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Final Fantasy XV Cast and Story Details

June 26th, 2013 by Tony Garsow

Director Tetsuya Nomura talks about Final Fantasy XV at E3 with Square Enix’s Meagan Marie.

Final Fantasy XV made the post-E3 rounds in this week’s Famitsu and Dengeki PlayStation, and director Tetsuya Nomura had no shortage of information to share. Announced for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the game was previously known as Final Fantasy Versus XIII in in the seven years prior to its re-reveal. Exclusive to PlayStation 3, the platform jump came about two years ago when the team created a build that ran on next-gen hardware and liked what they saw.

Nomura assures fans that while the game has jumped to next-gen, the story he originally envisioned remains intact. The “World of the Versus Epic” tagline that he created for the trailer is intended to give the story a sense of grand scale, and he admits that it may be difficult to complete in one title.

Cor Leonis, a newly-revealed character who appears with Noctis’s entourage, is 42 years old. This age (referred to as “yakudoshi”) is an unlucky number for men in Japan, and is said to bring illness or misfortune. He is a noble man, loyal to the Lucis kingdom, and fights with a katana.

At the beginning of the game we will have access to Noctis, Gladiolus, Prompto, and Ignis — Cor will join at a later time.

Noctis’s chauffeur seen in previous trailers was voiced by Hiroki Touchi, but is now playing Cor Leonis. It seems that there is another voice actor that plays him now. He and Stella’s voice actor will be revealed later on.

The red-headed man sporting an umbrella and the man in a standoff with King Regis are enemies of Prince Noctis, and it seems that they are but a few antagonists you will come up against over the course of the story. Keiji Fujiwara voices the red-haired man, and since he voices Reno and Axel in the past, that’s how his hair color was decided. Quinton Flynn is his English counterpart, though no confirmation was made in the interview.

Niflheim, a country Noctis and company will come up against in the game, were designed with an asymmetric aesthetic. Their clothes, while mostly white, are different on each side.

While Nomura has introduced many male characters in Final Fantasy XV, he wants fans to “rest assured” that female characters such as Stella Nox Fleuret, the black-haired woman in the newest trailer, and even the dragoon in the 2011 Versus trailer are still in the game. More information about these characters will be made available in the future.

The team is working on closing the gap between real-time and pre-rendered cutscenes in the game, and assures us that the final product will look better than what we’ve seen thusfar. Clothing designer Roen is still attached to the game through his designs for the main characters.

Director Nomura’s focus with the battle system is speed, and admits that the pace of battle can be frenetic to the point where a player may have trouble telling what’s going on. The battle camera seen in the gameplay footage trailer is not final, and that adjustments are still ongoing. The goal is to create a “found footage” effect where it feels like someone present in the world is recording the events going on in the game.

You’ll be able to interact with monsters in different ways while fighting, as seen in the gameplay trailer when Noctis jumps on top of a behemoth’s horn to launch an aerial attack. There are weak points on monsters that you can expose when doing this, so it seems that climbing on top of large enemies is encouraged. Noctis is able to warp around the battlefield through use of his weapons. There are “short” and “long” warps Noctis can perform, as well as a limit, and more information about this will come later.

There are scenes in the E3 trailer where Noctis is fighting in the Venice-inspired city of Accordo. Leviathan, a Final Fantasy series summon, is of the highest class of summons in the game. It creates a tornado of water in the city in while Noctis is fighting enemy troops on scaffolded rooftops, and the intent is to create a chaotic scene.

There’s large areas in the game to move around in and explore, and it’s added quite a bit of development time to the game. In the the end, they decided to keep the scale of the game as they intended without “narrowing” areas.

As he previously explained at this year’s E3, director Nomura said that he would be interested in extending gameplay beyond completing the main scenario. He goes on to say in Famitsu that developing for a single playthrough is a waste of development resources. Online multiplayer components are being considered, as well as functions for PlayStation Vita or smartphone/tablet off-screen play. Again, the PC platform will be considered if there is enough demand.

Director Nomura states that there is a sentiment that Japanese games have fallen behind their Western contemporaries, but with Final Fantasy XV and next-generation hardware, he is looking to prove them wrong.

When will we next see Final Fantasy XV? It looks like Tokyo Game Show in September is our next big candidate. Periodic updates in Famitsu will also come over the summer.

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  • AnimaMagna

    Nice to see they have ambitions. And I’m glad that mysterious dragoon stayed in. I always wanted to learn more about her. And this interview disproves one of my theories, that she was in fact Stella. The combat sounds good though, more realistic (like the atmosphere of the game overall, it seems).

  • alexsam

    They’re not settling for anything less than the best experience possible and the only ones that can benefit from that are us (well, technically they benefit from it, but if we get an awesome gaming experience in the size of a modern day FF VII, then they can price it at 80$ and people will still buy it). It’s like Nomura had so much info bottled up that now he’s coming out with something new every week! And I personally agree with what he says about wasting development resources, just as long as we don’t end up with a XIII-esque scenario. But we won’t. He seems to have everything figured out from the get-go. Kitase and Toriyama just made things up as they went along. Nomura’s faith in XV is evident and I really can’t wait to see more of this game!

  • sidd

    I call it now, one of Noctis’ buddies dies, presumably Cor.

  • Daniel Masterson

    Damn Meagan is so hot.

  • The reveal and heavy personification of characters in their Japanese form will create conflict with the English version they’ll present at some point in the future, or so I feel. I get used to them more and more and eventually, bang, a new set of voices will come that’ll feel off, at the very least initially.
    Maybe this could be the first FF to allow dual-audio from any standard copy. Then again, there’s always the “Chinese version with subs”.
    Although, this fact might sport SE’s ambition in this title, they feel it to be so grand that they don’t mind showing a trailer with subs, something that hasn’t been happening much in the gaming world. The opposite happened with the LR unveiling.
    Hey, maybe XV really will be jaw-dropping.

    Eighty dollars for a videogame is asinine. Regardless of how good it is.

  • AgitoXIII

    This is the best info they’ve had on this game yet. I HOPE theres some female characters present in the game that somehow assist you. This is impressive info

  • Looking at how the characters seem to waltz around the area, a guest-like system similar to XII might actually be a thing.

  • meep

    Kinda funny how 42 is considered unlucky in Japan, especially the…intresting connotations the number has in western eyes.

    Calling it now. Cor will know the secret to life, the FF universe and everything.

  • MrSensei

    This game will answer the question “how much can SE bite off before having to spit it out?” Excited and nervous as ever…

  • Mike


  • Mike

    SO. MUCH. WIN.