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Final Fantasy at Tokyo Game Show!

September 15th, 2010 by Tony Garsow

We’ll be getting all sorts of great updates tonight as Tokyo Game Show 2010 has kicked off. Stay tuned to hear more from your favorite upcoming titles! Want to discuss all of the upcoming information and announcements? Head on over to the official thread in our forums!

Items in blue are rumor and have yet to be confirmed!

08:37p: Tifa Lockhart is the third newest Dissidia Duodecim character being revealed at TGS. (11:10p: We’ve now had multiple sources confirm this, so we’re calling it true.) [Source]
09:04p: Booth where Dissidia Duodecim will be displayed. (View.) [Kotaku]
09:51p: Lightning and Kain Highwind screenshots from Dissidia Duodecim. (View.) [AndriaSang]
10:19p: Another shot of the Square-Enix booth, Dissidia Duodecim on the left-hand side. (View.)
10:50p: Cloud Strife’s third alternate outfit in Duodecim is his ShinRa grunt uniform.
10:51p: Cloud’s outfit changes slightly in event scenes, also the Assist System will allow the other character to take a finishing blow in place of the main character fighting.
10:53p: Dissidia Duodecim will release Spring 2011 in Japan.
11:55p: Dissidia Duodecim trailer being shown, Celes from Final Fantasy VI was spotted! (It was Cecil. 1up, learn your FF characters! ;p) Also Kingdom Hearts outfit for Cloud as downloadable content. [Source.]
01:10a: Cam footage of Warrior of Light taking on Squall! [And yes this is Duodecim, GameVideos is wrong.] Looks like he’s got some new moves! Check it out below!
01:31a: While the trailer for Dissidia Duodecim has yet to surface (and it was blocked on the Sony press conference) we have a translation available from Famitsu who was there to witness the trailer! “As with the previous game, the narrator describes a world where the two gods Cosmos and Chaos fight. There is a scene where the new fighter Lightning goes against the Warrior of Light, as well as a scene where Kain attacks Bartz, as well as other interesting scenes. A scene with Kuja talking to Zidane, and another with Cloud and Kuja having a conversation. Are they on different sides than they were in the first game? Or is it because they’ve lost their memories? Also, Cecil and the Onion Knight are talking on what looks like an airship, and Cloud wears a new costume. You can also see the Emperor and Golbez, as well as Kefka among other characters from the previous game. At the end you can see Tifa say to Sephiroth ‘Who are you?'” [Source.]
01:53a: Kain gameplay video! Check it you below!
02:06a: Since Aya Brea gets a Lightning costume in The 3rd Birthday, I guess it would be fair to… (View pic!)
03:05a: And here’s Cloud in his Kingdom Hearts garb. (View pic!)

08:38p: Footage of Final Fantasy Versus XIII is being shown on the floor, it looks similar to Kingdom Hearts.
08:38p: The car that Noctis rides in has been changed from before.
09:28p: Apparently, a press conference concerning the Fabula Nova Crystallis series (Versus/Agito), will happen on January 11, 2011. [Thanks, Lissar!]
10:46p: Agito XIII footage shown of characters riding on chocobos on a large field. [Source]
10:46p: Versus XIII footage shows Noctis running around a wasteland, and he comes to a ruined city and fights a Behemoth. [Source]
11:17p: “The field in Versus is beautiful, and there was even a scene with him jumping of a cliff. In the fighting scene Noct was walking around and a Behemoth appeared in front of him. He pulled out his sword and sliced it. The action was seamless.” [Source.]
11:21p: “Agito was too short. Mostly fighting. There are now people wearing red school uniforms that are different from what we’ve seen before. You can probably change characters’ costumes.” [Source.]
01:41a: We have a summary of the Agito XIII footage shown as well from Famitsu: “In Agito, the Byakko Army is marching (they have a tiger, so this is probably who it is.) They seem to be going to war. A spider-legged war machine clings to the wall of a building, and you can see the character(s?) you control on the ground casting magic, giving you the impression of both technology and fantasy. In battle they show the status bars of three characters at a time, and it shows that you can cast Fire or Wall with different button presses, like in the last trailer. You can also see a chocobo running across a field.” [Source.]
01:46a: And in Versus the scene that was shown during E3’10 with the main character Noctis fighting a Behemoth is now revealed in movie form. The battle is played out on a road that looks like Shinjuku, and the quality is so high that it makes you wonder if you’ll actually be able to control this battle. The blood spurting from the Behemoth and Noctis’s movements are very fantastic and yet realistic at the same time. In battle it looks as though Noctis disappears for a moment (but it was too fast and the details are as yet unknown.)[Source.]

08:51p: The TGS trailer for Final Fantasy Legends: Warriors of Light and Darkness is here! Check it out below!
09:12p: Square-Enix Play Arts on display. (View picture.) [FF-REUNION]
09:27p: Square-Enix TGS site has a compilaton of some trailers available. Video but no sound. (View.)
10:25p: Final Fantasy XIII 360 Japanese version also has a corner of it’s own. (View.)

Thanks: Kagari, Lissar
Via: FF-Reunion, Kotaku, AndriaSang