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Final Fantasy Network » News » Recap of the 36th Letter from the Producer LIVE!
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Recap of the 36th Letter from the Producer LIVE!

May 23rd, 2017 by Raptorchan


The 36th Letter from the Producer LIVE happened this past Monday. The Letter lasted roughly four hours, so there is quite a lot to cover.

Toshio “Foxclon” Murouchi appeared to be sick this letter, and had a very tired voice. He had high spirits though, and made Yoshida and their translator laugh quite a bit with his Darth Vader-like voice. Please feel better, Foxclon!

LiveLetter01Naoki Yoshida informed the viewers that the live letter would be covering the battle system changes for both Player VS Environment(PvE) and Player VS Player(PvP). Yoshida also mentioned that some of the icons and artwork that would appear in the live stream were not the final product and would change upon Stormblood’s release.

General PvE Changes and Action Roles

Since 1.0, the battle system for FFXIV has always been a little complex. The biggest issues they faced were:

  • Complex Job rotations.
  • Not enough bar space for actions.
  • Too much focus on Status buffs or stances.
  • Hardcore and Casual player disparity.
  • Lack of synergy between certain classes. (Ex: Monk lacked party support abilities)

The changes that were made:

  • Abolishing Additional Actions. They are replacing them with Action Roles. Tank, Healer, Melee/DPS, Ranged/DPS and Caster/DPS will each have their own Role Actions which will negate the need to level separate jobs for certain skills. (Ex: All tanks will have access to Flash immediately)
  • Raging Strikes was removed from the game and Quelling Strikes was added to Action Roles.
  • Deleted actions will be grayed out and must be removed.
  • You can only have Five Action Roles at one time.
  • Reprisal is one of the additional tank actions, there is also an AoE Provoke.
  • For Melee DPS: Reprisal is now in Action Roles, so is Blood Bath and Goad. There is also a new ability that negates positionals for 15 seconds.
  • For Ranged DPS: Bard songs have been unified.
  • For Healers: Damage will be calculated into MIND, so now healers are able to DPS without the need for cleric stance. Cleric stance was moved to Action Roles and is a temporary damage boost buff, so now it is an option for players. Eye for Eye has been updated as well and Esuna is a Role Action.
  • Healers have a new ability as well: Rescue! You can pull people toward you to save them from dangerous situations.
  • The removal of underused/unused abilities.
  • Some abilities have been merged and are automatically placed on your action bar. Example: Stone becomes Stone II. Players will no longer have multiple levels of the same spell on their bar.
  • Alternatively, AoE ranked spells such as Thunder and Thunder II will be separated. Example: Thunder and Thunder III merged, while Thunder II and the upcoming Thunder IV will be merged and turned into its own ability.
  • The trait Parry has been removed from tank armor and has been replaced by Tenacity. Tenacity raises damage dealt and reduces damage taken.
  • The trait Accuracy has been removed from DPS armor and has been replaced by Direct Hit. Direct Hit lands more than a Critical, but does less damage. It is possible to land both a Critical and Direct Hit simultaneously.
  • DPS will now have 100% chance to hit monsters the same level or lower. This percentage changes depending where the player is standing. (Ex. Standing behind the boss raises the percentage to 110%)
  • Piety will now be a sub trait, and races that have piety as a main stat will have this trait changed accordingly.
  • Tanks damage comes from the Strength attribute, but most of their accessories will have vitality. They can equip strength accessories.
  • Other job accessories now have restrictions? (Ex: Ninjas can not equip White Mage accessories)

Job Gauges


Another major change being added in Stormblood is the Job Gauge. They are a new Graphical Displays specialized for each job’s unique actions. The Gauge is to help you keep track of your stances and buffs, such as Greased Lightning or Sword Oath. They add emphasis on visual cues rather than numerical cues, but they left numerical cues in there for people who prefer it.

With these changes, it should help with disparity between the hardcore and casuals, as it will be easier to notice when your buffs are about drop or what stance you are in. It’s easily noticeable in the corner of your screen, allowing players to focus on boss fight mechanics.

Job Gauges will change as you level up and the size of the gauges can be reduced or expanded in the HUD settings.

Job Actions



  • Cards are easier to manage with the gauge
  • Possibly shows you what card you will draw next?
  • Now as an AOE that changes effect depending how long it’s been placed. It will eventually explode into a series of stars.


  • No cast times.
  • Gauge changes with songs.

Black Mage

  • Black Mages can run all over the place while casting now, and have an ability that pulls them back to their Ley Lines instantly.
  • Has a timer that counts down Enochian and when it needs to be recast
  • Shows a player if they have astral fire or umbral ice
  • Enochian is now gated behind Umbral Ice or Astral Fire. As long as you have either Ice or Fire up, Enochian is useable.
  • A new ability, Foul. Can only be cast if the player has kept Enochian up for 30 seconds. It cannot be stacked.
  • Thunder IV is an AoE.

Dark Knight

  • Black Blood gauge allows DRK’s to use new actions.
  • Players can accumulate blood through weapon skills


  • Upon filling the gauge, the eye changes color.
  • When the eye is activated, Blood of the Dragon changes red as they gain Gaze of the First brood.


  • No cast times
  • Now has a flamethrower barrel.
  • Attention to the gauge is key, it affects actions.


  • Monks now get a party-wide buff to aid their companions in battle.
  • Additionally, you can be affected by other status buffs from other party members while under this ability to add to your Chakra. This added Synergy to Monk.


  • Gauge fills with autoattacks.
  • Using the gauge allows the player to use three different kinds of attacks.
  • Has an action that summons a giant attack frog for a few seconds.


  • Gauge changes depending on what oath the player is in.
  • The gauge fills as the player performs actions in that particular oath.
  • Paladins now block 100%
  • Block works in all directions, not just frontal but behind as well.
  • Can block Magic Damage
  • Has a new ability that creates shining wings behind the player, allowing party members to seek shelter behind the Paladin. Damage against party members is reduced by 15% and makes the Paladin’s block rate 100%. This ability is canceled upon movement.

Red Mage

  • Gauge has two sides: White magic and Black magic.
  • It is important to fill both sides equally, the RDM is all about balance.
  • Raising both sides of the gauge will result in the RDM ability: Spell Blade.
  • Possesses a Chain spell ability. Casting two spells with the same cast times will result in the third spell being instantaneous.


  • Combos will open up Sen on the gauge.
  • Depending on how many Sen a player opens on the gauge will possibly determine what abilities can be used.


  • Now have a channeling ability.
  • Channeling allows your Fairy to continuously heal a target.


  • Upon obtaining two stacks of Dreadwyrm Trance, Summoners can call forth Bahamut to fight with them temporarily.


  • Wrath has been replaced with Inner Beast Gauge
  • Character’s eyes will glow red when Inner Beast is released.
  • Once filled, a WAR can use Fell Cleave roughly four times.
  • Art for gauge changes depending if the WAR is in deliverance or defiance.

White Mage

  • Lilies on the gauge decrease cast time.
  • Filling the gauge also allows for other abilities to be used.
  • Actions will focus more on healing.

PvP Changes

Like for PvE, PvP faced a lot of issues that made it overly complex and not entirely accessible to all players, those issues being:

  • Level restrictions too high.
  • Too many abilities.
  • PvP is too different from PvE.
  • Action point disparity.
  • Overly complex controls.

The changes that were made:

  • Removal of the level 60 restriction. You now only need to have unlocked a job (level 30) to partake in any PvP mode.
  • PvP attributes are now determined by role(Tank, Healer, Melee, Ranged and Caster). These attributes are now equal for each respective role.
  • Everyone appears to have the same amount of health. (12500)
  • Gear no longer affects PvP and is now only for appearances.
  • A separate PvP action bar. This bar appears as soon as you enter a PvP zone. A notification tells you when your bar switches between modes.
  • Players will now only have 9 or 10 of their actions in PvP zones, plus an additional 2 actions of the player’s choice and Adrenaline.
  • Combo actions have been combined into one button. So hitting one button will sift it through a job’s full combo rotation in the correct order. (Ex: True Thrust will turn into Vorpal Thrust upon hitting the action.) This frees up space on action bars.
  • Positional have been removed for melee DPS.
  • For BLM: Sleep’s effect time has been shortened, and the more it is cast, the more players will gradually resist it until it no longer takes effect.
  • BLM now apparently plays entirely differently in PvP than PvE.


General Updates


  • A wolf-like mount has been confirmed for the 4.0 series as the Primal Mount. It can fly.
  • They showcased mount speed increase, the difference is very noticeable.
  • You unlock the first rank of speed doing the MSQ(this speed is automatically unlocked in older zones such as A Realm Reborn). The second rank of speed, you must complete a special quest.
  • Tank mounts make a return, but this time they’re armored. They can also fly.
  • Level Boost and Main Scenario Questline Shortcut items are being implemented.
  • These shortcuts alleviates playtime between new and veteran players, and lessens time to reach end-game content. And increases the opportunities to play with friends and family, without them being locked behind content.

Main Scenario Shortcut:

  • Only Main Scenario quests count. There are two versions: Tales of Adventure, A Realm Reborn and Tales of Adventure, Heavensward.
  • For ARR: It flags all quests as complete up to 2.55, so if you want to jump right to Heavensward content, this is the item you want to buy.
  • Tales of Adventures: Heavensward jumps to 3.56, preparing you for Stormblood.
  • There are no level restrictions.
  • These story skip items will not raise your level, just flag the MSQ as completed depending on the package you buy.
  • This item is intended to help new players or returning players catch up to their friends quickly.
  • Features include: A chocobo that will be randomly named, your grand company will be based on starting zone and MSQ completion.
  • Select sidequests will be flagged complete, but dungeons will not be, notifying veteran players of a new dungeon runner.
  • You can review the cutscenes you missed in the Never Ending Journey.
  • The MSQ Shortcut will be available for purchase on the Mogstation June 16th. US Prices: ARR skip is $18, HW is $25

Level Jump:

  • Will be restricted to one Jump potion per account upon release. And can only be used on one Job. It is only temporary until Patch 4.1.
  • Features: Level 60 gear + weapon, All Job quests completed, All actions learned, Hall of the Novice access granted.
  • Boosting your level to 60 does not flag the MSQ as completed, allowing players to go through the content like a new game+ if desired.
  • Red Mage and Samurai will not be able to be level jumped.
  • Available June 16th, US price: $25.



  • Final Fantasy XIV will be at E3! They will be having another Live Letter there, as well as a battle challenge with a new Stormblood Primal.
  • E3 stream details will be announced in the near future.
  • The Far Edge of Fate, a Heavensward OST, releases June 7th. It comes with bonus footage from Japan’s FanFest and a Nidhogg minion.
  • Fat Chocobo plush cushion goes on sale in July, with preorders beginning in June. Yoshida confirmed the plush is very soft and comfortable and he loves to hold it while playing FFXIV. He mentioned it is high quality, so it’s a bit pricy.
  • Trials of Bahamut Real Escape Game dates fully announced, tickets on sale now.
  • Final Fantasy XIV Project Mapping is an original video that showcases the fight between the Warriors of Light and Bahamut. It is only available in Japan.
  • Reminder of the Eorzean Symphony in Tokyo Japan.
  • “I am your father.” -Foxclon


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