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Recap of the 37th Letter from the Producer LIVE! (E3 Edition)

June 14th, 2017 by Raptorchan


The 37th Letter from the Producer LIVE happened this past Tuesday during E3 week, where Naoki Yoshida answered a few questions regarding Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood.

Yoshida made sure to mention at the start of the stream that a lot of information regarding Stormblood was revealed during the media tour in late May, and that any new info revealed during the live letter would not be groundbreaking. There was also a lot of people surrounding the Square Enix booth, and they were jokingly concerned that their community might break through the glass window to shake Yoshida’s hand!

The first thing Yoshida showed the viewers was some live in-game footage, where he was about to partake in the tradition of facing a new Primal on his own. In the past, his attempts to solo a primal never ended well, but the crowd was excited and Yoshida could not let them down! His character also had little fox ears on her head!

The Primal he faced was Susano so the viewers at home could see the primal in action, since they could not partake in the Susano Battle Challenge event happening at E3.

_2b931282114b65496f7c4a97d4aa9319-pngFirst he showed off the arena, saying the area was walled so there would be no falling off the edge. An important detail, they noted. Yoshida then attacked Susano, twice, and died, twice. He was sad he could not show off the full Black Mage rotation to the viewers, and the people outside the booth clapped happily for Yoshida’s “dying to a primal” tradition.

Following that, they went into some detail about the new swimming and diving feature:

  • You can use sprint to travel quicker while on the surface.
  • You can jump as well.
  • Emotes work too! Yoshida showed off /doze and /playdead.


  • Diving is unlocked via Main Scenario Questline and you cannot dive until it’s unlocked.
  • Diving is seamless, with no load screen!
  • There is a blue circle that grows larger the further you get from the surface, and smaller the closer you get. It indicates how far from the surface you are.
  • There is a cool distortion effect to add immersion to the game and make you feel like you are under water, but if players dislike it or it makes them motion sick, they can turn it off in the options menu. The distortion will start defaulted at max effect.
  • Mounts that can fly can be used under water! And Yoshida showed us how using the new Tiger mount!


  • You can find underwater cities and towns, which can be entered through special entrance ways, as the towns are usually surrounded by a giant pocket of air.
  • Yoshida also showed off Costa del Sol, which has had the zone expanded for swimming and possible diving.
  • Yoshida also encouraged players to turn the Help Windows back on in the game if players were confused or unsure how swimming and diving works. The help windows are written by Yoshida himself!
  • He also showed off some new minions and mounts. Odder the Otter, a new cat, Wind-up Khloe, and a new magitek mount!

Afterward, a new Eorzea Collection trailer was showcased!

Yoshida mentioned that one of the most requested armor sets was the Genji set that has appeared in previous Final Fantasy titles. He was pleased to announced that the “Genji Series” would be rewards from the Omega Raid, and would be available for all jobs to wear!

Then they began a short Q&A session, with some questions taken off the official forums. Matt Hilton asked if Yoshida wanted the easy questions first, or the hard ones. Yoshida mentioned it didn’t matter to him, so Matt began with the hardest question: The changes to White Mage. Yoshida immediately tried to take his statement back, and that he didn’t want the hard question first, but it was far too late!

Yoshida reassured the viewers that the build they played during the Media Tour was not the final build of Stormblood, and was actually a saved version of a late April test build, not the current one. He encouraged people to remain calm and to test out White Mage again when the game goes live, to understand the changes and why they made them.

When the Dev team makes alterations and changes to jobs, they do so based on max level, group setup and item level. And to them, the current build of White Mage felt balanced with other jobs. So Yoshida stressed that players get to level 70 and run some dungeons to test out the changes, and if the new updates to White Mage still feel off during end-game content, then players are free to leave feedback on the official forums.

The next question revolved around “odd patches” getting one new expert dungeon and some content updates, rather than two dungeons per “even patch.” Yoshida explained that there are many dungeons already available in game, and with less people doing roulettes due to the many number of ways to achieve Allagan Tomestones, he felt it was best to just include one expert dungeon every odd patch so they could focus on already existing content. Such as adding harder or challenging variations of current dungeons, which is something he believes the development team and players both could have a lot of fun with.

Glamour Log was the next question. Yoshida elaborated that the development team could create a Glamour Book to hold all gear related items players collected, but said that they couldn’t do it due to server issues. Having to load so many items every zone would risk stressing or crashing the servers and create general space issues. The development team is talking about it, but it will take a long while to possibly consider implementing such a feature due to the sheer size of it. They will, however, consider an achievement-like system to show if you’ve gotten an item from a boss to help keep track of items.

Matt: Glamour is the most important thing.

Yoshida: Yes. I know.

Next Yoshida was asked about the removal of certain abilities, more specifically, if they had any plans to reuse animations from removed abilities in new ones. He said making a new ability do the same animation as an old ability would be a flat out no, as they want to make every ability feel unique and special in terms of animation. However, he knows that the Dragoons are sad by the loss of Ring of Thorns and if there was a high enough demand for it, they would consider making a new emote to replace it. Matt mentioned that Foxclon suggested the emote be called /poledance.

The final question was about making any Official Role Play servers, to help bring in new roleplayers looking for a server to join. Yoshida said the development team could make an RP icon for the server list easily, but feared that labeling servers would only create toxicity within the community as a whole. He explained that not all people who are on unofficial RP servers are roleplayers, and did not want to label a server and then have the RP community demand that non-roleplayers leave the server. They want to look into it though with optimism, but are unsure how or when would be the best time to implement such a feature that would not have a negative impact on the community.

With the conclusion of the Q&A session, Yoshida briefly showcased the upcoming schedule for Stormblood, which details the planned release dates for the expansion and its upcoming patches.

4280220d016fd00cb04ff2e4002326d5With Omega’s release dates revealed, Yoshida explained a new loot system that would be coming with the launch of Omega Savage. An item that one of your party members can use will now have a guaranteed drop rate, though the player is “randomly chosen.” In other words, two weapons will drop in the final turn of Omega, one that is randomized and then one that will be based on a random player’s current selected job. Yoshida says if players are lucky, they will then get two weapons that two party members can use!

They hope to elaborate further detail on this new system during the next Live Letter, which they want to happen before the release of Omega Savage… Yoshida also noted that saying “Letter from the Producer LIVE” was a mouthful, and Matt was well aware of that, causing everyone to laugh.

And finally, before announcements, they wanted to stress that, with Stormblood’s Early Access coming this Friday, that they would be having free server transfers for players on heavily populated worlds. Populated worlds tend to have congestion and instability server issues during major content releases, and Yoshida wants to encourage players to transfer to other worlds to help the over population struggles during Early Access. You can read more details about the server transfers on the Lodestone.

The announcement segment showcased new job pins and the fat chocobo cushion going up for preorders, as well as dates for the “Trials of Bahamut” Real Escape Game. They also revealed the new system replacing the Veteran rewards, and would be going into detail about it on the lodestone at a later date. The Falcon mount is the first new reward in this series!

Yoshida was asked if he had any closing words before Stormblood’s Early Access. Yoshida said he felt the love from the community while at E3, and would be retiring to his hotel room (The “war room”) with Foxclon soon to prepare for Early Access. He then mentioned that, while everyone was feeling nervous about the upcoming changes to the game, this was a moment of celebration, and he encourages the community to relax, to take their time and to enjoy Stormblood at their own preferred pace. He wants the players to be hyped and excited for the new content! It’s a happy time!


“See you all in Stormblood!”

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