore, FFXV can be used as the basis for future titles rather than an extension of the lore for the purpose of sales (which XIII-2 did not prove the “series = sales” formula).
    It would be wonderful to see a more expansive look into the Universe of Fabula Nova Crystallis, but for North American and European audiences, spanning lore connected games onto multiple platforms leaves us out for games such as Final Fantasy Type-Zero, possible because of the market stance or trade issues Square Enix finds.
    Hard to say what to think of FFXV because it does not even have a launch date. More updates are great, sure, it shows that Square Enix is dedicated to their fans, but thinking too far ahead and demanding updates seems contradictory to the patience FF fans have had waiting for FFXV.
    Tough call… Just waiting for Lightning Returns to cap out that segment of Fabula Nova Crystallis lore only to look forward to FFXV and FFIV in the meantime. So much FF =D

  • FinestFantasy

    “A Final Fantasy XV title or spinoff could potentially come to…smartphones and mobile devices”
    Square, I love you, but please don’t do that. Versus is looking great, but…no. If you wanna do handheld sequels, keep them on Ninty and Sony stuff, okay? I know you can do great seguels/spinoffs, like Crisis Core and Birth by Sleep, but I don’t wanna miss out on those if you keep making them on iOS and Android. Maybe I’m in a minority here.
    Surely one quality game on PS Vita or 3DS can make twice the money a little smartphone game can?
    Didn’t that CEO also say he was gonna cut back on the mobile game hype? Not everyone can afford a phone/tablet that costs as much(or more!) as a committed game console, which is what I get for my games.
    I don’t mind ports of the early NES/SNES FF games, but…I don’t know, I just think mobile-exclusive games don’t make sense, especially if it was something high caliber like Versus/FF XV. Multiplat release? Sure.

  • rattyinc

    All i can do is sigh. I Still love FF and squenix but they really don’t know what they’re doing anymore. The FFXIII series was good but not amazing but if they want to make a “series” can’t they at least come up with a different title. I know it takes a LONG time to make a massive game but a lot of other developers have done the same thing where they’ve created a world and lore, and left it behind after release. Or they could connect the main numbered series by lore or something but make it feel like a different FF (WHICH THEY’VE BEEN DOING UP UNTIL FNC) but having a sub series on each title may save them the cost of development and such but what’s that going to cost their reputation and fans?

  • ff789n10

    XV sequels I really don’t see as a big deal. FF have been getting sequels since X, spin offs have sequels, the sequels have sequels which have prequels, it’s been done enough by this point that I think people shouldn’t get worked up over it anymore. Basically, the days of a single self-contained FF main number entry are over and they’ve been over for a long time, since 2003. It’s time to accept it and deal with it. I for one enjoyed X-2 and XIII-2 and FF VII compilation, though XII Revenant Wings and IV After Years were crap.

    I’m just reeling lately and having this totally surreal feeling, like I’m still stuck in 2006 or something, ’cause Versus XIII is now XV and already they’re talking about, possible planning, direct sequels to it. But I’m all for it. Lightning got three games total, so I think Noctis should get the same. Weird thing is though, I predicted this…I once said, I bet Versus will also get sequels. As Versus XIII it wasn’t likely, ’cause Versus XIII-2 just sounds wrong, but FF XV-2? Much more plausible.

  • hutch

    I’m with Antagonist GB and rattyinc on this. Maybe they just need to retire the series and make these upcoming titles new IP. Oh wait. Name recognition and marketing. Forgot.

  • Hazuki_Ryo

    Stop living in the past! More final fantasy games the better, ff VII compilation was excellent. They are informing us sequels are a possibility.

  • AntagonistGB

    The Compilation, outside of Crisis Core, ruined the mythos and ending of FFVII. And Advent Children and Dirge of Cerberus, on their own, were just bad. I don’t want more sequels, I want more standalone games.

  • Chris

    And I’m with hutch. FF is no longer FF and has stopped looking like the series it once was after FFXII. And the way SE is screwing with Nintendo on its next-gen titles has me devoid of hope for this company. They pick them Microsoft pricks over Nintendo when they go cross-platform and they wonder why their fans look at them funny sometimes. I’ve finished with giving them my money. Though I may pick up copies of a FFXII HD remaster and a KH 2.5 IF they come to the PS3. Screw SE and RIP Final Fantasy. Sakaguchi, Ito, Amano, Uematsu, and Itahana built this franchise and were heavily involved in all it’s best titles. With most of them gone FF is gone with them. I hope FFXV is a good game, it looks good. But it doesn’t look anything like a FF game.

  • Zacker

    I don’t know how i feel about multiple versions but Please add the following:
    1- Multiplayer
    2- Option to choose english or japanese with english sub.
    3- summons *Leviathan looks amazing*
    4- Great AI
    5- PC version if possible

    FFXV looks amazing already but with these it will become few times more enjoyable.

  • microbesoft

    a series would be fun but I would quickly lose xbox one and xbox 360 (microsoft) as potential systems because of microsofts release schedule of the xbox one. In this they said that xbox one will be comming to asia end 2014 but not to japan. (does microsoft hate japan?)

  • hutch

    I’m not living in the past-which is why I vote they retire Final Fantasy and move on the other IP. *Zing* !

  • ultromega

    Multiple games on multiple platforms… not necessary. Sony has said that the Vita will be an extension of the PS4 and you’ll be able to play the same game from either the home console or the Vita (as opposed to having a separate version of the game for each device). With the Vita/PS4 intertwined like that, there is no need to waste time making mobile versions to keep players interested in a game. Also, mobile versions of games are obviously poor in comparison to their console counterparts because of their limitations, so with games as grandiose as the upcoming FF titles, why would you even want to play a watered down version on your phone or iPad?

  • AgitoXIII

    Episodic content would be better. Not so big on the sequels. Just slow down on these SE -.-

  • rattyinc

    You need to think about portablility when it comes to handhelds, how often can you save and is gameplay deliverable in chunks. With most console games no, you spend HOURS on end. Whilst if you’ve played most handheld games are delivered in smaller chunks allowing you to play for 30 mins and stop when you need to (get of the train/bus or whatevs). So if you’re having the same game playable on a portable handheld and home console (experience on one may suffer)

  • rattyinc

    also would like to just say that these swirlies beside our names are COOL!

  • alexsam

    I would just like to add that if making sequels means we get to play this game sooner, then so be it. And for a world as vast and a story as deep as the one Nomura’s team are trying to create, I find one game might be a bit too small. This isn’t FF IX we’re talking about! This is something much larger and much more real. As for the battle system, it was said many years ago that they were trying to create something “Advent Children”-like. That’s what they tried to do with both XIII and XV. I think XV makes it seem much more likely. Things happen this way, times change, games evolve. Did you people really think that FF would retain the turn based or active time battle systems for ever? If you’re so loyal to these and really want new games based on these, just download FF Brigade or All The Bravest. I hear they use those! If you don’t like ff anymore, just stop buying it. Saying things like “they should stop making them already” just proves your own ignorance. There’s a huge fanbase out there looking forward to seeing how FF XV (or even Lightning Returns) turns out.

  • Lilay

    I’d say I half agree there. The basic reason that makes me smell FF sequels and prequels as unattractive titles from the start is the threat they pose to a standing line of progressing games within SE.
    What this means is, make all the sequels and prequels you see fit, as long as a steady grip is maintained on new surfacing, fresh titles.
    Well, this hasn’t happened much for reasons as far across as resources needed, to artistic exhaustion. As you’ve seen here and I’d bet elsewhere, some people actively respond to XIII being “shoved down theirs throats” for what are now three titles. Think back to anyone waiting to be surprised since say, 2009, and imagine how horribly pedantic SE feels with these titles.
    I more or less assume that aside from the dissatisfaction that produces any kind of rant, a good load of people, like myself, has an eye turned to the company for that one title that shoots up. XV sort of is -it-, it also sort of isn’t. It’s definitely compelling in its impressive scope, but it’s just Versus XIII with another name. Naming it XV destroyed any chance of SE making a much wanted and unexpected comeback along side delivering Versus. Although I haven’t personally seen it, I imagine some gamers felt something like: Well, I’ll see you guys in a few years for FFXVI. It wouldn’t surprise me at all.
    Of course, none of this includes the Type-0 fiasco or the fact you need to download something to fight some bosses in XIII-2.
    While there are things to complain about in the eyes of many “fans”, it’s still a bit silly to “tell” SE to stop making FF titles, or claiming that “FF is dead”. I figure that’s just raw keyboard rage from, as already mentioned, dissatisfaction.

    As for your speculation regarding XV, I don’t quite see it. It’s still just a bunch of cool dudes using cool stuff trying to get to/defend a crystal(s) while looking cool. The assumption that the story deepens is obvious, but I don’t find it necessary to assume it’s more extensive than any other main FF title. Square delivered massive worlds before in a single package, they can do it again if that’s what they actually want.

  • alexsam

    Well, this isn’t the ’90’s anymore. And after the PS2 era of consoles (and with the exception of XI that was released almost a year after X and was an MMO), every main iteration has taken quite some time to release. Renaming Versus XIII to XV was necessary, not only because of the game’s mechanics and how massive this title is, but also in order to maintain the balance of delivering main title games every 3-4 years. And, honestly I think you’re overreacting a bit when u say that renaming it from Versus “destroyed” it. If anything, it rejuvenated the interest a lot of fans had for this title and the series in general. If u remember a few days before E3, there was a reportedly fake image going around the forums of FF XV, KH3 and FF XIV. When it was reported as a fake, I remember people saying what a shame that was and that this could’ve been the move that saves Square-Enix. While I have enjoyed the XIII saga so far, I will agree with you that is has been “forced on us” since it was a bit of a necessary evil. Without it, the FF series would only have been represented on handheld consoles through titles like Dissidia or Theatrythm and remakes of older titles. But consider this: 3 brand new FF titles and one HD remaster of two of the most beloved FF’s of all time on PS3 in less than 1,5 year! If you claim that the series is dead, or even remotely in trouble, then what does one call you, if not a hater?

  • Lilay

    Oy, I don’t like being misinterpreted, and I suspect you and just about everyone else doesn’t as well. Particularly when I don’t find myself to have used any cryptic language or otherwise unclear wording.
    What was “destroyed” was the possibility for XV to be a brand new, completely unpredictable title. That’s what was “destroyed”, the “hope” of a deep stroke of freshness in the works. If I was saying that Versus was destroyed because it has another name you would be very much entitled to call me superfluous. Because that’s what it would be.
    Can’t make a case against the balance of coming main line titles. That’s a very fair point, but it can easily be turned around by anyone who isn’t, well, “happy”.
    That’s a given sir, I can’t honestly, forcibly, be against SE when it has something like FFXIV brewing heavily, instead, I can only evaluate my lack of interest towards it in general, like I felt with XI. In fact, I barely minded it that XIV was initially a tremendous failure, finding it only rather striking that a FF game had conspicuously low ratings across all websites. This because I don’t enjoy online gaming even inside a FF universe.
    Thus, I believe I’m distinctively being considerate, and I, unlike many people, don’t feel SE “owes” me a damn thing. When I feel interest, I approach. When I don’t, I stand aside.
    As for people who actively complain about SE, with said expressions such as “FF is dead” and whatnot, I’m not keen at all to call them anything. I think of it as poorly processed emotive responses, barked rants and whatever else that along the line make up, with the positive hype added, the large reactionary culture so characteristic of the internet. However, I would be inclined to imagine it odd that someone who has played FF for years finds such sudden and quick excuses to take on a “well woops it’s dead now” facet.
    I don’t partake of this fan-hater dichotomy that plagues the internet, nevertheless I understand it by simple observation.

    Adding this though, I’m largely uninterested in LR as well, and I don’t find X/X-2 remastering to be more than a curiosity for the PSVita, which I do not own. I have nearly two hundred hours on a single file regarding X, from Dark Valefor to the painstaking Penance, I had my large share with exploring that game to a lengthy degree. I simply have no desire of repeating any of it whatsoever. Although revising some scenes, battles and music is always a nostalgic touch.
    Meaning with this that, those “3 brand new titles” purport unclarity in my eyes. As when it comes to main titles now, I’m still in a hammock, idly waiting. This of course, until the pompous XV comes by.

    Since you mentioned handhelds too, on the PSP alone I enjoyed FF, FFII, III, IVCC, Dissidia, D012, Crisis Core and FF Tactics. In other words, I’ve had a blast of Final Fantasy with that console. I’m not at all a regular gamer, FF is something I enjoy in a rather large “market” of many things I do not. Be kind enough to not mistake me for a “hater”, if you will.

  • alexsam

    First off, thesaurus much? I get the feeling I’m speaking to a FF XII fan. Ok, now that I got my lol’s out of the way, on to the issues at hand. Excuse me if I misinterpreted you, but if you check your previous comment you’ll see that you specifically wrote (and I quote): “Naming it XV destroyed any chance of SE making a much wanted and unexpected comeback along side delivering Versus.” And how is it that you know so much about the already known-as XV, that it won’t be a brand new experience for you when you play it? Just because it belongs to the Fabula Nova Chrystallis series (from which FF XIII may have been born but, may I remind you, the critically acclaimed Type-0 that everyone seems to want is also a part of) doesn’t say the slightest thing about it. We know next to nothing of it, yet claim “it’s not going to be a fresh experience”. It’s on PS4, it’s a new story with new characters in a new world… How newer can it get?
    I must agree with you though, on the fact that I don’t feel entitled to anything from Square-Enix, like most people do in forums. A game is released, you see it, think you might like it, give it a shot and if down the road you find that you can’t get into it, you let it go. I’m currently on that process with FF XIV actually. I’m not quite sure of it yet since I’ve never put my hands on an MMO, but I’m willing to give it a chance since it looks so nice.
    I may be a little reactive with people going around saying things like “Square-Enix is dead” and “they should stop making FF already” because I cannot understand what this fanbase wants. People were practically calling -the game previously known as- Versus vaporware for the last 2 years and for that reason alone, demanded Square-Enix close down, and now that it finally reappears, they don’t like it as much as when they first saw it?! Will some people only be happy when Square-Enix closes shop?
    I don’t know if you’re a fan of LR or the X/X-2 remaster, all I said was FF has variety now. A selection of quality titles and not handheld, android/iOS junk coming to consoles. (I bought Dissidia Duodecim and I got bored with it 3 hours later! No context in that game whatsoever! The only ff I’ve enjoyed on handheld was Crisis Core.) Surely at least one of those games will work! Though, call me crazy, but I’m sure once they hit the stores people will go running.
    And lastly, this is just something I wanted to say. I’ve been hearing a lot about the gameplay in FF XV and how people don’t like how it’s too “action oriented”. Would anyone call Crisis Core an RPG? NO! But that didn’t stop you from breaking all PSP sales records now, did it?

  • Lilay

    Pardon me, I don’t get that initial joke? What does it actually imply?
    I figure I’m either too repetitive/blocked or too extensive with my sentences?

    But I don’t. I really don’t. And I assume no one does, because there’s nothing except for what is visually present in the last trailers, as you put. However, that’s useless because it wasn’t my point. What I meant with unexpected freshness is a sort of surprise title, a bit of a “BAM! you totally weren’t expecting this new title we never mentioned!” that being, obviously imagining, FFXV. That Versus/XV is going to be like nothing in the main line is evident, I made no aim at that.

    I suppose I’m sort of with you on the backlash and more, I don’t actually understand what the “fanbase” even is, let alone what -it- “wants”. Bundling people in such a manner feels off. One thing though, the “FF fanbase” has really gained some fame for being internally loud regarding old titles and personal inclinations, now it’s also conflicting about unreleased material. I wonder if there’s irony there.

    Dissidia is all about funfun with characters you remember from the famed installments. Both games have a rather tedious setting and “story”, but I guess that’s besides the point. As for Crisis Core, it’s the reason I acquired the console in the first place. It definitely sold well, as anyone can check such information with a few clicks. Although I understand what you mean with no one labeling it an RPG per se, it received backlash for just that, because there was a natural inclination to call it that while struggling with a self-set leveling system, a one-character story and that DMW mechanic that some people didn’t mind, while others straight out cursed (not going to include the people who could not stand to hear “FFVII” in something yet again). I didn’t mind it myself, that random effect was somewhat lively and fun and they actually managed to fuse the breaking down of the process with Zack’s eminent death, which was well done, I felt.
    Anyway, despite last years “bad biz” deal with SE, I won’t easily think they sell little of anything.

  • alexsam

    Forget the joke. Also, that last paragraph about how Crisis Core is an action RPG wasn’t really aimed at you either. I should’ve pointed it out, sorry.
    I’m actually “bundling people” only in accordance to the feedback that I see FF XV is getting from fan sites such as (but not mainly) this. People are mad that XV was announced and I just don’t understand why. It’s like if it remained Versus nothing would’ve ever being wrong with the world?! Did people seriously expect Square-Enix to announce both the release of Versus XIII AND XV as two separate games, feeling that because they “made them” wait for so long the company “owed them” two top quality games?! I just don’t know anymore. And yet, once it releases people will rush to buy it! That’s what I really don’t understand. You (not you specifically, generally speaking) saw the trailer and felt that Square-Enix let you down yet again? Ok, rant about it a bit, let it all out, then move on. Don’t buy it going into it with the mind set that you’re going to hate every single bit of it! Anyway, I guess I’m ranting about ranters now, lol.
    I got my first job simply to be able to afford a PSP and Crisis Core back when it was released! Then as soon as I bought it, they fired me cause I wouldn’t show up anymore, true story! That’s how much I adored that game and the FF VII franchise. But after that I never used my PSP again. I think it might even be broken now. As for the battle system in Crisis Core, it was new, not many liked it but because of the massive story behind it everyone has fond memories of it. That, I assure you, will be the case with XV. The choice is yours whether you decide to play it or not. I just think that whoever doesn’t have a chance at this game will be missing out big time!

  • Lilay

    Not a problem.
    I’ve stared at comments rolling on videos, it’s all over the place. As for forums though, I stay away. The fuss is bothersome to say the least.
    And to answer that rhetorical question without mockery, yes. I figure some really did want an update on Versus -and- a brand new title. The differences between these people would range from the laid backs to the “demanders”.
    As for when the game hits the shelves, it will generate movement, why wouldn’t it. The internet will also flow with walk/playthroughs and those who apparently cared little will watch such videos, it’s rather predictable because everyone is literally everyone. As in, people.
    Commitment I suppose? Ahah.
    The Compilation though, I never felt it stood as what the name implies. I couldn’t get into Dirge of Cerberus and Advent Children was little more than a lovely showcase of some of the characters I like. The film literally opens with a statement that it’s made for “those who knew friendly company therein” and as such, I say again, a lovely nostalgic walk with some high moments and closure for Cloud. I don’t feel a need to regard it any higher than that, but I don’t know about yourself and others.
    I do have a sense that XV will deliver in the dramatic, and not wanting to repeat myself very much, I get a ringing that the soundtrack will be very memorable (music is very important to me, this is why I mention it repeatedly).
    While I have no plans to rush out for a PS4, I imagine that I would buy it along with the newly released game in the future (perhaps even a “Special Edition” for that extra materialistic feeling that kicks in when it does). I don’t really know. In a way, the prospect of a late 2014 release really does help though, because as of now, I literally wouldn’t be able to get it at all. I honestly don’t think I’d get the console for much of anything else. Selectivity I suppose, along with a large disinterest in most videogames.

  • alexsam

    I know, right? The late release of XV might actually help improve the sales of the PS4 since by then it’s initial price may have dropped! So, for a bundle of, say 350$-400$ we might be able to purchase both game and console! Now that’s music to any gamers’ ears! (Excuse the late reply, but as much as I enjoy our squabble, I had to go to sleep eventually.) As for the soundtracks, I also enjoy them. I’ve downloaded both of Uematsu’s Distant Worlds cds and keep them on my iPod so that I can hear them wherever I go.
    Oh well… At the end of the day I might as well follow your example and not let it get to me as much. As much as some may or may not want this to be a reality, this game is coming under a new title and I have high hopes for it. Haters will be haters and there’s nothing anyone can do about that. I look forward to the day of it’s release with great anticipation! Until then though, we (I) still have XIV, X/X-2 HD and Lightning Returns to look forward to (and other games that don’t belong in this forum). Good times!

  • Lilay

    Nevermind that, I suspect we might not even be on the same continent.
    You didn’t mean a specific bundle did you? I don’t recall something like that ever leaving Japan (for FFXIII). I do remember bundles for more “Western” games like Killzone and whatnot. What I mean to say though is that by “Special Edition” I referred to the game, like one of those neat digipacks and whatnot. Even though I’ve only ever acquired one (Crisis Core).
    I’m a bit more “expansive” than that, soundtracks have had a strong impact on me since the beginning, they are a broad part of the impression I get from the games.
    Yes, taking a step back has helped along the way, and I don’t like to get nervous with a screen, I do confess that a few years ago I was not only reactive, I effectively got hurt with what I read sometimes. I suppose that for people like myself, it’s all about quietly cherishing things and in case of exchanges, deliver smoothly. Not making ranty, unnecessary approximations or distinctions with others over matters that aren’t matters.

    As things move along, we’ll have this place for our FF feed.