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Final Fantasy Network » News » Arcanist, Summoner, and Scholar Revealed
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Arcanist, Summoner, and Scholar Revealed

June 13th, 2013 by Tony Garsow

Today’s Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Letter From the Producer Live @ E3 features Q&A with director Naoshi “Yoshi-P” Yoshida, senior FFXI/XIV community manager Matt “Bayohne” Hilton, and Michael Christopher Koji-Fox who is also known as “Fernehalwes”. The Scholar job will be revealed at last, so stay tuned for details!

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn launches August 27th, 2013 for PS3 and PC and 2014 for PS4.

Q: What class does the Scholar come from?
A: Arcanist.

Q: What about “Summoner” coming from Arcanist? Two jobs from one class?
A: We mentioned before in a Live Letter that we didn’t want one job per class and that classes will branch off in the future. In the future players can imagine more classes having multiple job paths. Players like jobs such as Ninja or Samurai, whether they will be jobs from different classes is to be determined, or even if they’re in at all! Arcanist will have Carbuncle pet, and Summoner will have “Egi” versions of Primals such as Ifrit, Titan, and Garuda.

Q: More about “Scholar”?
A: Like Summoner and Arcanist, Scholar will also have a pet “Fairy” inspired by Akihiko Yoshida’s “Flying Fairy” from Bravely Default. The fairy and Scholar’s abilities will function as a healing class. While White Mage is a large-heal type of healer, the Scholar heals players gradually over time.

Q: What about the different types of Carbuncles?
A: Because the Scholar’s Fairy has a major role in Scholar quests, it is the only Scholar pet but has different “modes” but will look different in them.

Q: Will there be differet versions of Primal “Egi” pets for Summoner?
A: Yes, each of the Summoner Egi will have different roles in battles like spellcasting, damage, and so on.

Q: Will there be more jobs after release?
A: If we say more, the battle team will kill us, but we want to have more before the first expansion.

Q: How long after launch will the DirectX 11 patch release?
A: Currently we’re working on PlayStation 4 and DirectX 11 support, but we want to release them within a year from now. It will increase the level of quality in the game by “leaps and bounds”.

Q: When will Ishgard be available?
A: Those of you who are Legacy players know about the Grand Company quests that continue after the main scenario. After the A Realm Reborn scenario, Grand Company quests will dive into the Ishgard plot. Currently, they are at war with dragons (in the north of Eorzea). This will likely be a story leading up to the first expansion, and players will learn about Ishgard’s people.

Q: How about Fishing? How will that work in A Realm Reborn?
A: In Phase 4, they’ll have Fisher available. The Fishing system won’t be like an action-game that isn’t a timed button press and should be more relaxing. So if players are fishing in a lake or river, players will choose their rod and lure and will have environmental cues to watch out for. As far as RMT (gil/goldsellers) go, fish will be less valuable in the economy so they can’t destroy it. It’s more tried to player achievement and experience.

Q: How much time between Phase 4 and “Early Access” before launch?
A: Maybe 1-3 days.

Q: Is it possible to share a house with another person instead of a Free Company?
A: There will be permissions setting about who can or cannot enter. You can set your permissions to let your Free Company & Allied Free Company friends join as well as players on your Friends List. The permissions also apply to chests where you can store items. We’ll be able to see at how many Free Companies purchase land/houses, and depending on server stress, they’ll allow individual players to purchase.

Q: What’s the status of “Dungeon Tokens” earned in party content?
A: These tokens are a currency you can use to purchase different items. Different ranks of dungeons will earn you different types of Dungeon Tokens, which in turn have different lists of items you can earn items from.

Q: What about a card game in Final Fantasy XIV?
A: Yoshi-P hasn’t had a perfect idea submitted to him yet, so they haven’t done anything with a card game yet!

Q: How many zones will be in A Realm Reborn at launch?
A: They haven’t been counting, but with areas and dungeons combined, they’re at about 40. But with patches and updates, they could expand them to about 80 or so.

Q: What about chocobo content in the Buddy System?
A: In a previous live Letter, Yoshi-P showed the buddy system in combat with chocobo fighting with him. Players can put points into a skill tree. Players have already taken apart the new Phase 3 patch and have been leaking information like job/class/chocobo ability lists and so on. Looks like there’s not much they can do. C’est la vie!

Q: How will Primal fights work in A Realm Reborn?
A: Primal battles will be instanced, like in Version 1.0, with a Light Party (4 players) and Full Party (8 players) in a arena-like setting. Primal battles in FATE will allow anyone who shows up to fight the Primal like Odin and Behemoth. The one with Behemoth, will have several stages where you may have to cut off his horns before you can deal damage. Odin would by chance would have a large AOE move, that could be followed up with Zantetsuken and kill masses of players who don’t move out of the way. Why does Odin look small? Yoshida says there is a reason.

Q: Will monsters have multiple body parts?
A: Certain enemies will have multiple parts that you can attack. In Phase 2, there is a instance boss in Toto-Rak where you can attack his tail.

Q: Are there Skirmishes in A Realm Reborn? (Fighting a gauntlet of strong monsters.)
A: Yes, famous Final Fantasy bosses will appear in Skirmishes. Even in Phase 3, they’ve added a lot to the battles and quest battles to balance them and make them challenging. Some of the main scenario battles at low level aren’t hard to complete, but after that they should become more challenging. (HINT: Don’t sell your Antidotes!)

Q: Will the Garlean Emperor Solus zos Galvus make an appearance?
A: He appeared briefly in the original scenario. He built the Garlean Empire up in his lifetime and is now terminally ill, and the Imperial Legatus under him are plotting to seize his power. They have a lot of content planned for the Empire, just as there was content and story in Version 1.0. The Empire will be a constant threat, despite their strength or weakness.

Q: Any craftable or special chocobo barding?
A: Yes! Players want to craft barding for chocobos and armor for Magitek units.

Q: Will there be a mentoring system in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn?
A: Within the Free Company system, we are planning a Mentor system. There are also anti-RMT measures we’re taking.

Q: What sort of changes have been made to the “Relic Reborn” quest from Version 1.0?
A: It hasn’t really changed that much, but it will still be hard, and you’ll need items from Ifrit and Garuda fights to proceed. It will still be a challenge. You won’t need to do Hamlet Defense, though!

Yoshida’s closing address to the fans. In a mere eleven hours, Phase 3 will go live, and it will start on PlayStation 3 and PC. There’s going to be a lot of new content, and so Yoshi-P is going to sleep at his hotel and get up early to correspond with the staff in Japan to make sure everything is done right!

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  • gmoyajp

    This is the news i been waiting for since the dawn of ARR and man am sooo excited to see how they turn out just one thing wish Summoner pet be size of FFXI pet but still cool that hallfire animation is about that size so it make up for it!!

    scholar got a fairy so cool!!

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  • AgitoXIII

    SCH is just a healer? They were also nukers in XI -.-

  • can’t wait to play both SMN and SCH!

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