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Letter from the Producer Live XIII

March 21st, 2014 by Tony Garsow

It’s time once again for Letter from the Producer Live, an ongoing live-streamed series focused on the newest updates coming to Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Today’s episode is live from Sapporo, and will feature an in-depth look at Patch 2.2: Through the Maelstrom, due out on March 27th. This Letter’s special guest is Kazutoyo Maehiro, the game’s main scenario writer.

Other topics on tap include: beastman quests, Hildibrand, the glamour system, retainer ventures, and much more. We’ll be providing translated Q&A and images from the live letter in this post, which will be updated after the Letter’s conclusion.

The live letter begins at 5:30AM Eastern US Standard Time.

Update: The live letter has concluded. Patch 2.2 Notes can be found here.

To read the extensive list of QA, expand the article below:

Q1: Is the Glamours system restricted by class and/or item level?
A1: You can alter the appearance of an item as long as your class/job can equip that specific item. As for the equipment’s level, you will not be able to alter the appearance if the equipment level of the projected item is higher than the base item.

Q2: Can you show us how you can use Glamours?
A2: *The stream shows off gameplay of Glamours.

Q3: Will it be possible to use Glamours for equipment that occupies both chest and head slots, such as cowl-type equipment?
A3: Yes, it will be possible to use it as the chest portion.

Q4: Will it be possible to change the appearance of weapons and accessories?
A4: Yes, the appearance of both weapons and accessories can be changed.

Q5: Will it be possible to register equipment you used Glamours on to gear sets?
A5:Yes, it will be possible to do this.

Q6: Are there items only obtainable through the retainer venture system?
A6: Yes, there are!

Q7: Will you be able to store and retrieve items from retainers as well as sell items on the market while retainers are on ventures?
A7: Yes, you can.

Q8: Will you be able to cancel an ongoing venture?
A8: Yes. However, you will lose the ventures (currency) used to send your retainer out on a venture.

Q9: How much space will the garden take up?
A9: There will be 3 different sizes (small, medium, large). While you will be able to place any size on your land, there will be a limit to how many gardens you can place depending on the size of your estate.

Q10: Please tell us the item level of the new equipment that is to be added.
A10: In patch 2.2, weapons will be a maximum of item level 115 and armor item level 110.

Q11: Will we be able to upgrade our relic weapons to accommodate the increase of the maximum item level?
A11: You will be able to upgrade your relic through the “Saga of the Zodiac Weapons.” While the whole process will be very long, the appearance of your weapon will change if you upgrade your relic weapons up to a certain point.

Q12: Will the item level for Disciples of Land and Hand equipment also be increased?
A12: We will be adding new main tools and head equipment along with new recipes that will require them.

Q13: Will the item level be the same for equipment obtained from the Second Binding Coil of Bahamut and the equipment you can obtain with Allagan tomestones of soldiery?
A13: The item levels will not be necessarily be the same.

Q14: Will there be equipment that we can used to round out our gear until we obtain the best gear in 2.2?
A14: Yes. The item level of the new equipment is 90, 100, and 110 (weapon goes up to 115).

Q15: Despite melding equipment with multiple materia the item level will not change, but will you be making the item level increase in the future?
A15: We do not have any plans to change item levels through multiple materia melding. However, we are discussing the materia system furthering, and once we are able to discuss the details we will be sure to share.

Q16: Can you explain the general flow of the gardening system?
A16: First off, the gardening will require you to place a garden within your estate. Therefore, you will need to have purchased land for your free company.

Once you have acquired an estate, you will be able to purchase and place a garden. The number of seeds you can place within your garden will change depending on the size of the garden that you purchase.

After you place your garden, you will be asked to plant seeds. Once you have planted your seeds, you will be asked to take care of your plants by giving them water and fertilizer. We made it so that plants don’t wither easily, but you will be able to harvest your plants if you take care of them frequently. Also, the plants will not wither if you take care of them too often, so there’s no need to worry about that.

The items that you can harvest will be attached to the seed that you plant. Once you harvest a plant, you will also be to obtain seeds for the plant that you harvested so you can also plant the seed as soon as you harvest the plant.

Furthermore, you will be able to obtain high-level seeds via cross-fertilization. Oh, and there are rare seeds that you can only obtain by repeating the cross-fertilization process!

The free company master will be able to control who can plant seeds, and harvest the final product. As for taking care of the plants, anyone in the free company will be able to do that.

Q17: When will Fantasia be sold on the Mog Station?
A17: Once we’ve finalized all the information we will be making an announcement.

Q18: Half a year has already passed since the game launched, so could you please let us know the development status for add-ons?
A18: The initial structure is pretty much finished and we are looking into when we should release it. Once we’ve just about finished the PlayStation 4 version we will continue working on this. We realize half a year has passed, but please wait just a bit longer.

Q19: With item level 90 equipment, just how far can you go from a content perspective?
A19: I believe you’ll be able to clear Leviathan extreme and Good King Moggle Mog extreme with all item level 90 equipment. You’ll want to get the equipment that drops from these battles for…well, I shouldn’t say any more right now!

Q20: When will personal housing be implemented?
A20: We’re currently monitoring server stress conditions for free company housing. As housing places a lot of stress on the server, we would like to decide on when to release personal housing based on the results of our investigation of this.

Q21: What kind of content will ventures entail?
A21: First, you’ll have to clear a quest for ventures and in order to receive this quest you’ll have to have hired a retainer.

-Retainer class and level
Similar to players, retainers will have classes and levels. You’ll be able to set your retainers’ class as you like.
*Changing to another class will reset the experience points you have gained.
*Retainer levels cannot exceed the level of the player.

-Retainer equipment
You can also equip retainers will gear.
Equipment will affect the outcomes of ventures.

-Venture chips
When beginning a venture, a specialized currency known as “venture chips” will be used.

-Areas that can be explored with ventures
Areas that can be explored with ventures will be added as your retainer’s level increases.

-Time required for ventures
The time required for ventures depends on the venture, but there are ones that take eight hours. You’ll be able to check the time left until a venture is completed via the Timers section accessed via the Duty section.

Q22: Will there be new grand company ranks implemented in patch 2.2?
A22: Unfortunately, it did not make it in 2.2 However, it should be implemented in patch 2.3 at the earliest, so please stay tuned!

Q23: When will we be able to enter Crystal Tower as a pre-made 24-person alliance?
A23: I apologize for you making you all wait, but we will be implementing this in patch 2.3.

Q24: Will any adjustments to the Wolves’ Den be made in patch 2.2?
A24: We’ll be adding a bit more ways to obtain PvP equipment to close the rank gap when being matched, and we’ll be having a large scale update in patch 2.25.

Q25: Any new information on the Gold Saucer?
A25: We are currently in the process of planning out the content. The current plan is to have 3 major features within the Gold Saucer so please stay tuned!

Q26: Will we be ever able to summon our companions after registering for a duty?
A26: While we plan to have it ready by patch 2.3, we are having difficulty implementing it. We will follow-up on the matter once we have more information.

Q27: Will there be any class/job adjustments in patch 2.2?
A27: There will be no large changes to classes or jobs.

Q28: Will we be able to use Duty Roulette as a pre-made party?
A28: We are working on addressing this for patch 2.3.

Q29: Will you be increasing the number of furnishings you can place inside and outside of houses?
A29: While it’s not difficult to raise the cap on furnishings, we expect this to increase stress on the server and this will affect the release of personal housing, so please give us a bit before we increase cap.

Q30: Could you explain how the Echo buff works?
A30: The Echo buff will be implemented in multiple stages and will include an increase in maximum HP, damage dealt, and cure potency. The effects will vary depending on the content so please look at the detailed explanation below for more information.

■Target Content
Bowl of Embers (Hard), Howling Eye (Hard), The Navel (Hard), Thornmarch, A Relic Reborn: Chimera, A Relic Reborn: Hydra.

 ・The buff is activated if everyone in the party is KO’d after the 3 minute mark after the battle is commenced. Please note that this works if you wipe after you try your best! Need I say more?

 ・The parties HP, damage dealt, and cure potency is increased by 10% per stage and there’s a total of 5 stages (maximum of 50%).

■Target Content
the Minstrel’s Ballad: Ultima’s Bane, The Bowl of Embers (Extreme), Howling Eye (Extreme), The Navel (Extreme).

 ・The buff is activated if everyone in the party is KO’d after the 3 minute mark after the battle is commenced. Remember, try your best!

 ・The parties HP, damage dealt, and cure potency is increased by 5% per stage and there’s a total of 5 stages (maximum of 25%).

■The Binding Coil of Bahamut

○ Adjustments made in patch 2.2
  - After the patch 2.2 release
   ・You will be able to enter the dungeon through the Duty Finder (full party only).
   ・The weekly entry restriction has been removed.
   ・The effect of ADS’ “High Voltage” has been alleviated (Turn 1 and Turn 2). In addition, you will be able to remove the paralysis effect via Esuna, etc.
   ・An item level restriction will be implemented in every turn of the Binding Coil of Bahamut.

  - 2 weeks after the patch 2.2 release
   ・You will be able to enter the dungeon through the Duty Finder (solo).
   ・The reflection damage of the Clockwork Knights in Turn 4 will be alleviated.

  - After the patch 2.2 release

  - 2 weeks after the patch 2.2 release
   ・The effect will automatically be activated upon entry of the instance.
   ・Your HP, damage dealt, and cure potency will be increased by 10%.

  - 4 weeks after the patch 2.2 release
   ・The effect will automatically be activated upon entry of the instance.
   ・Your HP, damage dealt, and cure potency will be increased by 15%.

  - 6 weeks after the patch 2.2 release
   ・The effect will automatically be activated upon entry of the instance.
   ・Your HP, damage dealt, and cure potency will be increased by 20%.

  - 8 weeks after the patch 2.2 release
   ・The effect will automatically be activated upon entry of the instance.
   ・Your HP, damage dealt, and cure potency will be increased by 30%.

  - Beyond 8 weeks
   ・While we’ll monitor the situation at that time, we believe 30% should be okay as the maximum amount.

Q31: Will you be adding rewards for certain jobs similar to the unicorn mount?
A31: We’ll be implementing special mounts for both warrior and paladin. This will be to address the lack of tanks, but these mounts will also be implemented as a thank you to the players currently playing as tanks.

We’ll also be increasing the role bonus to be nearly 7 times more than what it is currently.

Q32: Are there any plans to release a roadmap?
A32: In order to proceed with development in a short time up until now, we’ve released 2.0 and 2.1 as planned. However, we’ve been receiving various requests and feedback asking for updates to address minor elements as well as content that can be enjoyed by all free company members.

In order to address these requests, instead of following our original plans, we’ve been discussing to release content on the fly, and as such it would be hard to do this if we release a roadmap.

Due to this, instead of a roadmap, once things calm down for the PlayStation 4 version, we’d like to inform you all of our development plans and status through a task list that is similar to what we used for FFXIV 1.0.

Q33: Is the $2 for an additional retainer a one time fee or a monthly fee?
A33: It will cost $2 every 30 days.

Q34: Please show us the kobold area for the beast tribe quest.
A34: *The stream shows this off.

Q35: Will the music for the Gilgamesh battle in the Hildibrand line of quests be “Clash on the Big Bridge”?
A35: Yes, it will!

Q36: Please add a Hildibrand pose emote as a reward!
A36: There was a blog post about dancing recently, but one of the dances is actually related to the Hildibrand quests, and it will be added in patch 2.2. Hildibrand’s pose is something that really makes up his persona, so once a bit of time passes we’d like to add it.

Q37: Please implement Hildibrand’s clothing that he wears during the quests!
A37: Similar to his pose, we’d like to add this after a bit of time passes for the current series of quests.

Q38: Please implement a Hildibrand minion!
A38: We’ll let the staff know you’re interested!

Q39: How hard will the Gilgamesh battle be?
A39: We designed this with the idea that we’d like everyone to have a good time, so the difficulty won’t be that hard. I believe you’ll be able to beat it with eight players trying the fight for the first time.

Q40: The Hildibrand quests are really funny and I hope you continue these quests in future patches. How long will this series of quests go on?
A40: There will be updates during patch 2.2 and 2.3, and for the time being we plan on updating them while we are still in the patch 2.x period.

Q41: Will Gilgamesh make an appearance again?
A41: We can’t say for sure…but please look forward to the future.

Q42: Are there any plans to add a voice to Hildibrand?
A42: Voice acting requires a lot of time to record and we need to do this very far in advance of a patch. While voice acting makes cutscenes really nice, the voices make it difficult for flexible adjustments.

Q43: Will there be new voice acting for quests and scenarios added in the future?
A43: We have added new characters and voices in patch 2.2. We hope you enjoy them!

Q44: Which author/creator were you most influenced by when creating the scenarios?
A44: I love reading books so I’m heavily influenced by a number of authors. If I had to choose one, it would have to be Yasumi Matsuno.

Q45: I noticed that NPCs such as Miounne, Momodi, and Baderon don’t really show up in the later half of the main scenario. Are there any plans to include them in any of the new content?
A45: While there are no plans for them to have a huge role, we do have plans to involve them. Please stay tuned!

Q46: Will you be adding any story elements that will further explain the events that occur in the 5 years after the Seventh Umbral Era or content that will allow us to relive the events in 1.0?
A46: Since there are a lot of requests for this we’d like to address them gradually. However, if we only release certain portions as quests, the information would be a bit scattered, so we’d like to add them as a large part of the main scenario or such.

Q47: Could you shed some light on what the theme would be for the expansion pack?
A47: While I can’t really go into it at this stage, but one theme can be described as “a thousand year war.”

Q48: Will we ever visit the city of Sharlayan?
A48: Let’s just say I was in a meeting with the art team the other day and noticed a document that had the text “Sharlayan” on it!

Q49: Will Edda make an appearance again?
A49: Edda will make a return in the new scenarios in patch 2.3.

Q50: Are there any plans to implement a library so we can learn more about the lore?
A50: We have received numerous requests from the community. While we have seen proposal from the lore team, it’s being delayed because we had to prioritize the release of the patches.

Q51: Will any of the NPCs that were introduced in 1.0 make an appearance in A Realm Reborn?
A51: We don’t have specific characters in mind that we want to reintroduce. However, when it serves the story, we may include them.

Q52: Will we ever fight Nidhogg whose name was mentioned during the dragoon quest line?
A52: Nidhogg is a dragon of Ishgard, so you’ll be able to fight him if you are able to go to Ishgard.

Q53: As a writer of the main scenario, are there any cutscenes that you enjoyed specifically?
A53: In patch 2.2, there’s a cutscene wherein a certain character runs around to clean up their tarnished image. I personally really enjoyed that cutscene. As for 2.0, I enjoyed the fight between Yda and Livia.

Q54: Will there be any quests added where we use the power of the Echo to experience past events such as the founding of the three city-states, the instatement of the grand companies 1500 years ago, or when the map of Eorzea was completed 70 years ago?
A54: At the moment we are still at the stage where we are focusing on modern day Eorzea, so right now we are not thinking about doing this.

Q55: There are a lot of names from Ivalice such as Dalmasca, Belias, and Zodiak that have been mentioned, is there some connection between Hydaelyn and Ivalice?
A55: To be absolutely clear, there is no connection between FFXIV’s Hydaelyn and FFXII’s Ivalice. Likewise there is no connection with FFXI’s Vana’diel. Each are their own individual world. Based on this, there are connections between the things that appear in the world, and we’ll be revealing more in the future.

Q56: When will we be able to go to Ishgard?
A56: You’ll see the story progress from patch 2.2 and see more in the later patches. Please stay tuned!

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  • 1Truth

    As much as I enjoy the scenario in FFXIV ARR, I’m still upset that Kazutoyo Maehiro is attached to the game. I really hope he is moved off the project in the near future and given back to the FFXII team. Matter of fact, I hope all the FFXII team members that are on FFXIV ARR eventually go back to their original team. After all, I want the FFXII team make FFXVI, with Hiroyuki Ito in the director seat.

    Lastly, it’s great that Maehiro gave some appreciation to Yasumi Matsuno, as those two go way back. Maehiro has worked on all of Matsuno’s game since the time they were both employed at Quest.