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Final Fantasy XIV Updates: “Revolutions” Full Release, Steam Collector Edition, Game Interface Updates and Yoshida’s Media Tour Begins

May 16th, 2017 by Raptorchan


The hype for Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood continues to climb as the dates for Early Access(June 16th) and Release(June 20th) grow ever closer. To keep that hype alive, the development team has been hard at work preparing media and goodies to share with the rest of the world. One of these goodies released recently is the full version of the Stormblood Main Theme: Revolutions.

Warning for players playing through Heavensward content: Please be aware there are some spoilers for Patches 3.5 and 3.56.

Square Enix has also announced that the demand for Stormblood Collector Editions for Steam players was extremely high. So they have released a Very Limited Amount of Steam Collector Editions of Stormblood and can be purchased on their website so long as they are available. It was also noted that the registration codes for this version only work for Steam accounts.

The Japanese Developers’ Blog was also updated, revealing some of the upcoming changes to quality of life/user interface.


Some of these changes include:

  • The ability to take menu actions and placing them onto your hotbar for easier access to them.
  • Your character will automatically lower themselves to an object or NPC, regardless of your character’s size, while on a flying mount.
  • Minions will now stay summoned even after you log out and back in.
  • If you are sitting or asleep upon entering a duty, when you return, your character will still be sitting or asleep.
  • White lines will now appear over debuffs that can be Esuna’d off.


And finally, Yoshida’s Media Tour for Stormblood has officially begun! Yoshida makes his first stop in San Francisco!


We are sure that, with Yoshida on tour and the next Live Letter coming on May 22nd, that Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood news will be steadily pouring in, keeping us excited! Early Access can’t come soon enough!