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Yoshi-P on Cameos and PvP in A Realm Reborn

July 8th, 2013 by Tony Garsow

Last week at Japan Expo in Paris, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn director/producer Naoki Yoshida revealed that Final Fantasy XIII‘s Lightning will be making a cameo in the game. In Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, Lightning will receive a crossover Miqo’te outfit. This decision has been rather contentious among fans concerned about keeping the lore of Final Fantasy XIV intact, but in an interview conducted by RPGSite, Yoshida comments to assuage some of players’ concerns.

“Please be rest assured that there is a reason, and I’m going to make sure that it’s natural she’s in this world. Is she going to stay here? What’s going to happen to her..? All that is also going to be mentioned in the storyline – it’s going to become a natural part of the history of Eorza[sic]. So for the 1.0 players wondering what exactly is happening – please rest assured that I’m going to make sure we answer all your concerns.”

But it doesn’t look like the team will stop at just Lightning. In fact, Yoshida mentioned he wants fans to fantasize about what sort of cameos could come to the game, namedropping Sephiroth and Cloud in the process. Final Fantasy titles are generally very segregated when it comes to their worlds, and Square Enix wants to push Final Fantasy as something of a collective endeavor between all the teams that work on them. So that’s why some of these cameos have been introduced between projects from different teams, and Yoshida says it wasn’t out of concern for making the most money they could off of fanservice.

Yoshida says he is deliberating on a new Letter from the Producer to explain this in detail when he returns to the office in Japan.

When it comes to potential platforms for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, Xbox 360 or Xbox One versions are still off the table. Why? Yoshida says he doesn’t want the community divided — a community where PC, PS3, and PS4 players can play together, but they would have to segregate the Xbox community because of Microsoft’s policies. If a Xbox player realizes his/her friends were all playing the PC or PS4 version, they would have to sacrifice their current character to play with them.

“To be frankly honest with you, there are now so many mobile devices, smartphones, everything — why would you ever just stick to one platform from the hardware aspect? Just — make it open to everyone? That’s my opinion.”

Yoshida says he wants as many players on many platforms to play the game, and play the game together. Unless Microsoft changes these policies, it’s unlikely that the game will ever come to the Xbox platform.

Things have been quiet on the Player-versus-Player (PvP) side for quite a while, and Yoshida was able to lay out the battle plan for what players can expect closer to launch and in the months after.

“This Coliseum will be introduced with patch 2.0, straight away after launch. Six months after launch, we’re planning to also introduce another PVP called Frontline. This is more like a RvR – Realm versus Realm. This uses whole zones – it’s a large-scale PVP.”

You’ll also be able to progress your characters through this PvP system and collect equipment and abilities for exclusive use in this system. If you’re new to PvP, Yoshida says to give it a shot. If it’s not your thing, “that’s fine” and that there is plenty of progress to be made in cooperative Player-versus-Environment (PvE) content like dungeons. But, if you ever want to see Yoshida playing in-game, you’ll have to join him on the Frontlines as he is a self-professed hardcore PvP player with an exemplary record in Dark Age of Camelot. Yoshida even cites the game as one of his inspirations for Final Fantasy XIV’s new PvP.

You can read the entirety of RPGSite’s interview with Yoshi-P by clicking here.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn releases on August 27th for Windows PC and PlayStation 3. A PlayStation 4 version will release next year. Beta testing also continues with this week’s test beginning Wednesday at 2AM Pacific through Sunday at 2AM. This is the final test before Phase 4, and all character data sans Legacy data saved last year will be wiped.

Via: RPGSite


  • agitoxiii

    I was hoping SE would let FFXIV establish its own lore and tone down all the other FF references

  • Tony Garsow

    Well, Final Fantasy XIV definitely has its own unique lore and characters, of that I’m certain. While I don’t feel the cameos are entirely justified, I feel fine writing them off as non-canon.

  • AnimaMagna

    I don’t think she’ll be in the main storyline. Maybe a sidequest. But how can she belong there? The Cloud of Darkness is more of a monster and that’s more easily incorporated. But Lightning is a person from the universe of Gran Pulse and Cocoon. But I’m very glad they’ve brought back a good-guy Cid, makes a change from villains and tragic villains.

  • masterlobo

    Why are people making such a fuss about it? Don’t they remember Cloud Strife in Final Fantasy Tactics? Or Gilgamesh in XII?

  • Necromunkey

    I’m fine with cameo appearances, its their integration with the story that I’m worried about. I’m hoping they are just side quests that, as Tony stated, are easily and comfortably able to be written off as non-canon. Cloud having a major role in the main story would destroy XIV’s lore imo.

    Of course, lest we forget, the Void is a well entrenched Final Fantasy element that could easily explain the appearance of several characters in XIV without damaging the games individual lore. Gilgamesh, Lightning, my Final Fantasy XI character (!), wouldn’t seem so far out of context if explained through some Void anomaly or spacial paradox, all the while making references or poking fun at older/newer titles.

  • @masterlobo
    Are you equating the appearance of FF-icon Cloud Strife (however much unwanted so by many) as a playable character, and a boss, now classic, who’s entire essence is travelling through dimensions with the mandatory appearance of Lightning is this game?
    SE persistence in putting Lightning on a pedestal no one else is is well to be criticized. Think of it as a “just leave this game alone” sort of thing. Mentioning Cloud and Sephiroth doesn’t help either.
    It’s not at all hard to understand what the players looking forward to this game might feel.

  • Spiroth

    Why the fuss?
    It’s perfectly normal. Light will travel the Void at the end of Lightning Returns (like Gilgamesh) and become a recurring Boss, or have a purpose to correct something that happened.

    Or it will be a side effect of the Ending of the 013 Cycle in World B of FINAL FANTASY’s World.

    This game already has actual characters from FINAL FANTASY III (Cloud of Darkness) and FINAL FANTASY V (Gilgamesh). And now also from FINAL FANTASY XIII (Claire).

    Light has obviously ascended humanity, she’s probably bordering “Entity-Status”… Like Cloud of Darkness, Necron, Etro, etc.

    Can’t wait! I hope for a representative of each Main FINAL FANTASY instalment.

  • Necromunkey

    The biggest concern, perhaps, is that Lightning is not only an important character, but is also THE MAIN character (arguably) of XIII, and Lightning Returns, and a focus of XIII-2. It doesn’t really have much to do with her ability to utilize the Void.

    Cloud of Darkness is a final boss in a game with only a light narrative (in which she only contributes the reason for, or is a factor of, the adventure, but no actual substance).

    Gilgamesh is a significant side character, but not a MAIN one, that has already been established as a Void Traveler in several other games.

    While Cloud, Squall, Vaan, and a few others have appeared in other Final Fantasy spin off games as cameos, no headlining character of a main game has made a significant, story relevant, appearance in any other numbered title. Lightning may set a precedent for future such cameos.

    I personally welcome some cameos so long as they’re not significant to XIV’s own story and overall lore. In fact, I want to see some cameo characters from OTHER games too! Lara Croft? Denton? A Slime? Why not?

  • AnimaMagna

    I might settle for a cameo from Lara Croft and Nathan Drake, bickering with each other about whose best, and the player character has to help sort things out between them so they can fade back into their own worlds.

  • Spiroth


    Yes she is the Main character of FINAL FANTASY XIII, and what’s the problem with that?
    Do you really think she’ll play a significant role behind A Realm Reborn’s events?
    She’s just a character of a FINAL FANTASY, and like Gilgamesh, Cloud of Darkness, Shinryu, and Omega Mark (and even PuPu, Ultros, and Tycoon IF XIII-2 Colosseum is canon), she can appear to other instalments’ worlds. Those are the same breathing characters/creatures, not just a different version.

    I personally find no problem at all, since it’s established FINAL FANTASY Lore that all instalments are connected through:

    -Void / Interdimensional Rift Portals
    -Mother Crystals
    -Dissidia Events

    In fact, I speculate that IF Lightning in A Realm Reborn is canon, these are the possibilities I can come up with:

    1) Something happens at Lightning Returns that makes Lightning travel the Void for thousands of years searching for the Legendary Item that will help her reverse the events (like Gilgamesh does with Excalibur), and become a series Staple Superboss from now on.
    And Hell Yeah I’d love that!
    (Don’t forget that Light has obviously ascended humanity, she’s probably bordering “Entity-Status”… Like Cloud of Darkness, Necron, Etro, etc.)


    2) It’s a side effect of the Ending of the 013 Cycle in World B of FINAL FANTASY’s World.

    Or, if it’s not canon, it could be just a “Seasonal Event” to coincide with Lightning Returns release, the same way there will probably be Christmas Events and Christmas Trees in Christmas, but that doesn’t mean Jesus and Christmas are canon in A Realm Reborn lol.

    These are my thoughts.

  • AnimaMagna

    Oh, please not that. I want her to have a break from being locked away from those she loves by fate. She should just settled down to a normal, mortal life in the new world, even if she can never have her sister back.

  • “…and become a series Staple Superboss from now on.”
    Hopefully not.
    It’s odd to me that anyone would put Lightning on par with highground antagonists from previous installments.

  • masterlobo

    As much as I love Cloud Strife, if we’re going to take a position then we must be neutral. Cloud DOES NOT get a free card, neither does Balthier or Gilgamesh.

    We don’t even know how relevant Lightning’s appearance will be, but I doubt it will be canon, specially considering how it was added post-E3.

  • I wouldn’t equate Gilgamesh with either Cloud or Balthier. The former is a recurring boss/summon, the other two simply had a cameo on Tactics (that’s what you’re referencing right?) which was completely optional.
    Well, if Lightning appears in some quest as some thing, sure, whatever, throw it in to grab some people, and make frown a few others. If it’s mandatory, it’s bound for a much bigger deal of backlash as compared with just having her there.
    That said though, I wouldn’t expect it to actually be canon.

    I reiterate though, I find it odd that anyone would actually put Lightning in the same bag with Gilgamesh, Shinryu, Omega and any other iconic boss.
    User Spiroth makes the argument that they are just the same, yet anyone playing across FF installments will see these are more of spiritual icons than anything else. While Lighting will apparently actually be Lightning. This sort of appearance -is- a cameo, much like Cloud and Balthier in Tactics. The bosses, however, are recurring elements.
    For an example, did Gilgamesh really travel the rift to catch Zantetsuken when Seifer took down Odin in VIII? Did he then return to a comic persona in XII, to then be quite serious in Type-0? Elements. They are elements across the grand theme of Final Fantasy. Not characters.

  • masterlobo

    Gilgamesh in XII has the weapons of previous FF heroes.

    But ok, we could ignore him, there’s still Cloud and Balthier. As I said, Lightning’s intrusion in XIV will probably be like that.

    If she’s mandatory and part of the main storyline then of course I would be pissed as well.

  • Yes indeed he had. But do you take that as more than a nostalgic detail? What would your point be?

    We don’t need to ignore him. The thing to be done is to distinguish cameo from recurring element. Lightning is stated to be the former, and that’s not too bad a thing. So the cameo-element business aside, we agree that any mandatory presence of a character from a previous installment is unwelcome. Doesn’t matter if it’s Cloud, Sephiroth or Lightning. However, the latter is a much easier target of criticism because of reasons obvious to any of us.

  • AgitoXIII

    It’s really not even just the cameos. It’s all the references ARR has to other FFs. Like the Crystal Tower and is it true the costa del Sol is in ARR? It’s a bit much. It really is.

  • Daniel Masterson

    It looks like no one can be happy these days. I love cameos and the cool little things square does, especially with the kingdom hearts series. If you have a problem with that then it is time to reevaluate your priorities when it comes to games. I saw the other day (not on this website) about a guy who was complaining about the font that is being used in the FF X remaster. Fu**ing font!! People can not be pleases with anything these days especially! when it comes to Final Fantasy.

  • masterlobo


    Yes, agreed. Non-cameo would be absolutely unwanted and indeed lore/immersion-breaking.

  • @Daniel Masterson
    Unless you mean the content of the post, please refrain from contaminating a light-headed conversion with useless dichotomies. This is just a discussion of elements and cameos and to what extent are they welcome. No one here has a “problem”. We all like FF. It’s precisely why we discuss it.
    People obverse and they react. Much like you observed that person and reacted, here. Granted, some complaints do appear silly.

    Is that so? Crystal Tower? That could sort of work I suppose, but Costa del Sol? I don’t quite see their aim.
    Videogames have changed, we get to hear of cameos and elements of reference before games reach us. A rather large downside to the contemporary mode of frantic information release and processing.

    Well, no. That’s not what I meant at all. Quite the opposite. Non-recurring-elements are the possible “danger” to the lore, i.e, misplaced/mandatory cameo(s).
    No one can seriously complain about Bahamut, an element, being part of the XIV world, the opposite goes for Lightning, cameo, (or Cloud, or whomever).

  • masterlobo

    I lost you Lilay.

    My point is…recurring elements like chocobo, mogs, Cid, summons are acceptable because they are different entities in each iteration.

    Cameos as Cloud Strife in FFT that do not fit the style nor the lore are acceptable as long as they are entirely optional, and have no effect on the main plot.

    What exactly do you mean if it is not that?

  • Nothing, we agree as initially hinted. The problem was your sentence:

    “Non-cameo would be absolutely unwanted and indeed lore/immersion-breaking.”

    A simple alteration fixes it. “Mandatory cameo would be absolutely unwanted…”. At this point I figure you misworded the sentence. Either that or I’m in some sort of blind loop here.

  • masterlobo

    Yeah I miss worded!