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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
Phase 3 Beta Survival Guide

July 5th, 2013 by Tony Garsow


For those of you about to embark on your beta adventure today, we’ve prepared a list of frequently-asked questions that players have been wanting to know when they start exploring Eorzea. If you’re returning to beta this weekend, the Duty Finder is now available, which will let you queue for a group to tackle the various party content Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has to offer. This weekend’s beta test starts at 5:00AM Eastern US Standard Time today.

How do I change my class?
In Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, it’s important to note that you can be every single combat, crafting, or harvesting class on one character. When you start out the game, you will choose a combat class to learn the ropes of battle. You will start in a city that corresponds to your class, and there you’ll find your class guild. Every five levels, the guild will have a new class quest for you to undertake. Once you reach Level 10 and complete the class quest chain, you’ll unlock the Armoury system.

Now, all you need to do is visit the secretary of the guild you wish to join. After a preliminary quest, you’ll obtain a weapon or tool in your Armoury Chest and unlock the corresponding class. To change classes, open your Armoury Chest and equip the weapon or tool that belongs to the class you wish to change to. A particle effect will play along with an alert that your class has changed.

You’ll need to reconfigure your hotbars for each class, but the game will save your configurations when you switch back and forth. You can also use gear sets on your character sheet to assemble sets of equipment to more easily change classes.

How do I use abilities I learn from other classes?
First you must level up and learn the abilities you want to use. Second, switch to your desired class and open up the Actions & Traits menu. Under the “Additional” section you will find a list of abilities you can use from other classes where you’ve learned them. Check the box of the ability you would like to use, and then you will be able to drag it (or set it) to your hotbar for battle.

As you gain levels you will gain “slots” to add additional abilities from other classes to your current class. There are some abilities you cannot use from other classes.

What’s Spiritbond and why is it important?
When you obtain a piece of gear and use it in combat, harvesting, or crafting — it will start accruing Spiritbond. This is displayed in the equipment tooltip as a percentage that maxes out at 100%. This is a part of the game’s Materia system. During the main scenario, you will eventually encounter Mutamix Bubblypots — a goblin that will teach you how to convert gear into materia. Materia contains special bonuses that you can place in materia slots in other gear, so it’s a worthwhile effort to amass something of a collection.

What is a “linkshell”, “Free Company”, and “Grand Company”?
Think of a linkshell like a private chat channel for you and whoever you want to invite, functioning very similarly to IRC. If you want to start a linkshell, there are “Linkshell Distributors” located in each city-state.

Free Companies are player-founded companies that operate under a Grand Company. This is the conventional MMORPG “guild”. There are various ranks within Free Companies with permissions that can be changed by the leader. The leader can also designate officers with their own permissions.

The three Grand Companies of the Eorzean Alliance consist of the Immortal Flames (Ul’dah), the Order of the Twin Adder (Gridania), and the Maelstrom (Limsa Lominsa). During the main storyline you will eventually have to choose one company to align yourself with — and in your travels you’ll get a taste of what each one offers. Their headquarters are located in each city-state, and those who apply can undertake provisioning missions and other duties to earn company seals. Seals are a currency that is used to purchase special gear, items, or your personal chocobo. Seals can also be earned by participating in FATEs, but only after you’ve joined a Free Company.

Where do I find “x” monster in my hunting log?
Open your hunting log and hover over the entry and the game will display what zone the monsters are in. Some monsters are located in dungeons, and you’ll need to use the duty finder to gain access to them.

My gear is all sorts of funny colors! How can I dye my stuff?
You may notice that some of your gear has colored circles in the upper corner of its icon. This is a piece of gear’s dye color. At Lv. 15 a quest will become available in Vesper Bay in Western Thanalan that will teach you how to dye your gear. Once you’ve completed that quest, you’ll be able to buy dyes in each city-state (in the market area with a cluster of vendors) and dye to your heart’s content. You can also purchase pots of Terebinth from dye vendors to remove dye from an item and return it to a “neutral” color. Some gear cannot be dyed, though.

Where do I get minions like the Wayward Hatching and Cherry Bomb?
Vendors in each city-state will have three minions available for purchase in beta: the Wayward Hatchling chocobo, the Cherry Bomb, and the Mammet #001. They cost roughly 2-3000 gil. A vendor can be located on your map and minimap with a bag icon.

Where do I get my own chocobo?
After you complete the beta scenario and choose a Grand Company, you’ll be able to acquire seals to purchase items. You can earn Grand Company seals by participating in FATEs and undertaking provisioning missions. When you acquire 1000 company seals, head to the front desk of your Grand Company and purchase a chocobo whistle from the Materiel tab.

How do I get my chocobo to fight alongside me?
After you’ve purchased your chocobo whistle from the Grand Company, talk to the Wandering Minstrel, who is usually standing just outside the Grand Company Headquarters. You’ll be able to prime your chocobo for battle, and you’ll gain various stances and commands in your Actions & Traits window to command it. You’ll also be able to name your own chocobo through the subsequent quest. To summon a chocobo to fight, you must be dismounted and use Gyshal Greens to summon it to fight. A chocobo will fight alongside you for 30 minutes before you must use another Gyshal Greens item. This item is sold by the minion vendors in each city-state.

How do I automatically level my other classes to Lv. 15 in the Beta?
You must complete the main story to a certain point to be able to auto-level your other combat classes. It’s after you complete the beta scenario by choosing a Grand Company from one of the three city-states. Ask each NPC in the following list to grant you the Minstrel’s blessings while you have that class equipped. It will not work if the class is not equipped.

Gladiator — Chechezan @ Horizon, Western Thanalan
Pugilist — Adelard @ South Hammer, Western Thanalan
Marauder — Urswyrst @ Moraby Drydocks, Lower La Noscea
Lancer — Aniud @ Hawthorne, North Shroud
Archer — Zacheus @ Little Solace, East Shroud
Conjurer — Wihtred @ Hyrstmill, North Shroud
Thaumaturge — Swaenhylt @ Drybone, Eastern Thanalan

*This is not a feature that will be in the final game, nor the level skip from 26 to 29 through the Wandering Minstrel. This feature is implemented to facilitate testing of higher level content.

I’ve also prepared a few links for other content we have that will help you better understand the world of Eorzea and the game’s various features:

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• The Primals & Beastmen of Eorzea
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• Full Active Time Events (FATEs)
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• PlayStation 3 Version User Interface
• Developer Commentary — Gamepad UI

If you have any other burning questions you’d like to see answered in this list, leave us a comment below!


  • Odine

    Nice guide, there are very helpful things I didn’t know and this is my 4th weekend with the ARR beta. Thank you.

    I play in the ps3 version, and I have a trouble because I selected a healer class (CNJ) but I don’t know how I can select frienly players to heal or buff them. I have searched on internet and also saw the developers “basic ps3 controls” video and still have no answer. Would be glad if someone with the ps3 beta can help me.

    I feel very bad as a healer when joining FATEs, and dungeons and don’t know how to select em. Also asking ingame with the ps3 controller and no keyboard its too difficult and takes so many time…

  • Harrs

    Great stuff, I wish this existed when I played the beta for the first time. See you guys in game!