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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Fan Meeting detailed

September 10th, 2011 by Tony Garsow

Square-Enix recently held a “Final Fantasy XIII-2 Fan Meeting” in which fans were selected to come and try out Final Fantasy XIII-2 and meet some of the developers behind the project. The following is a summary of the bits of information we’ve learned about the game from that meeting:

+ Development on the game started 1 to 1.5 years ago, and the decision to make a sequel was made after FFXIII was released abroad.
+ Development is currently at 90%.
+ Snow will be in the game, but he hasn’t married Serah! Perhaps we’ll learn why. Apparently we’ll see him at TGS.
+ The game’s multiple endings revolve around the gods mentioned in the Fabula Nova Crystallis lore. This includes Etro, Lindzei, and Pulse.
+ Noel and Vanille talk about an inward battle, but we have yet to understand the relation between the two characters.
+ Final Fantasy XIII cleared save data will somehow affect Final Fantasy XIII-2.
+ The demo at the event was reported to have a high difficulty. It appears that there is an Easy Mode and a Normal Mode.
+ Battle Rating will affect the game’s item drop rate.
+ Party member specifics have yet to be finalized, but may include Serah, Noel, a monster, and a guest character.
+ The camera functions similarly to the original.
+ Monsters do not appear on the field, but only when Mog Clock is activated.
+ Hit the monster from behind and you’ll start with an advantage. Hit it from the front and you’ll have no advantage.
+ The game’s dungeons (Bresha Ruins was the area that was playable) felt bigger in terms of exploration.
+ Monster party members can include Chocobo, Cait Sith, and Flanbanero monsters. Cait Sith is said to be a healer.

Via: Nova Crystallis, I-Mezzo

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  • lalik

    I want one of those posters. And I guess this confirmed Vanille for sure.

  • YonKitoTaoshibe

    Fan-friggen-tastic, I deleted my old XIII save data too soon. Well, let’s just hope it doesn’t affect it in terms of accessory/weapon/ability inheritance (which would nerf the game anyway). Gil might be a decent possibility, though.
    What I’d really like to see party-wise is certain old members of the party rejoining for certain scenarios and towards the end of the story the option to select one to join for missions/levels/chapters/whatever.

  • Jeels

    That screen shot has a Chocobo in the battle party. :)

  • Von

    Lol Cait sith is back! Never used him in VII, will he still have the giant marshmallow thing with him?

  • gmoyajp

    Yeah i would really like one of those posters myself!

    Not a huge XIII fan but still is a FF title.

  • Bekas

    What the hell, Cait Sith?

    And they better be kidding with the party thing; I seriously don’t just want Noel, Serah, a monster and a guest. I want a full party, damn it, with which I can use different combinations of characters.

    Also, I don’t like the return of ‘random battles’, per say; not being able to see the enemy before the mog clocks pops up. Baaah.

  • Ixbran


    ^ . ^

    I hope we et to name the monsters who we have as party members, if i can, ima name my Chocobo Boko!

  • Steven

    Cait Sith… never liked it much, but a funny monster to have around. I wonder if we’ll get other FF creatures/characters included…

    But unfortunately, in general, I dont like the concept of controlling monsters, Id rather have a party of characters fighting against monsters.

    And how come a ff13 sequel features no playable characters from the original xiii, with the exception of some moments in control of Lightning solo. Youre dealing with a time travelling theme, with a player-driven game approach, with multiples choices and endings, but you dont put recruitable characters ? which is a must in FF….

    I keep saying that Serah is a weak lead.. and we’ll have to listen to just her and Noel through the entire game..

    I’ll get it because I liked XIII and its cast and I want to know what happened and Lightning being my favorite FF character so I want to play her part, but fuck.. why take the main story away from her… she should be able to have as party members to help her in Valhalla people that are dead in XIII, since its the world of the dead, the invisible world… like Jihl Nabaat, Cid Raines, Hope’s mother… Rosch.. and new characters…. have a side-story with Noel go recruit Serah and ff13 living cast to bring them to Lightning, then the whole group against Purple guy…

  • LordGfet

    still…i can’t believe SE gonna make serah e noel a couple…
    They gonna end up my life…

  • rattyinc

    KEWL BANANAS, looks like gil can be aquired through battles. Hooray!~

  • Cait Sith was a Permanent Playable Character on Final Fantasy VII

  • Serah, Noel, Lightning, Nora Estheim Jihl Nabaat, Yaag Rosch and Cid Raines will be the Permanent Playable Characters and the whole group will face off against the Purple Haired Guy.

  • Sazh Katzroy’s Wife Died 3 years before the Events of Final Fantasy XIII and Sazh Katzroy’s Wife is also in Valhalla along with Other Dead People such as Hope Estheims Mother she is also in Valhalla after she got killed during the events of Final Fantasy XIII and Hope Estheims Father Bartholomew Estheim Died in 13 years after the Fall of Cocoon.