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Final Fantasy Committee to Preserve Series Quality

October 17th, 2013 by Tony Garsow


According to a recent report on FF-Reunion, several notable staff from Square Enix Japan have formed a committee to preserve the ongoing quality of the Final Fantasy series. The four developers listed below have all had their place in the director’s chair of various Final Fantasy games in the past, and that experience would likely come to the table when it comes to future decisions in the series. It’s hard to gauge what such a committee will have to contribute in the larger hierarchy of corporate decision-making at Square Enix, but we can assume that it will have some sort of influence on future titles.

Yoshinori Kitase (Final Fantasy VI, VII, VIII, X, XIII Series)
Motomu Toriyama (Final Fantasy X, X-2, XIII Series)
Naoki Yoshida (Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, Dragon Quest X)
Hajime Tabata (Final Fantasy XV, Final Fantasy Type-0)

While Final Fantasy XV director Tetsuya Nomura is absent, this can be attributed to his ongoing schedule with the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts series. Previous Final Fantasy staff such as Akitoshi Kawazu (Final Fantasy II, XII), Takashi Tokita (Final Fantasy IV), Hiroyuki Ito (Final Fantasy VI), and relatively new directors like Ichirou Hazama (Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy) aren’t mentioned either.

Recently, collaborations announced between several upcoming projects (that some on the committee represent) have come to fruition in the “Final Fantasy Go There” campaign. This involves “Legacy” costumes like Yuna’s outfit appearing in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII or Shantotto appearing in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

Perhaps this campaign can be sourced as the impetus for this committee, but it remains to be seen what these Final Fantasy series alum have to offer the franchise going forward.

Via: FF-Reunion


  • masterlobo

    But is this committee to greenlight projects or to suddenly halt development of a project?

  • Recently Toriyama stated that his team were to take a big break after LR is released, so they surely won’t be involved in any future projects. Still, it’s hard to imagine the future of the series as “just” XV and XIV on the PS4 (unless XV pulls a XIII and does a trilogy). It would be nice if Itou was put in charge of a project, but we have to take into consideration that times have changed. VI released almost 20 years ago. Things are different now in the franchise and in the gaming industry in general. But if XV took 8 years to create, then I guess they should get started on XVI as soon as possible, so that they can release within this gen of consoles! Btw, who was the creator of XI? Because I don’t see him anywhere…

  • Tony Garsow

    The problem is we don’t know much about what this committee is really able to decide or put into effect, other than potentially being an additional layer of creative control. Perhaps it’s just merely to seek out advice from one another, but it’s hard to say.

    It could be significant or it could really just mean “we meet for drinks every other week”.

  • TheKurgan

    I can only hope that this is a good thing and not a bad thing.
    I’m sorry, but XIII borrowed so much from other games that it just seemed lazy. The battle system was the most unique thing about it, and it’s hit or miss.
    Not the mention the fact that lots of FF games seem to be paring down the playable characters. It’s been irking me since FFVIII.
    To that end, some form of higher criticism seems necessary. And it definitely shouldn’t be a fanbase or be subject to too much fan input. Gundam SEED and it’s sequel tried that and it gradually ended up being the most uncreative, half-assed and nonsensical embarrassment to the franchise so far. On the other hand, self-criticism is hardly the best.
    Maybe I’ll get my hopes up eventually. It almost seems like SE’s been getting their collective crap together lately.

  • From the reaction so far, I see I’m not alone in feeling this open “announcement” comes from nothing and goes into nothing. Creators can be quoted saying FFXIII was a needed “new” direction they basically pressed themselves to take, and now they form a quality police squad as if they were not in charge from “day one”. I do not understand the significance of this “committee”.

    As already pointed, one can easily bring up certain aspects that dwindle and dwindle as FF grows older, like character roster in playable terms. Each one of us can point out something and this very fact shrouds what “quality” could ever mean.

    I’ll put a straight leash on what quality is: a certain number of games that are published and rated for what they present.
    With whatever arrogance: less talk SE, less talk. More games.

    Hiromichi Tanaka was the lead on FFXI for the most part. And XV is not 8 years old, it’s 2. Making a nice title, a nice logo and a cool FMV sequence does not signify, in any way, a game. SE is one of the sloppiest companies in this aspect, they are overtly flashy about the products they don’t possess and the backlash is obvious.

    By the way Tony, did you compile that image? It’s nice.

  • The_Badass

    WTF? Hiroyuki Ito (FFVI, FFIX, FFXII Director) is not part of this group? Epic fail.

    The only reason I can think of as to why he’s not part of this group is because he’s no longer on the FF series and now making his own new IP. If not that, he’s far too busy directing FFXVI.

  • The_Badass

    @Tony Garsow
    You made some notable mistakes in the article.

    > Akitoshi Kawazu didn’t direct FFII or FFXII. He was lead designer of FFII and executive producer of FFXII.
    > Hiroyuki Ito directed FFVI, FFIX, and FFXII.
    > Ichiro Hazamza didn’t direct Theatrhythm. He was the producer.

  • Chris

    Preserve the quality? Sounds more like further degrade the quality. Putting Toriyama on this so-called “committee” rather than Ito tells us all we need to know.

    RIP Final Fantasy

  • @The_Badass Itou (along with Hiroshi Minagawa) were only put in charge of XII after it’s original director, Matsuno, had to quit due to illness. But most of XII was his baby so Itou cannot take credit for it. As I said before, the last FF Hiroyuki Itou actually directed from the word “go” was IX which was released in ’99. Things have changed significantly since then. I would like to see him in charge of a game’s plot and characters, but nothing further. Then again, that’s just my opinion. Who knows? Maybe he’ll get to make XVI and it’ll turn out even better than IX!

    @Lilay FF XV might be 2 years old, but the Versus project is almost 8 years old! When you announce something, that means you’re already deep within production. And the last trailer they showed (before E3) was back in January of ’11 so that means they’ve been working on it since then, whether it was for current or next gen. They just realized 2 years ago that everything they aspired to do with Versus wouldn’t fit on the PS3, so they decided to shift it to the PS4. It doesn’t mean they’ve been sitting around for the past 6 years, waiting for the PS4 to be announced so that they could get to work on it!

  • Chris

    @alexsam If Ito was on board during the development of XII regardless for how long he does get some credit. If Ito’s name is on the credits for the game It doesn’t work like you described. Clearly.

  • @alexsam
    I wasn’t implying they’ve been sitting on their butts about the game, I was saying that project names and ideas are not games in development. Games in development take a general of three years to complete, ideas however, can be 8 indeed, or 20. This is why XV is a likely end-of-2014 title. Your assertion that announcements mean engrained production is demonstrably false on SE’s track record alone. When Versus was shown in 2006, it was barely more than a pompously dark FMV.
    By the time someone called Versus vaporware, SE was likely kicking it into actual and proper production, this however, is speculation on my behalf. These are the reasons why I don’t consider Versus/XV to be more than 2 years old, going 3 soon.

    As for Itou, credit be given where credit is due: he created the pulp of FFs battle systems.

  • The_Badass

    Ito was the Producer/Director of FFXII International Zodiac Job System, which has the best gameplay out of all FF games. The man therefore deserves full credit for FFXII. He’s more than qualified to direct FFXVI.

  • Defrift


    FFXV went into full production in late 2011, It was like 40% complete give or take at the time. Being a FF game the lion’s share of what was left may as well be %100, so I agree we most likely won’t see FFXV until late 2014.

  • Tony Garsow

    In the post I didn’t mean to imply that they had directed the titles, but that rather as credits of some notable games they’ve worked on in the past. I’ve gone and made clarifications anyway, thanks for pointing it out.

  • AnimaMagna

    Why the heck people are griping so much about this beats me. General opinions on the Final Fantasy franchise have sky-rocketed recently, and several sites have been called it a “Renaissance”, citing XIV, LR and XV as part of it. Toriyama has a certain style, and I seem to remember X is still one of the most highly-regarded games of the Final Fantasy series. So can we just agree to disagree here? No-one likes the same thing. I enjoy Toriyama’s narrative-focused styles, but I also feel impressed by Nomura’s ambitions for XV.

  • @Defrit
    I am very pleased to have now risen to the name of Lily. How lovely. Thanks
    Seriously though, I don’t hold any factual information about it at all, I’m working on what sounds more or less obvious to me. But yes, I pointed out clearly why I don’t think XV should be considered an 8 year old title in production. It actually suffers from such a consideration.

    FF “fans” make some of the most opinionated people to ever roam around the webs. They can be easily caught “ascertaining” what game is/isn’t the best and they can also generally imply such a thing can’t be contested. Not being able to openly realize that they’re moronic (much like I am with LR posts here).
    As for calling any of the three large titles a “Renaissance”, it seems asinine to me, considering two of the titles are still unplayable. Despite “complaints”, all the latest games have ranked high throughout websites. What anyone as to say about FF is never more than what anyone as to say about FF.
    So, as for “highly regarded”, that’s basically every title up to XII, depending on the critic(s).

    This wasn’t even the point though, the games. It’s just no one really knows what’s this “committee’s” goal, what they think FF is, or what they think it should be.
    I for once find it odd they’d be concerned with “quality”, what are they implying, that some FF games -have- been not-so-good and thus care is needed to not go in that direction again? It’s almost self-condescending on their behalf.

  • @Lilay Your implication doesn’t make any sense. Now if you mean that they begun production on XV for the PS4 two years ago, scrapping all the material they had used for Versus XIII that was going to be released on the PS3, then yes. But for them to announce it back in 2006 while it wasn’t even in development… why would they even do that?! Versus XIII was way past they point of being a simple idea when the Fabula Nova Chrystalis saga was revealed. But Nomura himself stated that they shifted their work for next-gen about a couple of years ago.

    @The_Badass FF XII is not the game it was meant to be because of Matsuno’s illness. Itou and Minagawa’s names were on the credits because they built upon ideas and concepts that were already there. There are people inside Square Enix saying that, had Matsuno finished the game himself, it would’ve been much greater. Now, of course, since Itou and Minagawa worked on it, they deserve credit. But not most of it. FF XII is in no way Itou’s game. As for if he’s fit to make XVI, I don’t know about that, since the last project he was put in charge of was the PS1’s IX. A lot has changed since then…

  • @alexsam
    Why are you putting on me the burden of the fact SE announced Versus while it was still a visual idea? It doesn’t make any sense? Well duh, that’s more or less the root of the problem. Big mouths.

    Not to barge in but: FFXII would have been much greater? Would that be FFXII for the PS2, the only FF to get a 40/40 score on the prestigious Famitsu? It would have been greater? Well, speculation is always too easy.

    You keep saying a lot has changed “since then” (it hasn’t in my opinion), mind enumerating some of those chances, since, you know, they’re so abundant. What exactly is so dire in change that you think pointing it out in Itou’s possibility of getting the director’s chair carries inherent meaning? I’m not taunting you, I’m seriously asking.

  • The_Badass

    Actually, Ito was co-director of FFXII with Matsuno right from the start of development back in December 2000. Sakaguchi is the one that put the FFXII team together and he made Ito and Matsuno co-directors. Ito would direct the gameplay and Matsuno would direct the story. It was very similar to their positions on FFT. The only person that wasn’t a co-director and got a promotion to that position when Matsuno left is Minagawa, and he was specifically chosen by Matsuno to take his place as co-director.

    Seeing as Ito was 100% responsible for all the gameplay of FFXII, it’s indeed a fair assessment to call it his GAME. Ito created the game design, world scale, seamless battle system, Gambits, and monster hunts. All of that was his work. In that sense, he’s more than qualified for FFXVI. All he needs to do is evolve these gameplay ideas he created in FFXII. Xenoblade is proof that his FFXII gameplay was taking JRPGs in the right direction.

  • toriyama sticks like a sore thumb i this committee

  • @Lilay You’re going around in circles. You make the implication of Square Enix announcing Versus XIII without it being in development, and then blame it on the company. It has been in development. It was a whole lot more than just an idea when they announced it and since then they have been working on it, just like any other game in the FNC series. I’m not putting the burden on you, I’m telling you it didn’t happen that way.

    The things that have changed since FF IX (Itou’s last FF that he was in charge of from stort to finish) are the technological advancements in gaming and the style of FF itself. Itou’s style was more medieval whereas FF theme nowadays tends to be more “technologically advanced”. In my personal opinion, he might be a little outdated.

    @The_Badass This is from a wikipedia article. “In mid-2005, Square Enix announced that Yasumi Matsuno had left the company due to an illness but would be acting as a supervisor on Final Fantasy XII. Ito was appointed as the director of the game. Matsuno apologized for the long development time of the project but guaranteed players that it was “progressing in its development under the hands of excellent staffs”. As the article says at the end, according to Hashimoto, Itou is preparing some “new project” (didn’t know that!).

  • @alexsam
    So you know it was well in development out of opinion? Was FFVII Tech Demo in development because they had a video for it as well? Have they been working heavily on Agnis Philosophy ever since that FMV? I don’t think there’s anything else to discuss here.

    He’s outdated because you don’t like medieval-esque fantasy? Now I see why you stated FFXII could have been better, you don’t like the universe. Well, that’s your prerogative. I myself get tired once in a while of anime-esque characters (I won’t even tackle dual and single rosters for the large titles as of late). Hopefully SE won’t be too abusive with the latter which has had a more obvious weight lately. Perhaps the universe of IX is as outdated as the one from XIII is repetitive.

  • Chris

    I think we can all agree alexsam has no idea what he is talking about? Ito will always be viewed by many (INCLUDING SAKAGUCHI DAMN IT!) as the only one left at Square who can save this franchise. And his impact on XII was enormous. He deserves every bit of credit he receives from his fans and supporters.

    You can quit offending Ito now alexsam.

  • Chris

    @Lilay This fool alexsam is just plain offensive to fans of Ito’s work. He can only be forgiven at this point if he admits this is merely his opinion and has no factual standing. For Christ’s sake, @The_Badass already called him out. And he still comes back with this bullcrap.

  • The_Badass

    Your biggest mistake is trusting Wikipedia. It’s not a valid source. Trust me, there’s a lot of misinformation on there. I’m well-informed about FFXII’s development as I paid close attention to it from the day it was announced (January 2001) all the way until release of the International version (August 2007). I also have all the FFXII Ultimania’s.

    Here’s an in-depth explanation of how FFXII was made. It’s a long read but I suggest you read and enlighten yourself on how wrong you are about Ito’s role in the game.


    When development of Final Fantasy IX and Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within were finished, Hironobu Sakaguchi, Hiroyuki Ito, Hideo Minaba and other Square staff left Honolulu and returned to Tokyo. Sakaguchi heard that Vagrant Story had become the first game developed by Square to get a perfect score from Famitsu. Sakaguchi felt a huge sense of pride about this and praised Yasumi Matsuno as a game director and game designer. He played through Vagrant Story and took a deep interest in the seamless battle system, free camera, emphasis on dungeon exploration, and political story. As a result of this, he decided that he wanted to make a mainline Final Fantasy game that was like Vagrant Story. He made Ito and Minaba become members of Product Development Division 4 to help develop the game.

    In terms of the initial staff structure, Hironobu Sakaguchi was the producer and he appointed Yasumi Matsuno and Hiroyuki Ito to be co-directors. Matsuno would direct the story and Ito would direct the gameplay. Hideo Minaba was appointed to be art director with Hiroshi Minagawa. Development of the game was officially started in December 2000 as a small core team doing early concept and planning. At Square’s business strategy meeting in January 2001, the game was officially announced for PlayStation 2 as Final Fantasy XII and was stated to be in the early stages of development.

    After Matsuno and Ito had seen and played Final Fantasy XI, they came up with an idea that the player should explore a vast, fully realised world which had a detailed history, mythology, sociology and ecosystem. They presented their ideas to Sakaguchi and he was surprised by the scale of their ambition. He warned them that it would be very difficult to surpass the scale of Final Fantasy XI in a single player game. Matsuno and Ito were up for the challenge, so Sakaguchi green lighted their idea. In late 2001, while this new concept was still being developed, producer Hironbu Sakaguchi voluntarily left Square due to the poor performance of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within at the worldwide box office. The development team were greatly saddened by his decision. Matsuno took Sakaguchi’s position of producer while still being co-director with Hiroyuki Ito.

    While Matsuno continued to work on the story and the history, mythology, sociology and ecosystem of Ivalice, Ito began to create the game design and battle system. He took influence from his game design in Final Fantasy VI and Final Fantasy Tactics and Matsuno’s battle system design in Vagrant Story. The basic gameplay concept Ito came up with was for the game to prioritise exploration of a vast, fully realised world. The reason for the long development cycle was due to Ito needing a large amount of time to create the large, interconnected maps and also the new seamless battle system to be used in the game.

    In late Summer 2004, Yasumi Matsuno fell ill and stepped away from the game’s development. At this point in time the game was roughly 80% complete. Matsuno appointed Hiroshi Minagawa to take his place as co-director and appointed Jun Akiyama to become the scenario writer in his place. In November 2004, Akitoshi Kawazu joined the project as executive producer and brought in Daisuke Watanabe and Miwa Shoda to help Jun Akiyama with completing the script. Though he joined the project as executive producer, Kawazu had no influence on what actually went into the game; his role was simply to motivate and support the existing development staff working on the game.

    At the Square Enix Party 2005 event on 30 July 2005, the Japanese release date of Final Fantasy XII was announced to be 16 March 2006. The very next day, on 1 August 2005, Square Enix announced through the official Final Fantasy XII website that Yasumi Matsuno had left the company but would still be acting as a consultant on the game. Matsuno included a statement where he basically apologised for how long Final Fantasy XII has been in development. However, he ended off by saying that development for the game was in the hands of excellent staff that he trusts, such as Hiroshi Minagawa, Hiroyuki Ito and Jun Akiyama.

    When the game was eventually released in Japan, it received high praise from multiple Japanese newspapers and magazines. It also became the first Final Fantasy game to get a perfect score from Famitsu. Due to this critical acclaim and Hiroyuki Ito being a director on the game right from the start of the project, he was offered a promotion to the position of game producer by Yoichi Wada, president of Square Enix. However, Ito declined the offer as he still wanted a hands-on role in game development. As a result, rather than Wada retracting the offer, he instead gave Ito a promotion to the position of Producer/Director, which was a hybrid of both roles. At the CESA 2006 Japan Game Awards held on 22 September 2006, Ito accepted the “Grand Award” and “Award for Excellence” for Final Fantasy XII as the Producer/Director of the game.

    Shortly after the award ceremony, Wada assigned Ito the task of creating an International version of Final Fantasy XII. Ito would lead development of the game as a director but also report on the progress of the game directly to Wada as a producer. At the Square Enix Party 2007 pre-conference meeting in May 2007, Ito was introduced on stage as the Producer/Director of Final Fantasy XII International Zodiac Job System. The game had a wealth of new featues and changes from the original Final Fantasy XII.

    After working as Producer/Director on Final Fantasy XII International Zodiac Job System, Ito expressed a desire to continue evolving the gameplay ideas he created for Final Fantasy XII and use them in various places. He also stated that he feels the game design and battle system he made in Final Fantasy XII were a definitive contribution to the gaming lexicon, and if current and future developers at both Square Enix and other companies used it as a reference, it would have the potential to shine in future RPGs. This became true in 2010 when Xenoblade was released and got major critical acclaim for evolving off FFXII.

  • @Lilay It’s like talking to a brick wall with you… There’s just no hope, so I’m giving up. You can keep thinking of Versus as a game they decided to, one day, advertise in 2006 and not work on it till 2011. If if you don’t see the flaw in that kinda logic, then hey, who am I to call you on it?

    @Chris I never said I considered Itou a bad developer. Heck, he’s been given awards for his work on XII and is the one who gave birth to the ATB system (the battle system some, if not most, FF games use). My disagreement was whether or not he was entirely responsible for XII and if his methods ware too outdated in order to make XVI. It’s called an opinion, learn to respect it.

  • @The_Badass I will admit I was misinformed about Itou’s involved in XII’s development since the beginning. I honestly thought he was the one that hired after Matsuno’s illness. It seems that Akiyama was the one to be put in that position. Apart from him working on a improved battle system (which Itou himself has said that he intends to work upon in future projects and that what we saw in XII wasn’t a final version of it because of technological limitations), I personally would have second thoughts about him. But, if he is appointed to develop XVI, that in no way means I won’t check it out or even buy it! But I would prefer if the dev team saw some new faces. There’s a limit to nostalgia.

  • Chris

    @alexsam You are just now admitting this your opinion and your disagreements have no factual basis. It’s about time. No we don’t even have to care what your opinion is. Thanks.

  • @alexsam
    It’s reciprocal. But then again, since you can’t point out the “flawed logic” then, perhaps, you’re just as limited as I am.

    I don’t gang-assault people regardless of what they’re saying. Besides, alexsam already toned down his advancements as opinion. He just doesn’t like Itou’s productions, and that’s fine.
    Hopefully, FFXVI will be something entirely new and out of the damn curse that these times feel to be dragging. More than anything, the posited “FFXVI” needs to be as fresh as FF has ever been. With or without Itou or whomever else. As they say, the bar needs to be raised.

    Then again, I might be getting old. There’s always that!

  • @alexam
    “There’s a limit to nostalgia”. lol man… Would that be the nostalgia you don’t have towards the games? I agree with Chris now; just shut up with your attempt at fake proselytizing. Stand up and straight out dislike the damn things you do. What an argumental rodent, geez.

  • The_Badass

    Personally, I feel Ito is the only qualified FF director to make the series great again. Even Sakaguchi has said so. The fact that Xenoblade copied FFXII’s gameplay (which Ito made) and became the most critically acclaimed JRPG this gen in the process, is proof that Ito was taking mainline FF in the right direction with FFXII’s gameplay. He’s not an outdated designer. If anything, it’s the opposite, he’s very forward thinking.

  • Chris

    I want to know whatever game it is Ito is working on next because THAT will be the next game I buy from Square. =)

  • The_Badass

    I feel the exact same way. I’m sure he’s busy with FFXVI, though. I hope it gets announced by the end of FFXV. It’s been far too long since he’s worked on a FF game. The last FF he worked on was FFIV DS back in 2007. The last FF he directed was FFXII International, which was released in the same year.

  • The_Badass

    If you think about it logically, Ito must be the one working on FFXVI. FFXV will release by the end of 2015, so it’s not unrealistic to think FFXVI is already in development. We know Kitase/Toriyama are not making it because they’re busy with LR:FFXIII and after that they have no plans for their next project.

    Really, it’s Ito secretly making FFXVI or bust.

  • The end of 2015? What an ugly stretch. I sincerely hope it’s not that long for both the reasons of experiencing it, and moving on to the next large title.
    I would also hope SE applies a western perspective to the reveals of games: no damn pointless information until the title as volume enough to be shown.

  • AntagonistGB

    It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury signifying nothing.

  • Ever thus to deadbeats.

  • Chris

    I haven’t played a main FF title since XII so if it turns out he’s not working on a FF title I won’t be heartbroken. I just want to know what it is because he’s always working on something brilliant. At this point it can be anything and I’ll buy it up. But if it IS FFXVI then I guess we can look forward to a real solid FF title.

  • The_Badass

    I think you’ll find the following interesting. Search “Reasons that support the belief that Hiroyuki Ito developing FFXVI for PS4/One” on Google and click the first URL that comes up. It’s a GameFAQs thread with a list of points that indicate that Ito is making FFXVI.

  • Chris

    LOL at all the people giving that dude crap in that thread. I knew about some of the events in the time line but never really thought about trying to connect the dots or anything. It is definitely possible he’s working on the next major FF title. I really hope he is but even if he isn’t (I’m inclined to believe he is) I look forward to knowing more about what he’s working on. I just wish there wasn’t so much silence on Square’s part about Ito’s current project. Even a HINT of what it could be would satisfy me.

  • Wow, you guys are really hoping that Itou is deep on the “next” FF title. The evidence for that is dim at best, but I get where you’re coming from.

  • The_Badass

    I feel the exact same way. I wish more video game journalists would ask about what Hiroyuki Ito is working on. At the very least, they should ask if Ito will ever work on FF again, as the last FF he did work on was released in 2007.

    Actually, if you go to that GameFAQs thread I mentioned, there’s some corroborating evidence that indicates Ito may be working on FFXVI.

  • I did. Perhaps the most interesting one was that direct question to Uematsu and his answer that Itou would surely direct another FF; indeed, I can see why the entirety of the topics fuel “positive” speculation, but I don’t find it convincing, despite however alluring. And I know it’s really easy to say that the more the silence, the bigger the project that might be in development. That’s why I stated I understand where you’re coming from.

  • Maybe you all should shut up with your “hoping for something better” for Final Fantasy. I never once said that I didn’t enjoy XII! I own the game and have invested over 100 hours in it, just like every other FF title since VII! I really never understood the whole nostalgia thing. “This doesn’t feel like FF to me, so it’s just plain awful!” and you sit there complaining… It’s not the franchise that’s ruined, it’s you people with your attitudes that are ruining the franchise! You think Ito or any Ito can save it when the first thing that comes to your minds when you hear about a new FF game is “I hope it’s not as bad as the last one!”? The man is a game designer, not a psychologist! There is such a thing as not enjoying a game and simply moving away from it, but I guess that’s just for the advanced minds.

  • AntagonistGB

    Man, this fandom is so ridiculous. Everyone, time out.

  • @alexsam
    Oh, you play FF too? Nice.
    Your comment wasn’t half bad (it actually was), but you just had to destroy it with that condescending little remark at end. Bravo.
    Unlike me, neither Chris or The_Badass partake in any mindless crap towards the near-future titles, so your advancement towards what they quite politely hope for in a future FF is just, well, crap.
    Some people like to praise the composers (really common), others value the system producers. Let them.

    As “childish” as it may appear: no, you shut up.

    Fandom? This ain’t no fandom.
    Fandom is: whaa? You don’t think Final Fantasy For-teen is dh best? lol, no taste wutsoever.

    It’s true.

  • It just occurred to me: if Tony gets an e-mail or some sort of notification every time there’s a new comment then… what a pain.

  • Lilay The show you’re putting on is so lame. You’re so pretentious, “thinking about Tony”. Yes, I play FF and, unlike you people, I can appreciate it for what it is! What you’re doing is exactly what you described to AntagonistGB, you just hide it under fancy words and false arguments, thinking you’re using some kind of logic other than “waaah, this game not how I like it! I gonna complain!”. Cause, news flash, that is EXACTLY what the crap that comes out of your mouths sounds like and it’s getting old.

  • Chris

    alexsam You have lost all relevancy here. Give up and move on you’re making yourself look even more stupid if that’s possible.

  • …says the guy who only comments on other people’s comments. Do you even have anything original to say, or are you just here for the random insults? Cause all I’ve seen you do is pop up in other people’s conversations, calling me names. I at least hope you’re getting it out of your system.