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A First Look At Final Fantasy XV Gladiolus’ Episode DLC With A 15-Minute Footage

March 11th, 2017 by Chelsi

GameSpot has released a 15-minute footage from Final Fantasy XV‘s first episode DLC, Gladiolus’ Episode, which is playable at PAX East’s showfloor. Featuring modified gameplay with a new UI while controlling Gladiolus for the first time, watch the first look of the DLC below.
GameWatch JP wrote a report about their first time experiencing the DLC. The DLC could be selected on the game’s title menu, which makes it independent from the progression of the main base story. This counts the save data for it as well.
As aforementioned the gameplay will be slightly different from the base game’s, with the control now on Gladiolus’ character. There are two bars that can be seen at the bottom right, the green one depicting his HP bar and the blue one depicting his guarding stamina, which can be executed with the square button.
Being proud of his way of living as the shield of the king, Gladiolus has taken up the challenge of an intense training which will further test and prove his purpose. We will see some thoughts and feelings from Gladiolus’ character which has not been shared at the main base story.
There will be new monsters appearing in the DLC that were not at the base game, and the recurring series figure Gilgamesh will make an appearance with a design quite different from his previous appearances in the older titles.
Gladiolus’ Episode DLC will be out on March 28th. Watch the official trailer below.

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