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Final Fantasy XIII-2 demo now available

January 10th, 2012 by Tony Garsow

A demo of Final Fantasy XIII-2 is now available to play via the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live courtesy of Square Enix North America. The demo takes place in the Bresha Ruins, Episode Two in the story. In addition to that, there will be a new “exclusive” Final Fantasy XIII-2 trailer on cable channel Spike tonight at 11pm US Eastern Standard Time!

Via Amazing Japan, we have pictures of the Final Fantasy XIII-2 Scenario and Battle covers. One of these might be familiar!

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  • TheExile285

    I REALLY want FFXIII-2….

  • Jeels

    Then play the demo! It will wet your appetite.

  • Chaser

    Is the PSN down for maintenance for anyone else?

  • Cody

    I thought it was a good demo. I can definitely see the improvements. I wish the first one had been this good =/.

    The graphics don’t seem as good as they were in 13, but usually that’s the case with sequels like this. I’m curious if anyone else noticed if the ATB filled slower than the last game? It seems like I have more time to manually select my abilities instead of having to use auto-battle because of time constraints. Which is good =].

    I was kinda confused by the quest system, when you acquire the needed items, does it just automatically finish the quest and give you the rewards? I might have accidentally passed the reward screen, but I didn’t see any confirmation that I completed the quest, I just noticed it wasn’t on my map anymore.

    Noel reminds me of a Kingdom Hearts character lol, no complaints because I love KH, but it’s interesting cause it adds that KH’ish atmosphere.

    Yay for explorable maps! I actually had to open my map and use it, unlike the last game, and I even stumbled across things I missed by going back and exploring the whole map.

  • LordGfet

    jump near a chest, see what happens ‘-‘

  • Viralzero

    This game really seems improved as a whole compared to the last game. The graphics are slightly lower in quality, but the special effects make up for that. Tired of linear maps? BAM! I was surprised how detailed the area in the demo was. The quests are leagues more interesting than the previous games. Battle is more fun in general and the music was fantastic. If they can keep up this pace through-out the entire game it’ll be amazing.

    I had a hard time with the boss though. Maybe it was just me? I noticed that cure doesn’t seem to actually heal HP in general, just immediate damage indicated by the red bar (showing most of the HP lost). Is this any different from the last game???

  • Cody

    Did you activate that machine thing? It brings his HP down to like 10% or something crazy. Even at that low it did take me awhile to kill him though, I didn’t even wanna try regular.

    As far as curing goes, I’m not sure what you mean. Cure I believe is based on your Medics level, and cure potency. Which can be augmented via infusion(only for monsters) and gear. I didn’t pay attention to when my Medic would actually cast Cure, but if specking for AI’s sake, I would assume they only cast cure when you have hit low yellow, or red. I

  • Cody

    (pressed submit by mistake)

    *I personally like to control my Medic manually, just because I don’t trust the risky AI in 13. So, maybe try that if you feel uncomfortable with the healing on impact thing.

  • rattyinc

    I personally think the choice system is kinda flawed in most games. In FFXIII-2 it seems pretty flawed as in its making you believe you have a choice (you do to some extent though) e.g. you can either go to some place and damage a boss and benefit yourself OR just go head on to a full health boss with no benefits. This is an early choice tree though, hope it improves later on in the game where it makes you choose with your own intuative conscience, not having in mind that this will make the game easier for me or what-not.
    SIDE NOTE! i’m impatiently waiting for this to download. and the second picture is awesome! anyone know where one can acquire wallpapers?

  • meep

    @Viralzero Blood Damage, reduces max HP for the battle.

  • lalik

    Am I the only one who see an improvement in graphics? Why does everyone say that the graphic were not as good? I think they got better. And a great demo that was, I was having so much fun. Didn’t go beat Atlas until I hit level 35 with Noel’s Commando and Serah’s Ravager. lol Fun fun.

  • Bankai

    It was… Awesome just like the first one. Shame on everyone who plays it before XIII. SHAME, says this black guy.

  • rattyinc

    lol @ bankai
    @ lalik, i think the graphics are slightly better, probably on par with the last one. There just better visual effects, most noticeable is the rain effect…BUT maybe i can’t tell because i don’t play it in HD, but i was still aweing at it’s awesomeness.

  • lalik

    @rattyinc I played it in HD and it looks awesome. I personally think it looks better then the first one.

  • Faylo

    Any lower quality in the demo could be by a couple of factors.
    – Settings you had in the first game, brightness, etc.
    – demo may be compressed in some way as to not be too high, graphics’d be first to go
    I, for one, only seemed to experience a bit of a tenth of a hundredth lag in a bit of the areas with a lot of particles, eg: at the ruins, seeing a bunch of the map, with rain, and like 20+ NPC’s in view.

  • Bekas

    The demo ran smoothly for me, except at the very beginning; it lagged a tiny bit.
    I find the rain distracting… I try to look around and see if there’s anything of interest around and the rain gets too much in the way :C

  • LordGfet

    Same here @Bekas =/
    But another thing, i had to put almost max bright on mine
    The game has places too dark and anothers with too much light ‘-‘

  • Cody

    I’ll 3rd that. It’s not game breaking or anything, but the rainy dark areas in the demo tend to make me strain my eyes a bit. Even with the rain drop effect on the screen I get a little flustered.

    All I’m saying is that Noel better be in Kingdom Hearts 3 lol. Every time I play the demo, I just feel like he should be running with Sora and the crew.

  • Bekas

    The lightening looked fine to me…
    I had to slow my camera to the max, though; I found it a little too fast for my tastes.