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Final Fantasy Versus XIII To Be Revealed Soon

April 17th, 2013 by Tony Garsow


In the inaugural episode of mdRadio, the official Square Enix Merchandise podcast, Final Fantasy Versus XIII director Tetsuya Nomura gave us a bit of an update regarding his “warm spring”. The long-awaited title will be fully revealed soon, and Nomura asked for fans to please wait a little while longer. He commented to host Hidemi Matsuzuka that the current situation within the company is “delicate”, and that when the reveal comes that fans may understand why they have been tight-lipped with information. They are currently preparing for this reveal.

Previously, at Sony’s PlayStation 4 event in February, Final Fantasy series executive producer Shinji Hashimoto announced that a new Final Fantasy title will be revealed at E3. It’s led some to speculate (with some rumors interspersed here and there) that Final Fantasy Versus XIII will be given the “Final Fantasy XV” mantle and release for the next-generation.

To listen to the episode yourself, you need only click here.

What are your thoughts regarding the Final Fantasy Versus XIII? Has the time come where we can finally “look forward to it”? How about the next generation of consoles regarding the Final Fantasy XV rumor? Would you rather the title retain its “Versus XIII” identity or be revealed as a brand-new number? Leave us a comment below!


  • rattyinc

    They should leave it as a spinoff/Versus XIII.
    Core mechanics are that of an action game not JRPG.
    Unless they’ve completely changed it since we last saw it. I reckon there would be a rather significant change but i doubt they’d change the combat to something totally new.

  • Enacra

    Was this the only section where Nomura mentioned Versus XIII?

  • AnimaMagna

    The story and setting sounds and looks too grim to be a mainline game. It would work better as a spin-off, but I do think that Square Enix will make a loss on the game, given the length of time the game’s been in production and the level the team is aiming for. The question is…when is the reveal? E3? A PlayStation conference? Something for the game alone? All we can do is wait and see, and from the sound of it, the waiting will be shorter than normal.

  • TheBadass

    IMO, this seems to confirm that there hasn’t been name change. If it was now called FFXV, there’s no reason why the situation would be delicate.

  • TheBadass

    I saw the following comment on another website and I agree with it:

    There’s nothing in Nomura’s quote that even remotely hints that the game has been moved to PS4 and is now called FFXV. Honestly, people are just interpreting the quote how they want to based on previous rumors and the Roen mistake.

    Nomura says, “Perhaps the details as to why information couldn’t be released might be touched upon with the next information announcement.” He also says, “I’m sorry it’s already overdue.”

    The fact he says “perhaps the details” just proves it hasn’t changed platform or title. I mean, if it was now for PS4 and called FFXV, that’s information that would 100% be touched upon in its next reveal. Also, how would the game be “already overdue” if it was now called FFXV and for PS4? Makes no sense.

  • alexsam

    Just a little bit longer… I mean, we’ve already suffered for so long, so what’s another couple of months, right? They’ve said it again and again, when this title is revealed it will be EPIC! And this is the one title I’ll expect to meet the standards!

  • Boshi

    only an absolute idiot would think that Versus will be changed to 15 and released for the next gen. Like absolute idiot knowing nothing about the industry and video games making.

    Then again, we’re talking “fans” here.

  • AnimaMagna

    “Fan” does not necessarily translate into “idiot”. After all, I’m a fan in a casual way, introduced into its world with Advent Children, The Spirits Within and the XIII games, then finding out about the others. I think Versus deserves its chance in the limelight, let Nomura’s one FF game shine with the greats.

  • hey Tetsuya Nomura say in his twitter: Please wait a little while. Please be exited for E3. My Square Enix gag order is almost expired.

  • Odine

    I don’t think Versus will be changed to be FFXV, but i have my doubts about it being switched for ps4.

    I would like to have it for my ps3, but who knows. I’ll wait for E3 and hope they bring us a nice full show of this game that shut up rumors once for all.
    Would be wird to have all fabula nova crystallis in 3 platforms, but weirdier things I’ve seen. I have the compilation of ffvii in 4 diferent formats (cd,dvd,umd,blu-ray)

    I don’tgive credibility in rumors too often, but with this game and after all these years, anything can happen.

  • AnimaMagna

    Something I might like to see at an E3 or Comic Con in the next few years: a final wrapping up of the FFVII Compilation in the form of either a full-blown game or feature-length movie, with Cloud getting a proper happy ending and Jenova being purged from the planet for good. But for now, Lightning Returns and Versus will suit my needs.

  • ThisChick

    Personally I really don’t know why people are so concerned with the name. Even if the name changes, the game is finally being released and that is momentous! I mean, if it changed platforms I would understand the upset because that requires more money to be spent to play it. But a name? “What is in a name? Would a rose called by any other name smell just as sweet?”

  • blinkingblah

    It needs to be called versus. Just like you would tell the masses when it is a tactics game. Or else people might get confused and buy the game thinking it is an rpg when in reality it is a versus game.

  • Defrift


    Advent childern was the wrap up to FF7 there won’t be another movie or game. Jenova was completely destroyed at the end of the movie her head and the stigma were all the were left of her both were destroyed.

  • TheBadass

    Actually, SQEX have confirmed that the Compilation of FFVII is not yet finished. Even the secret ending of DoC:FFVII has Genesis being revived and flying off. It’s an obvious prelude to a new FFVII title.

  • Steven


    Advent Children didnt wrap up FF7 compilation, Dirge of Cerberus events happened after Advent Children and it ended on a cliffhanger.
    And Square Enix said the compilation will end on FF7 20th anniversary which is 2017. So yes, there will be one last title for it.

  • Defrift

    Nice so their going to further milk the crap out of FF7, why am I not surprised. FF7 is one of my favorite FF games but not my number 1 and hearing this kind of news makes me glad its not my number 1 FF game.

  • AnimaMagna

    If it’s done right, it can be a nice continuation/conclusion. If it’s done wrong, then yes it’s just milking the brand. Here’s hoping whatever’s coming is good.

  • AgitoXIII

    Thinking about the possibilty that this could be FFXV gives me anxiety