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Toriyama hints at future XIII announcement

July 5th, 2012 by Tony Garsow

Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2 director Motomu Toriyama was recently interviewed by Famitsu at this year’s Game Developers Conference in Taipei. When the subject of a further plans for the XIII series came up — possibly announcing something at Square Enix’s 25th Anniversary event for the Final Fantasy series, Toriyama hinted at an announcement in the possible near future. Toriyama has cryptically hinted that the Final Fantasy XIII series may have continuation in some form before.

“The [FFXIII-2] Lightning download content had an ending that left a feeling mystery and hope. The day when the meaning of this will come to light is not too far off.”

Two possible venues come to mind: the 25th Anniversary event on August 31st through September 2nd, and Tokyo Game Show 2012 which will run from September 20th to the 23rd. Toriyama briefly commented on the status of Final Fantasy X HD, citing that there are many things to consider and asked fans anticipating the remaster to please patiently wait.

Via: Famitsu, AndriaSang


  • Cody

    Oh god no..please.. if anything I only wanna see a movie. That would be awesome, something like advent children.

    Also, I hope to gosh they mention something about Type-0. I think everyone has forgotten about that title, but that’s one that I really wanna see come to NA.

  • Shadowcatdoll09

    Yes! I can’t wait, I wonder what the FFXIII-3 trailer will look like?

  • anony

    Toriyama must do His own ip instead using an existing franchise, see 3rd birthday for example. That should be his test without causing any complains.

    I know final fantasy will be alright, but with toriyama on board it becoming more of an eyecandy with less final fantasy like. If ito is back to another one he’ll make a good one for sure.

    I know hashimoto is in charge of port for ffx hd, which he did previous port as well like ff4 advance. It seems like toriyama is just guessing on ffx hd and i guess he’ll probably say to similar thing on type 0 localization or versus.

  • anony

    I’m really anxious on ff10 hd news, I guess TGS is best bet for it and the team probably update textures. i.e. probably make the party look good on battle system and real time. I wonder will square include international version and new content as well. Mostly likely int version will be added since europe has it.

  • dan hibiki

    I used to love FFXIII, then I took a FFXIII-2 in my knee…

    This is pure madness. FFXIII was never meant to have a sequel, Toriyama made it just because he isn’t enough adult to withstand the complainings. And this sequel just spoiled the storyline with his nonsensical plot. This “series” is begging for a true ending, please end it and move on on something else. Anything else. (*cough*Versus*cough*Type-0)

  • Ixbran

    Id rather have a XIII-3 over a remake of that shoddy FF7.

  • Hanna Yuki

    I’d rather hear news on the localization of Type-0 than anything else. I couldn’t really care less about Versus, X HD, or XIII. I just hope that Type-0 will be available soon, if possible in December/February.

  • Chocobo

    XIII-2 was actually pretty good.

  • Anon

    Honestly, I don’t really care WHAT FF game we get next as long as we get one soon. It could be Type 0 XIII-3 or Versus, I really don’t care because even with it’s flaws Square still makes phenomenal games!

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  • Aika

    Wait…what? I didn’t even play FF XIII-2 yet and they’re already thinking about the “future” XIII again before worrying with the other titles they still have to release?

    I’m a big fan of FF and I’m planning on playing all the games I can get my hands on, but still, this thing irritates me, I don’t even feel like supporting them anymore, because they have at least two different titles that fans keep asking about (type-0 and versus XIII). Seriously? Get over it Square. I know this is only my opinion, but I’m pretty sure I’m not the only who feels this way *looks at some comments above* Yet FF XIII still gets all the attention even if people are already sick of it.

  • UndeadNecroMage

    So an FFVII remake’s out of the picture, but XIII-2 made enough money to be worth a sequel. It’s times like this when I look at Dissidia012 and FFIV:CC as if they were the last video games I’ll play ….
    Just curious, is Lightning really as cool as SE seems to think, or am I just biased against her? I never found her anything more than “fresh” and a little sexy. Beyond that I actually dug Paine more.

  • Axwind

    I think SE is trying to force the whole XIII series into being a classic like VII was, because they want to make another pivotal game like VII. But reality doesn’t work that way. A classic isn’t something you manufacture, it happens organically, and only through the will of the playerbase. I’ve played XIII-2 a bit, but I just haven’t been able to get into it as much as past FF’s, even the original XIII. What SE needs to do is stop making Compilations and stick to the formula they once used so long ago: one game, one world. Next game, next world. And so on. No further sequels or spinoffs. Each game to stand alone as its own world and system, as they once did in the days of the single-numbered FF’s. They’ve never been the same since they went to two digits.

  • Aika

    “I think SE is trying to force the whole XIII series into being a classic like VII was, because they want to make another pivotal game like VII. But reality doesn’t work that way.”

    ^This. Axwind, what you just wrote is totally true and I couldn’t agree more with you on that. (I know I’m being stubborn, but I really needed to comment about this. XD)

  • dan hibiki

    I kneel before Axwind’s wisdom

  • Cody

    I agree with axwind. There is even proof of this in the fact that Lightning was originally created to resemble a female cloud.

  • friend

    100% agree with axwind and even cody for that matter. Nomura outright said lighting design as a female cloud but kitase and toriyama dobunks it.

    imo ff7 is better than ff13. Imo, The some of ff7 complication (most ff:acc and ff:cc) is better than ff13-2 and hopefully ff13-3. Ironically toriyama only involved in the main game for ff7 but not in complication.

    In wikipedia, it says toriyama had bigger involvement in ff7, and ff10 which is just a big bs. Those are two great games among fan and critics. In ff7 is was just event planner for few scenes and ff10 we just a event director. Any other role in those two game was minimal, the story credit should go to nojima.

  • meep

    Axwind is right. Hell, I think SE knows that they havn’t made an FF to match up with FFVII’s dizzying standards. Its a tough act to follow.

  • Anon

    Seriously, why does everyone always bring up VII?! I tried to play it again recently, and while I was caught in the hype the first time I played it, the next few tries I just could’t get through. And I think, is it really THAT good? Honestly nope. It’s overhyped. And let’s be honest here we have NO idea what Square is up to. They probably already finished a 3rd game and are just waiting to announce it, without any interruption in development with the other games. Am I really the only one that REALLY enjoyed XIII and it’s sequel? To me what they did with the sequel took some real Balls and I’m actually glad they did it. I guess I see it differently. They’ve said that it’s much easier now to create sequels than new numbered titles. And honestly I can live with them until they release new games. They are still amazing games!

  • I’d like to clarify a couple of things, and share a few thoughts:

    Square has numerous teams working on different projects. Don’t think Type-0 and Versus have been shelved just because XIII’s team are discussing their next project.

    It’s been mentioned (on this very site, no less) why a VII remake won’t happen. SE mentioned that it would symbolise that they’ve given up, and have merely returned to past successes to stay afloat. They see VII as a past achievement to overcome – to excel. Not something to look at and say “Meh. We did well enough with this one, let’s chuck it back out there.”
    There’s still a certain honour system within Japan, even today. Square want their creations to provide them pride as well as profit, and so they try to invent new ideas and directions, in the hope of achieving that. If profit were all their people were after, you can be damned sure they’d try an FF7 remake.

    The world of XIII and XIII-2 had a lot of potential, don’t you think? In terms of locations, lore, goings-on, and characters, something wonderful could have been crafted from it. if that’s what they’re still keen on, why can’t we offer support and encouragement with our criticisms? Try to steer them right with our words, but add some enthusiasm? It’d probably be easier for them to discern what works and what doesn’t then, I’d imagine.

  • meep

    “If profit were all their people were after, you can be damned sure they’d try an FF7 remake…”
    True dat. Yet many people still think that SE is trying to make money for making money’s sake.
    Oh and to Anon, at the time, it was what a good JRPG was. Of course, times have changed.
    I’m indifferent to FFXIII and FFXIII-2. Because I dont have a home console 😛

  • Cody

    Honestly, I don’t think it’s really about its performance today in the market, but more about the impact it left on the history of the market all together. Which is the reason most people want a remake, so that SE can bring it up to speed with today’s(graphically speaking) standards. I for one, wouldn’t mind if SE decided not to remake ff7, but I enjoy the continuation of the series, and therefor looking back, only restricts that idea. You even said it yourself, “the first go through was good, but it’s hard to play it in today’s environment.

    Which brings me to my next point, ff13 was okay, in my opinion. I enjoyed the graphics, and the story, but it felt like they were trying too hard to cater to a different audience instead of doing what has worked for them for years. There are plenty of facts to prove that too. With that said, I really want to see what SE does next, not what they have already done twice over(now 3 times). I believe SE is on the brink of understanding their own games are beginning to loose the essence of what they once were, and so the future of FF games looks promising.

  • anony

    @anon. Read what cody says. He is right and also:

    People bring up ff7 becuase it one of the critically acclaim in the history which was revolutionary. It like saying the same thing to oot to they say spirit track or hd zelda.
    Yes it is hyped alot, well the one main reason is ff7 was influentul enough to spawn new stuff like spinoff, and cameos.

    The world of XIII series had a lot of potential, but fail to cater the ff fanbase in terms of some thing like traditional features (fanfare), story and characterization. ff7 annd ff13 are both different game, with different benifits. ff7 is the epic plot created by nomija and ff13 is eyecandy graphics and music.

    Even I think 13 was okay, it would better if this game was on the right hands. I really wish it was handled by nomura since he created the wonderful design of characters or more closely by kitase if he had bigger control.

  • Shadowcatdoll09

    @anon You are so right FFVII is an overrated/overhyped game. Toriyama never said that he wanted FFXIII to be like FFVII hell if you ask me the only thing Lightning got from Cloud was his looks, other than that she acts more like Squall. Toriyama said that Fabula Nova Crystallis Compilation was going to be huge (meaning quite alot of games)in oder to tell the story. He’s going have to make a FFXIII-3 to keep the tale going. FFVersusXIII will be finished eventually seeing as how the KH team is the ones behind the development of that game.

  • Cody

    Claiming something is overrated/overhyped is based on your opinion. However, it is extremely factual that FF7 destroyed the RPG market, and you can see this by how much profit SE has made off of it(even till this day with the new pc release).

    I think it’s safe to say 13(not 13-2) is more similar to 7 than you give it credit for. I can’t dig back that far to pull out exact quotes, but I remember reading the direction for 13 being inspired by ff7. You can see this with the train intro, ominous object in collision with the planet, lightning, etc. However, luckily 13 did manage to pull out something unique after the end of the game.

  • Shadowcatdoll09

    @ Cody Okay they have a couple of things in common but Lightning is nothing like Cloud, the only thing they share are facial features. She was actually in the army, Cloud wasn’t he was a grunt. Lightning didn’t have a fake persona like Cloud did, her character was more like Squall. She warmed up to cheerful person (Snow) she even has a sister who’s missing (crystallized) and later deals alot with time travel.

  • dan hibiki

    Also, you said that the Fabula Nova Crystallis was an huge project and that FFXIII-3 is needed to keep the tale going, but you’ve forgot that the FNC project was meant to be a compilation of games “based on various worlds and different characters, but ultimately based on and expanded upon a common mythos of the crystals” (that’s a direct quote from Nomura). What does this means? It means that originally the FNC project was meant to be a compilation of games indipendent of each other taking place in different worlds, like XIII and Type-0.
    Ergo: direct sequels were not meant to be until uncle Toriyama came up with the idea.

  • Shadowcatdoll09

    @dan Final Fantasy XIII-3 would still expand the FNC universe some what, Final Fantasy XIII-2 wasn’t really supposed to be a direct sequel to FFXIII it was only supposed to tie-in Type-0 but then the idea got cut and it became a direct sequel. (This was taken from the Ultimania Scenario Book)

  • TheLastFantasy

    Since we are on the topic of FF13, yes it heavily inspired by it, was it trying to be like it? maybe. Of course they have said that they wanted Nomura to design a female version of cloud years ago, and it’s pretty obvious by just looking at her. Of course it’s a different character so their personalities are not going to be the same. Also the fact that she is a soilder, and the opening sequence involves a train she is aboard is also a red flag. But i felt like toriyama was either trying too hard to create another FF7 or he just isn’t the right guy for his position.
    Lightning came off to me as phony/fake/cool in the story i really couldn’t take her all that seriously as i could take squall and cloud more seriously. She just, to me, felt like she was trying to hard to be a bad ass, that’s what irked me a bit about her. However at the same time it was fun to play with her. Is toriyama trying to make FF13 into another FF7? My gut feeling tells me that he is, especially since he is continuing on a series that we fans rather not see anymore.

  • anony

    @ThelastFantasy brilliantly said, and same to @ friend. I know what you said bout wikipedia is too much for toriyama and some of it is bs. imo sakaguchi, nomura and kitase should deserve a better technical history then toriyama they influence great square franchises. Ito already got a good page.

    @Shadowcatdoll,don’t forgot ff13-2 was suppose to be serah and monster until kitase knock a little sense to include another main chracter in which is neol. From one of the old interviews.