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Final Fantasy Committee to Preserve Series Quality

October 17th, 2013 by Tony Garsow


According to a recent report on FF-Reunion, several notable staff from Square Enix Japan have formed a committee to preserve the ongoing quality of the Final Fantasy series. The four developers listed below have all had their place in the director’s chair of various Final Fantasy games in the past, and that experience would likely come to the table when it comes to future decisions in the series. It’s hard to gauge what such a committee will have to contribute in the larger hierarchy of corporate decision-making at Square Enix, but we can assume that it will have some sort of influence on future titles.

Yoshinori Kitase (Final Fantasy VI, VII, VIII, X, XIII Series)
Motomu Toriyama (Final Fantasy X, X-2, XIII Series)
Naoki Yoshida (Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, Dragon Quest X)
Hajime Tabata (Final Fantasy XV, Final Fantasy Type-0)

While Final Fantasy XV director Tetsuya Nomura is absent, this can be attributed to his ongoing schedule with the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts series. Previous Final Fantasy staff such as Akitoshi Kawazu (Final Fantasy II, XII), Takashi Tokita (Final Fantasy IV), Hiroyuki Ito (Final Fantasy VI), and relatively new directors like Ichirou Hazama (Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy) aren’t mentioned either.

Recently, collaborations announced between several upcoming projects (that some on the committee represent) have come to fruition in the “Final Fantasy Go There” campaign. This involves “Legacy” costumes like Yuna’s outfit appearing in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII or Shantotto appearing in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

Perhaps this campaign can be sourced as the impetus for this committee, but it remains to be seen what these Final Fantasy series alum have to offer the franchise going forward.

Via: FF-Reunion


  • Pretentious? You appear to be bothered. One of us is taking this too seriously, I would say I know which one but I don’t want to sound, well, pretentious.

    But… you wanna play? Let’s break it down:

    1. If you think I’m actually, legitimately, concerned about Tony, you miss the point. It’s called humour.
    2. You’re achingly judgemental: “I can appreciate it for what it is!”. You assume your experience overrides others’. Making you the most judgemental of us all.
    3. You further judge the value of the words of those who disagree with you: “you just hide it under fancy words and false arguments”. Then attribute characteristics that you think are inherent to me/us.
    4. You advocate everyone to either enjoy or look away from what they don’t like, then you continuously reply to comments that contain what you don’t like viewing yourself. (You seem to forget we’re all “off-topic” at the moment).
    5. I can perfectly go back to other posts and quote you clearly admonishing SE for what you think are poor structural ways in various aspects: from information revealed to how they market games. Ironically, you deem yourself capable of structural argument when you pose nothing more than what others do.

    See, I can go on. This really is the time when you shut up, or get embarrassed at your incapacity for consistency.

    You don’t get to tell anyone what’s old, you don’t get to tell anyone to shut up without the obvious (expected) retort of being told to shut up yourself.

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  • Chris

    @Lilay After 50 comments it’s clear alexsam will never shut up he has too much pride and ignorance for Square-Enix. Anybody criticizes them for anything and in he comes. It’s pathetic but somebody has to defend this company’s more bone-headed decisions.

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    @Chris I’m not defending the company, I’m defending myself. You’re insulting me, dumbass.

  • Chris

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  • @Chris
    I find that it’s odd he can’t see how opinionated he is, how much his comments sound like any others. I’ve head-butted with him other times and he has been an incredibly pedantic individual that cannot see how absolutely fallible he appears. He advocates true appreciation for Final Fantasy, yet he shares with us the very fact he’s not playing any right now (and most of the time I imagine). It’s just ludicrous that he posits these comments as having any relevance whatsoever. In both the positive and negative outcome for him.

    Sure kid. I won’t blame you for being apologetic of your hypocrisy. I won’t get angry with you. It’s pointless really. You’re an ignorant, hypocritical, judgemental, self-righteous prick who’s breaking right about now. This isn’t an insult, it’s just a statement that can be drawn from my last comment followed by yours. Always remember that you can never quote me directly, but have to discern (you think) what I mean.
    This, even after I’ve been direct with you when that talk of XIII-3 was going: a crappy-looking bloated mess of a game it appeared in general to me. Following this, you still think I’m hiding, or that I want something.
    It seems your helpless right now.

  • @Chris That was a conversation I was having with someone else (someone much older and much more civil than you). How and where does it concern you what we were talking about? Learn your place. And just for future reference, there’s this thing called “making mistakes and admitting to them”. I know it’s a foreign concept to you, since people like you tend to being born and raised thinking they’re always right, but you really should try it out sometime.

  • Chris


    And STILL he wonders why he’s being bombarded like this. If he had the intelligence to discern opinion from fact no one would care. But by spreading misinformation he’s only bringing this on himself.

  • Chris

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  • Chris

    The fact he has to resort to calling us children just tells you how desperate to make himself look mature.

  • xLulux

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    Can you just try to be civil or just stop commenting towards one another?

  • Bless your heart, whomever you are. But sometimes things just need to go on until they break. So, let them.

  • @Chris
    alexsam is the Ad hominem knight at the moment, riding in unashamed. Everything we/I say is wrong because we’re adolescents (he thinks) or children (what…?). Both of which are characteristics we wouldn’t be able to control either way.
    The judgement runs several layers deep. Neat.

  • You want me to go away, and yet you’re practically BEGGING for my attention. You really are a broken toy, you know that? You need to get out of the house more. But, then again, you are providing me with entertainment, so, no biggie.

    @Chris I don’t really have to try to point out that I’m more mature than you… You do a great job showing it all by yourself! 😉

  • @The_Badass

    Thanks a lot for the in-depth info on FF12 production. It would be cool if you wrote even more on the subject, I’m endlessly interested in this stuff and it’s so hard to find.

  • Chris

    alexsam keep telling yourself that. Everyone else here has seen the depths of your stupidity. Stay mad and retarded for life.

  • The_Badass

    No problem, bro. I’ll have more articles about FFXII up in a few months. Here’s another interesting fact: Did you know that it was Sakaguchi that chose the game’s logo? Basically, Amano was doodling Gabranth with a paintbrush while waiting to meet Sakaguchi in the reception area of the SQEX Japan building. When Sakaguchi eventually came down and saw the doodle, he said it should be the game’s logo.

    Amano was shocked as he’d never intended for it to be logo and it was done with a paintbrush and not pencil like other FF games. He was just messing around when doodling it due to being bored while waiting in the reception area. As a result, FFXII became the first and only brush stroke logo in the series and also the biggest logo in the series to date.

    It’s funny how people claim the last FF that Sakaguchi was involved in was FFX. The reality is that Sakaguchi was more involved in FFXII than FFX.

  • Prajo Etach

    Quality committee? If we knew what their definition of quality was, this might mean something. That and if fan input would be considered rather than what they think we want. One thing that might be a step in the right direction, especially considering the longer development times nowadays, would be to do away with the turning-every-numbered-FF-into-a-series syndrome that’s been infecting SE for years now and go back to the old one game/one world approach. Just my opinion, but the continual reinvention of a different world and mechanics for every game encouraged creativity and gave us such experiences as espers, the job system, junctioning, and of course, materia. Some are more liked than others (FFVII’s materia was my personal favorite), but the point is that each game was an entirely new experience and completely different from the one before it. As a result, each one felt fresh. That doesn’t seem to be the case these days. SE seems to have left the innovation stage of the corporate life cycle behind and has fallen into complacency, turning out games that look nice but don’t feel like the works of love and genuine effort that the older games were. Maybe it’s just me, but FF today feels lukewarm at best.

  • @The_Badass
    Cool man, thanx. Is there a place for that sorta stuff here or you can only do that in comments?
    Also, so what were the results of Sakaguchi’s involvements in XII vs X?

    @Prajo Etach
    I think the main fruit of such a committee is that higher-up directors of SE, who otherwise wouldn’t be involved in a project and would have no influence on it, can now come and say: “No, no, this is not good enough, do it better”. For instance, XIII would have benefited from such a committee.

  • Then again, Toriyama is on this committee, and nobody should ever listen to what he says.

    I guess they couldn’t rule him out since he’s doing the currently active FF, would just look weird.

  • @Prajo Etach
    That’s more or less a well articulated look. Although it isn’t really our place to assume what they represent, it’s all that’s left in the face of pointless actions. It seems thus obvious that they themselves think something’s up with FF. Note the use of the word “preserve” though, it’s interesting how they might think what they’re doing right now it’s what needs preserving, and on that we would mostly disagree. Too much is left for interpretation here.

    I think Prajo Etach pretty much drove it to the point. As a gamer I think pseudo-sequels are a real drag, I’ve felt this ever since X-2 which was useless to me, as so did XIII-2 and ever more the upcoming XIII-3. The original game, like most main titles, was just fine. So, really, I think most of this does go back to using, abusing, the same universes. Then again, they’ve straight out said (Nomura?) that they can’t build a universe for every game because it’s expensive. Well, bummer.

    That’s some neat trivia. If you come to compile that somewhere in the future, drop a link somewhere around here.

  • The_Badass

    I’ll be publishing it on a forum like GameFAQs in the coming weeks. It’s a very long article, though. However, if your interested in this type of thing then you’ll find it an enjoyable read.

    No problem. I’ll make sure I keep you guys informed. :)

  • Chris

    I always thought FFXII had one of the best logos in the series. Sakaguchi’s brilliant mind is missed so badly at Square.

  • Agreed.
    Perhaps that’s really true. I’m still itchy about never having played The Last Story, it’s probably a beautiful game. It’s also a reminder that Final Fantasy doesn’t make itself, it’s not inherently great because it bears the name.

  • Necromunkey

    Sorry if somebody already said something akin to what I’m saying (I skipped to the end of the comments section, you guys bicker too much =P) but;
    I’m of the opinion that this “Quality Committee’s” focus may have to do more with ~Maintaining Timetables~ than with any other subjective form of quality that people seem to be immediately assuming. There is clear evidence towards this hypothesis:

    A) XIII, from what I understand, was a chaotic mess in development terms without a solid direction through much of development. IT also accumulated a variety of backlash for lack of subjective Final Fantasy necessities (towns, normal jobs, less linear maps) which was essentially alleviated in XIII-2 and hopefully LR.

    B) Versus XIII/XV seemed to have no real content produced (and definitely none revealed) since its announcement until relatively recently (around 2011?). (though this may partially be explained by Nomura supposedly aiding the XIII team and working on KH titles)

    C) XIV was under long development times as well, with a team that failed to modernize (i.e. take modern MMO designs into account), leading to its demise and eventual revival by a new team lead by Yoshi P.

    The former two games primarily had/have problems with maintaining development schedules while XIV had a low gestation period and a “head in sand” team. It seems evident to me, that the ~PRIMARY~ quality issue SE is worried about is NOT whether group “A” likes the fantasy setting or if group “L” disagrees with the amount of controllable characters, but RATHER the ability to allow the developers’ freedom to fulfill their own artistic visions whilst maintaining a relatively strict deadline.

    All conjecture of course ;D

  • Necromunkey

    Sorry for double post

    Minor edit:
    “There is clear evidence towards this hypothesis:”

    The evidence assumes SE is taking prior setbacks of the last few games into its calculations of “quality” in terms of time and money spent juxtaposed to profitability. While I figure it self-evident that SE, being a for-profit business, would want to correct former errors and issues in order to increase efficiency whilst maximizing profits, it may not have been made immediately clear from my comment above.

  • The_Badass

    The thing is, I think Sakaguchi knows deep down that he made a mistake choosing Kitase as his successor. The fact he said in February 2012 that Ito’s the one that can make FF great again, is proof that he knows Kitase is all worn out and can’t take FF back to the peak it was before.

    Even if you play The Last Story, you can see clear influence that Hiroyuki Ito’s work had on Sakaguchi’s game (it’s his first as director since FFV in 1992). It has a seamless battle system, auto-attack, and target lines all taken from FFXII. Further still, Sakaguchi said the characters of The Last Story are mostly like those in FFIX.

    To put it into perspective: Both FFIX and FFXII were directed by Ito and Kitase wasn’t even on the development team for either.

  • I can clearly see what you mean in regards to some aspects of The Last Story’s game-play, but I don’t usually think of how good a FF game is/will be in proportion to the people on the director/producer seat. This to say, I don’t really think Itou is some sort of healing bandage, because I don’t necessarily consider FF to be suffering from some “wound”. Am I naïve in this regard? Maybe.

    However, if you tell me: Well, the future of FF will go through the implication of some factors such as a great open-world and seamless battles, then here, yes, I concede that some changes could be much more extensively applied to future games so that they reach a new setting, or produce a broader experience and elevate it all to a wide-praise level.

    As for mentioning FFXII; a game with that setting applied to high-end graphics and proper, free exploration would throw FF into a spotlight it hasn’t been in years, I imagine. Some hope this will happen with XV, but I’m inclined to think they’ll limit the “exploration” to very large areas with well rendered objects, not much more than that.

    And it’s almost odd that Sakaguchi would say that so blatantly. I mean, it’s strange that he actually did.

  • The_Badass

    I don’t think FF is suffering from brand damage. However, I do believe it’s no longer a leading IP in gaming. It’s not as mainstream popular and as big-selling as GTA, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Elder Scrolls, and Assassin’s Creed. I think FF needs to become on par with those series in sales and popularity.

    I think making FFXVI Open World, seamless battles, mature story, loads of side-quests and mini-games, online co-op, etc, would be a massive leap forward for the mainline series. FFXV looks good, but it’s not really 100% next gen because it’s well known that it’s a port of a PS3 game. It’s not built from the ground-up for PS4/XB1. I hope FFXVI builds off FFXII but has a massive open world and a greatly evolved FFXII battle system. Also, the in-game graphics should be on par with Agni’s Philosophy, which would make it the true next gen FF.

    As for the quote from Sakaguchi, I was reported on various forums. It was said in February 2012 and first cropped up on GameFAQs. Search the following on Google and click the first link that comes up: “Which employee still at Square do you feel can save FF?”

  • FF doesn’t need an open world, fuсk that. Big world yes, open, no.

  • @The_Badass
    Indeed, the series are so far downer in terms of what they were that when I read those titles and remembered FF sold as such, I found it odd for a second.

    And, that’s definitely a greatly lit perspective of what could be the next big title, it surely sounds great. It makes me curious about how much can they do, for example: can they create a flowing ambient as seen in Agni’s Philosophy in an free, airship-traversable world? It would be spectacular.

    Yes, I had actually check the quote and hence found it odd that Sakaguchi just, well, said it.

    Up until the end of the “golden era”, FF attempted to demonstrate, to create, a world the player could visit at wish. To travel anywhere and visit any place available, to enhance the scope of what indirect freedom entailed. Like this, I think the case could be made that FF was attempting an open-world view before anyone called it that, they were trying to be large before anyone thought that mattered.

    When SE successfully applies, if ever, an open-world formula to a large tittle, it will be the reinvention of what they dreamt but could not build, about twenty years ago. They wouldn’t be following the trend, they’d be raising the bar.

    Think not? Elaborate if you wish.

  • Necromunkey

    Claiming SE, fully applied in regards to making an open-world, “wouldn’t be following the trend, they’d be raising the bar,” is quite a bit presumptuous. Open-world, today, generally tends to imply “sandbox” whereas almost as soon as the game starts one is able to traverse most, if not the entirety of, the landscape, and whose focus is at a more detail oriented level.

    Older and more recent Final Fantasy games have NEVER allowed full exploration to the extent of the modern definition (essentially defined in 1994 by The Elder Scrolls: Arena). It would therefore be impossible to accurately predict how groundbreaking a modern open-world Final Fantasy would be because SE has yet to produce an open-world game that establishes their open-world making aptitude.

    Furthermore, the type of open-world you specify (henceforth overworld) in Final Fantasy games was present in Final Fantasy’s fore bearers and inspirations, namely Dragon Quest, and Ultima. In fact, it would seem that Ultima set down the overworld precedent as early as 1981 (or earlier if you count Akalabeth and up through Ultima III, oft cited as an influence to both Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest) that Final Fantasy copied either directly or through Dragon Quest.

    In regards to world traversal (perhaps to the exclusion of the arguably original airship), Final Fantasy games have been neither original nor groundbreaking. Rather, they tend to be highly polished and efficient, to which I will grand you that an open-world Final Fantasy would nonetheless be good (but not necessarily raise any bar).

  • How can I possibly make a statement like that and not risk sounding presumptuous? The very fact the inclination is a full-on postulation of what could be done in FF with an open-world perspective cannot be guarded, such a thing I would never mistake for reasoning. I don’t.

    My implication with “raising the bar” means altering what open-world “might” stand for in RPGs, thus the opposite of abiding what you or anyone assumes in “generally tends to imply”; this is precisely the base of my statement, a hopeful renewal of a mechanical concept that was not developed to a possibly imagined extent in the older eras.
    That free-scope exploration perished with FFX and that the highest peak of this resides with the golden era, I assume clear to us.

    And what of the fore-bearers? Where are their modern counterparts? Their extensions into the expansion of what contemporary gaming can produce?
    Genuinely, you grasp the background of what influenced FF mechanics much better than I do, but there is no ultimate point because I made a judgement of value: I feel the people behind FF wanted it to be as big as it never was. As The_Badass referenced, imagining the scope of FFXII with proper exploration. An open-world that is the over-world.
    An unstable prerogative, yes, but a possible one nonetheless.

    That FF isn’t raising, nor might it ever raise, the bar can I see without difficulty. And this, again, is the basis for what SE could do in greatness, in surprise.

    Do not confuse this with what would be the obviously presumptuous idea that SE -will- do something great based on aptitude not shown, that in them rests some holy grail. I was never so dauntingly extensive with my near-quibbling.

  • Necromunkey

    Apologies if my previous comment came out somewhat brash, I made an assumption based on your word strength where it seemed that you claimed that it will “raise the bar” rather than you hope for a mechanical revival (the exact thing you current comment attempts to mitigate).
    (e.g. “WHEN SE successfully applies… It WILL be the reinvention of… They WOULDN’T be following the trend, THEY’D be raising the bar.” [emphasis obviously mine])

    Granted SE decides to further an open world agenda, it seems to me that a “hopeful renewal” of such a mechanic developed to the ultimate “possible extent” seems misplaced, especially considering you hope it to alter the definition of what open world mechanics “might stand for”.

    Why? There are a variety of technically “open world” mechanics that are far easier to implement and more cost effective for SE (at least at the moment) than to go back and rebuild a system essentially in a vaccuum outside of modern rpg evolution (essentially what XIV originally did in concerning the MMO space).

    There have been a wide variety of modern world traversal mechanics that have already been used by others games, whether that be a relatively traditional style as used by Tales of Vesperia and previous FF’s, a literal map traversal (essentially a list like X, or a more interactive version such as Mass Effect), open regions such as XIV, or a locally focused “proper” open world (perhaps mixed with the former). Of course with the latter most, a much more focused approach would probably be necessary. For instance, all of the world of Ivalice being explorable would probably be rather difficult to create a compelling and cohesive story around, which is perhaps one of the reasons X opted for a much smaller region.

    All that aside, it seems SE is, at the very least, interested in such a mechanical renewal, re-exploring the possibilities of an open world, or at least semi-open world. Specifically, XIV seems to have some inkling of open world (as well as minor aesthetics from XII), and XV is purported to be relatively open world.

    Also I do not understand why you stated “there is no ultimate point because I made a judgement of value” (which I took as a method to eliminate my arguments without necessarily disputing them) considering you previously stated “Think not? Elaborate if you wish.” Which I did =P. Nonetheless it is, perhaps, a valid sentiment; each person may have a differing subjective approach to what makes the ideal overworld map (and indeed, the ideal FF). Of course the developers are at liberty to entirely ignore us.

  • There is most certainly no harm done. I need only to subtract a part of my own typical inclinations to see how the word-structuring not only indicates something as-if solid, but a possible taunt to those who could or do “disagree”.

    It is indeed misplaced. There cannot be any further elevation of what I tackled at, in fact, I almost presumed you’d be calling it directly what it is: wishful thinking. There is no technicality to it because none can be applied in a proper sense.

    I do, however, want to just shortly address your mention of FFXII and an open-world; I really do agree that applying a GTA-like mechanic to a game that develops greatly through visually dramatic narrative sounds like an uneasy task. Yet, I feel it would be wonderful if done well, if achievable.

    On regard to XIV: I cannot present a thing since I can hardly muster the curiosity to play it, I have virtually no interest in MMOs of any kind.
    The other runner, XV, as we know, simply offers no ground for now. The nature of every important mechanic in that game remains incognito, we can only wonder what they’re actually building: an expansive neo-FF, or Kingdom Hearts without Disney (dichotomy not factually intended, of course).

    I stated that (the judgement of value) because it’s my prerogative to say that I’m imagining what can be done with an hypothetical FF title in that referenced sense, I’m sweet talking myself with extended words. This, not to dispute without disputing, but to tell you that because I’m making a baseless inference, I don’t even garner the basics for criticism. Put shortly, a waste of your time if rebuttal is attempted.
    It is exactly because it is a sentiment that it’s validity is both untouchable and useless within your mostly technical approach to why would it be and how so (an open-world FF).

    My very final phrasing thus relates indirectly: it is a tentative rhetorical approach as to why that commenter wouldn’t want a functioning, well-built open-world. Not how and on what, as you crisply decomposed, one would be built.

    “(..)and indeed, the ideal FF)”

    Very much so! Isn’t all the noise around FF mostly directed at this? There’s never rest.

    “Of course the developers are at liberty to entirely ignore us.”

    They most surely do. I’m not sure if that’s either good or bad yet.

  • The_Badass

    Really, people need to remember that FFXII had the most vast, rich, and detailed Open World of any game on PS2, including games made by Western developers, like GTA: San Andreas. To think FF was once a leader in this field of map design is something that really shows how far the series has fallen this gen. The linearity of FFXIII was a massive step back to the linear map design of FFX.

    This is why I say we need Hiroyuki Ito (producer, director and designer of FFXII) to be in charge of FFXVI. Give him as much time and money to create an Open World for FFXVI but with graphics equal to Agni’s Philosophy. Seriously, a game like that would make FF a leading IP in gaming again. I concede the FFXII battle system is not universally liked, but I’m sure Ito knows this and has already thought of ways to streamline it so it plays like a seamless version of the classic ATB used in the SNES/PS1 era of FF.

  • @The_Badass
    Isn’t that debatable?
    While I recognize FFXII was ridiculously large compared with any other title, I find it more or less apparent that the constraints applied to it were very punctuated. Simplistically, the player spends most of the game walking through very large maps that put exactly that characteristic as their base, i.e, their large because their large. Even if we take this as the only point, one could always question if it was actually the biggest area in all the PS2 era. I wouldn’t trust this too easily.
    As discussed with Necromunkey above, it’s not that SE had a concrete aiming that began with FFXII, rather, it’s far more likely they adapted a certain mechanic to the title they built. Like this, I think your reasoning is personal here since you’re assuming it was a step back. It was a step back for you, who deems the mechanics of FFXII the highest aim. As for the linearity of FFXIII, it’s evident for everyone.

    Now here I just agree with you again; such an enlarged game rendered on such quality would be fantastic. Indeed, it could even bring the now gone awe of other days. If such a thing rests on the capability of Ito alone, well, I really don’t know.

  • The_Badass

    Well said. I agree with your reasoning. However, I maintain my belief that FFXII was a very forward thinking JRPG. The fact that many modern JRPGs pale in comparison to its world scale and battle system, is proof the game was ahead of its time.

    IMO, had FFXII been first released this gen, I don’t think many Western critics would be saying JRPGs are outdated and failing to evolve, especially when you consider that Xenoblade got critical acclaim for following in FFXII’s footsteps. Another FF game that evolves off FFXII would be a good step forward for the mainline series, especially if the graphics are equal to Agni’s Philosophy.