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The Crossover Outfits of Lightning Returns

July 17th, 2013 by Tony Garsow

In the thirteen days remaining before the end: Lightning, our heroine, will journey across the land of Nova Chrysalia in an attempt to forestall Doomsday until she can lead humanity to a new world. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will feature a robust equipment system in which you will assemble Schemata or outfits comprised of weapons, armor, and accessories. The Schemata bestow Lightning with various powers, both passive and active. Equipment is so important in fact, that it will be the main system in which Lightning’s combat parameters can be improved.

You can also customize the color of Lightning’s gear through pre-selected color pallets or by choosing your own. Not only will this change be reflected in travel and combat, but the game’s cutscenes as well.

At this year’s E3 and at Japan Expo this month, we learned that Square Enix will introduce special crossover promotion between Lightning Returns and Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. We also learned that Lightning and Snow outfits would come to Eorzea, as well as weapons from the cast. The next reveal was that Lightning would in fact make a cameo in the game that, according to director Yoshida, will be made to make sense within the canon of both games. (More on that here.)

Yoshinori Kitase and Motomu Toriyama also displayed a new Final Fantasy XIV-themed outfit at E3 for Lightning based on the Miqo’te female you may choose to play as in the upcoming MMORPG. This outfit was recently revealed in the newest Jump, seen below. Lightning has a different victory pose depending on the base outfit she dons, and she can be seen performing the Miqo’te “/pose” emote unique to that race. A special “Black Mage” outfit for Lightning is also available.

Outfits from other Final Fantasy games have been confirmed such as the SOLDIER outfit and Buster Sword from Final Fantasy VII. By pre-ordering the game for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, you’ll be able to acquire this outfit and weapon, which will also give Lightning a unique victory pose much like Cloud’s from the original FFVII. A Yuna outfit from Final Fantasy X is also in the works.

Back in January when we met the team in San Francisco for their debut event, the subject of DLC was brought up — specifically what the team’s plan was based on reaction to the various types we saw in Final Fantasy XIII-2. Final Fantasy “Legacy” outfits — outfits like the “Black Mage” and “White Mage” were the most well-received. While other outfits, such as a trio of Samurai-themed wear, is also planned, could more of these outfits come to Lightning Returns? Time will tell!

What are your thoughts about currently-announced outfits for Lightning Returns? Are there any you would like to see added to the game, or would you prefer other types of outfits instead? Leave us your thoughts in a comment below.

Lightning's Final Fantasy XIV-themed duds.

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  • TheBadass

    I hope they include an outfit from ever past FF.

    FFI: Warrior of Light
    FFII: Firion
    FFIII: Luneth
    FFIV: Cecil
    FFV: Faris
    FFVI: Locke
    FFVII: Cloud
    FFVIII: Squall
    FFIX: Garnet
    FFX: Yuna
    FFXI: Prishe
    FFXII: Ashe
    FFXIV: Miqo’te

  • Chris

    That outfit shes wearing above should’ve been her main outfit in the first FFXIII. Watch how many copies of the game would’ve sold then. HELL I WOULD’VE BOUGHT IT THEN! >.<

  • Elverin

    Squall’s outfit from Final Fantasy VIII – that’s what they should consider and make in the upcoming game.

  • Ixbran

    I would love to see her in Terra (VI)’s outfit, based on her Dissidia incarnation. I was always fond of the design, and I think Lightnings pink hair would go with it perfectly.

    I also cant wait to see more of the Yuna outfit, i’m hoping its attacks will function like Yuna play style in Dissidia 012.

    also, with KHIII in the works, maybe they could get Disney’s permission to give her an Aqua or maybe a Kairi costume? would be kick ass.

  • alexsam

    Seriously, with all these outfits, Lightning has left me so confused. Is she feminine? Is she a she-male? Is she a man trapped in a woman’s body? Is she a cute 21-year-old girl? What is she???

  • ff789n10


  • AnimaMagna

    I would really like a Quistis costume. Lightning wielding that whip would look stunning.

  • MrSensei915

    Is this Square’s version of wrapping food in bacon to make them better?

  • e-

    alexsam: what do you think? really…
    mrsensei915: omg so compelling, please go away and play your ff7 somewhere else.

  • anony

    what next sora outfit lightning, aya brea costume is plausible

  • anony

    @alexsam, toriyama is behind this all based on his weirds ideas, he didn’t had much control on ffx turned out good but it sequel when he had total control for some reasons (although it is a good game).