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Distant Worlds IV - Dalmasca Estersand from Final Fantasy XII
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Letter From the Producer Live XII

January 25th, 2014 by Tony Garsow


Join us for Letter from the Producer Live XII which is scheduled to begin at 7AM Eastern US Standard Time. Live from Osaka, the Final Fantasy XIV team will be sharing a first look at Patch 2.2, which will include content such as Leviathan, and expansion to the Binding Coil of Bahamut, the Vanity system, and much more. We’ll be bringing you translated QA and images from the live letter as they transpire, so stay tuned to this post!

Update: The Live Letter has concluded!
Expand the post below to view images and QA from the stream!

Q1: Despite the implementation of a role bonus, tanks still remain in short supply. Are you looking into any countermeasures for this?
A1: Looking at the data, we’ve found that there are quite a lot of tanks around level 40. While we are not sure whether or not these players will decide to continue leveling tank roles, and making it their main job, the actual numbers are increasing. If the supply of tanks remains low, we will look into introducing a special mount to help incentivize them.

Q2: Please tell us your thoughts about what’s going on with the new content that was added in patch 2.1. Also, which direction are you planning to go in the future updates?
A2: After the release of patch 2.1, we encountered an issue wherein the pop rate of the FATEs were extremely low, so we worked quickly to address that. Also, it seems that many players are finding the new dungeons too difficult, so we are currently monitoring the situation and will consider adjusting the difficulty. As for PvP, while we made some adjustments in patch 2.15, we plan to continue to make adjustments in the future. We are currently monitoring all content and plan to make adjustments if necessary. Please stay tuned!

Q3: What are you planning for the mechanics of battle content to be added in the future?
A3: Attention is easily focused on the difficulty in recovering during Titan extreme mode if you fall off, but it’s been created so that if you learn the patterns and follow them closely you can clear it. There will be mechanics such as this where you can memorize and clear content, and we’ll also be adding content where you have to defeat enemies in order such as like the Binding Coil of Bahamut Turn 4.

Q4: Will the cost of housing continue to go down?
A4: Yes! The cost should be at its lowest value by the end of February. If it still seems to be too high at that point, we will consider lowering the value even further. As a side note, I previously mentioned being able to craft an airship inside of your house. You will be able to do this with any size so please don’t worry!

Q5: Are you looking into any countermeasures for the abuse of the vote dismiss feature?
A5: We’ve seen cases where players have tried to dismiss others upon seeing them, but this type of behavior is harassment, so please do not do this. Regarding the feature itself, we are thinking about making adjustments moving forward.

Q6: Are there any plans to increase the reward of the daily beast tribe quests?
A6: We intentionally designed the daily beast tribe quests in that way and have no plans to drastically improve the rewards. However, we will be adjusting the reward of the daily beast tribe quests in the future updates to balance them out with the new content.

Q7: What’s the title of patch 2.2?
A7: Patch 2.2 will be titled “Through the Maelstrom.”

Q8: When is patch 2.2 coming?
A8: March! Stay tuned for details.

Q9: What kind of reward will we be able to obtain through the Leviathan battle? What’s the item level on them?
A9: Let’s just say they are very strong! I will go over the details in the next Letter from the Producer LIVE so please stay tuned!

Q10: What’s the difficulty level of the leviathan fight (extreme mode)? Also, what’s the required item level?
A10: We will go over the required item level in the next Letter from the Producer LIVE, but you will be able to obtain very powerful weapons from the fight. As for the difficulty, it will be the hardest primal fight. On the other hand, the hard mode won’t be as difficult due to it being tied to the main storyline. You should be able to beat it after 2-3 attempts.

Q11: Since Leviathan is associated with the sea, will there be elements related to fisher, such as rare fishing rods?
A11: Unfortunately, participation as a fisher in the Leviathan battle would be a bit difficult, but we’ve prepared something for our fishers known as “fishing masters“ so please stay tuned for information on this.

Q12: Will we be able to obtain a new egi after defeating Leviathan?
A12: We feel it’s unfair to add new abilities just for summoners, so we would like to add new abilities for all jobs at the same time. Therefore, it will happen when we raise the level cap. We’re currently working on the expansion pack and thinking of raising the level cap at that time. We will most likely implement a new egi at that time. Please stay tuned!

Q13: Will we be able to learn more about Amdapor in the new patch? Also, will the main storyline be tied to it?
A13: Yes, you will be able to learn why Amdapor was destroyed. The entrance to the Amdapor Township can be entered through the large gate near Camp Tranquil.

Q14: Will there be only equipment rewards for Amdapor Township or will there be minions and housing materials as well?
A14: We are currently making final adjustments, so please stay tuned.

Q15: Please tell us the difficulty and average item level needed to participate in Amdapor Township dungeon.
A15: It will be more difficult than the dungeons added in patch 2.1. We are planning to add a new type of Allagan tomestone, so it will be a difficulty on par for that. On the other hand, there has been feedback that Pharos Sirius is too difficult, so we will be making adjustments.

Q16: What kind of rewards will we be able to obtain in the Amdapor Township dungeon? Also, what are the item level of the rewards?
A16: I briefly mentioned this earlier, but we plan to implement a new type of Allagan tomestone in patch 2.2. You will be able to obtain this new type of Allagan tomestone along with the standard item drops. We plan to release more information in the future so please stay tuned!

Q17: How difficult will the new turns of the Binding Coil of Bahamut be?
A17: The Binding Coil of Bahamut: Invasion (name TBD) will have a different item level than the current Binding Coil of Bahamut, so it’s a bit difficult to explain, but try to recall taking on the current Binding Coil of Bahamut without knowing anything at all.

Q18: Will there be 5 additional turns added through The Binding Coil of Bahamut: Invasion (name TBD)?
A18: There will be 4 new turns added.

Q19: Will progress be recorded in the new Binding Coil of Bahamut?
A19: Yes, it will be.

Q20: Will turns 1~5 be available through the Duty Finder?
A20: Yes, but we plan to have a minimum item level requirement for them. Also, you will be able to register for a specific turn. Please stay tuned!

Q21: Will the difficulty of turns 1-5 be eased? And will the weekly lock out be removed?
A21: Yes. We plan on easing the difficulty and we will be removing the weekly lock out for turns 1-5.

Q22: Are there any plans to improve the current economy?
A22: Instead of trying to make small adjustments to try to improve the economy, we plan for the economy to drastically change through the major patches. For now, we do have plans to adjust the cost of housing so that players can spend money on housing. Also, the maximum item level will increase in patch 2.2. The patch will introduce tons of new high-level items, new recipes, and glamours (previously known as the vanity system). With these, we expect to see a huge impact on the economy so please stay tuned!

Q23: Will we need to clear turn 1~5 in order to do turn 6~?
A23: Yes.

Q24: What do you do as an assistant director?
A24: Simply put, every position with the title “director” attached does a little bit of everything. I’m also in charge of the effects for the game.

Q25: I hear that that you are a born and bred warrior. In a time where tanks are in short supply, please tell us the attractive points of warrior.
A25: While this is just my personal opinion, warriors are attractive because they have a ton of HP and can last through a barrage of hits by monsters.

Q26: The PlayStation®3 version of “The Last Remnant” was never released. Are there any plans to release the title on PlayStation®4 or PC? Also, are there any plans to create a sequel?
A26: If I receive enough requests… (hint hint)
It’s one of my favorite titles so I would like to if I’m given the opportunity.

Q27: Compared to other MMORPGs, what do you feel is the most attractive aspect of FFXIV?
A27: I think the most attractive aspect is the passion of our players. I really think it’s amazing how we receive so many encouraging messages and compliments after new information is released, and of course the occasional verbal abuse…

Q28: Do you have any videos that you can show us?
A28: [Showed a few videos through the stream]

Q29: The “Takai camera work” is famous among a few different people. How exactly did the term come about? Also, what did you previously work on?
A29: I honestly think the term is over exaggerated. There’s a lot of camera angles we can use through the development tools so I was simply using a lot of those. As for what I previously worked on, I was in charge of the opening cutscene for Romancing Saga.

Q30: Do you have any secrets you can’t tell Yoshi-P?
A30: I’m pretty deep into FFXIV and playing for both pleasure and work is pretty difficult, so I find myself wanting to ask if I can have a break. I just keep this to myself.

Q31: If we wanted to make a complaint to you about a certain matter, what would it be?
A31: I’m in charge of effects (i.e. fire ball, fire stream) so feel free to direct any complaints towards me about anything related to effects!

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  • That “vote dismiss” brilliant feature is what made me quit the game. I was in Pharos Sirius against Siren and someone asked me if I was using a move called “Spirits Within”. After I said “which move is that?” they kicked me out of the party! That’s a terrible feature that will only lead to harassment between elitists and easy-goers. It should be removed.

  • ajmrowland

    Sounds terrible. Unfortunately also sounds like FF fans too. :( I’m getting the game for PS4, so it’ll be good to know which parties to avoid.

  • You’re gonna start this game in April??? Unless you have someone else to play it with, I wish you luck and plenty of patience, cause you’ll need them both!

  • Tony Garsow

    Sounds unfortunate. In a setting where you’re paired with random players (this has been true with other MMORPGs like World of Warcraft) sometimes they act unpredictably since there are little repercussions.

    Hopefully you won’t let a bad experience in the Duty Finder turn you off of the game, but instead try to get into a linkshell where you can get help on dungeons or start a Party Finder – where the people that will enlist will be on your server (and more prone to better behavior – though, no guarantees).

    Best of luck!

  • ajmrowland

    Dont worry, I’m patient. I dont expect a quick pace of completion out of an MMO anyway.