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Final Fantasy XIV Weekly Update: Live Letter Announced, Sneaky Yoshida Returns, New Gpose Features and More

May 12th, 2017 by Raptorchan


With the release of the next installment for Final Fantasy XIV looming on the horizon; Naoki Yoshida and his development team have been hard at work preparing for the launch of Stormblood. And with the release date and E3 fast approaching, the dev team seems unable to remain quiet about their new content any longer and are excited to share with us their hard work on an almost daily basis.

First up for this week’s report: The time for Yoshida’s Media Tour to promote Stormblood has arrived. Which means the date for the 36th Letter from the Producer LIVE has been set! On Monday May 22nd at 9:00 a.m (PDT), Yoshida will be live in Hamburg, Germany and will be revealing new Stormblood information. As mentioned in the previous 35th letter, Yoshida may be focusing on the battle system changes.

The letter can be viewed on their official live stream accounts:

If you can’t make it to the live stream, don’t worry! We will be live-tweeting the event on our Twitter Account!

The live letter was not all that was announced this week. As mentioned in last weeks update, Yoshida had been sneaking onto the official Final Fantasy XIV forums and posting screenshots while he was finalizing some of the content for Stormblood. Well this week, by popular request, he made a triumphant, sneaky return to showcase more of the new abilities for the different classes!

Yoshida had originally made two individual posts, one with all tanks, and then another with all healers and… Dragoon? Alongside his screenshots, he gave a small caption with them:

  • A shot of the Paladin’s new action being used in Kugane!
  • A shot of the Warrior’s new action being used in Yanxia!
  • A shot of the Dark Knight’s new vertical spinning action action being used… Somewhere!
  • White Mage’s new action. “I’m sure you won’t be able to tell what the spell actually does from this, but just know that it’s beautiful. (laugh)”
  • Astrologian’s new action. “There are a lot of cards?!”
  • Scholar’s new action. “You tear the page to…”
  • “And, while this isn’t a healer, I noticed some people saying that the dragoon’s screenshot from the other day wasn’t an action shot (it was supposed to be scenic shot originally…), so here’s a bloody bonus shot for dragoon!”

He also mentioned in both these posts that he was testing out the new raid: Interdimensional Rift – Omega (Savage). He said he was going into the raid with a fresh mind, like a new player, and hadn’t read up on the fights at all.

(It also seems at this point the dev team is well aware of his posts, I wonder if he knows he’s not so sneaky anymore?…)

Meanwhile, on the Lodestone, the Developer’s Blog was updated as well: It’s a Pose Off.


The dev blog goes into some detail about the new features coming to /gpose function in Stormblood. Not only will players have more options for Color Filters, Status Effects and Frames, but they will also be able to take screenshots of actions! This includes battle actions, item use (such as fireworks or food), mount actions and Limit Breaks.

The secret group known as The Screenshot Alliance were the creators of the /gpose function. And the dev blog mentions that the Screenshot Alliance were also responsible for various other tasks related to Stormblood, and because the scale for adding action poses was so large, they were told not to add any additional features to Gpose until their work on Stormblood projects were complete. However, the Screenshot Alliance proceeded to make more functions for Gpose anyway.

“What can I say… we just can’t help ourselves!” – Project Manager Iwamiya

And finally, several news posts were added to the Lodestone, which include:

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood releases June 20th, with preorders gaining Early Access June 16th.

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