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Final Fantasy XIV 14-Hour Anniversary Stream

August 22nd, 2014 by Tony Garsow

It’s hard to believe nearly a whole year has elapsed since Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn launched worldwide, but here we are. Thanks to the development team’s hard work and vision, the game was successfully rebooted and played host to millions of players worldwide.

Today is a big day in the celebrations of that milestone: a fourteen hour stream full will go live at 11PM on the East US Coast.

We’ll be liveblogging all of the stream’s highlights and developments below, especially Letter from the Producer Live XVII, which will share more insight into upcoming patches and beyond.

Introduction & Yoshi-P’s Room 1

» The stream begins! MC Molbol (Toshio Murouchi) welcomes director/producer Naoki “Yoshi-P” Yoshida — the flowers behind them are from various promotional partners. They go over the upcoming stream schedule. Core members of the dev team join them such as assistant director Hiroshi Takai, composer/sound director Masayoshi Soken, lead UI artist Hiroshi Minagawa, battle director Mitsutoshi Gondai, lead programmer Hideyuki Kasuga, lead designer Takeo Suzuki, scenario writer Kazutoyo Maehiro, and lead planner Nobuaki Komoto.

» Sony Computer Entertainment sent the team a birthday cake! Mocchi will be MCing the 14-Hour Atma Challenge, assistant director Hiroshi Takai will start farming first. He plays a Warrior.

» Square Enix President and CEO Yosuke Matsuda is on stage, praising the team and looking forward to the Chinese launch. He says a lot of little problems led to the original game’s situation, and through the team’s hard work over 2.5 years they were able to salvage the game in a very challenging time for the company. He’s glad that A Realm Reborn can continue the series’ quality.

» Yoshida says he’d like to bring the game to Russia and Dubai and talks about the game worldwide (perhaps jokingly) — they say it would be a tough challenge and currently the team is focused on the first expansion. The players are a key part in building the game going forward.

» Assistant Director Hiroshi Takai acquires the first Atma… on a Rodeo Boy? Takai creates a Party Finder for atma grinding.

Letter from the Producer Live XVII

» Will there be more Japanese-themed contents like Ninja? Yoshi-P says the lands to the east of Eorzea are inspired by Japan and immigrants from this land have yet to trade with Eorzeans so there are not many items yet.
» The team has finished the animations for a new race, and perhaps when Yugiri reveals her face they will make an announcement.
» The team is considering more casual content for players to do aside from instances (such as the Gold Saucer).
» Chocobos in FFXIV are born and raised in Ishgard, and regarding a Chocobo Forest, it isn’t the same but there is something related Yoshida won’t reveal yet.
» Patch 2.4 particulars will be hinted throughout the stream and more information will come around Tokyo Game Show.
» The expansion’s title has been decided, but the team can’t reveal much about it yet. They have created some of the preliminary assets like monsters and quests. Please look forward to it!
» There will be another Roegadyn in the Scions of the Seventh Dawn.
» Hildibrand may be voiced in the future?
» Preparations are underway for more commendation rewards for 2.38 or 2.4.
» The Binding Coil of Bahamut will end in Patch 2.4 and afterward other endgame contents will be introduced. These are aside (supplemental) from the main scenario so you’ll be able to continue the story without having to participate in it.
» Will there be more crossover events? Yoshi-P says its hard to plan around with games releasing at different times in different regions, but perhaps it would be similar to how the Lightning Returns crossover event was.
» When asked about a player-designed equipment contest, it may be tough for a player to understand how to design an outfit for all races and genders, but the team has a NPC creation contest instead.
» Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival tickets have sold out. They hope fans will be excited as it will be different from the FATE events they’ve held in Japan thusfar.
» There are no yet plans to open a second Eorzea Cafe but the team is checking into it.
» There are plans for a new soundtrack for the expansion, and there is music between the previous soundtrack and then that will need to be released.
» The team will look into increasing rewards for Cape Westwind, The Striking Tree, and other Duty Finder contents that have low use as they are completed once for the story.
» In Patch 2.4 both Normal and Savage Mode of the Second Coil of Bahamut will be added to the Duty Finder.
» Regarding an Extreme level fight against Ultima Weapon, the team’s content schedule is pretty tight but they will look into it.
» The team won’t be removing the weekly lockouts on the newest tiers of the Binding Coil, but are looking into alternatives.
» Yoshi-P thinks Blue Mage would be a fun job to add, but it may be difficult to implement as they will need to consider how they will play in a party and the appeal of learning Blue Mage abilities from monsters. Without those elements it wouldn’t feel like Blue Mage.
» Summoner will remain a DoT and pet-class, controlling the pet would require a lot of player skill so it might be hard to find a good overall balance.
» Frontlines is very popular PvP content and the team would like to revisit the Wolves’ Den by adding rankings or rewards.
» The next tier of the Zodiac Weapon will begin in 2.38. The team will look into “glamouring” different tiers of the weapon. Stats added on the Novus phase will not be reset on the next tier.
» More lore-heavy and riddle types of quests will come in the future.
» The team feels it’s a bit difficult to obtain some vanity gear like the swimsuits added in Patch 2.3 and adjustments are being thought over.
» What’s going to be in Gold Saucer? Yoshi-P confirms a “Triple Triad” card game, chocobo racing, a basketball-shooting minigame, and something called “Gold Saucer Active Event”.
» When asked about adding marks to dungeons, Yoshi-P says that they would have to make it very common to spawn or players would leave/reset instances to get it. They’ll consider adding random elements to dungeons.
» No guarantees that some content won’t require completion of FATEs in the future, but they will consider it.
» Ninja will be the last job addition before the expansion.
» No changes are planned to the Armoury class/job system, but the level cap will rise in the expansion.
» The team is working on the DirectX 11 client and looking to work in features they previously couldn’t with DirectX 9.
» Personal housing arrives in Patch 2.38 and more plots will be added from then on.
» The team has found the problem where a Hunt will disappear when many people are near and will be fixed in the next patch.
» There are minor bugs with a Mac version, but the team still has to assess the feasability of a Mac release based on its audience.
» Lead programmer Kasuga plays a Roegadyn Paladin but has recently changed his Job!
» The next FATE event in Japan will be in Fukuoka in November.

A Tour of the Eorzea Café & Yoshi-P’s Room Part 2
» Representatives from the newly-opened Eorzea Cafe are on stream with menu items and pictures from the Final Fantasy XIV-themed restauraunt.
» Mr. Housing joins Yoshi-P on-stream to talk about Final Fantasy XIV’s reboot and success.
» Assistant director Takai takes a lunch break at after three Atma collected.

» Yoshi-P and Rie Tanaka (voice of Kan-E-Senna) queue for Frontlines as the Order of the Twin Adder and are crushed by the Maelstrom!
» They then drown their sorrows in delicious drinks and food from the Eorzea Cafe.

» Yoshi-P does mo-cap for the Wandering Minstrel, his in-game avatar.
» Yoshi-P takes the ALS ice bucket challenge, then challenges 2ch founder Hiroyuki Nishimura.
» The stream wraps!

Stream Schedule


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  • I will definitely be joining for that Letter from the Producer! I hope they finally reveal some news about the upcoming patch that features Ishgard and the Shiva primal battle! Pure epicness!

  • Tony Garsow

    Me too, hoping to hear more about 2.4!