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Adventure In Pictures: Firefall Faire

August 19th, 2011 by Tony Garsow

As we previously reported, the Firefall Faire is in full swing across the land of Eorzea, bringing many Final Fantasy XIV players into the city. Here, they can witness a display of fireworks and embark on a quest to retrieve the ashes of a bomb incinerated on a special altar. Players are provided with the necessary clothing to wrangle the bombards, but come in the form of “heat-resistant” swimwear. For those who retrieve enough of the ashes, they can purchase holiday items from a special vendor, including special swimsuits in a multitude of colors.

Should you wish to participate in the event, you will be able to do so until August 29th. I personally took part in the event, so for those of you inquisitive as to what’s going on this summer in Eorzea, look no further!

Dear Diary,

It hasn’t been a full day since I’ve arrived in Limsa Lominsa, and already my luck has taken a turn for the better. You see, this week is none other than the Firefall Faire, which means an easy meal ticket and a drink at the pub for yours truly. I spied the Firefall Faire booth from afar, drawing near so that the Mi’qote lass would notice the inquisitive smile on my mug. Much to my dismay, she spoke with a gentle croon of the Cascadiers who have been troubled with a Bombard menacing travelers in the hills of La Noscea. Knowing full well the consequences of meddling with Bombkin, I reluctantly accepted.

I was instructed to bring the Bombard to a shrine in Aleport where it could explode safely; once that was done, I must retrieve the ashes it would leave behind. The lass presented me with fireproof “gear” with which to handle the beastie, and sent me on my way. As I changed into my new equipment with haste, I realized that my flesh was more barren than anticipated. A throng of my most devoted and conveniently out-of-camera-view fans had shown up to cheer me on, and I beckoned them away to no avail. I hightailed it across the city to avoid being swamped while in my skivvies. How embarrassing.

It was then that brilliant fireworks shot into the sky above the city proper, and I was taken aback by their bright colors. Donning the rest of my gear so that I was in a presentable state, I regained my courage to face the bombard, and teleported out of the city to the camp nearest to my destination.

As I emerged in camp, I let out a bestial roar of confidence, ready to face what came my way. I was met with icy stares as I realized I had not arrived in Camp Skull Valley, but Camp Bearded Rock. With my face flushed red, I immediately set out for the proper camp, noting to not return any gazes piercing my back. Bother.

Later on, after arriving in Skull Valley and setting out into the wilds, I searched for my rendezvous with the Cascadiers. However, I met the bombard first, aglow in terrifying hellfire. I gulped. A whisper came from the bushes as I overheard my contact; she beckoned me to her, and I realized we were not alone. Others from Limsa had journeyed here to send the bombard to a fiery death, and our mutual agreement to work together was met with all nodding in the affirmative. The Cascadier assured us that if we were to distract the Bombard and lead it to Aleport, we wouldn’t have to risk any injury. Our group set about the Bombard at once, throwing cacophonous hoots and devilish gyrations in its direction. It was working!

If only the meddlesome chigoes had kept at bay from the Bombard’s bright light. (I had heard something about insects being attracted to light such as this…) They easily fell under my rusty blade as we made for the secluded harbor.

The road to Aleport leads through a winding cavern near the coast, and our group did the best we could to corral the bombard through it. Our footfalls mixed with the screech of pursuing chigoes and the bewitching sound of flames licking the humid air. It was not long before we broke into the town’s perimeter with the bombard in tow. We had deftly handled the last of the buggers by then and we scrambled to find the aforementioned altar. The bombard was mysteriously led to the center of the altar when we found it, without our effort. Soon erupted in a pyre flame that illuminated our bodies at the buildings in the quaint village. I collected the ash left in its wake and bid my compatriots good-bye.

At long last I returned to the Mi’qote lass in Limsa Lominsa, grinning with my prize. She accepted the satchel of bombard ash with glee, inviting me to peruse her sundries. In exchange for my help, she sent me off with a respectable sum of gil. I offered to give her back the tight-fitting garments she lent me, but was only met with a firm shake of her head. Hmm, I wonder why? I waved farewell as the moon came out from behind one of the great spires in the city. Gil slid through my fingers as I made for The Drunken Wench, known for loose banter and looser women. The night was still young!

Here’s to a gillion’s worth of golden ale!
Grimm Grandiron

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  • Jeels

    Can’t wait for my own adventures in Eorzea!

  • Jackst

    She invited you to peruse her sundries?

    Keep it clean Sham 😛

  • Aluminah

    Heat-resistant swimwear?
    Ahah, how is that not an oxymoron? eheh.

  • gmoyajp

    well this swimsuit event is gonna end next month.if you get all swimsuit collection for your character, you can make wallpaper lucky my char is a female hume ^ ^just like FFXI.