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Final Fantasy XV PlayArts Kai in Progress

December 6th, 2013 by Tony Garsow


Many Final Fantasy heroes, heroines, and monsters alike have been featured in Square Enix’s PlayArts Kai line — and it’s no wonder that the company’s merchandising division has kickstarted the Final Fantasy XV versions after the game’s rebranding. Merchandise director Hidemi Matsuzuka took to Twitter today to show off a prototype of Noctis, the main playable character in the fifteenth numbered title in the series.

While the figure has yet to be painted, the overall design went through a thorough inspection by Tetsuya Nomura, who presides character designer and director the of the game.

Noctis may be the first to have his likeness cast into a PlayArts Kai figure, but we’re wondering if there are any other characters from Final Fantasy XV you’d like to see join him? How about other characters in the Final Fantasy series? Leave us your thoughts in a comment below!

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  • zelu1984

    Being realistic with the amount of time and money they spent on FF XV I would think they will make the full FF XV cast + Stella in PAK form. Each figure cost more than the game and by the time they are out they will be even more, I think about $120 each..

  • My my, is that an armour-ish design to his left arm? Sometimes Nomura is really quick at reminding us of how post-Cloud many of the character designs are. Changing the hypothetical gender of the character doesn’t disguise it much either, cough*Lightning*cough.

  • Hazuki_Ryo

    I love Nomura’s characters they are always cool and well drawn, can’t wait to play as Noctis Dammit!

  • TerrorOfZanarkand

    And I agree with zelu; every “main” character should be represented.
    Noctis’ gang and Stella. Maybe Even Regis!

  • Shiru

    I would love a Prompto figure!

  • @oop
    Extraordinary argumentation sir, I’m truly moved.

  • AnimaMagna

    You know, I think some of that is a deliberate joke on his part. He was asked to make Lightning like that, but since Noctis is very much his baby, I think he could be slipping in some in-jokes about some Final Fantasy traditions. And personally, I would like figures of Gladiolus and Stella next. Also, something else that’s quite rare among FF characters that I’ve noticed: his fingers are uncovered and in fact he’s only wearing a fingerless glove on one hand. I always find gloves so…unnerving: one of my critiques of many FF character designs (Tidus, Snow, Cloud, Zidane, Paine, Lightning, ect..).

  • I really don’t know how much Nomura and the bunch laugh and play around at the thought of how the “fandom” sees their characters; it seems somewhat plausible that, yes, some quirks or shades to some of the characters could be inside jokes, it wouldn’t surprise me. But that’s not the root of my comment: what I said transcends FF and leaks into most of the overseas Japanese entertainment; sooner or later, you get alot of the same, may that be superficial resemblance or not.
    Anyone can point out how much Nomura likes zippers or pointy hair or shoulder-armour or whatever else, it’s not an argument, and it can even be a nuisance.

    And yay for fingers.

  • Loire

    Cid Highwind needs a Play Arts figure!

    Get on this, Square!

    I also want to see a wicked Noel Kreiss action figure!

  • CalmingPurgatory

    @Lilay I find it funny how people like you can try to crap on a character like Lightning with no proof and then make another comment trying to explain what you said and try to act innocent. Lightning has more in common with Squall than Cloud, and I don’t mean the gunblade. Grow up and stop trying to get into the imaginary “cool club” your twisted mind came up with.

  • Funny? So I was able to entertain you? I fail to see how that, being so as you put it, is a bad thing.

    But please, let me entertain you further then, as courtesy:

    -Summary of the intro of FFVII: Badass ex-military character with notorious hairdo and few words travels with another (black) character who talks alot: they arrive in scene by train, storming their target and fighting defensive forces; causing explosions, at one point fighting a robotic scorpion.

    Summary of the intro of FFXIII: Badass ex-military character with notorious hairdo and few words travels with another (black) character who talks alot: they arrive in scene by train, storming their target and fighting defensive forces; causing explosions, at one point fighting a robotic scorpion.-

    There. I won’t even pick on the gundblade, or the now repetitive shoulder-armour.

    You should really back off with your ill-bred tension of your apparent appreciation of Lighting, while being unable to deal at how blatantly a superficial clone of Cloud she was.

  • AnimaMagna

    @Lilay and CalmingPurgatory
    Pax please, before this gets out of hand. I like that quote from wherever it is “Let’s agree to disagree”. Or is it a saying? The point is the figurine of Noctis, not Lightning’s origins as being inspired by Cloud (and probably Celes and Squall as well) and the opening being similar to a popular game because the rest did something violently different with the franchise.

  • CalmingPurgatory

    @Lilay I’ll back off with my DESERVED defense of Lightning when people like you stop defaulting on any similarities to VII, or any smilarities period! You try to hate XIII altogether before even giving it a chance. All those things you listed happened only in the first 5 min. of the game. It’s not very long until Lightning takes a very different path than Cloud ever would, especially considering the different circumstances that they come across. You know whay I find “blatant”? That if someone likes something you absolutely scorn you have to get the last word like the last word is a fact. PROVE ME WRONG. Either people shun anything similar (even if it’s something small) or want any new ideas eraticated along with the people who created said ideas. I am okay with people who don’t loke XIII, but if you compare it to VII you obviously did’t think hard. The internet tried and failed to do the work for you. Stop looking for the similarities and start looking for differences.

  • Well, sometimes I just do -not- not reply to persons who’s threshold of the sight of the slightest mention of Lighting, other than in a fashion of trophy-character, is small enough to warrant accusations from various fields. It wasn’t even a proper joke, as anyone can quote the higher-ups from SE having asked Nomura to purposely emulate Cloud into a female character. As for the similarity of the openings, that’s a blatant provocation. Sometimes it’s just “nice” to remind people how little they’ve noticed.

    Being “butthurt” can only do you so much, and even less when dealing with the obvious.

  • @CalmingPurgatory
    “when people like you stop defaulting on any similarities to VII, or any similarities period!”
    “It’s not very long until Lightning takes a very different path than Cloud ever would”

    You know… I don’t like your emotional burping, it renders you incompetent in proper thought, leading you to severe contradictions like the one quoted above.
    Maybe it will ease you to know that I liked FFXIII (I do have issues with the other two games though), and that, as already hinted above, what I commented was but the shortest hint at a “joke” that you, and others alike, cannot seem to grasp because you suffer from… not being happy with what you like? Something of the sort.
    If you think there’s this “debate” thing that’s about to be started here, you’re wrong. I have nothing to prove to you or anyone. I think though, it’s good enough you recognise my (factual) provocation as valid, even if you run from it as fast as you can in favour of what you think is meaningful for the context.

    Lighting was initially made as a female version of Cloud; many FF characters have a post-Cloud semblance, including Noctis. Acknowledge this (or shut up?) and move along please. There’s nothing else here.

  • CalmingPurgatory

    My apologies I didn’t see your comment before I sent my previous one, but you are right that it seems pointless to continue. People are different, so we must let it be. Thank You.

  • @Lilay It’s extraordinary (and by that I mean, almost boring) that you seem to try and twist almost every single piece of news in this site towards your distaste for anything that has to do with Lightning or Motomu Toriyama. This is an article about FF XV. Do try to stay on-topic now, eh?

  • CalmingPurgatory

    Lol, It’s frustrating sometimes isn’t it. You can probably tell by my past comments. Anyway, the figure looks great so far, I can’t wait to see a finished product. I might buy one when they become available.

  • @CalmingPurgatory I’ve never even seen a PlayArts Kai figurine up close, let alone bought one. Yes, they look good, but I wouldn’t waste my money on something like that. I prefer the actual games themselves. But I do understand that some people like to collect these figures. They do look cool, I’ll admit that!

    Since we’re on the topic of XV though, this game is really beginning to irritate me! Nomura says at E3 that “they’re breaking the radio silence”, yet now they’ve been even more silent than before! I feel like it’s 2011 all over again, when we got that one trailer and then it disappeared. TGS, no show, VGX, no show, Jump Festa, no show… We’re not asking for much, just an update every now and then about how the game is moving along. They’ve kept us in the dark for 7 years, isn’t that enough already??

    BTW, Lightning Returns just got a Collectors Edition for North America, just thought I’d share that tidbit of info with y’all.

  • CalmingPurgatory

    Yeah some new info would be nice, even if it just comes in small bits I’d be happy.

  • @alexsam
    Really? You? The person who spazzed out some weeks ago over how hard it was (for you) to have people who do not stop disagreeing with after you made sounding arguments such as “grow up”?

    I would urge you to look at that initial comment of mine and see the obvious “snarky” way in which I referenced Lighting. But, actually, don’t. It seems useless.

    By the way, on topic? Like you did? Jesus, it’s like contradiction leaking into words with you people.

  • Noctis Strife

    Is there any news at all about this figure? It’s been over a year and with all the new game news I’d imagine new figure news?

  • Bumbarusher