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Yoshida and Matsui Talk PlayStation 4

March 14th, 2013 by Tony Garsow


In this week’s issue of Famitsu, the Japanese game media outlet interviewed a host of developers about the newly-announced PlayStation 4 that will have a proper debut at this year’s E3. Representing Square Enix were Naoki “Yoshi-P” Yoshida and Akihiko Matsui, directors of Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy XI respectively.

With regard to Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, this isn’t the first time Yoshi-P has been asked about a PS4 port — the last Live Letter From the Producer featured an on-air question about the possibility of the MMO being a cross-gen (that’s PS3 and PS4) game. Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada was present, and answered that currently the team’s focus is on the PC and PlayStation 3 versions of the game, but they would like to bring A Realm Reborn to as many fans as possible.

In the Famitsu interview, Yoshi-P backed up his boss — saying that the current priority is the PlayStation 3 version and that any other port will have to be taken “one step at a time”.

Akihiko Matsui, head of Team Final Fantasy XI, had some colorful ambitions for the new console and its relationship to handheld brother Vita. Matsui would like to make a Final Fantasy XI gaiden (spinoff) for the PlayStation 4 where you and others could play on a PlayStation Vita and the PlayStation 4 would act as a host. Channeling some Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles perhaps?

Do you guys have any dream projects for Square Enix to tackle for next-gen consoles? Would you like to see either of these MMOs on another platform of your choice? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below.

Via: Famitsu, Re: http://remoon.blog15.fc2.com/


  • Marcus

    Yeah – I’d like to see them dump the Final Fantasy XIII model of “Pretty, But Vacuous” games, and go back to making the games that made them famous. Put out more Dragon Quest games, and give Final Fantasy a break, for a while, until they can come up with something that isn’t a mobile money grab and that is playable for longer than twenty minutes before you get tired of it.

  • TheBadass

    As much as I like these two, they have no hope of saving the FF series as they’re too deeply invested in the MMORPG titles. Naoki Yoshida wants to dedicate himself to FFXIV ARR for at least 10 years. Good grief.

    To think some of us wanted him spearheading an offline FF. That’s sadly never going to happen.

  • gmoyajp

    wow FFXI gaiden sweet!! would love to see that happen XD!

  • AnimaMagna

    Pretty, but Vacuous!? The XIII games have one of the most powerful stories ever, without all those dull characters from FFVI. Because it seems to me that it is a mirror image of VI, streamlined, with characters and dialogue that move you, spread out over three games. Anyway, we can agree to disagree on that point without needed to argue. And as to getting tired, I find that some of the best games need to be played a little longer than that before you see the true gameplay and story value.
    Cheer up. With someone like him at the helm, XIV may become the next XI. I prefer to give this company a chance, not beat them down into the mud and try to guarantee that they will never recover before they have a chance to get a “good game” out there.

  • hutch

    I don’t know a single old school FF player that thinks 13 is anything but coma inducing. I’m not trolling here. I think this may be a generational thing. The generation that grew up with 7 as their first FF seem to have more tolerance for 13, but I argue 13 is lacking anything FF-ish. And Snow was the most annoying character EVER in a FF.
    Personally I’m hoping FF returns to being awesome and fun rather than a moody pop culture emo soap opera. Just my 2 gil.

  • AgitoXIII

    I’d like to see a PS4 port eventually. could help XIV in the long run. And i love the FFXI gaiden idea. could help keep players playing the game.

  • Chris

    If they want people to continue to play FFXI long after XIV 2.0 goes live then they have some work cut out for them. First thing is porting XI to the PS4 as well as (perhaps) Wii U and next gen Microsoft to get it on as many consoles possible and pick up more prospective players. After that they need to look at the p2p subscription model currently being run and see if it can be altered in anyway. Like I would propose anyone subscribed to XIV 2.0 gets to play XI free with full benefits and vice versa. That way XIV and XI could share player bases and you attract even more people who would otherwise stick to one or the other. But this is all assuming they want to continue updating XI and keeping servers open for another few years at least.

  • @AnimaManga – Thank you so much for your comment! It’s nice to see there are people that really liked/loved FFXIII. I am always reading peoples big-mouthed negative posts on the game(meanwhile you can tell they didn’t even finish it, or finish it halfway even) saying the same thing, the game is too linear, the characters are annoying(snow) bla bla bla.

    First off the games story was created to be linear, they were being chased from beginning to pretty much the end, they don’t have much time to sit and explore towns and cities(even though we did actually get to explore a lot. As far as the character depth and personalities, I thought they were great, except for Hope, he got on my nerves, but hey maybe I would act the same if I was traveling with a man who was responsible for my mother’s death. And snow was annoying, but that’s the whole point, he was all talk, even lightning said “you want to save everyone, and you can’t even save serah?!”

    At first I agree, I was thrown off and used to the older FF’s, but after playing through it again, understanding the story better, and taking the time to learn and enjoy the battle system, FFXIII is now one of my favs, with FFVII,IX, and X. And of course the music was out of this world incredible too.