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Please Look Forward To It (Beta Episode)

April 18th, 2015 by Tony Garsow

Join Erren Van Duine (Nova Crystallis), Michael Damiani (GameTrailers), and myself for a beta episode of Please Look Forward To It, where we talk about the latest in Final Fantasy and perhaps a few diversions. This time we talk about the opening cinematic for Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward and what we’re looking forward to in the expansion, new Dissidia Final Fantasy details, and a bit about the newly-announced Star Ocean V: Integrity and Faithlessness.

Since our chat ran a little long, be sure to check out (Part 1) and (Part 2).

And as always, feel free to leave a comment below regarding the topics on the podcast, topics you’d like to see covered in the future, or your general feedback. Enjoy!


  • AgitoXIII

    Im really surprised and stunned you guys didnt do write up on tbe XV demo. That was a huge deal. Mayne you guys did somewhere.and i missed it… I mean
    s its been out a month now.

  • Josh Asher

    I’m disappointed you guys completely ignored FF XV and Type-0 in this podcast (barring extremely brief mentions) because you were too busy gushing over FF XIV. XIV is great don’t get me wrong, but I don’t know HOW anyone can play that game and still manage to play other stuff. I know it’s not just me, that game completely CONSUMED me because there was just an endless amount of content with more being added all the time, that with having a job and other stuff, I had really no time to play any other games. It was pretty much all or nothing with me concerning that game, I either played nothing but XIV or I didn’t play XIV at all, so for that reason I finally quit because I don’t wanna dedicate my life to one single game, no matter how good. Seriously though, you guys should’ve talked about XV demo and Type-0, why didn’t you? Oh right, XIV.

    And is Erren Van Duine the same Kagari who taunted FF XV fans in 2014 around E3 by saying
    “XV fans should expect to cry buckets at E3″ or something along those lines? The same Kagari who has made many false predictions, claims, and assumptions in the past and ended up making a fool of herself? Why you guys hanging out with someone like that? Well hey it’s not my place to judge of course, I’m just saying that is questionable character.

    And about S05, yeah the character designs are too crazy. The thing is that they only really got over the top starting with S04, before that they were pretty tolerable. Now they’re just losing it with this stuff.

  • Tony Garsow


    We’ve talked about Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae and Final Fantasy Type-0 HD in previous podcasts actually, but since then, there really hasn’t been much by way of new information — as compared to say, developments regarding Final Fantasy XIV.

    This show is still kinda in a “beta phase” so I apologize if you missed our previous stuff — but we’re planning to continue this summer if all of our IRL lives can cooperate. Our range of topics will most definitely include developments for Final Fantasy titles, though we’ll likely talk about some other titles here and there.

    Erren’s a good friend of mine that I’ve had the pleasure of working with many times over the years.

    I’ve been wrong on predictions. It sucks. PR plans can sometimes change at the drop of the hat – even days before big events like E3. I don’t think making predictions that don’t turn out is a measure to judge character, nor a justifiable reason to deny anyone a seat in a discussion. It’s all ephemeral anyway – either it turns out or it doesn’t.

    Maybe some have too much stock in the hype game.

    (Slight tangent, I’ve also had the displeasure of reading some hurtful things posted about her too, merely for expressing her opinion though predictions, op-eds, or reviews. Eye-rolling stuff, to be sure.)

    Thanks for your listening and posting your thoughts,

  • Josh Asher

    Oh ok, I thought this was the first podcast, because you guys were talking like “oh we want to do this regularly from now on.” And I visit this site every day, I pretty much read all your posts and updates, yet somehow I missed those previous podcasts. But it’s cool about XIV, like I said it’s a great game and just listening to the conversation I really wanted to get back into it and now feel like I’m missing out big time on Heavensward, but I can’t go back haha, it’s just too addicting.

    I’m sorry I didn’t mean to badmouth you or Erren, I guess I just have a wrong impression mainly because of like you said, hurtful things posted. Personally I saw a lot of it on GameFAQs FF XV board around E3 last year, and it was very toxic and negative. But GameFAQs is always kind of a toxic environment. Just from listening to this podcast I think Erren is actually pretty cool and a lot of what people say about her is unjustified. So I apologize and didn’t mean any offense. I did enjoy this podcast for what it’s worth and looking forward to what you guys do in future.

  • Tony Garsow

    Yeah, it’s shitty and unfortunate. Hopefully those people will move on.

    Anyway, I’ll bring up the possibility of covering more Final Fantasy games within the scope of a single show – but that rests on what developments there are. If there’s not much news maybe we can find a recent topic and expand on that.

    The next one might be after E3 or before Heavensward, can’t really say yet.

  • Josh Asher

    Well what exactly is your guy’s main motivation or goal in making the podcasts? Or rather, what is the main theme? Because if it’s not just strictly limited to completely new stuff, I think it would be cool if you talked about the series history in general sometimes, like maybe have an episode focused on FF VIII, another on FF XII, etc. That would be cool

  • Felipe Medeiros

    I dont think you guys understand the significance of Square showing the fames of truth video. They felt obliged to show it cause a vast majority of the player base didnt bother finish t12. FFXIV raids fails too much. The fan census shows that less than 600 ppl per server cleared it. I think they should not be expending resources on something too few ppl bother to play.

  • Josh Asher

    Yeah I hear that. I couldn’t even finish Twintania (forget which turn it was…T5? T6? something like that) not because of me, no I played perfectly, but because in most parties, there would always be like at least 1-2 people AT BEST (almost everybody at worst) dying every time to divebombs or even before that. And on the rare occasion all of us DID somehow manage to make it past DBs and the snakes into Twister phase, it would always fall apart around the 20% HP left mark. The lowest I probably ever saw Twintania at was maybe 10%. Fact is, most people suck at XIV. Hell, even when I had a damn elite party try to CARRY me through it, all people who had already cleared it mind you, and some of them multiple times at that, these people still failed during Twister phase and finally just gave up after like 5 tries. Postgame FF XIV is hardest of hardcore IMO and maybe only 20% of all players can hack it