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Final Fantasy XV Director at Japan Expo

July 7th, 2013 by Tony Garsow


Final Fantasy XV director Tetsuya Nomura was at this year’s Japan Expo in Paris to show off more of Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMix, but spent some time talking with outlets and fansites about the newest numbered entry into the franchise. Speaking with FFDream and Finaland, two French Final Fantasy fansites, Nomura talked about some of the characters he’s designed over the years, including Noctis. He noted that Noctis’s family name “Caelum” means sky in Latin. The character’s name in English is roughly: Night (Noctis) Light (Lucis) Sky (Caelum). He considers some of his creations like Cloud and Sora to be like sons, and wants the best for Noctis as a character.

With regard to female playable characters aside from the five males revealed thusfar, Nomura said that he couldn’t share specifics but that a female would be difficult — perhaps hinting that one would have to be worked into a story role where she may not have had before. Stella has received something of a character model makeover, as well as the other characters, with Nomura mentioning the slight change in her appearance was to make her more attractive.

Vehicles are still in, including the car that Noctis and company have been seen driving in trailers past. According to Nomura, you’ll be using the car quite often, but there were also magitek units (seen in the 2011 trailer) that are still planned.

Since this is a “fantasy based on reality”, there are many locations in Final Fantasy XV that resemble ones in our world. Namely the Lucis Kingdom resembling modern-day Shinjuku. The city of Accordo, as seen in the E3 trailer, is based off of Venice. When asked about any locations with French architecture or influence, Nomura left it up in the air — but considered.

On the subject of Japanese voice acting in the game, director Nomura said that lip-syncing and disc space were part of the contributing factors on why the company hasn’t allowed for dual-audio for different regions. (Often there are copyright/legal hurdles for this too, such as voice actors allowing their likeness to be used abroad.) Nomura enthused that fans passionate about Japanese voice acting should tell Square Enix Europe (or Square Enix North America) who will share that with Square Enix Japan.

Will Noctis get any cameos in other Final Fantasy games? How about a new Dissidia game? It seems that’s up to Dissidia director Mutsunori Takahashi whether Noctis gets the green light in a new Dissidia project (though Nomura did not imply or confirm such a project exists).

Final Fantasy Type-0 director Hajime Tabata was asked to join the team by Nomura himself, citing that his passion for the project was what led him to bring him aboard. He may also be representing the game in the future at events, just like Nomura. While Nomura himself didn’t make commitments to be attached to every showing of the game, he stated that other people working on the project will be present to show it off in the future.

You can read the full interview with Nomura translated from French on Finaland by clicking here.

Via: FFDream & Finaland


  • AnimaMagna

    This may be a great game, but I’m sort of hoping that Nomura doesn’t have this kind of powerful role in XVI or the next FNC game (I’m sure there will be one at some point). Oh well, I can enjoy the story.

  • Reborn

    so just japanese dub? that’s awesome!! idc about it trying to make it dual-audio. i reckon the japanese dub would be better and more suitable to this game than the english imo.

  • alexsam

    I wouldn’t be able to play a game if it wasn’t in English. Sure, I watch anime in Japanese and all that, but this is different. It’s sort of like a movie. If they want to add dual audio to it, that’s fine, but they better make the English version soon enough! Also, every time Nomura talks about this game he says “we’ll consider this” or “we’ll consider that”… Just how far along are they? It’s been 7 years! Have they not made their final decisions about what will be in the game and what won’t? I mean, ok it’ll take another 1,5 years to release, but honestly, if it’s been in development for so long and you’re still deciding what to put in it, then seriously… the hell?!

  • @alexsam
    It might be a little trick of translation, because it otherwise sounds quite “off” that he might “consider” half the things an interviewer poses to him as if they are all still in the “drawing board”. This “yeah sure, we might throw that in” which seems to transpire doesn’t favor anything, on the contrary. In any case, peep on the interview itself and see that it’s not quite so.
    And releasing the game West-wise with Jap audio only would be a sort of commercial suicide, it’s either dual-audio (which will hardly happen since the lip-sync is a considerable problem, it hadn’t crossed my mind until Nomura mentioned it though) or full English. Despite what Nomura hinted as a thing, what the interviewer suggested, a Jap-audio French-subtitled sort of special, limited edition of the game seems a bit of a stretch.

    There is no reason to expect Nomura will be the head of the next entry, whatever direction that happens to go in. XV is a publicly carried-over project, something that never happened with SE. The hypothetical sixteenth entry will hopefully be a completely new title (not built around Agnis Philosphy or whatever else that everybody has seen), perhaps another take on medieval-tech fusion fantasy along the lines of XII, maybe even steamed like IX. More than anything, I’d like to be surprised and I imagine this goes for many others as well. So, don’t worry too much.

  • AgitoXIII

    I don’t think there will be another FNC game other then sequels to this game. >.>

    Glad vehicles are back.

  • alexsam

    @Lilay Yeah, I suppose that does make sense just to get the interviewers off his back. I mean he might be saying “yeah, we’ll look into it” but he probably means “yeah, we’ll look into it but no cause we’ve already made more than 50% of the game”. But actually coming out with it is different because of all the nagging he’ll get afterwards. As for the audio issue, I’ve just been a bit concerned since it’s been so many years and yet they still showed up with Japan-only dialogue at E3. Anyway, I guess you’re right. I just hope that they find some original voice actors for this game.

    By the time all the XV games have been released I’m sure XVI will be way in production. Hiroyuki Ito’s time to deliver a game is long overdue and I think the next chapter might be his. But as for the medieval era style ff, have you tried playing XIV?

  • @alexsam
    Well that didn’t cross my mind, I imagined they showcased the game in Jap because they were convinced the impact would be strong enough, but the way you simply put it, they might have just had no other option. SE can’t be expected to make this pompous, hyper-cool entry and at the same time deliver improper “Western dubbing”, as far as it seemed to go, it just got better, the Eng-audio, with each new entry. XII’s dub, for example, was impressive to me, very well done.

    I was thinking about it as I typed the previous reply. I would enjoy XIV, but I’m really not the kind of “gamer” to play online. I “need” an enthralling, ongoing story and strong, fixating characters. To technically answer the question though, I never actually touched it, neither did I touch XI.