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Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Event:
Lightning Saga – New Developments

August 31st, 2012 by Tony Garsow

Tonight’s first presentation feautres the team behind Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII-2: producer Yoshinori Kitase, director Motomu Toriyama, and art director Isamu Kamikokuryou. The topic: new developments in Lightning’s Saga and the Final Fantasy XIII series.

We’ll be covering the event in this post, so be sure to refresh for details we wean out of the stream. For those of you who have a NicoNico account, you can view the stream here. If you don’t, fear not — we’ll have a downloadable version available shortly after the presentation concludes. So sit back, relax, and feel free to comment below on what you’re anticipating from this new project!

+ Leaking out ahead of the presentation, a Final Fantasy XIII Dual Pack will be released in Asian territories including the Ultimate Hits version of XIII and the recently released XIII-2. The game will feature Chinese, English, and Japanese voice acting and include six postcards. (Via: Gematsu)
+ The stream willl begin in 20 minutes. Make that :30-ish. (And here we go!)

+ Final Fantasy XIII producer Yoshinori Kitase takes the stage to greet everyone. Kitase says there has been a lot of of guessing by fans as to what the new project is, and he’s read positive and negative comments from fans.

+ Final Fantasy XIII’s new project will be for a home console.

+ Director Motomu Toriyama takes the stage. The keyword to the game is “Lightning Returns”. The new game is connected to flowers, roses often seen with Lightning. Toriyama wants to portray Lightning more as she was in Final Fantasy XIII than XIII-2, more human.

+ “World Driven” is a new keyword to describe this new game and direction. “The Last 13 Days” is another keyword to describe the game. Concept art is shown with Lightning in her original outfit from Final Fantasy XIII.


+ The game has an element that connects with the real world, one of of the ways is through Facebook.

+ Isamu Kamikokuryou, the game’s art director takes the stage. Lightning will be highly customizable with many different outfits and gear. The game will be attuned to button presses, so you might be correct in assuming it’s an action-RPG — though they say it’s not an action game.

+ The world itself is new, in an area called Navus Partus in a city called Lexerion.

+ The world is connected by a monorail between four different islands.

+ Kamikokuryou reveals an oil painting of Lightning, showing off the new world — his first in a decade.

+ Maaya Sakamoto’s message is played — she’s the VA of Lightning.

+ The game will be on PS3 and 360.

+ And that about wraps things up. The game will have a Facebook launch soon, but stay tuned to this post as I’ll be posting more media here about this game as it surfaces tonight!

+ The game’s official website. (Japan) http://www.square-enix.co.jp/fabula/LightningReturnsFFXIII/

+ 13 days until the world ends, everything you do will speed up or slow down the passage of time until this event.

(NicoNico’s stream booted me out, seems to be a recurring theme here with viewers being booted out for premium paid customers. Unfortunately much of this stream has been locked out for recording.)


  • foreveranxman

    PLEASE be FFXIII-3!!! I’m probably alone, but I really want it! I loved both XIII’s so far.

  • Yes, XIII-3 would be nice…

  • Lalik

    OMG can’t wait! What is it? What is it? xD

  • Steven

    Please let Lightning be playable.

  • Eli Parker

    It would be neat if the game with Light as the only playable character could be an action rpg.

  • foreveranxman

    I’d actually love XIII-3 to have all playable characters from the first 2. And maybe someone new as well. Maybe halfway through the game you find a way to save Serah. Would love to see all 8 of them kicking some ass.

  • Well get back in there!

  • Eli Parker

    I wanted to say thanks for the consist updates.

  • Steven

    I’m watching the stream right now, so far there showing off some of the buildings and creatures. Feels very different from the previous titles.

  • tiptup

    It Looks like a lightning only game, with multiple costume only and weapons for her, kinda like dante with his weapon and few costumes. Since the title lightning returns: ffxiii.

    Omg only lightning, i feel sorry for her and other character, they deserve justice with their awesme outfits.

  • Yes, thanks for the consistent updates. Appreciated.

  • Tony Garsow

    So so so sorry guys! The NicoNico stream I was recording cut out because they boot out people who don’t pay in favor of people who do pay. I will upload what I have however!

  • alexsam

    hey i created an account specifically for this!! what happened? they’re not even showing anything anymore! is it over? they said it was gonna go on for like 2 hours!

  • Hammond

    Thanks for the post! I found your site today and it has immediately gone into my bookmarks. Any news on if there will be other playable characters?

  • Wonder what the release date is?

  • Steven

    According to IGN, this game will take place after 100 years after FX13-2. I hope that’s wrong, but can anyone confirm?

  • anony

    The new city feel like to me a vibe from delfino plaza in super mario sunshine.

    Oh why could he make a game, not only lightning but good characters that fun to play like Sazh or fang.

  • anony

    opps i ment the one city view from the world concept art.

  • gmoyajp

    SE throw’s more garbage in to the FF series, wow cant believe this seriously, seeing from post here alot of new people dig XIII. I cant wait for XIV news, and hope sone Versus as well.

  • WOW_9

    So sick of this garbage i want versus early 2013. there’s no excuse!

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  • Seraphim Perezz

    dONT GET ME WRONG I LOVE ff XIII i love it! but…i have beng waiting 6 yearss for Versus and yet they still doesnt wanna give us ANYTHING!! im starrng to lose patience with SE

  • Skeptic

    Part of my soul just died…

  • WOW_9

    @Skeptic mine too, mine too………… I just dont think i can wait any longer.

  • Anon

    This is about FFXIII, not about Vs so please, people stop complaining, two completely separate teams, different development times, etc. I am SOOO excited about this game! It looks so different! I can’t wait to hear more!!!!

  • Skeptic

    Wait a second– the world ending in a matter of days, an on-screen doomsday clock counting down how much time you have left, actions that speed up or slow down said clock, I seem to recall already playing this game– OH RIGHT, it was called Majora’s Mask. Classy, Square. Classy.

  • Mathias

    In one of the concept arts you can see Hope’s New Cocoon (Bhunivelze) from FF 13-2

  • AgitoXIII

    Why the HEL are people asking if you can play as Lightning or not? Um, did you not hear the game’s title…???

  • rabbi

    agitoxiii@ well…don’t you remember the last game FF13-2 where they pretty much said lightning were playable?…but the so called “playable” in that game was the 10 min intro….?

    I can kind of understand why people are questioning SE if Lightning is playable or not.

    You simply can’t trust them to a degree.

    anyway… I expected a little bit of information about FFvs13… but freaking hell…! I’m starting to lose my patience

  • Shadowcatdoll09

    Omg the anticipation is killing me! I hope they show a trailer and hopefully if they don’t show Versus XIII here at least I hope they’ll show it at TGS on September 23rd.

  • AlexBalboa

    I think most of slutty Square-Enix do that to the fans, there was thousands of people worldwide watching the conference, sponsored exhibited only for customers and VIPs from Square-Enix shop, and other fans around the world were made ​​of clowns, we were shown the trailer and demo of the game, I am disappointed with this mode of action from Square-Enix with fans watching had people from various countries such as Brazil, USA, Spain, France, Ecuador, Germany, Italy, Chile , Mexico sheer lack of respect!

  • MrSensei

    I’m all for expanding the ff13 label. Personally, I wasn’t in love with ff13 and didn’t even play ff13-2, but I know that others liked them and that’s all fine. And I get that ff13 and ffV13 are made by two separate teams.. What gets me is this: why is the ffV13 working so slowly or why is it so much smaller than the ff13 team? Why is it that the ff13 team can announce a new game and getting done in a year, and the ffV13 team gets 6+ years?

  • Axwind

    It seems to me that SE is just attempting yet again to try and pump up XIII’s image in a desperate attempt to rehabilitate its image rather than admit they screwed up yet again with XIII-2 and move on to something completely new, say… FINAL FANTASY XV. I’m just getting a little tired of SE’s obsession with XIII, is all. XIII itself was fine, not perfect but still a good game overall. They should have left it at that and concentrated their efforts on XV. Instead, we have a third XIII game on the horizon and not so much as a whisper about XV. It’s as if SE has completely forgotten that anything beyond XIV exists or could exist. I miss the old days when you knew what the next game would be, just the next number up. They need to go back to that – one game, one number, one world – and stop creating awkward attempts at forced classics. I was fortunate enough to be able to go to the Distant Worlds concert recently and really enjoyed it, it brought back a lot of old memories and I’ve recently begun playing through the whole numbered series again starting from the beginning. I think SE needs, as I said, to go back to what really worked and stick to one world, one game, one number as they once did. Simplicity, I think, is just better in the long run.

  • AgitoXIII

    Well said Axwind. I agree.

  • Mannie

    This game seems to be pretty interesting. Everybody knows that they didn’t end FFXIII-2 as it should have and it was either going to be a new game or DLC to complete the story. I’m glad they decided to make a whole game for it, I missed playing as Lightning in FFXIII-2. Personally Lighting in the most endearing character through all Final Fantasy games, she is the one character that sticks in your mind and is developed so well, that’s why I missed playing as her. One thing I do hope from this game is that the reflective differences are made vividly clear and that whole World Driven concept is taken too far. I can’t wait for this game to come out, hopefully 2013 finishes the 13 Saga. Next up – Bring on Final Fantasy XV (FF Versus XIII)!

  • AlexBalboa

    Well my friends, I’m not an anarchist, nor a great leader of the revolution, but we all want to play the final fantasy versus. But Square-Enix is not respecting us and continues to release games saga Toriyama, then as I became the talk, we have to unite and there needs to be a boycott of the next game not buying.
    They have to show us and prove that versus is actually being done with a new trailer, a game player, a demo, whatever it is, because words are not enough.
    They make more than 6 years we expect, and we’re all upset we have fans from all parts of the globe such as Germany, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina, Mexico, USA, Spain, Italy, France, Holland, Japan , China and the whole region asiatica and others I will not mention.
    I believe that if this boycott she’ll have to move, because they need to learn to respect us.

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