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First week sales put FFXIII-2 above 500k units

December 21st, 2011 by Tony Garsow

According to the newest data from Media Create, the PlayStation 3 version of Final Fantasy XIII-2 has sold approximately 525,271 units in the first week out of the gate. While the 360 version numbers aren’t in, the sales on this platform in Japan are expected to be negligible. Final Fantasy XIII originally sold in excess of 1.5 million units in Japan in the first week.

First week sales for FFXIII-2 are generally below expectations, and it has yet to be seen if the trend will continue into the forthcoming domestic release date.


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  • A /sequel/ to a game that wasn’t so great in the first place.
    Am I the only one who isn’t surprised?

  • KakuroDude

    It was epic to me, what are YOU talking about?

  • SQEX_Me

    I hope these awful sales don’t result in the shareholders wanting to get FFXV out quicker. Hiroyuki Ito should get all the time, money and staff he needs to perfect his masterpiece in the making (FFXV).

  • Alex

    I feel that Square is lost in this sequel FFXIII-2, just make it simple, give a happy ending to linghting, and meet everyone and take the crystal fang and vanilla, with this only would be enough. And all together fight against Kaias, would close the game went on praise! But now they will face cancellation of pre-order here in america and other countries who are disappointed with the end of this sequence.

  • Cody

    If SE expected 13-2 to do as good, or close to 13’s sales, then they are blinded lol. I’m sure it was obvious to SE 13-2 would not be as praised due to 13’s failure. With that being said, I’m sure SE hopes to expand on its sales over time via word of mouth, rather than there advertisement.

  • Mel

    I’m not surprised, they really didn’t need to make a sequel. It was unnecessary. That’s just what I believe anyway.

  • AgitoXIII

    The direction they took in the sequel seems competely wrong and soooo out of left field. And then all that ridiculous XIII-3 talk makes me want to throw up!

    Move the hell on to FFXV and bring this series back to glory!!

  • Meep

    Eh not surprised, FF13 had 5 years worth of hype, of course lots of people are going to buy it.
    13-2, not so much.

  • kel

    xiii wasn’t even a failure, it’s what SE wanted to put out and the fans were split between loving or hating it. i was one that loved it and am glad they made a sequel, whether it was necessary or not is an opinion.

    the more people coninue to whine and complain about the series’ needing to bring back glory is just going to make SE rethink even bringing out xv. if you don’t want to buy their games then that’s fine, but that’s not showing SE you love ff and want xv. it’s just saying they should end the series at xiv since they’re going off of what their fans want.

    get the game and be your own judge.

  • LordGfet

    Wouldn’t matter if FFXV were old ATB style =)
    I’m tired of modes like XIII, it’s almost press X, the game think every thing for you, you only have to change optima sometimes =P

  • rattyinc

    OMG i want to slap people seriously! People who complain that the game is so easy, you can win by pressing ( x ) … previous titles have been like that as well … in fact alllllll~ i bet noone could beat the game by pressing x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x …. with that said sales wise xiii-2 did better than expected.

  • Ultimaweapon

    Our community’s fanbase sux -_- It’s really sad that every great FF that comes out (Yes 12, and yes 8, and yes even 13 despite it’s flaws) are treated with so much hate and disrespect by the fans themselves :/ They are games with a ton amount of depth, story, and nostalgic moments and atmosphere. It’s a shame that our fanbase is so abusive and unsupportive of an epic company like square enix. Ever since 7, all they have wanted was 7 -_- well get over it already, FF is changing :) And 13-2 obviously looks like a amazing game.

  • dan hibiki

    Totally feel you…is good to find some real fan sometimes

    Almost every game can be beaten by always pressing the same button or doing the same thing (anyone can finish Dante’s Inferno and Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 always repeating the same combo, I’ve done it). You can beat every FF game by overleveling and keeping doing “attack-attack-attack-heal-attack-attack-heal…”, but you can also beat it at relatively low levels using your brain and strategies, as I do…if you’ve beaten FFXIII by always pressing X, you wasted half of the money you spent for the game.

  • Ultimaweapon

    Yeah, it’s like our community actually wants square enix to fail >_<

  • lalik

    I think that you’re full of bull when you said you beat FFXIII JUST be pressing “X”. I seriously thought FFXIII battle was really fun, when I’m about to get killed by a hard monster and I’m switching Paradigm like crazy. And I don’t use Auto-Battle because guess what guys? I don’t like it and can turn it start at Abilities in the option. People that complains about the Auto-Battle is stupid.

  • AgitoXIII


    FFVIII has damn good reason to be critisized, it’s like people like you who think gamers don’t have a right on go online and voice an opinion on a game. Pull your head outta your ass.

    XIII-2 looks amazing? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. yea…

  • Ultimaweapon

    8 was a my favorite but i could see why people would have a problem with the draw system even though i didn’t have a problem with it. However, if you look past that the game is full of content, even more than FF 7 or any FF main series with the exception of 12. And a very atmospheric game with an amazing story. FF 13 had good reason to be criticized too, even I criticized it, but it’s still a great game in it’s own right that needed improvement. Also there’s a way of criticizing it without being completely abusive and not loyal to the franchise. Not a true fan at all. Just look at the resident evil fanbase, even though a lot of them like the old traditional resident evil games better, they still remain loyal to capcom xD And the sales are not going way way down >_< I rest my case……

  • dan hibiki

    I’ve learned to not care about the opinions of the community, they can only cry for the “old good times”, and fail to see the beauty of a constant evolution. I love every improvement they try to introduce in the series, even if it goes against my personal tastes: I may not like something, but others may find it great.
    And don’t worry, Square Enix won’t fail. Haters will still buy the game, so they can enjoy it and complain of how bad it was when they’ve beaten it.

  • AntagonistGB

    Not to be an ass (too late) but I’m really, really, REALLY happy that this game is tanking.

  • Ultimaweapon

    @dan hibiki
    Very well said dan hibiki lol they do still but it don’t they? :p

  • Erusac

    Ok. Now that the game is out world wide, i can say i am liking it alot. It fixes wat ppl complained about ff13 and even though only a third of japan sales were made in the 1st week, world wide its shipped 5 million copies. Thats over half the stock for the game. Not doing as well as 13 but is quite superior to 13 in every way. Plus we get to play characters from previous ff games via the dlcs. im happy.