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A Realm Reborn Arrives on August 27th

May 23rd, 2013 by Tony Garsow

The date has been set! Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn arrives for PC and PlayStation 3 on August 27th, 2013. Square Enix has announced the release particulars including a brand new collector’s edition with artwork by Yoshitaka Amano. In addition to that, a brand new tour of Eorzea video has gone live, you can check that out above!

The game’s Collector’s edition will include a special cover by Yoshitaka Amano, soundtrack, bonus lore disc, artbook, art book, and exclusive art cards. Four in-game pre-order gifts including a baby Behemoth minion will also be available. Here’s the full list of goods.

• Collector’s box designed by Yoshitaka Amano, legendary FINAL FANTASY artist
• 80-page “Art of Eorzea” hardcover art book featuring never-before-seen concept art
• “The Waning of the Sixth Sun,” a special bonus video disc that takes a cinematic look at the events that led up to the realm being reborn
• “Sounds of Eorzea” album that features musical scores by renowned FINAL FANTASY series composers
• Five collectable character art cards
• A FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn-branded security token to secure user accounts
• In-game bonus items: Helm of Light, Baby Behemoth Minion, Coeurl Mount and Behemoth Barding

Square Enix is also providing exclusive pre-order incentives including:
• Early access to FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn launch
• Cait Sith doll minion
• Mog Cap

Pre-order Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn through Amazon by clicking the following links:
• Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (PC) $29.99
• Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (PS3) $39.99
A digitial download version will also be available for $29.99

Alternatively, the Collector’s Edition is now available through the new Square Enix Shop:
• Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (PC) $69.99
• Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (PS3) $79.99
A digital download version will also be available for $49.99.

Square Enix has also posted important information for those of you who have already bought Final Fantasy XIV Version 1.0 or its Collector’s Edition:

Players Who Own FFXIV Version 1.0
Players who own FFXIV version 1.0 will not need to purchase the PC version of FFXIV: ARR and will be able to download the FFXIV: ARR software for free.
* Details on downloading the FFXIV: ARR software will be provided at a later date.

Furthermore, users who have version 1.0 registration codes that have not yet been registered will be able to register them and play FFXIV: ARR on PC at the start of the service.

Players Who Own the FFXIV version 1.0 Collector’s Edition
Players who own the FFXIV version 1.0 Collector’s Edition will receive the FFXIV: ARR Collector’s Edition in-game bonus items (Helm of Light, Baby Behemoth Minion, Behemoth Barding, and Coeurl Mount) for free. The in-game bonus items will be delivered via Moogle Letter when FFXIV: ARR launches.

Players Who Have Fulfilled the Requirements of the Legacy Campaign
Players who have fulfilled the requirements of the Legacy Campaign will be able to take part in early access and play before the official start of service.

Important Information for Customers Purchasing the PlayStation 3 Version
You will only be able to register one copy of FFXIV: A Realm Reborn for PlayStation 3 to a Sony Entertainment Network account. It is not possible to register or play two or more copies of the PS3 version on the same account even if you purchase additional software. Please note that only one Sony Entertainment Network account can be linked to a Square Enix Account.

Logging into the Same Account on both Windows and PlayStation 3
Customers who own a copy of FFXIV version 1.0 and wish to use their account on the PlayStation 3 version will need to purchase a copy of the PlayStation 3 version. It will then be possible to use your characters on either platform by tying your existing service account to the PlayStation 3 version upon launching it for the first time. However, please note that your account will only be able to log into one platform at a time.

Collector’s Edition Digital Upgrade Service
The Collector’s Edition digital upgrade offers customers the ability to upgrade their standard FFXIV account to Collector’s Edition status via the “FFXIV Service Center” website that is scheduled to be opened at the launch of official service, which then grants the in-game bonus items included with the Collector’s Edition. Customers in possession of the Collector’s Edition for either version 1.0 or A Realm Reborn will receive these Collector’s Edition items without needing to purchase the upgrade.
* Characters that have already been created will be able to receive the items.

If this is your first dive into the realm of Eorzea, we’ve put together a few primers to get you started:
• The Classes and Jobs of Final Fantasy XIV
• The Three City-States of Eorzea
• The Primals & Beastmen Tribes of Eorzea
• Letter From the Producer Live Archive

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  • AnimaMagna

    At last, we know when to expect it. I watched the Tour of Eorzea video: not bad, graphics are great: why SQE don’t have more FFs on PC beats me. The PS3 sections are looking way better than they did in the first video. Still some framerate and lighting issues, but not nearly as bad as last time. Something I found funny: those NPCs in bikinis. He-he!

    On a sidenote, could you do something about the images? I open them and they fill my browser window, even when it’s full -screen. Some smaller images would be nice, because at the moment they look like half-baked low-res blowups.

  • Daka

    The new video is awesome. Will you be able to download the game if you purchase the normal Collector’s edition?

  • Tony Garsow

    Which version (PC/PS3)? If you bought the old Collectors Edition of Version 1.0 you should be able to download A Realm Reborn for free.

  • Odine

    I don’t like that launch date, because I will be still on holidays and that means lot of social or family things to do and very little time to play. Probably will get ARR at the end of september, but after buying GTA V of course ^^ (my top#1 game for the rest of the year).

    Ps3 version. Always wanted to try a mmo game on console.

  • AgitoXIII

    When new Yoshitaka Amano art is involved, that usually means good things. Buying both version day 1.

  • thanks TONY you made my day with this nice news

  • So… I don’t know, this feels a bit underwhelming. I was expecting something much more great and to be honest… I was hoping for a PS4 release after seeing the videos of how the game runs on the PS3.

    I felt like a PS4 release would have been an amazing start for SE and the FF franchise. Keeping 13 on the PS3 and Saving 14 for PS4… Maybe one day it will get a port or re-release.

    I’m tempted to hold my breath. Because last time I bought the $70.00 collectors edition…

    What do you guys think? Agree with me or disagree and why?

  • GaaraDDragon

    And a question from someone completely ignorant with mmos:

    If I buy the PS3 edition for how long will I be able to play until I have to buy a subscription ?

  • Tony Garsow

    No word yet on a free trial period.

  • TheBadass

    I can’t wait for this to release so most of the staff can go back to their original projects like FFXV and FFXVI.

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