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Final Fantasy XIII-2 info from Famitsu

November 16th, 2011 by miladesn

New details of character and monsters’ growth system revealed today by Weekly Famitsu. Similar to Crystarium in Final Fantasy XIII, you use CP to upgrade abilities. Whenever Crystarium gets a level-up, you get to choose from different bonuses; Auto Ability ATK Bonus Up, Auto Ability BLA Bonus Up, ATB Level Up and others mentioned as examples.

Monsters’ Crystarium is similar but instead of CP you use items that can be bought from shops or obtained from battles. These items can upgrade different abilities or change appearance of your monsters. Another way to upgrade your monsters is through the inheritance system by sacrificing a monster. There are four types of abilities that can be inherited: command ability, auto ability, special ability and resistance. Command abilities and auto abilities can only be inherited by monsters that have the same role as the monster that’s being sacrificed. In the case of inheriting to a different role monster, you may get completely new abilities.

Other than the growth system, new details about the Historiacrux system was shared. There are two type of gates, blue and yellow. Blue gates can be opened with the general “Wild Artefacts” that you can find but yellow gates need a specific key. You can see how many of these fragments you have obtained in each area in Historiacrux screen.

Augustia Tower is introduced. The tower is built by Academy for an unknown project. The rooms of the tower are changing due to space-time disturbance.

Summary from this week’s famitsu Via: Andriasang
  • Cody

    I wish all of this would have just been in the first game lol.

  • YonKitoTaoshibe

    Hmmm. The Wild Artefact thing seems a bit like Dissidia and the Reports. The Report system was modified and expanded on to gain additional content, and the Artefact thing seems a bit like a revamped Analect system.
    Both were pretty vague in their original game. Dissidia more so than XIII, but the Analects in XIII just seemed poorly integrated.

  • Michael

    It looks like the HP limit is alot higher in this game than in others.