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Team XIII has a message for you at PAX Prime

August 16th, 2012 by Tony Garsow

Square Enix will be at this year’s PAX Prime to showcase 25 years of the Final Fantasy series. This will be done through playable units from every generation of Final Fantasy as well as games and giveaways (that include the new Final Fantasy XIII-2-themed PlayStation 3 and a poster of Yoshitaka Amano’s artwork) done on the show floor. This all takes place Friday, August 31st from 1:00 to 9:00pm.

In addition to the festivies, a special video message will be played at 7:30pm from the team behind Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2 on what seems to be future developments:

“…fans will also have the opportunity to learn about the new details about the direction of Lightning’s story through a special video message from the esteemed creators Yoshinori Kitase (producer), Motomu Toriyama (director) and Isamu Kamikokuryo (art director).”

PAX Prime runs from August 31st to September 2nd.


  • LordGfet

    I’m afraid of this message…

  • Romangelo

    this is gonna suck -.-

  • anony

    Agree with all the posts above.

    All ff13 series will be known for eyecandy with alright gameplay and great music. I wish someone in the future remake ff13 plotwise and character wise.

  • assclown

    Oh shutup all of the above more like. Anyone who underestimates an unannounced game is a idiot. You don’t know what its gonna be like, I think it’ll be amazing, since they’ll take the lessons they learnt from the first two and apply it to the new one. This is shown in Toriyama’s ability to listen to fans, at least he is bloody delivering. Oh and any of you gamefaqs users can go to hell, that place is the cancer of the gaming community and its the pit of the internet in general. I hate you all, crawl back there and don’t infect this good news site please.

  • Ezbeon

    FFXIII continue on! this will be the last one right?

  • Azuardo

    XIII really has divided people, hasn’t it? Really looking forward to what this next instalment will be like myself. Just hope they don’t lie in our faces this time about Lightning being playable, then only giving her 10 mins and plastering her all over the covers and promotions etc. No story DLC either ffs.

  • light-san

    @assclown: hmm your name suggest that what you are. Stop making judgement about any users b/c this is an ignorant post and very disrespectful to the community from this wonderful website. Dude then there will be alot more post bashing you.

    Dude, your comment is mainly attack most general square fans who likes good stories in a game (even though ff13 was good in other aspect, it story wasn’t good). Some of those fan just buy game for mainly graphics, gameplay and music. They mainly don’t like the direction it is going, they want the overall package. They have valid reasons to be pessimistic or worried on future games involving him. Toriyama may have good ideas, but he doesn’t know how to execute it or express his weird fantasies. You should also see how the 3rd birthday, mindjack and front mission evolve turned out.

    @anony, well said, that what i thinki’m hoping for 13-3, mostly for the gameplay and music.

  • LordGfet

    Please, think more, what makes ff franchise so special?
    They concludes the whole history in only one game.
    And if he really did listen to the fans he would focus on Versus XIII and not creating sequels to game that was already complete since FFXIII.
    And come on, i’m waiting for Versus for 5 years!!!

  • light-san

    @lordgfet: Toriyama isn’t involved or part of the versus team. Nomura is the director of Versus and nojima is the writer. It is possible that he might help on it. If toriyama did listen listen, he’ll send some of his team to help the versus like how versus team helped on developing ff13.

  • LordGfet

    That’s a ideia.

  • whmsyrup

    I’m looking forward to it. I enjoyed both games… I actually preferred XIII-2 over XIII, so I’m kind of bummed about the whole Serah situation, but I still have high hopes for Light :3

  • Anon

    I personally am really excited too, I’ve said oh so many times, but I really can not see how people think the XIII games are considered “crap” or bad. They put a lot of heart into these games. Sure they’re not perfect but neither is any other game in existence! The day they make a perfect game is the day the industry dies.

  • assclown

    @light-san Don’t know what your talking about saying XIIIs storys are bad, thats in the eye of the beholder but anyway, I was a little harsh bout gamefaqs, I don’t have a high opinion of the place though. Also yes its quite true about 3rd Birthday I agree with there but its stupid to think he won’t have the capacity to deliver to the all mighty “general square fans” when in actuality unless its like someones favourite they’ll never truly like anything this guy Toriyama puts out. Also @anon said it right there mate, can’t have a perfect game, suppose I’ll make an example and say FF7, everyone loves it as possible best FF, but it has some glaring flaws. Meh idk maybe bad example.

    Another thing about development teams, it really isn’t that simple to get guys from one team helping another, its not in their jurisdiction. Maybe its true if Toriyama should suggest to help the other team, but Toriyama is in the same boat. I doubt it’ll cross his mind to help someone else when hes busy with his own projects. Im just assuming though. Basically what light-san said.

  • Shadowcatdoll09

    I hope they show a trailer and this time have Lightning fully playable along with Snow and everyone else.

  • fonzyboi

    imo – I think a lot of people couldn’t get over VII is because of the western-ish attidude like the cursing, bada$$ language and all that. Some might be expecting the same feel on the future installments.

    I still respect the opinion of others if they really don’t like the game but I believe there’s a good number of fans waiting for another installment for XIII. I think some of the haters out there would still try the game (if ever there is a new one) once it’s out.

  • rabbi

    this is my opinion.

    But dear god please FF13-2 was a disaster I totally hated the story in it, it was so out of the blue and so damn bad. As I said my opinion but I think FF13 would be better of with all these damn sequels. The promotion for FF13-2 was totally misleading, there was literally only Lightning on the posters sometimes which made it seem like the game is about Lightning (as someone said in the above comments). But when in fact it’s about her sister and a random guy and a random bad guy. And dear god the time travels…*sigh*

    I’m not seeing FF13-3 in a bright light as for now… because there is a huge chance that they’ll add more random characters in the plot which I’m not happy about at all… and then totally make an out of the blue plotline…

    My opinion about this.

  • dreams

    @assclown: I think light-San is trying to say ff13 and ff13-2 were good, in some aspects, but fail to perceive at other aspect. Usually mainstream ff fans expected something better or passable in all aspect in the next final fantasies. Even ff12 got some hate as well, but it wasn’t really like that because like 13 it was different but it still considered as a gem (even it just me or other ff fans) and the general reception it was a less mixed bag then ff13 and ff13-2. I guess everyone who is into FF.’s have different expectations right. Well ff13 is trying to get new audience in, but fail to get most of the old fans. Hope that explains in much detail.

    here is my opinion. I think ff13 was alright, but sometimes in certain parts of the story doesn’t make sense, the story needed to be refined and polish. I think there were certain elements missing, no explanation on certain parts and inconsistent scenes. This might be 13 had development issues. There are a lot of theories, I guess ff13 was suppose to be bigger then it was, but Toriyama cut a lot of things. It could be that he doesn’t know how to execute the story perfectly

    Just like what @rabbi said, ff13-2 story doesn’t make sense. ff13-2 has alot problem in story. Only Toriyama fixed were minor issues. However I’d take ff13 story over ff13-2. Thank God kitase was here to knock some sense, since toriyama was about to create serah only game (source interview).

  • dreams

    ^opps minor error on my last post, it suppose to say only Toriyama fixed minor issues mainly concerning the gameplay and the direction.

  • Lalik

    Yes I’m a fan of XII but I gotta say the story for XIII-2 was a bit on the downside. I don’t the whole time traveling thing was executed that well. And the whole Paradox thingy. XIII was a great game to me. And I feel XIII-2 didn’t live up to it’s first one. Though the battle certainly got better, and it’s music is wonderful. But go ahead and let Square bring on XIII-3 (if that’s what it’s called) and see how they’re ending this. I for one can’t get enough of Lightning.

  • Lalik

    *a fan of XIII

  • Chris

    @assclown And anyone who overestimates an unannounced game is an even bigger idiot. Like how I flipped that around on you? =)

  • Quilonmon

    Question:Why does the ff sequel toriyama involved games seems to devalue female major characters thru transition of the sequel? Costume wise as well?

    Major two examples. yuna for ffx is different from from ffx-2, even I like the Yuna and understand how its going, her main costume is alright. I think Yuna should alteast have a little ffx trait would of been better. Even lightning from good ff13 costume by sexify into ff13-2 but using her as false advertizement for ff13-2 and she does seem like her ff13 self.

    What the heck is toriyama is thinking when creating these games, including 3rd birthday (his idea was in that game as well)? I think he probably make his own weird dream instead considering the magicness and feeling of a wornderful final fantasy like how ito and sakaguchi has.

  • assclown

    @Chris I didn’t overestimate, I said “I THINK” it’ll be amazing then I gave a reasonable reason as to why. Unlike everyone else who seems to decided its terrible already, so take you’re clever comment and shove it since its backfired. I was just saying, I wasn’t saying for sure, yeah sure it might end up being a terrible game who knows, all we can do is speculate, but I gave a logical reason, not some assumption that it will be bad and that’s the end of story. And you know what else? Nobody likes negativity.

    Of course you’re gonna be a clever little thing and say that THEY we’re just saying. I gave a damn reason compared to others, then of course you’re gonna say they gave a reason as well, well I just said why already and explained it. Anyway don’t care if you reply to this as I’m not going to post on this site again, just wanted to defend the fact that your statement is silly.