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Final Fantasy XV @ Comic Fiesta 2014

December 28th, 2014 by Tony Garsow

Square Enix recently held a presentation for Final Fantasy Type-0 and Final Fantasy XV at Comic Fiesta in Malaysia this weekend, showcasing clips of new footage and informations. Present was Final Fantasy series executive producer Shinji Hashimoto and game designer (and Malaysia native) Wan Hazmer. In the video above you can see the entire presentation; below, we have the breakdown of the information provided:

• Square Enix will release a free tech demo (shown at Tokyo Game Show) some time after Episode Duscae.
• The tech demo will allow you to manipuate the time of day and weather.
• Episode Duscae will include English and Japanese voice acting and subtitles.
• The team is still looking into dual audio for the final version, but they need to consider disc space.

• You can summon Titan, seen in the Jump Festa trailer. Will he be as big? Looks like we’ll have to wait.
• There are many different ways of obtaining summons, for Titan you have to fight (presumably defeat) him.
• Titan will not be in Episode Duscae for story reasons, but another summon will — you’ll be able to summon it.
Cor is not sleeping in the car trunk, he is a guest character — he is a friend of King Regis and “father figure” to the party.

• Cor isn’t the only guest character in Final Fantasy XV.
• To enhance the feeling of a roadtrip, there is a camping system in place, and it’s pretty important.
• Camping will provide buffs, and if you don’t camp for a long time you won’t gain these buffs.
• Ignis is the party’s cook, and ingredients you buy for him will determine the buffs.

• If you don’t camp, you won’t receive experience points you collect — so you won’t level up. You won’t lose experience points however.
• A day/night cycle in Final Fantasy XV is 60 minutes; 40 minutes of day and 20 minutes of night.
• Some dungeons/stages will require you to fight through multiple days.
• You can travel by train in the game, also walk around inside the cabin as seen in the trailer.

• Why action and not turn-based? The team wants to reiterate the “fantasy based on reality” theme and wants you to feel the world through the characters, which they think is better expressed through an action combat system instead of menus.
• Will you hold one button to attack? You can hold it or press it. Hazmer explains that you shouldn’t worry so much about that, and that the strategy lies in customizing your weapon loadout through a unique weapon system.
• Every weapon isn’t the same, and will be “very unique”.
• Some weapons have have high stats and no ability attached, and some will have great abilities with low stats.

• Talking to NPCs in town to ascertain the location of a weapon (that may be deep in a forest or dungeon), then you go to collect it.
• The three major points they want to express to players in Episode Duscae are the Game Cycle, Weapon System, and Summon System.
• What about magic? Well, the graphic quality isn’t up to snuff yet so they’ll show it when it’s ready. Summon magic is more difficult so they want to tackle that first.
Cindy is a mechanic in the game. She’s not a major character in the overall point but is integral in your journey — she looks after your car.

• You’ll see more of Cindy in Episode Duscae.
• The town we see in the Jump Festa trailer is called Lestallum, it is inspired by Havana, Cuba and Malaysian culture.
• The game isn’t fully seamless, but you’ll be able to drive on a road into a town, park, and walk into the city.
• Different cities represent different types of culture, and they didn’t want every city to be “clean” looking. Lestallum has a lot of rubbish in the street which Hazmer says may be a “culture shock” for Japanese players.

• You’ll be able to stay in a hotel in Lestallum. It’s not the biggest city in the game.
• More NPCs will be added in Lestallum so it feels very lively, parts of the city are still under construction (you can see exposed wireframe and unfinished textures in recent demo footage).
• You can buy ingredients in the Lestallum market for Ignis to cook.
• A building in Lestallum (seen in the background of Dog Cam while the dog pees) plays an important role.

• Concept artwork of Lestallum is shown. Hazmer says the feeling for this town is similar to a scene in “Back to the Future Part 2″ where Marty McFly comes to the future and experiences people walking around acting normal in a strange setting to him.
• The ropeway above Lestallum didn’t feel industrial enough, so it was redesigned. It’s carrying white cargo, but Hazmer teased he can’t tell us what it is.
• Many of the buildings have exposed pipes, and a sewer “chimney” can be seen.
• Concept art of a hotel room you can stay in is shown.

• Concept art of a young, middle, and elderly-aged man (a Lestallum NPC) is shown.
• A young woman, with a specific hat is shown, it seems she’ll play something of an important role based on that hat.
• Hazmer, a Malaysia native, pushed for some Malaysian culture representation in the game — we’ll get Malaysian cuisine.
• A short clip shows a Lestallum NPC preparing teh tarik (pulled tea). Other foods include, satay (skewered/grilled meat, served with a sauce) and roti canai (flatbread with Indian influence). Hazmer says he was scolded because the animation requires a liquid to travel between cups.

• Another short clip shows a Lestallum NPC at grilling satay with the dog from Dog Cam watching hungrily.
• A third clip shows a group of people dining at a table in Lestallum with the dog from Dog Cam watching hungrily.
• Hazmer concludes the Final Fantasy XV presentation with an announcement that Square Enix is hiring talent.

Video Thanks: @Tron942 / TRDP90

Final Fantasy XV is currently announced for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. You can obtain a voucher to play the game’s first demo called Episode Duscae with purchase of first print copies of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD.

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  • Hiroyuki_Ito_XVI

    I can’t believe this complete nobody has attained such a high profile role on FFXV. The only FF he worked on before FFXV was Type-0 and before that he was an indie developer. Also, he only joined the company in 2010, which is after FFXIII released in Japan. LOL!

    Well, at least that gives weight to the likelihood that Ito is helming FFXVI. Ito has worked on almost every mainline FF and has been working at the company since 1987 and before the first FF was even released.

  • Josh Asher

    What I want to know is, why do they have to focus on summon system before working on magic? This is a team of what, 200-300 some people, hell they even dedicate an entire team to animations of characters moving up and down hills or mountains and whatnot, so why does a team of that many people have to work on just one? Why don’t they have one team for magic, and the other for summons, working on both simultaneously? It just doesn’t make any sense

  • Josh Asher

    It does seem pretty unfair and ridiculous. But SE is a company that doesn’t always make 100% sense. They’ve been very incompetent these past few years and have even admitted it

  • Hiroyuki_Ito_XVI

    We know that as of 2013, Hiroyuki Ito has been in the planning and pre-production stages of a new project. Fingers crossed that it’s FFXVI. It seems likely because Shinji Hashimoto said that Ito was adding a ridiculous amount of depth to the battle system mechanics; something that can only be achieved on PS4/XB1 hardware.

  • Sorarocks93

    Ito making a numbered FF is like a dream come true. Infact it’s making giggle with anticipation for an announcement. Too bad we won’t see it anytime soon though.

  • Hiroyuki_Ito_XVI

    I’m sure he’s already on FFXVI. The bad thing is that it will likely be released at near end of this gen, so 2020 at the earliest. I think it will be announced in 2017 as the big FF 30th Anniversary game. Similarly, Dragon Quest XI is planned to be announced in 2016 as the big Dragon Quest 30th Anniversary announcement.

  • AgitoXIII

    Audience was getting on my nerves. They were aweing at every damn thing. Who gives a F about Japanese.voices? Tjat was always a whiny argument people had anyway.

  • Daniel Masterson

    I have to disagree with that time frame. SE has repeatedly said that “long” development times are over and that we can expect main line games to come much quicker due to a change in leadership and the way a game is made. I expect FF XVI will be around late 2016 or 2017 sometime and that FF XVII will be around 2020 either with the new console or at the end like every single FF since NES.

  • EliParker

    Why can’t they confirm a PC release for Type-0 and FFXV?

  • AnimaMagna

    That would be huge. I don’t have one of their consoles myself, and don’t particularly want it. I’ve never seen the full point of the extra expense. But… God, it’s tempting with games like Type-0 and Bayonetta out there.

  • AnimaMagna

    And that’s certainly not counting the sequels and spin-offs to Type-0 and XV. They’ll want to get their money’s worth out of Luminous.

  • Hiroyuki_Ito_XVI

    I highly doubt FFXVI will release in 2017, especially seeing as FFXV is targeted as a 2016 release.

  • Gray Aria

    We don’t even have a release window for XV yet. It’s way too soon to be talking about XVI.

  • Hiroyuki_Ito_XVI

    Considering that FFXV originally began development in 2006, it’s not too soon to be thinking about FFXVI. I’m sure the game is already in pre-production by now.

  • Gray Aria

    XV was pretty much just an idea in 2006. The full production didn’t truly begin until 2011.

  • Hiroyuki_Ito_XVI

    Bitch, please. FFXV had already entered pre-production by 2006. How else could they already have made a CGI concept trailer for to game to show at E3 2006? I see nothing far-fetched about believing FFXVI is in a similar stage of development. I still have my money on it being announced in 2017 as part of Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary.

  • Gray Aria

    That’s pretty much what a CGI concept trailer is. An visual demonstration of an idea. That doesn’t mean the game was in full production. None of what they showed us back then was actually in game footage. Just a demonstration of what they were aiming for.

  • Hiroyuki_Ito_XVI

    Nobody said FFXV was is full production back in 2006. My point was that it was in the planning and pre-production stage when that CGI trailer was made in November 2005 and then shown off at E3 2006 in May that year.

    Therefore, your argument that SQEX haven’t even started thinking of FFXVI yet is utter stupidity, to be blunt with you. By now, with FFXV releasing most likely in 2016, you can be sure that FFXVI is definitely in the planning and pre-production stage.