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Final Fantasy Network @ E3 2012

June 9th, 2012 by Tony Garsow

Final Fantasy Network was at this year’s E3 to follow all the developments for the Final Fantasy franchise as well as new information and announcements for it’s current games. Our floor report is finally here (and we thank you very much for your patience) so read on to hear more from the event!


Releasing on July 3rd, Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy celebrates twenty-five years of the Final Fantasy franchise by compiling music throughout the series into an addictive rhythm-based RPG. Through the use of three different types of stages: Field, Battle, and Event, players are able to amass Rythmia (a currency to unlock different parts of the game) as well as level up their characters and have them learn new abilities.

Songs are divided into categories corresponding to each numbered title, and when you complete each track you’ll be scored by several different factors that measure timing and efficacy. During more difficult stages, in-game icons will rotate as they approach, making timing even more of a challenging endeavor. Characters that have more Agility will be useful for Field stages in which you traverse a distance whereas characters with more Strength or Magic will be useful in Battle stages to take down more enemies.

Up close, Theatrhythm’s stages look good in 3D, and the jaggies present in many of the screenshots we’ve seen up until this point are barely tangible with the 3D cranked. Songs have several different difficulty settings, and even I had trouble keeping up with songs I’ve known and loved for years. For those of you who have inquired about if you can turn off the in-game chiming during stages — yes, you can.

Amongst the many tracks available in the box, an entire suite of DLC will be made available post-launch via the 3DS eShop.

(Large images, please open them in a new browser tab for best viewing!)


Final Fantasy XIV was absent at the show floor, and even minus trailer — but that didn’t stop some information from coming out about the game’s roadmap to Version 2.0. New images surfaced showcasing the newly rebuilt Eorzea, as well as the newly rebuilt engine and interface. The trailer itself has been delayed until August, with the alpha beginning a month later. It’s safe to say that at the end of the summer, players will be seeing major changes to Eorzea.


Final Fantasy Dimensions, formerly Final Fantasy Legends: Warriors of Light and Darkness in Japan, is a game for iOS devices and Android handhelds that is largely a throwback to the Super Nintendo days of Final Fantasy. What makes this similar to those games is it’s art style and execution, as well as the turn-based ATB combat and job system.

What makes this title different is it’s episodic nature — new chapters will be sequentially released, each bringing a new job into play as the scenario goes on. You’ll be able to go back and play previous chapters with these unlocked jobs.

Final Fantasy Dimensions will be available this July.



Perhaps the biggest surprise of E3 was the unveiling of a new tech demo featuring Square Enix’s Luminous engine. Entitled “Agni’s Philosophy — Final Fantasy Tech Demo” the video aims to visualize what a Final Fantasy game running on this engine would look like for the next generation of consoles. During a presentation of the following video, Square Enix staff were able to stop on a frame, rotate the camera around 360 degrees, as well as edit hair and facial features in real time.

While this is only a tech demo, and not indicative of a new game announcement — Square Enix is taking feedback on the video and it’s contents. You can voice your opinion here.


In addition to Final Fantasy games at E3 2012, Square Enix also brought along the newest Final Fantasy merchandise including chibi Final Fantasy character statues, the newest round of Play Arts CREATURES Vol. 2, mascot tumblers, and Final Fantasy mugs. Take a look!

  • anony

    angi philosophy looks amazing, when the graphic and the character parts, but this seems to be aimed at more western direction, she might have a chance i hope it a different team than toriyamas.

  • Tsukiru

    Final Fantasy XIV 2.0 is looking amazing, and Agni’s Philosophy really blew me away. I can’t wait to see whether they move forward with that concept or something else they have planned. It wasn’t SQEX’s worst E3 showing, that’s for sure. It makes sense that they focused on showcasing the Eidos titles (Tomb Raider and Hitman) at E3 and left their own games for Tokyo Game Show.

    Just hope we get some more info about some of that stuff soon!

  • dan hibiki

    Agni’s Philosophy isn’t a game, is just a technical demo to show graphics and stuff. It might be as well developed as a game, but I don’t hold much hope for it.

    Well, the loophole of SE titles was filled very well by the Eidos games (although I was hoping for a new Legacy of Kain game). I’m captivated by the new Tomb Raider especially. Now let’s hope for a showcase of Versus, Type-0 and XHD for the TGS

  • Blaster

    I want that Bahamut Fury action figure..

  • Bekas

    … Isn’t the Luminous Engine the one they’re using for Versus 13’s CG? I remember something like it from old news but I can’t be sure.

  • Lalik

    @Bekas Exactly my thoughts, I remember reading something about this engine on FF Versus. Anyways Agni’s Phil looks amazing, and can’t wait for Theatrhythm. I love Rhythm games.

  • Tony Garsow

    @Bekas I believe it still started out with the White Engine, but adapated many techniques from Luminous.

  • Cody

    You mentioned XIV wasn’t on the show floor, but I thought it was? Just not in the Sony press conference?

    Anyway, the tech demo and everything SE related this year was actually pretty good, I’m okay with them not showing the xiv trailer if it wasn’t ready, no need to make the same mistake twice lol.

  • Tony Garsow

    @Cody Final Fantasy XIV was not on the show floor and only by appointment.

  • fonzyboi

    I love how the liquid in the soda bottle became a potion. This might be a good coke ad.

    Kidding aside, the image is more crisp, the idea is fresh and the music is epic. If they had redone or if they are redoing versus in this engine, then it might be the reason it’s taking more than a decade to finish.

  • anony

    TO dan: I know angi philosophy is tech demo, but you wrong for one thing, i said a chance, but there is chance that this game might become full, if people like or request alot, and filling out the survey will help this tech demo to become a GAME.

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