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Letter from the Producer Live XV

June 12th, 2014 by Tony Garsow

Letter from the Producer Live XV is about to begin! Part to of a 2.3 special, we’re expecting to get more information on the “Defenders of Eorzea” update expected to release this summer, including a release date! Frontlines and the next tier of Crystal Tower are expected, as well as details on the Chocobo Raising system that will be introduced.

Stay tuned to this post and we’ll have updates from the letter as they become available!

Patch 2.3 Release Date: July 8th, 2014!

Ninja, Ninja PVP armor, Ninja Leviathan weapon, Ninja High Allagan weapon

Q1: Will it be easy to participate in Frontline even if you’ve never played PvP content before?
A1: Frontline is content that a lot of people enjoy at once and it was made with the idea of being extremely easy to get into PvP content. You’ll be able to enjoy this easily.

Q2: What’s the maximum number of participants for Frontline?
A2: As we are still performing final stress checks there is a possibility that there might be some changes, but currently it will be 24 vs. 24 vs. 24 for a total of 72 players.

Q3: Approximately how long will a single battle take?
A3: The battle will be decided within 30 minutes.

Q4: Are there any role restrictions for Frontline?
A4: There are no role restrictions, and it will be possible to change your class or job at outposts.

Q5: What kind of rewards can we obtain in Frontline?
A5: Essentially the rewards are the same as the Wolves’ Den, but you’ll also be able to obtain war mounts and Allagan tomestones of soldiery.

Q6: Will the chocobo raising system be completely separate from companions?
A6: No. The chocobo raising system we will be implementing is content related to your companion chocobo.

Q7: Will the size of your private chamber, or the number of private chambers, change based on the size of your free company house?
A7: There will be no differences based on the size of your free company house.

Q8: How many items will you be able to place in your private chamber?
A8: We are still performing final adjustments at the moment, so we cannot tell you right now, but the number of items won’t be tied or shared with free company houses.

Q9: Will you be able to place all of the same type of furnishings of free company houses inside of your private chambers?
A9: Yes, it will be possible. However, it won’t be possible to place outdoor furnishings within your chambers.

Q10: How big are private chambers?
A10: It will be slightly larger than one floor of a small sized house.

The Lord of Levin, Ramuh, at the Striking Tree

Q11: Will we be able to craft inside of our private chambers?
A11: Yes, it will be possible.

Q12: Will the new portion of Crystal Tower be easy to participate in and about the same level of difficulty of the Labyrinth of the Ancients?
A12: Yes, just like Labyrinth of the Ancients we’ve made it so you can all enjoy this content.

Q13: Will there be a once a week loot restriction for the new Crystal Tower?
A13: Yes, there will be. Just as it was when Labyrinth of the Ancients was released.

Q14: What will the item level requirement be for the new Crystal Tower?
A14: We are still in the midst of adjusting this so please hang on a bit.

Q15: Will we be able to obtain accessories or weapons in the new Crystal Tower?
A15: You’ll obtain armor from the new Crystal Tower.

Q16: Do you have plans for the future to make Crystal Tower a regular open world area instead of an instanced dungeon?
A16: We do not have plans for this at the moment.

Q17: Will Gilgamesh make another appearance in the next Hildibrand quest?
A17: No, he will not.

Q18: You mentioned previously that it would be difficult to add voice overs for the Hildibrand cutscenes as you are prioritizing the over-the-top humor and such, but would it be possible to add the voice overs after they’ve been released?
A18: Naturally it would be nice to have voice overs, so we may look into this.

Q19: Will Yugiri’s face be revealed in patch 2.3?
A19: It’s still a bit too early for this…

Q20: In the patch 2.2 main scenario, Yugiri and Thancred showed off a new fighting style… is this the new job?
A20: Yes, it’s rogue and ninja.

Carteneau Plains, home of the PvP Frontlines

Q21: Will other famous FINAL FANTASY series characters such as Gilgamesh make an appearance in the future?
A21: We plan on making some guest appearances that are related to the lore of FFXIV: ARR in the future, and once they are ready, I’ll be sure to talk about it!

Q22: Do you have any plans of making an art book with all of the art you’ve shown off during the Letter from the Producer LIVE?
A22: We are moving forward with plans for this! We plan on making it an artbook/lore collection, but we’ll announce further details later.

Q23: Are there any plans to ease up on, or give us more freedom, when it comes to allocating our attribute points?
A23: We’ve been discussing that it would be nice to make it a bit easier to do this.

Q24: Will you be adding new grand company ranks and free company ranks?
A24: We are planning this for the future and would like to release this alongside content that free company members can head towards as a goal.

Q25: Where and how can we raise our chocobos?
A25: By setting up a stable in your free company garden, you’ll be able to take care of and train your chocobo.

Q26: Will anything change when we raise our companions that already reached rank 10?
A26: There will be a way to break the rank cap in the chocobo raising system. By doing this, you’ll be able to surpass rank 10. By increasing your companion’s rank, you’ll be able to increase the number of points for acquiring skills, so with this, you’ll be able to acquire all of the skills.

Q27: Will new beast tribe quests be added in patch 2.3?
A27: The only beast tribe remaining is the Ixali and this will be added in patch 2.35. The Ixali beast tribe quests will be a bit different from what you’ve seen up to this point and will have a focus on crafting. Completing all beast tribe quests will unlock a new quest.

Q28: Will NPCs or monsters participate in Frontline?
A28: In addition to players, monsters will also be present in Frontline, and they will affect the battle but only slightly.

Q29: You mentioned that chocobo raising will be done by setting up a stable at your house, but will it not be possible to raise chocobos if you do not have a house?
A29: This is an expansion to housing content so if you do not have a house you will not be able to participate in it. In the future we are planning to add certain features you can utilize from the chocobo porters in each of the three city-states.

Q30: How many chocobos can you raise at the same time?
A30: Since this is for companions, just one for now. We are planning to expand content in phases, and in the future when the Gold*ahem* and the Chocobo*ahem* are implemented, you’ll be able to raise more.

Q31: Will it be possible to change your chocobo’s feather color to any of the dyes with chocobo raising?
A31: We’ll be implementing a feature in patch 2.35 where your chocobos will be able to ‘re-grow’ their features and that’s when they’ll be able to change their feathers. It should be possible to change to all the different colors of dyes that are available.

The second level of the Crystal Tower — Syrcus Tower

Q32: What is the cost and requirements for unlocking private chambers?
A32: You must belong to a Free Company that has a house and you must be at least certain rank in your Grand Company. The cost is still being finalized, but the current plan is for it to be 300,000 gil.

Q33: Where will you enter you private chambers?
A33: In patch 2.3, there will be a door added to the first floor that will lead to your private chambers.

Q34: Is there a window in your private chamber?
A34: Yes, there is.

Q35: If you leave your Free Company, what happens to your private chamber?
A35: In patch 2.3, if you don’t remove your private chamber, you won’t be able to leave your free company. In the future, we’ll be making a system where if you leave your free company, your private chambers will be removed.

Q36: For the new Crystal Tower, will you be able to form a pre-made alliance?
A36: Sorry, but due to Frontline adjustments we are making large scale changes to the Duty Finder and we’ll be doing our best to implement this in patch 2.35.

Q37: What’s the item level of the rewards for the Crystal Tower?
A37: We’re currently planning on making it item level 100.

Q38: What’s the drop rate for the unidentified Allagan tomestone and the sands of time and oil of time?
A38: We’re planning on making the drop rate approximately 30%. As we mentioned previously, we won’t be introducing all three at the start, but as we progress through the patches, we will be adding in more.

Q39: Will there be any elements in the new Crystal Tower where the parties will need to split up and accomplish their own goals?
A39: No, there will not be. The concept is that you’re all climbing the tower together as an alliance.

Q40: Will famous Crystal Tower characters be making an appearance?
A40: Can’t say for sure, but stay tuned…

Q41: Will there be any special battles like the Gilgamesh battle in the upcoming Hildibrand story?
A41: Yes, we’re planning to have a fun and exciting battle!

Q42: Will there be any new side story quests besides the Hildibrand story?
A42: Yes, we plan on implementing a side story quest that revolves around the delivery moogles!

Q43: Are you planning to add any stories related to Hildibrand’s childhood or quests where his mother will make an appearance?
A43: We originally had a story that involved his mother, but there were too many characters that started popping up and we had to make adjustments. However, the story does exist, and if there’s enough demand for it, maybe we can make it happen! Let us know!

Q44: Will Hildibrand’s father return?
A44: He just might…

Q45: Can you make it so ability cooldowns are reset when you retry a dungeon after wiping?
A45: It’s not something we can decide on the spot, but we’ll discuss it.

Q46: If you use a phial of Fantasia after you join in an eternal bond with another player and change your gender, will anything happen?
A46: No, because the eternal bond is still between the two players and there are no restrictions in place.

Q47: Right now, all end game content is for full parties of 8 players. Will there be any light party focused end game content in the future?
A47: As we’re currently working on other tasks as we work on the Patch 2.x series of updates, it’s a bit difficult to shift our focus to light party content. However, once things begin to settle down, we’d like to look into introducing various new content.

Q48: Will you be adding any high level accessory recipes that are higher than item level 70?
A48: Yes. Look for this with the release of patch 2.3!

Q49: When is patch 2.3 going to be released?
A49: We’re currently planning for Tuesday, July 8, 2014.


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