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Letter from the Producer Live #9

October 19th, 2013 by Tony Garsow

Join us for Letter from the Producer Live #9, in which Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn director and producer Naoki Yoshida and community rep Toshio Murouchi will be discussing a variety of topics including upcoming content and player questions. In this letter, we’ll get our first look at Final Fantasy XIV’s debut in Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Curtain Call. We’ll also get an extended look at Player Housing, likely with special guest “Mr. Housing”. Naturally, topics about Patch 2.1 and current content will be discussed as well.

You can expand the post below to read more about the major developments:

Q1: In Regards to the Duty Finder

A1: There have been situations where frustration arises when players with different objectives and objectives are matched together with the Duty Finder.

Therefore, we would like to make it possible to play with people who have the same goal as you.

Party Recruitment Bulletin Board
We will be making it so you can recruit party members through a bulletin board-like feature where you will be able to indicate your objective. For example, clearing the main scenario, relaxed party play, putting emphasis on speed and efficiency, etc.

For those that would like to participate in certain content, they’ll be able to form parties with players who have the same goal.

Updates to the Duty Finder
We’ll be having a special edition of the Letter from the Producer LIVE about the details for this, but we’ll be making it so matching occurs on a categorical basis, such as for leveling dungeons, high level dungeons, story, guildhests, and other content. Also, we’ll be making it so you can obtain Allagan tomestomes for each category once a day.

Increasing the methods for acquiring Allagan Tomestones
Currently, due to the fact that there aren’t many areas to obtain Allagan tomestones, players who want to speed through dungeons and those that want to relax a bit more have been overlapping, and this has been causing issues. Therefore, starting with being able to obtain these by being matched for the above categories, we also plan to make it possible to obtain them through new high level dungeons, the Crystal Tower, the primal daily quests, treasure hunting content, and other areas.
With the above, we feel that trouble will be less likely to occur, and you’ll be able to play with the play style of your choice.

Q2: Regarding the Economy

A2: Regarding the amount of gil obtained by players, we recently increased the amount of gil you can obtain through the instances. For now, we will monitor how much of an impact this change had on the economy.

The other problem that we identified is that it takes a long time for a gatherer to gain a level at higher levels. This issue ended up overflowing the market with crafting materials. We plan to address this issue by adding new crafting recipes (i.e. weapon, armor, potions used in PvP, etc.) and implementing ways for crafters to burn through materials for the upcoming housing.

We believe these features will invigorate the economy so please stay tuned!

Q3: Regarding the Operations of FFXIV

A3: FFXIV: ARR is comprised of many teams other than the development team, which include the Special Task Force (STF), Game Masters, the Lodestone team, the database team, and many others.

Amongst these teams, small mistakes from each one have been adding up.

When multiple tasks are brought up on the same day, a single lead is often involved in other task as well, and it becomes difficult to handle, the schedules become rough, and we have to make adjustments.

Also, the other day there was a mistake on the GM side with a call that came in, where they accidentally mistook information related to Dragon Quest X. Since the the titles were not separate and everything was sorted by high-priority emergency there were mistakes made.

As these tiny mistakes add up one by one that lead to bigger operational problems, we will be working hard to improve these issues by keeping an eye on the balance with quality, flows, and schedules. We would like to provide you all with the a high-degree of service.

Q4: In Regards to Cheating

A4: We are currently working very hard to eliminate all of the cheaters in A Realm Reborn.
In the current age where monthly subscription-based games are decreasing rapidly, the RMT are rapidly flocking to the game because of its popularity and how difficult it is for them to make money from the free-to-play MMOs.

Currently, the biggest problems are bots and warpers.

As for the warpers, every time we implement a countermeasure, the RMT will find a to work around it. Since this is a neverending cat-and-mouse game, we are looking into ways to completely eliminate warpers.

As for the bots, we are working as fast as we can to take action based on the reports that we received, but please note that we have to be careful when investigating the reports to avoid taking action on innocent players.

While we do have a tool that automatically detects cheats, the RMT have been implementing workarounds such as adding random factors to appear less robotic. Please note that we can’t go into this much because the RMT may use it to implement additional workarounds. We are carefully investigating the logs and then taking action on those who are identified as cheaters (about a few hundred accounts per day).

We will continue to address the cheaters by increasing the number of employees in the STF department.

Since we are on the topic of cheating, there is another thing I wanted to mention. Recently, a player uploaded a video of them using a third party program. While this cheat was already addressed by us, they made it seem like the cheat was still an ongoing issue. Honestly, this is an interference of our business because it has a huge negative impact on the community. Please note that we will not be taking these actions lightly and plan to take action if it gets out of hand.

While it is okay for players to upload in-game videos of ARR, we never approved the videos of players using third party programs. We appreciate your cooperation regarding this matter.

Q5: In Regards to Network Lag in Europe

A5: I believe information has already been shared by the European Community Team, but we would like the players experiencing these issues to post further details that indicate the network card they are using, their provider, and other specs that are in use. We would like to ask the European providers to address this, and appreciate your cooperation to help us.

Q6: Regarding WAR, DRG, and other job/class adjustments

■ In Regards to WAR
The Binding Coil of Bahamut
Especially for Turn 1 and 4, strategies have been employed that the development team hadn’t considered (such as only using paladins to live through multiple stacks of a buff the boss has), and a situation has developed where paladins are favored over warrior. We apologize for this. In patch 2.1 we will be making adjustments so that warriors can do the content that paladins can do.

Adjustments to Stun
A warrior’s stun is different than paladin’s in the sense that it can be used at any time separate from the global cooldown, which is an advantage, but for specific content where stuns need to performed multiple times or with precise timing, it’s difficult to utilize warrior’s stun, so we will be making adjustments in patch 2.1 to improve its usability.

We also plan for a variety of other adjustments for warrior in patch 2.1.

■ In Regards to Dragoon
About Jump
We will be making adjustments to improve Jump’s usability. (Including a reduction of the animation time). We understand there have been a lot of requests asking to make characters invulnerable while using Jump, but there is a possibility this would cause dragoon to become the only choice for DPS, so we will not be making adjustments for this.

■ Job Balancing
Cross-Class Abilities
While any one of the content can be beaten with any class/job, currently, certain jobs are able to do much more damage than the other jobs due to having access to a certain cross-class abilities. We do have plans to adjust these cross-class abilities to balance out all the jobs.

We currently feel that the bards are a little too strong due to the amount of damage they can do without being impacted that much from the fight.

Melee DPS
Currently, the melee DPS have a harder time dealing damage in certain fights due to having to constantly dodge an enemy’s attack. Therefore, we do have plans to make adjustments to the fights so that melee DPS are able to do more damage.

We have plans to make numerous adjustments in patch 2.1 other than the items mentioned above. Please stay tuned!

Q7: Will there be any maintenance fees or other costs for housing, besides the cost of your land and house?
A7: There will not be any other costs like this.

Q8: What are the requirements you need to fulfill to have a house?
A8: You will have to increase the rank of your free company.

Q9: Regarding Odin/Behemoth FATEs and server crashes
A9: In FFXIV: ARR the maps are made up of 8-meter grids. In a single grid, we’ve set it to display a maximum of 100 players. When this grid contains more than the maximum number of players, there are cases where players and monsters do not appear. In order to address this, we will be managing the display priorities for the entire zone, and when special content like Odin and Behemoth FATEs occur, we make adjustments so that the process prioritizes this so that normal play conditions are possible. We will be making this adjustment in patch 2.1.

Q10: How much land are you planning to implement within a housing area instance?
A10: There will be about 30 houses per instance.

Q11: Please show us the flow from buying a house up to arranging furniture with a video.
A11: (Shows off the content in the video)

Q12: Could you explain how exactly will gatherers and crafters will impact the exterior/interior of a house?
A12: 85% of the housing will consist of gatherers gathering crafting materials and crafters using those materials to craft items. We will make sure every gathering/crafting class will be able to take part so stay tuned!

Q13: Can you change the BGM inside of your house?
A13: While it won’t be ready for patch 2.1, we will be making it possible to place a jukebox in your house as a furnishing that will allow you to play music in your house.

Q14: Will we be able to store items within the furniture?
A14: While we currently do not have any plans to do so, we will look into it once we have confirmed the stability of the housing system (mainly the amount of memory it will consume). If it does happen, it will be some time after the 2.1 patch.

Q15: What happens when you have a house and you disband your free company?
A15: Unless you abandon your house you cannot disband a free company.

Q16: Will we receive the resting bonus if we log out within a house?
A16: Yes, you will.

Q17: Will there be ways to Return straight to your house?
A17: We are currently working hard to make it possible to place an aetheryte at your house in 2.1, but it’s cutting it close at the moment.

Q18: Will we be able to place bulletin boards and signs in front of our houses?
A18: We do have plans to implement a feature in patch 2.2 wherein players will be able to leave a comment on a bulletin board.

Q19: Can you move or reconstruct your house?
A19: We are planning to have this after patch 2.2.

Q20: Will we be able to have a indoor garden within our houses?
A20: We do have plans to implement a feature in patch 2.2 wherein players will be able to place a field within the garden area. Players will be able to grow items obtained through gathering and obtain rare items that can only be obtained through the gardening feature.

Q21: Can you make an area in your housing area to practice battle skills and calculate damage?
A21: There are already a bunch of wooden dummies around Eorzea, and we are planning to make it possible to place them in your house.

Q22: If all of the Large size houses are taken, will you be adding additional L size lands immediately?
A22: We have plans to add more lands after we confirm the opening of the other areas.

Q23: As there are differences in economies from World to World, will the housing costs differ by World?
A23: It will be the same for all Worlds. The land for housing will be an auction system, and will start from a high price and over time will become cheaper.

Q24: Will we be able to place furniture outside of the house?
A24: Furniture will be separated into 2 types. Those that can only be placed within a house and those that can only be placed outside of a house.

Q25: Will you be able to stack furniture or place objects on top of furniture?
A25: Yes, you will be able to do this.

Q26: Will we be able to see the sunlight come through the windows and also be able to view the scenery from within a house?
A26: While you will be able to adjust how much sunlight will come through the windows, you will not be able to view the scenery while you are within a house.

Q27: Can you expand to an M size or L size house from a S size house?
A27: You won’t be able to make changes like this when it is built. You will have to build a new one on open land.

Q28: Will we be able to sell our houses (including the furniture)?
A28: No, you will only be able to sell the land rights.

Q29: Will you be able to have individual rooms in your free company house?
A29: We plan on having this after patch 2.2.

Q30: Will you add any feature to prevent FC members from taking the furniture?
A30: Yes. You will be able to set permissions of who can and cannot move/take the furniture within a house.

Q31: Are you looking into mini-games or other elements where free company members can gather and play?
A31: While we don’t have any specific plans at the moment, we’d like to start thinking about things like this that we can do.

Q32: What type of facilities will we have access to within a housing area other than the market board and retainer?
A32: We have plans to add facilities such as crafting facilities and NPCs that you can buy crafting materials from. Please stay tuned!

Q33: What are the advantages of making things in your underground workshop?
A33: We are planing to make it so you can build airships and access content.

Q34: When will the chocobo farm be added?
A34: The current plan is to implement some time after patch 2.3.

Q35: Are there fish in the water sources in the housing areas?
A35: Yes! And of course you can fish!

Q36: Are there any plans to implement any seasonal exteriors of the houses (snow-themed exterior during Christmas, witch-themed exterior during Halloween, etc.)?
A36: We do have plans to implement additional housing parts. While we have many ideas regarding seasonal items, we are currently discussing which one of those the players will enjoy the most.

Q37: Will there be content where you can you raise the monsters that drop materials so you can obtain them?
A37: Currently we do not have plans for this.

Q38: About how much furniture will we have access to when the housing system is implemented?
A38: In patch 2.1, there will be about 40 exterior furniture and 180 interior furniture to choose from (and that’s not including the parts of the housing exterior!).

Q39: Can you lay in beds and hammocks in your house?
A39: Yes, you can.

Q40: Will we be able to place mannequins within the house so that we can equip them with our armor?
A40: The current plan is to implement that feature some time after patch 2.2.

Q41: Can you place pictures on furnishings? If so, will it be possible to take a screenshot and use it for decoration?
A41: Yes. However, it won’t be possible to decorate the pictures with screenshots.

Q42: Let’s say we place walls within a large room to separate them into smaller rooms. Will we be able to place doors within the walls?
A42: While you will be able to place walls, you will not be able to place doors.

Q43: Can you set individual entrance restrictions for L size houses that have two floors and a basement?
A43: No, you cannot.

Q44: Will there be a feature where we can collect gil from the FC members to purchase a house?
A44: We currently do not have any plans to implement that feature.

Q45: Can you place a strategy desk in your house like the ones found in Coerthas (Dragonhead)?
A45: We plan on implementing this.

Q46: Will we be able to change the wallpaper and flooring design?
A46: Yes, you will be able to change the wallpaper and the flooring design.

Q47: Will there be any interesting furniture such as lights you can turn on and off, cabinets you can open and close, etc.?
A47: Yes, there will be.

Q48: Will we be able to place an aquarium within a house?
A48: While we currently do not have any plans to implement an aquarium, I’ll be sure to forward the request to the person in charge.

Q49: When will individual housing be implemented?
A49: It will be around half a year after patch 2.1’s release.

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