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The Development Team for Final Fantasy XIV Releases Multiple Small Updates

May 7th, 2017 by Raptorchan


Over the past couple of days, the Development team for Final Fantasy XIV has been gradually releasing small snippets of Stormblood information along side some screenshots and even some artwork.

Naoki Yoshida, Director of Final Fantasy XIV, had posted some screenshots of his character on the official FFXIV forums. He explains he was doing some final checks with Samurai and other related content and wanted to share some of it. He also mentioned the thread could get taken down if he was scolded by Project Manager M. Sneaky, sneaky Yoshi-P!

These were the first two screenshots posted in Yoshida’s “sneaky thread.” The first screenshot was during his finalization of Samurai; he wanted to showcase Kugane at night time. The second image is of the new Black Mage action, which he decided to capture using the new /gpose feature that allows you to snap screenshots using combat actions.

Later in the same thread, he snuck in three more screenshots. He thanked everyone for their supporting comments and wanted to share more. Be careful Yoshida, don’t get in trouble!

He explained he was checking out Red Mage, Dragoon and Bard.

  • For Red Mage, he was using the /gpose feature again, and his post seems to trail off when he goes to mention what location the Red Mage is in.
  • Dragoon is at The Ruby Sea, he thought the morning sunrise was simply beautiful.
  • Bard is in the Azim Steppe at sunset, showing off a new bard action with a flute.

Yoshida apologized for the screenshot quality being lowered because of the forum size restrictions and explained he didn’t do any real touch ups, but was happy with the screenshot turnout all the same.

He may upload more in the future, as his second post in the thread mentioned he wasn’t going to be in the office on Sunday, but he wanted to add more. This is assuming he doesn’t get scolded by the project manager! So we’ll be keeping an eye out on the official forums just in case.

On the Lodestone side of things, we had two new Developer Blogs go up. The first was Storming the Dungeon.

Project Manager M was tasked with assisting some of the Development Team with testing the new battle system and running a couple of the dungeons. M mentioned she was not informed of the new battle system changes beforehand, and noticed said changes almost immediately. She was about to adjust to the new changes over the course of the session.

She was also unable to grab screenshots of combat situations, since she was the group’s healer (and apparently Yoshida, their Black Mage, kept trying to tank), so she was very busy keeping her party alive. She also explains Yoshida was testing out the new flashy spells for Black Mages, and while he was pleased with the results, the spells were apparently too flashy, and adjustments had to be made.

There was also an attempt to explain something related to the spells Cleric Stance and Esuna, but the messages were deleted by some unseen force. We will just have to wait until Stormblood (Or maybe the upcoming live letter?) to find out what happened to these spells.

Moving onto the second Development Blog posted this week: Release the D.

Project Manager M was able to snap two more screenshots before taking off for the weekend.

The first is of Yoshida’s character. M explained that his Lalafell looked very calm, which is apparently super rare, So she got a screenshot of the moment to share with everyone.

The second image showcases the addition of the forth placement Marker. The letter D has finally made its appearance! Horray!

M also showed off this photo as well. A bunch of Cup Noodles. The Development team is very hard at work finalizing Stormblood, so a lot of Cup Noodles were brought to the office for them to eat. They recommend the curry flavor.


And finally, the Final Fantasy XIV official Instagram account is gradually revealing a beautiful art piece related to the upcoming expansion. When the full piece is revealed, we’ll be sure to post it on our Twitter.

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