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Future of Final Fantasy @ E3 2013

June 11th, 2013 by Tony Garsow


Good morning folks! We’re hot off the heels of Final Fantasy XV’s announcement for the PlayStation 4 at the Sony Press Conference last night, and Square Enix is holding a special invite-only session to show the Future of the Final Fantasy series. We have our correspondent Cecily Lam at the show, so stay tuned for updates as they break from the show. If you have any burning questions, post a comment below and we’ll see if we can get it answered!

9:00AM — Starting the Presentation
• A montage of new titles is playing: FFXIV, FFXV, FFX/X-2, LRFFXIII, and KHIII.
• Incoming CEO Yosuke Matsuda takes the stage.
• Square Enix is glad to work with Disney again on Kingdom Hearts III, hope they can meet fan expectations.
• “The Crystal’s Call” Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn playing. Naoki “Yoshi-P” Yoshida on-stage too.
• It’s in-game footage from FFXIV: ARR. Airships, Garleans, Cid, Cactuars, etc.
• Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will release on PlayStation 4 in 2014.
• Final Fantasy XV trailer from Sony’s press conference is playing.
• Final Fantasy executive producer Shinji Hashimoto takes the stage.
• Final Fantasy XV will be coming to Xbox One in addition to PS4.
• Another Final Fantasy XV trailer is playing similar to the older Versus trailer will in-game footage.
• Underwater scenes from the E3 trailer, Noctis swimming and so on. Some stealth gameplay too?
• Lightning Returns time. Producer Kitase takes the stage.
• Kitase comments on FFX/X-2 in that fans will appreciate the new life breathed into these HD remasters.
• Lightning Returns is the last Final Fantasy on current gen hardware.
• The team is working hard to deliver an open-world experience.
• Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD trailer is now playing.
• Kingdom Hearts III time, and Hashimoto-san is back on stage.
• CEO of Disney Interactive John Pleasants on stage with Square Enix CEO Matsuda.
• He’s very excited to work with Square Enix on Kingdom Hearts III. An older Sora with Mickey, Donald, and Goofy awaits.
• Kingdom Hearts III will come to Xbox One.
• Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III will release in Japan on Xbox One, fyi.
• Sequels to Final Fantasy XV could happen, like Final Fantasy XIII.
• The world of the “Versus epic” is large.
• Final Fantasy Versus XIII’s development was expanded, and it took time to evolve to Final Fantasy XV.
• No plans for KH1.5 or 2.5 HD on Xbox One. Maybe after KHIII releases.
• The staff of Final Fantasy XV is largely the same, but has been grown significantly.
• Final Fantasy XV has action-oriented gameplay, but that doesn’t mean it will be that way for FFXVI.
• They hope the action-style combat of Final Fantasy XV will not disappoint traditionalists, and they are look forward to hearing feedback.
• Kingdom Hearts III is being developed by the Osaka team.
• Final Fantasy is always evolving, and they think for FFXV an action-oriented evolution is a good one.
• Hashimoto to PS4 fans about FFXV/KH3 on XB1: first time they’ve revealed a game for multi, rather than announced later. Please understand.
• Hashimoto-san will keep Nomura on busy and on-schedule (along with the many staff supporting him.) Development to catch-up with Western studios.
• No comment on WiiU ports.
• Final Fantasy XV uses the Luminous Engine. Agni’s Philosophy is a -tech demo- and not a game.


  • Dave

    Will Final Fantasy XV be exclusive to PS4 like it was exclusive to PS3 when it was Versus and same questioning pertaining KH3 is it exclusive to PS4 or are both games going to Xbox One as well

  • Lilay

    Keep the feed Tony and peeps. Thanks.

  • Eli Parker

    What step are Square Enix taking so Kingdom Hearts III won’t be in development hell, along with their other titles. (I understand the new engine, but that is only half of the problem)

    Are there any plans for Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5 to be released on the Wii U. (I ask this as half of Kingdom Hearts games are on a Nintendo Platform)

    Will there be a Final Fantasy XII HD remake? If so will it only be on the PS4?

    When will Final Fantasy VII and VIII PC version be released on Steam?

  • Eli Parker

    When is Final Fantasy Type – 0 going to be released in NA and EU?

  • Rokan

    Does Square have any plans for Final Fantasy on the Wii U?

  • Eli Parker

    When will Final Fantasy I and II hit NA Sony’s PSN store.

    Are there any plans to bring the Final Fantasy mobile games to Sony’s Vita and Nintendo’s 3DS?

  • Eli Parker

    With the console being more like PCs, will Square Enix port the IPs of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts to the PC. (I ask this as Square Enix’s fanbase on the PC is growing since the buyout of Edios).

  • Carlos Velasco

    When will Final Fantasy XV come out?

    Any speculation on KH III Release Date?

  • TheBadass

    Ugh, is if I already felt Versus looked like a PS3 game that had been ported to PS4. I now find out it’s coming to Xbox One. Welp, that’s that. I’m no longer buying a PS4 for this and will instead just watch a YouTube playthrough.

  • anony

    On no my worst fear is true and happening, KH3 and FF15 are on xbone. I guess since xbox 1 and ps4 have similar stuff so it will be easier to port, I was really hoping those two game to be sony exclusive. Like with ff13 seires, no doubt sony game will get upper hand in sale

  • alexsam

    So, no release date for either XV or X/X-2 HD??

  • AnimaMagna

    Why is a multi-platform release such a bad thing? I never get that? It seems that, often, it’s the multi-platform releases that make the money and sell in their millions. The console-exclusives seem to be like those horribly expensive cars or something, takes a fortune to make them, and you lose money on every one you sell (even with PlayStation’s penchant for through-the-roof prices).

  • Odine

    Told you!
    They screwed up the EXCLUSIVITY. They spit us ps3 players leaving us without game, without exclusivity and without dignity. And now they make Versus a multiplatform game. Bunch of japanese devils!

    Deceived as never before. This decision is worst at my eyes than releasing a crappy game like All the Bravest, which is the worst SQEX has done till today.

    Thanks for broking our dreams, and our wallets inducing us to buy a ps3 if you wanted to play the exclusive game that never appeared. Thanks.


  • Eli Parker

    @AnimaMagna – In Gen 7 being multi-platform was bad for most Sony games. This was because the Xbox was a weaker system then the PS3, so multi-platform games were talior to the Xbox 360 and the PS3 had the worst port. So most multi-platformed games were not able to shine on the PS3.

    In Gen 8 now that the spec are almost the same it will be a different story.

    My personal I hate DRM on console, and MS will need to get rid of it ASAP or lose alot of their fanbase.

  • Eli Parker

    All The Bravest should have never been made.

  • anony

    Like I said xbox ans ps4 has similar stuff that could be easily ported from one another, I blame ff13 started with this. I guess this choice will cuase alot raging between the fanbases. I’ll cope with it, not sure about other, but still disappointed.

    Another reason for square enix, there just giving port of old games, I wanted more chrono games and mario rpg. But on other hand toriyama on ff, 3rd birthday and mindjack, no way juat give him new ip to work like mindjack. Especially mario rpg should be in smash.

  • AnimaMagna

    @Eli Parker
    You’re probably right there. I’ve been doing some homework, and since PS4 and Xbox One use blu-ray, they should be able to have the same graphical capacity (whereas last gen they used blu-ray for PS3 and DVD for Xbox360, meaning the latter had lower res and needed more discs for something the size of a Final Fantasy). I think XV will look virtually identical apart from very small details on the two consoles.

  • Eli Parker

    @AnimaMagna – I just can’t wait for FF XV. Hopefully Square Enix will release Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5 on (at least) the PS4 so the fanbase can replay the series on one console.

  • Eli Parker

    Really where is Final Fantasy Type-0? That game needs to be released in NA and EU. Did anybody @ E3 ask SE about that game?


  • AgitoXIII

    Is Agni’s Philosophy REALLY scrapped or is it just being put on the shelf like “Versus XIII” (FFXV) until a later time to only be considered for a mainline FF game like FFXV was?

  • AgitoXIII

    Does FFXV have multiple characters to control, or do you only control Noctis? If so, can you ever control more then one character at time?

  • AgitoXIII

    What was the thought process and reasoning for making what once was a side FF project into a mainline title? Did the dev team just not want to crap the project?

  • anony

    @AgitoXIII, it is possible agni could used later. For now noctis, before one of the interview nomura said that multiple chracter will be played. So I have feeling the female lead will boss and playable character. For control a character one at the time, that is a no becuase this is similar to KH in a sense and maybe there something like something to control ai or style like in ff12 or ff13

    I was hope for ff15 to be as late ps3, heck i even wanted in wii U, to have co-op multiplayer with no splitscreen. I’m happy versus is now ff15, I hope magic and summon are in as well.

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